Other Company in Independence, Missouri - Cancelling orders

I ordered several products. Received a few items, then emailed the people to tell them just cancel the others that were on backorder.

No response. Then they sent me a postcard that said the items remaining have been "exhausted" and won't ship for another 30 days. Mind you I have already canceled the order by email and phone. In 30 days they will probably try to send me the product and charge me for shipping to me then I'll have to return the items at my expense.

Why cant they just flipping cancel the darn order.

This is how companies like this get bad raps and people won't buye from them. it's ***.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - My vehicle damaged unable to talk to security

I parked in the lot at south Miller park way.I was gone only about 20 minutes, when I returned my van had a scratch down the right side with a dent at the rear wheel. The van is 2 week's old. I asked at the desk if they could check the security cameras the lady went to a room and asked someone to check.I waited there 10 minutes and was told that no one was near my van and then the lady walked away no one sent a security person to check around,and I wasn't allowed to view the tape.

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Other Company in Knoxville, Tennessee - Rude cashier

I was in there yesterday evening around 5. The cashier showed me the article I was looking for and then we went to the register.

She had a very hard time getting it to come up right on the computer, it was a buy one get one. I was there for a very long time and she certainly got more frustrated with every try. I never once got rude with her but I certainly felt she got hostile toward me for something that was not my fault. I won't be going back.

The people behind me in line looked surprised when I asked how much and almost got screamed at.

The number of the cashier is 277705. I sure didn't get any nice good bye or thank you.

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I ordered a CNG kit from mycngkit.com. I paid $1,600 for this kit and never received it.

Travis Johnson from mycngkit.com has scammed us. His # is 918-871-6722 if anyone would like to call this SOB. Please do not order anything from Galieo, CNG company out of Argentina. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this?

Travis - you suck and you should be ashamed of your self. Anyone want his account #. I have it on my cancelled check. You will be sorry.

Watch out for mycngkit.com they are a scam. scam.

scam. scam.




I never got my kit. No response from Johnson or Galieo in over one year. Kansas Atorney general has filed charges

Merta, Rajasthan, India #29039

Mike, I received my kit as well, but without directions...did you get directions with your kit?

Thank you.

Nakuru, Rift Valley, Kenya #25901

I got my kit fine. Travis has been fufilling all orders.

It is just taking some time. The demand overwhelmed the supply. Also have been in contact with the manufacturer who has been very friendly and helpful. I suggest you contact the mfr and get tracking info.

Also there is no reason not to order anything from Galileo in Argentina.

They are a reputable company making high quality components. Good luck.

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Paid 62,500 for Jaguar, Company delivered car with agreed items not done

I entered into an agreement with Jaguar Central (California)(Mike Cummings)to purchase a restored 1974 Jaguar E-Type Car. Part of the agreement was that I would have myself, or an inspector check the car before it was shipped to me in Florida. When JC said the car was ready for inspection I flew a gentleman in from Nevada who owns two of these cars and if very familiar. My inspector inspected the car and reported some items on the car that needed to be taken care of. Mike Cummings and my inspector signed the list of items to be rectified before delivery. Mike Cummings assured me the list would be completed before delivery, but he would need about one week to complete the list. I then wired payment for the car in full.

About one week later before the pickup occurred I asked Mike Cummings , Is everything on the list complete, he replied the list is done. Mike Cummings was also to include with the shipment of the car the original bumpers and overriders that I had paid for separate from the car.

When the car arrived to me in Jupiter FL, the car would not even run. 75% of the items on the list had not been completed. This included A/C not working, car not charging due to bad alternator. I contacted Mike Cummings, he told me to stop whining, that he would make good on the parts, but not the labor to make the situation right. I said send me the parts, but that the labor also should be covered. To date he refuses to send any parts to me, or take care of the labor. It cost me 3100.00 for the repairs.


jupiter, Florida





Mike Cummins mysteriously disappeared from his Ontario, CA facility in the dark of night last week after meeting with Karolyn Verville, promissing to give her the money he owed and a car she had purchased. If anyone knows where the ***-man/criminal is hiding, please post. Thank you.


