Other Company in New York, New York - Photobuckeet

I had a terrible experience with photobucket: I signed up for an account with photobucket.com just for fun and professional interest. When I then hit the wrong button - into which I felt tricked with promising raffles and a countdown - I got immediately a text message about the fact that they charged me for a pro account.

I had no interest whatsoever in getting a pro account, tried to call in immediately to cancel but they will charge me anyway. I found this practice to be malpractice, a very aggressive and dishonest way of marketing and sales. I hope many people share these negative review and stay away from a web 2.0 second generation shark like photobucket. Terrible experience!

It made me feel very vulnerable and helpless. /richard

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - False credit

As an Ex employee at this dealership, I would recommend against shopping at this store. Nelson Valdez, one of the owners, was convicted of crimes related to ripping off ford motor company, and did jail time for it.

He has mob ties and should not be trusted. If I was related to him and he asked me to loan him 100 bucks, I would not do it. ***, is the best way to describe him, another few words that would fit is the King of kinky deals. He will sell you a car and knows full well it is not a deal that will be funded by a lender, then wholesale the trade, without title ,which is against the law.

Then try to put you in another car.


I left shortly after my hire, because they make all car dealers look BAD.

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Other Company in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Deceptive sales

These guys call busy medical offices and say, "We're ready to send the shipment of gloves to you. We just need your OK." With the confusion of dealing with daily demands of this kind of office, most people would answer, "Yeah, OK." Then the ridiculous bill arrives.

But of course, this company does not mail out the bill. They call and harrass who ever the poor, unsuspecting nurse was that OK'd the order. Then they get a credit card and charge almost $500.00 for these gloves.

When this is discovered, which sometimes is never, because you are on a 3 month call back rotation, they refuse to take unopened merchandise back. Deceptive at best, fraudulant very close.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Cheating clients, incompetent advice, stole my money, illegal scams

I went to Jay Adkisson and Chis Riser to protect my assets and save tax. Instead they sold me a bogus insurance company and a bunch of worthless companies.

The whole thing was a lot of paper I could get on the internet for free. Then when I tried to get my money back they kept my money in their scam insurance company and their private billing company that now has all my retirement money. These ***-artist lawyers are being investigated by multiple agencies.

don't be a victim, stay far away from these thieves. they will rip you off

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - They fraudulently charged my credit card. I cancelled before the 30 days.

I had cancelled before the 30 day free trial and they gave me a confirmation number. Unfortunately, they charged my credit card 39.80 anyway even though I cancelled.

To make matters worse, I lost the conf. # they originally gave me. They said they had no record of my call. Now I'm going to find their address and report them to the better business bureau.

I reported my credit card as lost so they couldnt charge my card again. I did get a second conf.

# but they would probably conveniently say that they had no record of my call again because they are scam artists! Pissed off too.

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Family nurse is a lying *&@%!

some *** nurse at my local hospital told me and my family that my grandfather is healthy as a horse when in fact we recently found out he has heart disease.

what a *** ***.

how hard is it to tell the truth, how much are these nurses getting paid to lie to us about our own family?!?!?!?

this is ridiculous! i can't believe that people like that can just fall asleep at night knowing that they gave false information to someone about their dear family member.

i hope she sleeps quietly now, and i hope she gets heart disease.


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Evreux, Upper Normandy, France #25997
:cry you little bitZ^&%$ wah wah wah my grand father didnt have his *** kissed get a life jack ***
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*** matches

hi all of all the sex matches available to the public *** matches would have to be the most user unfriendly available to consumers.

the woman available are not available and not person could not be responded to by one person after sending numerous messages and winks. this without a doubt is the biggest waste of money and effort available on the net today.

i strongly recomend waisting your money on something worth while. if you want to see no value for money what so ever by all means sign up.

good luck in finding casual affairs or even love as it is not available on *** matches.com




someone should spam those websites with a computer virous


I'm certain that these sites, employee people who consistently wink at you and send messages to you. Me and my fiance were a member of a site about a year ago.

We kept getting messages from one lady in particular. I asked her several times to take the messages to our private emails and possibly set up a time to meet and hang out, or just be able to talk on the phone. The thing that made me finally think that she was being paid, was the fact that she did not want to use a regular email service, she wanted to keep it on the site because it was "safer." How it is unsafe to use your private email service i.e., gmail, hotmail or whatever, is beyond me. But what finally put the nail in the coffin is when I told her that we were not renewing our membership because of lack of real results, she just continued to try and get us to renew our membership.

She wouldn't even consider taking it any farther than the pay site itself. So needless to say, we wasted about 40 bucks for a month, and we have never done anything like that site since.


This site must be owned and operated by the same company that runs True, or True beginings.com. I believe that all these website are in it to screw over lonely men who are looking for serious love, and or Sex, I take serious offense to the person who says we are all either ugly, or *** if we didn't get a date.

I am neither ugly, or ***, and I got snub with ever e-mail I sent. I got winked at over150 times , and got hotlisted by ladies half my age, but never so much as a full response. It don't think it is use men that are *** if i believed the ladies were real then it is them that are ***, because i am clean, discreet, and sexy, so if the winks aren't fake then how come i never even got an email from a women who did not even send her picture in.

I believe that *** matches never let these ladies have my private email address, or maybe it was because they are all hookers, and i did not offer to pay. At any rate something really stinks at Hornymatches.com

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Other Company in Mumbai, Maharashtra - Harrasing

My Account no is 11824*** & I had taken 20000 Thousand loan fom medical square branch,Nagpur,Maharashtra.I was told to pay EMI RS 1106 per month.But you are taking 1223 RS per month from me.I am a salaried employee and my salary comes on 13th to 14th every month.These things were hide to me when I was camed for loan to you.Now I want a settelement for this loan.when I went for this in Nagpur branch to find out how to deal with this problem I hadto explain my problems several times to them because they were not listing to me and at the end they send me back saying that they could not help me please call me on my mobile no 09325114*** at any time.

Please help me out for this prblem

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Can not lower my payments through loan modification

Do not understand why we can not modify to lower rate just because it is at the base rate when other lenders have been able to help their customers for better service. I did not get the best customer service and I was told that I can refinance but with the new economy we have no value in our home, so tell me what is it that I can do.

What are you doing to comply with the new statute, we need the home to live in we need an affordable interest rate in order to keep the home.



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Dinar, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey #25437

Keep in mind that your mortgage company can't just change the terms of your loan. Its more likely that even though your mortgage is with XYZ Mortgage company, they are not the ones who put up the money. This is done by investors (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc.) Your mortgage company can't do anything if that investor won't allow them to.

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Other Company in Lebanon, Oregon - Did not receive my Free products as promised.

I finished paying my computer 14 weeks ago, just received it. Junior-the sales rep.

said it would be a brand new computer. Explained I would be getting free TV and free Printer upon completion of payments. 16 weeks later I have not received the said free products. Called, but no response.

E-mailed and they said I had defaulted on a payment, they claims I cannot get my free products because of that. I had changed banks and called to give them new info of bank, but was not entered properly, so it defaulted.

They will not send the products.

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