Health Insurance and Doctors

Another complaint on insurance compaines. Nodays you go to the doctor because you are ill.

Not for the fun or expense of it. Can they find the cause ? Why no...take a pill and you may get better...cover up the problems. Dont go to hospital and have tests run or tests run in the doctor's office.

The insurance you pay high rates wont cover it. WHY? Some doctors do run tests and your copay is $20 or so and then you get a $1500.00 bill that the insurance didnt cover the testing. WHY?

Now you get a bad credit report and cant see the same doctor until you pay. Some people like me cant aford the bill and the insurance payments. I need alot of testing done again and cant go in the hospital for them or have surgeries I want, not life threating but needed, insurance says no. Who are they to say no to what we pay for.

They want us to die I do believe. Take a pill rest and hope you feel better dugh!!! I want to have it fixed not covered up. Malpractice...well the doctors need to have that but they need to know what they are doing first.

I do believe the Eastern part of Kentucky had all the rejects from medical school, cant even find a broken leg or sinus infections. Cover it up.

Life insurance too...I have paid my life insurance since 1978 and have over 350,000.00 but when I retire I have to keep paying it and the premiums go to 410 a month, if I dont pay I will have 12,000.00 in coverage. I have paid in much much more than 12,000. to keep my insurance for 350,000.

This is the US Goverment program too, US POst Office. Is this fair????


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Armadale, Western Australia, Australia #19699

So what? You want the doctor to run your test for free and suck up the expense because your ***-poor insurance doesn't cover it? How is that your doctor's fault? If he had it done in his/her clinic, then THEY had to pay the company running the testing.

Do you want your doctor to make $20 a patient? You say "yes, that's fine." Good luck finding a doctor. That's called socialized medicine.

Doctors are barely making it these days because of the squeeze by insurance companies. if a doctor orders your test IN GOOD FAITH and your crappy insurance company doesn't pay APPEAL.

It's in your policy that you have the right to appeal.

Why is this listed as "health insurance and doctors" when it should be entitled "my insurance sucks?".

My doctor spends over 20 hours a week JUST dealing with insurance companies. She only gets $42 for spending over 30 minutes with some patients. That's crazy...she has 12 employees, 5 of whom do NOTHING but call and get preapproval on tests, file insurance, followup on insurance.

Give the doctors a break and put the blame where it lies: On uninformed, uneducated consumers and really lousy health insurance.

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Other Company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Insurance Companies in General

Most states require you carry auto insurance. It is demanded. You pay high prices for auto insurance for years or even a few years. Then low and behold you have a claim or like me 2 claims in 2 years. (but you have paid your premiums for 15 or more years with same company. Then you are cancelled and have to pay extra high rates.

I havent had a ticket since 1983 but my son and daughter had wrecks in my car. Now I cant get insurance I can afford. Finally got AIG ins and had a claim, my son had accident and no more insurance. If we have to have insurance why cant the state make the insurance companies keep you insured even if the rates are higher.

I should be able to let who I want to drive my cars and an accident is what IT says AN ACCIDENT not intended,

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Who is this "Alsip Magistrate" anyway??? Beware!!!

This site is totally biased and twisted. You base your information solely on "price" over and over again, without looking at the reality of Hearing Loss and hearing aids.

You call yourself a hearing professional? I think YOU are the one who should be investigated here. Not everyone in this industry operates the way you claim. Also, there are hearing instruments in the advanced category that cost far more than $1,ooo each.

You probably never experienced these technologies because it sounds like your behind the technology curve. To provide long-term care in this industry is costly, nothing is free. Your so called "bundling" is rediculous. When there is a problem who are they going to call?

Not you, because you just take their money and run. Knowledge is everything, and time is money. A true professional gets paid for their services, and knowledge. Not all hearing aids are created equal, and that's a fact.

I suggest you spend more time reading up on technologies, and less time discouraging the public from getting the real help they need by writing these ridiculous entries. Hearing Loss is no joke, and proper fitting and dispensing techniques are crucial to the users success. Understanding the psychology of the hearing impaired is the most important thing, not COST.

You obviously don't get that part. I'd never go to your outfit for my hearing health care needs that's for sure!




I do not understand the negative comments about David Thorpe.. I am a hearing aid wearer (not purchased from Mr.

Thorpe) and he has given me extremely valuable and free advice with no mention of his connection to any sales of products.

I agree the industry is flooded with questionable sales practices and uninformed practitioners but in my experience they have often been the audiologists and the companies involved in clearly oligopolist practices. All you have to do is read their own internal memos and "professional" publications.

3 Putt

I suspect that Alsip has wayyyyyyyy too much time on her hands.


Dear Colleague,

I am a hearing aid professional based in Piraeus, Greece. Reading all the entries by this ''Alsip Magistrate'' has infuriated me.

Is it a single person, hearing aid practice or organization? For sure the articles contain indirect advertisement and influential tactics to divert a very sensitive category of consumers, the hearing impaired, from seeking care from serious professionals. Since the Alsip Magistrates' interest is clearly commercial and there is a contact number involved, consumers please beware in these hard times for goldiggers.