Mike Cummins now using new company name RCM Restorations. Ebay handle rcm_restorations. BEWARE!


JCNA has stripped Mike and Cheryl Cummins of all wins to include deleting any/all mention on the JCNA web site ('Standings' Section) -- an unprecedeted action for JCNA. Given the extent of misrepresentation and fraud committed by Mike and Cheryl Cummins, JCNA is in the process of revising its by-laws to ensure criminals like Mike and Cheryl Cummins never take advantage of the good people at JCNA again.

Mike Cummins, Cheryl Cummins (Jaguar Central) entered 3 JCNA sanctioned events in 2007. August 5, 2007 (Spanish Landing, San Diego), September 9, 2007 (Botanic Garden), and October 6, 2007 (Wine Country) -- winning all 3 events. They proudly and flamboyantly entered a 1959 grey XK150S representing they owned and restored the car.

These were LIES. Mike and Cheryl Cummins committed FRAUD. The Cummins did not own the 1959 XK150S. The Cummins did not restore the 1959 XK150S. JCNA has confirmed via notarized documentation by the real owner of the XK150S that he had taken his XK150S to Jaguar Central (Mike Cummins) for servicing. Under the auspices of servicing the car, Mike and Cheryl Cummins fabricated delays, then took the car to JCNA sanctioned events without the owner's permission -- or knowledge.

Mike and Cheryl Cummins used the 3 wins as credentials to establish themselves as experts in the Jaguar community, then went on to defraud and steal more than $700,000 from 10 different parties. The Cummins amazingly claimed they were Board of Directors for JCNA -- and also JCNA sanctioned judges. JCNA has confirmed both Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins are not (never were) on the Board of Directors of JCNA . JCNA has also confirmed both Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins are not (never were) JCNA sanctioned judges.

Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins are very BAD people. ***-Man. ***-Woman. Mike Cummins and Cheryl Cummins LIE. CHEAT. STEAL. BEWARE!


Claus, looks like 'Big Jaguar' posted his 'burn' on merchantcircle.com.


to "Big Jaguar":

you are right,jaguarcentralinc has more than 300 positive ebayfeedback.

but for cheryl cummins buying pottery-not for mike selling cars.

and by the way-you use exactly the same phrases and terms as the cummins do in their ads-wonder why??

and as you know:there is no smoke without a fire.

jaguarcentral/cummins lie, cheat and steal-

no discussion.


I purchased 3 cars from Jaguar Central/Mike Cummins May 2007-May 2008. I purchased the first car, a 1968 XKE Coupe in May 2007 for US$70,000. I purchased the second car, a 1965 XKE Coupe in April 2008 for US$65,000. I purchased the third car, a 1965 XKE Convertible in May 2008 for US$70,000. Total US$220,000. All 3 cars were to be restored to concurs condition in 4-6 months. Jaguar Central/Mike Cummins did not restore any of the cars per our agreement. After 2 years, I demanded return of the 3 cars via my attorney. Cummins refused to give me my cars. After 3 months of demand letters and high expense, the 3 cars returned to me were junk, worth no more than US$30,000 for all three.

For the first car, 1968 XKE Coupe, Jaguar Central/Mike Cummins provided me pictures of key components (engine, transmission, IRS) for the car in June 2007. These pictures showed an engine and transmission fully restored to concours condition. Cummins provided me a picture of another key item (bonnet) ready for paint (Oct 2007). Cummins told me and the agreement specified it would take 4 months to complete the car because so much work had already been done. When I received the car last month, the engine, IRS, transmission and bonnet included with the car were not the ones I received pictures of back in 2007. The engine, transmission, IRS and bonnet in the car were substituted with junk (I have pictures to document). This is a clear case of fraud. The same pattern is repeated for the two other cars.

Mike Cummins repeatedly misrepresented the facts to me regarding the situation of my three cars over a 2 year period. He purposely lied dozens and dozens of times to me, verbally and via email. My experience centers on the fact this situation is much more than a breach of contract, it is quite obvious there was specific intent to commit fraud by Jaguar Central/Mike Cummins for all 3 transactions. Cummins never intended to complete any of the 3 agreements -- Cummins did only sparingly start one of the three restorations. We are not talking about petty fraud -- my damages total $200,000.+

sincerely,claus aaroe


Larry, are you a victim of Mike/Cheryl Cummins? If you are, please contact me saustin1@san.rr.com. Thank you.


