Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - I'm pissed off!!!!

i was scam to i paid my money and no book yet. i've called the number they gave and no answer.

i've sent a few emails and no reply.

this is not right and they need to be stop because people really want their poems to be seen by all and now they have mine. what to do now?

i am so upset. it sounded like a sweet deal and a low cost. im argry and will never do it again no matter how bad i want it.im with ya'll and ill do what it takes

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Theft by deception.

Shame on you. Taking peoples money and promising to provide a poem published in book form.

Say what you want but in the end you are just a bunch of thieves. Randall D. Miller. 4 months has gone by and no reply and no book.

What gives you the right to deceive people in this way? can you not get real jobs like the rest of us. you are no better than a common criminal on the street. There is, at this point nothing you can say or do that would change my opinion of your company if it still exists.

I have been unable to contact anyone and the phone numbers have been changed.

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Other Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin - Class Action Lawsuits, who really wins?

Those of you who are victims of bad products and/or services, who mention Class Action suits as a possible remedy should be aware that in doing so, attaching yourself to said suit, the only people who benefit are the Attorneys. There are several thousand unscrupulous Attorneys who solely rely on class action suits, and the willingness of angry customers, for their living.

When you look at the actual cost repayed for the suit to the actual consumer, you will be lucky to recover half of what you lost to begin with. The Attorney on the other hand will receive the largest bulk of the award....often in the thousands of dollars. It is far better to "eat the loss" of bad business than to assist the Attorney in living in the lap of luxary off the unfortunate "robbery" by companies that you as the customer have experienced. It should be noted as well that if you believe you are helping by joining a class action, to send a message to the company in question.....what is payed in these class actions is less than a slap on the hand in terms of their true company value (profits).

DON'T FALL FOR ATTORNEYS AND CLASS ACTIONS....you would be better attempting on your own to reclaim your losses directly from the company and/or the Better Business Bureau.

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I ;have been charged eight time on my cridit card and bank account by this company

This company has charged my checking acount and my credit card about six-to eight time. I happened to checking my charges on my credit card that had been paid to be a closed account so I can star paying out another and found my debit card was being charged also.

There is an voice mail that comes on directing you to cancel the account be you can be directed to any other area. The company will send you information on yourself and charge you.

The trick is you are asked to get one time information for a low price.


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Sunshine Ranches, Florida, United States #21653

What the H??? is the company name????

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Other Company in Marshville, North Carolina - ***

Just read a complaint from June 15th, wished i had read it sooner. Lots of emails when you become a free member, then after you paid for your membership, SQUAT, NOTHING, ZIP, NADA.

Also when browsing many photos appear on different pages. This site has proven to be a bigf waste of money. If this site was on the up and up maybe we won't be moaning about it. Also some of the towns they show where people live do not exists.

Hope no one else gets taken.

Its a shame the site had potential. I certainly will not be rejoining

Marshville, North Carolina
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Other Company in Prescott Valley, Arizona - This company took way to much money out of my bank account

this company took out way to much money.they took 329.oo on the 3 of July when back in may i borrowed 200.00. and they were only supposed to take 50..00 a payday and charge me 20.00 extra dollars.

and now the back has told me that they took a lot more then they should have. this is one click cash does nothing but steal your money.now i am having to write to them and tell them no more.

if i have to i will close my account out and start a new one so just beware people.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Miguel was unprofessional to spouse regarding my auto servicing

Yesterday, 7/10/08, my husband Robert took my 2003 Corolla for a 73K service. The service advisor, Miguel did not provide the pink invoice/summary sheets showing a breakdown of what was repaired and the prices. He also pressured Robert for services that we did not want. Also his accent was very difficult to understand and he was speaking rapidly as well.

Robert observed how Miguel was more professional to other customers by providing them their invoice/summary and keeping them posted on the progress of their services and Miguel told Robert that if he wants a copy of the summary/invoice, he would have to ask for it. Robert never received the copy. This experience was very upsetting to us to where we are going to seek another Toyota Dealership for purchasing our next vehicle and servicing our current automobiles.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Francine S. Bronstein

Francine Bronstein
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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Stole money

As of June 30, 2008, there was a charge of 19.95 on my bank statement that I did not charge to this company. The date of "purchase" was apparently June 28, 2008.

I did no such purchase on the website shown. I demand my money back immediatly.

I also feel that it is *** to have a minimum number of words in your complaints which is a waste of my time when all I want is my money back that was wronfully taken. Please return my money to me so i don't have to fill anymore of these things out.

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Other Company in Fremont, California - Being charged without an account

I am currently being charged a bill of 39.85. I do believe i have been charged before and just didnt notice it.

I have no type of account that has ties with this billing site. I would like to have the charge dropped and/or refunded back to my account. If you need to contact me, my phone number is 7063586301. If i have been charged before, i would also like those charges refunded back to my account if it is possible.

I thank you for your time and wish to hear from you if you have any questions. I am severely pissed about this charge and would like to be compensated for it.

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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - Can't cancel my account

I have been trying to close my account (0 baslance) for a few months. I can't get a live person by phone.I have sent letters tried to get a person by phone cannot find a phone number.

I am canceling because of the rise in interest rates even though all my payments were on time.I will not reconsider and believe that the government swhould look into this matter. Does anyone know a fool proof method to get through.

I have already destroyed my crds and will not consider reactivating the account. Please help me close this account

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