Insist on reputable hearing professionals from your area, and ofcourse your ENT referral for such a practice. This is the best guarantee.

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This company is good. I was insured. When going to the Oak Park, MI office, the clerk Carol; would quote me the upcoming amount to pay, and I paid cash; "she" said, thank you; gave me a receipt, and I left.

Next payment, same thing; "she" quote the price and I pay it. Then the first cancellation of my policy occurred; went in the office immediately, after work. She reinstated me, to my surprise, and more money.

This happened a second time. Currently, disconnected again. This is what I can afford now.

Please and Thank You--HELP; I'll call, asap!!!


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Myrtle Point, Oregon, United States #17552

Switch from "They" Company to "Them" Company. Much better.

Thanks for the heads up though. I will be sure to avoid "They" (or was it "Them"?)

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Other Company in Roseville, California - What a ripm off!! Fraud, fraud, fraud!!

This is a rip off and a fraud. I didn't get what I ordered, things were missing, and I really would like to speak to someone.

I couldn't reach a person when I called to place the order and finally had to just hang up because they kept going on and on about other things they wanted me to buy!! If I thought I'd get my $$ back I would return it. However, after reading many, many reviews, it sounds like I should just forget it.

I will report to Better Business and Consumer Affairs. I will also see if credit card company can be of help.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - not satisfy with plants i ordered

I ordered some plant from you guys and they still have not come up or have died. I would like them replaced.

Ordered number are 01447, 00885 and the seashell plant do not have number for it. I.D pkg. no. is 101534698.

I have ordered from you guys in the past and if these plants are not replaced donot send me another catalog. Plus we the customer find it very difficult to reach some in person.

I don't have no phone numbers that I the customer can reach a customer service rep. Please change that in the future with all orders.

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - Wonderful stay/service/food

We stayed at the Hotel for a Wedding that was held right there. Everything was beautiful.

Very clean. Excellent food and the service was great. I would recommend this place to anyone for comfort and beauty. The staff accomadated all our requests and made themselves very available.

The continental breakfast was equal to most hotels. The place is very authentic and beautifully restored. The pool area was clean. They also had a very nice no smoking policy while the dining room was open.

Only disappointment was no lunch. Accessible to town and the beauty of the lake is wonderous from there.

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Other Company in Salem, Oregon - Very Screwed up Installation

VP Customer Service

I am having a big problem. About two nweeks ago I ordered a new install on the other side of the room. I agreed to pay a $50 charge. The intaller arrived.

He begaan to install the cable. He said he would put it up through the floor, he said he couldnt put in the wall because it was not an outsde wall.. He drilled a hole after much trying and finely getting a nother drill from home.

The first hole did not work, appearently the second did not either When I finally discoved what was taking so long, there were three pretty big hole (1/2+) a wire stginking down in one and the installer said he fegured he needed to get out from the wall.

Next he went under the house and hooked new cable to an old dish Sat cable. He then said all was fixed and if I had any problems just give them a call. I asked if he wqasn't going to hook it up. He said that woiuld be another service call and he was already behind.

I spent 6.5 hours working on the following Sunday trying to make it work. No luck. I called on Monday AM

Person said he would be out before noon, and he was. He fixed everythging . He explained the cable was installed incorectctly. It should and could have been in Wall. He ran a new cable from thr outside box. He got It all to work, Phone and iNTERNET.

He asked his boss to call me and he made an appoint to come out, but could not. Call later and said it would have to be next week. He did show up and confirmed everything about placement installation. He said he a had wood working guy who would come to fix it. Several days later he called and we set a time for Saturday.

He was a no show and finally called several nhours later and said he woulod be here on Mondeay to fix it. I asked what he was going to do and he waid it would look like knots.

Let me state, all the peopole, except the wood working guy were nice polite and I belive wanted to do the right thing. I am not some crazy crank either.

I am addressing this to you hoping you will sopmehow makle rhis right.


Tyler Conrad


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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Car wash damage

June 13, 2008

They damaged my car today. We looked at video and walked the wash bay. I found a piece of equipment that lined up with the damage. They refused to take responsibilty.

Walk around your car with the service writer before the wash and note the condition of your car before they wash it!

PS: After reading many reviews on Arrowhead car wash. We also have noticed a lot of high pressure selling.

Example: On this very day and one week ago when I brought my wifes car in. The service writer wanted to sell me a "Detail Wax," when I told him I didn't have time, he said "how about I get you out of here in 30 minutes. A "Detail Wax" in 30 Minutes,,,Really?

Also, my wife is pretty sure she lost a CD there last year, because it hasn't turned up.

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Other Company in Green Valley, Arizona - Unanswered Rebate offer

In December, I submitted a rebate request with appropriate paperwork, copy of the receipt and all necessary information.

The rebate was PB071201, the 5 peace Family Emergency Kit.

I purchased this item on December 24,2007 at store number 0689.

I sent the rebate request and copy of the receiipt immediately.

I have called at least five times and told to send information again, faxed the information and even directed it to the manager (he said) himself, Mr Jason Baker.

As of yet, I have not had the courtesy of any type of reply.

Donald Kesler

201 Steffens

Sierra Vista, AZ


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