Mike and Cherly Cummims are true low life criminals! Mike is a Jag *** and he has limited restoraton skills!

He talks a good game but can't back it up! Stay away!


Craig, please feel free to contact me at saustin1@san.rr.com. I can put you in touch with all other 'victims' and the DA in San Bernadino County. Need to STOP these thieves/***-people.


I bought 3 cars from Jaguar Central INC AKA/Mike & Cheryl Cummins. He was supposed to restore them, and sell them in auctions (like Russo and Steele).

I gave him $100,000 in CASH.

Yes, he gave me a receipt. 8 months later, I still don't have my cars, and I never saw my money ever again !!!!


B E W A R E !


I know for a fact that Mike & Cheryl Cummins have lied, stolen & cheated several people. I know of at least 8 people that will confirm this fact.

I have over 3 decades in this hobby/business and have never seen anyone as bad and dishonest as them.

Unfortunately, I have experienced this first hand. They should both be in jail!


To 'Big Jaguar': Mike Cummins, Cheryl Cummins, aka Jaguar Central Inc, Jaguar Central Corona have committed fraud and theft in excess of $500,000 to 8 different individuals over the past 2+ years. See JCNA (Jaguar Clubs North America) site for details. The Cummins LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL. ***-Man. ***-Woman. Just 'google' Jaguar Central Inc. or Jaguar Central Corona for all the horror stories.

I have a very similar/exact story as david42581 of Jupiter, Florida. I entered an agreement with Jaguar Central (Mike Cummins) to purchase a fully/restored 1966 XKE in January 2007.

Car was delivered to me in June 2007. Mike Cummins and I went over an initial inspection of the car. Car was delivered with obvious problems. I could not drive the car because it would not hold a charge (obvious short in the electrical system). In addition, the front suspension not assembled correctly, there was a large oil leak at the pan, leak on clutch reservoir that caused damage to the paing (I was TOLD by Cummins Jags did NOT leak/seep any oil/fluids if put together properly like he did).

I told Cummins I would f/up with a detailed summary of items needing remedy (to be fixed) within 1-2 days by email. Cummins ASSURED me he would take care of any items I found. I was promised by Cummins that Jaguar Central was an honest family-owned company and all items would be completed to my satisfaction.

I did f/up by email with a detailed 'list' of 24 items needing to be fixed, some major, some minor. The car was sent to Jaguar Central 3 times over a 7 month period to remedy/fix the 'list' of 24 items.

The car was first sent to Jaguar Central one week after the initial delivery -- the car could not be driven. During the 7 weeks the car was at Jaguar Central, I would call Cummins once a week for a status. I was told each time the car was coming along fine and all items would be completed. Cummins told me he would drive the car 50 miles to ensure all items were completed/work out any problems.

After (Cummins) assured me all items had been completed, the car was returned to me. When I checked the car, I found not one item had been completed. I called and asked Cummins the obvious question -- what happened? He told me he was 'having employee problems'.

I encounted a similar set of events the second time the car was sent to Jaguar Central. A few items were completed. I was assured by Cummins the 'list' was completed. Test drive completed. No problems. Car was returned to me, I could still not drive because of the electrical and front end problems, 90% of my list not completed.

The third time the car was sent to Cummins to complete the 'list' was Oct 2007, I was told it would take about a week to complete all items. The week turned into 3+ months. Key items on the 'list' were never completed. Car was returned to me in Jan 2008, 75% of my list not completed. In fact, car was delivered with several nics on paint and a burr on the bonnet.

After 7 months of ongoing contradictory explanations, I ended my ordeal, realized Mike Cummins had no intention to complete my 'list'. Cost to complete my 'list' along with other items not properly done during the restoration was in excess of $15,000 -- front suspension had to be reassembled, electrical work had to be redone, paint blistering due to poor prep, repaint the bonnet...


