Other Company in Houston, Texas - I am still waiting 2 weeks later for my furniture!!

yall suck!!! get new people to work for yall because the ones you have are rude disrespectful and lazy..they throw $3000 bed sets around that busted and yall scratch my bed frame during delivery and come with no tools to put anything together.

which is your job not the customers. Its been almost a month before i have everything completed to my bed room set. i paid $3000 cash and still nothing is right. when your people pulled up to my house they threw my mattress out of the truck and busted it and sat on my stairs smoking cigarettes.

and yall's customer service sucks too. yall dont give a *** about anything yall just want yall's money and thats something your not getting again from me and anyone i know.

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Will I die first?

I have been waiting for well over a month for this company to approve my workers comp. claim.

I need surgery so I can return to work. I have four kids at home and I am the only source of income. I had no choice but to hire an attorney. Mark Newcomb, markchrissy1@yahoo.com I have tried over and over and over to contact people at this company and all I get is voice mails.

I leave messages but get no reply.

If others are having similar w/c issues please email me. If Gallagher reads this would you please approve my claim and send my back pay as well as schedule me for surgery.

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Other Company - 115 the strand girza gzr 1027 silema malta

The airconditioning does not work during the day because quote 'people are out' ! The management are not around on the weekend and there are no complaint forms.

Try staying in a stuffy little room in the middle of summer(well early June) Not nice def not recommended.

This is a pretty basic issue; its boiling outside and you need a little siesta after a mornings sightseeing to set you up for a nice relaxing evening. I reapeat-this is the middle of the Med and they turn the airconditioninf off during the day to save a few Euros. Funnily enough they only turn the air conditioning off in the rooms in the reception area it is kind of working.

Very hot. Too hot to sleep too hot to do anything:-very romantic place not.

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Other Company in Naples, Florida - Airlines

Why are passengers in coach sub-humans? - first it was can't go to first class to use the restroom - now - pay for our luggage, pay for our drinks, pay extra for middle seats, window seats - even water which you can't take through security even if bought at an airlport store outside security!

Where do we go from here??

Even with gas prices high I am hitting my car whenever I can - I now have a hybrid more fuel efficient and less emissions. I used to love to fly now it is like sticking a needle in my eye!

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Other Company in Delhi, Delhi - Vanitha -Delhi is fraud.

Vanita-delhi at Hornymatches.com is a fraud.She has posted in her profile ( with her photograph , which might be false one) that she is giving fun club membership for a certain fees..Till i deposited the fees she kept writing to me mails frequently in a day and even gave her mobile number.After i deposited the money in her account she is not responding to any mail and her mobile number is switched off..I have given a police complaint as well...I am sure she must have cheated lot of people like me..Please get her out of this site..

Review #119656 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer119656.

Other Company in Modesto, California - Scammers

This organization is a scam. They sent out letters stating you need to settle a debt by paying a certain amount of dollars, when in reality they only want access to your personal information.

What is puzzling to me is how they have been able to maintain this line of work for such an amount of time. Where are the feds when you need them?Whats even more interesting is thier claims and thier false representation as a top notch credit collecting agency while trying to obtain information.

No question these people are scammers and should be put out of business.

Ed Anvari
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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Took my money

They screwed me out 200dollars and they said i had a credit card coming threw the mail and had a credit limit for 2000 dollars on it so i waited and ten days went by and i recieved somthing in the mail from them and it was 4 vochers .and i called them and thats when they told me that was my credit card and i can only shop on line.so look on line and i was not satisfied with the stuff i saw so icalled them a few days later and request for a refund so they told me to put it in writing so i did about a month a go .and now they block my numbers so i cant call are get in touch with nobody

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Other Company in Doha, Ad Dawhah - Found hair in food

date: 12-08-2008

this is just to inform you that one of our regular customer mr xyz had been to our shop this morning for the break fast.

unfortunately he found a piece of hair in one of chicken mushroom puff while eating. he then trying to take a photo of that we manage to convience him not to do so.

but he still insisted us to give in writing that such incident took place in our shop and tomorrow he should be informed that what strict action we have taken against this otherwise he threats to go to municipality.


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Other Company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - *** Matches

I signed up for *** Matches and have had no luck at all. One girl was treating me nice untill I told her I was not going to sign up again.

I have not heard from her since then. I am 47 she was 24. Any one else think this site is for real? I do not.

Another 27 year old girl was teasing me. Alot of girls winked but as soon as I wrote back nothing. A girl in the states winked at me with her girl friend. As soon as I suggested I travel down in the fall I was blocked for abuse.

As far as I can tell this site is a scam and a total waste of time and money.

Review #119519 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer119519.

Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Bogus Customer Service Number

10 minutes after placing the order I called and said I wanted to cancel, The service rep gave me a number of 1-888-596-2761 - but advised me to wait at least 24 hours. I called them immediately and the line rang without any answer until it cut off. I called two more times.

I finally got a answer machining that all service reps were busy... leave my name and number.

This is very important - please be advised: The answering machine message also advised that orders could only be canceled with in 24 hours.

My request was made within 40 minutes. Do not wait!

Review #119513 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer119513.

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