San Diego, California


Lupton City, Tennessee, United States #27745

We have bought many cars from this company and are very pleased with jaguar central and Mike cummins. He takes great pride in the work they do.

There must be something wrong with this customer.

Beware of false statements and check out the 300 plus postive feedback on ebay. I think this david guy got a small *** sure acts like it

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #764940
@Big Jaguar

Big Jaguar is a big a s s h o l e just like the that criminal Mike Cummins and his u g l y wife Cheryl! Mike is a low life criminal that is now in jail where he belongs!

Enjoy your 6 years in prison Mike! Too bad Cheryl is not there with you.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #764943
@Big Jaguar

Hey Big Jaguar A s s h o l e! Where can I send Mike some soap on a rope?

I sure he will need that while taking showers with his buddies in prison!

Tell the F a t P i g Cheryl that I said hi! Lol!

Varkaus, Eastern Finland, Finland #25919

Sorry to ask this but, did it ever occur to you to have it inspected again to make sure the items on the list were really taken care of before sending a check?

Dobrich, Dobrich, Bulgaria #25902

Wow! It sounds like you were dealing with low class trash!

I own a classic Jaguar and I will never do business with them. They are a disgrace to the Jaguar community!

Good luck.


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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Yeah they are all the same

yeah so ive received several calls over the yrs. this time they got me, not really concerned with the phone call.

this group started with the entry of a million dollar prize and then with the lies. they record the conversations, so they say, for grading, get u to allow to charge ur cc once and set up a date for that payment, but they charge you way before that. they know they are not going to wait for that date. so here is what you do, you close the cc u gave them, call the FTC and the better business bureau and when you get a hold of them collect all their info you can and then, very nicely inform them of your intensions.

report them to whoever and everyone you can. these people go against every comsumer right and law out there, they can be stopped. get ahold of the state general attorneys office and file a class action lawsuit.

*** them right where they *** us.

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Other Company in Jakarta, Jakarta - Www.citicredit.asia

What are differences between the good and bad debt?

Debt in and of itself is not a bad thing. Both of us were able to start our own businesses because of debt; Steve began his own law practice, and Azriela began her own entrepreneurial consulting business. So we understand what debt is and why some debt is great debt.

Debt that helps you, enriches your life, is manageable, and is not a burden can be called good debt. For example, student loans are good debt if they enabled you to get through school and further your life goals. They are bad debt if you dropped out of medical school after one year to become a writer. A good debt helps; a bad debt hinders.


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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Bought guaranteed friut trees no fruit in 10 years

I purchased 7 jube jube trees ten years ago which were guaranteed to produce fruit. They only sent 6 and gave me a hard time about sending the missing tree.

The cost of the trees as I recall were in the $75 apiece category. They were guaranteed to produce fruit in a minimum time. Three have died and the remaining ones have yet to produce the first fruit even though one of them is over 15 feet tall.

I am now reading reviews about their company which mostly seem to be very negative. I wish that I had these reviews available to me when i bought the trees.

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Other Company in Alexandria, Virginia - Told us they overbooked concert

Tickets my way charged us $800 for celine dion tickets then 4 weeks before concert stated they overbooked. They recommended we get the money back from our credit card company because they had no intentions of refunding the $800.

Better Business Bureau mentioned they have had numerous similar complaints.

Save your time and aggravation- go to a more reputable dealer. better luck to others in dealing with this completely awful company-hopefully they will be bankrupt in the near future.........i hope they go under soon it will save the us pop a lot of time and energy, later sully

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Won't fix frames

A month or so ago I wrote to you regarding my eyeglass situation and heard nothing back. I am a 10 plus year customer of yours.

I bent the frame of my $250 pair of glasses and was told "Sorry, we don't carry that frame anymore and we can't fix it." You'll have to buy a new pair of lenses and frame" . Sorry, there's nothing we can do.

I use both your Pennsylvania Plymouth Meeting and Willow Grove stores.

As a business owner, I know that there is always something I can and will do to make things right.

A happy customer says self-satisfied, while a dissatisfied custormer tells 10 or 20 people about their encounter with not bad but terrible and uncaring service.

Edward O'Connell

Philadelphia, Pa.


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