Other Company in Tyler, Texas - Liars of the worst kind

Just another SCAM. I ordered a free trial on 7/25/2008, I received it on 7/30/2008 I was informed that that 7 day trial would START on the day I received the package; 1st payment made 7/30/2008 and I checked my account 8/2/2008 at 1:30am, they had taken another payment for the next month. I sent an e-mail 8/2/08 at 2:29am and a fax on 8/5/08 they said this is their policy. I spoke to two managers "ALEX, and then a "KEVIN." I would love to get my hands on that little creep. I contacted my Bank to STOP all futher payments. They got me at the start, got the trial pack, they hit my account the next day despite my e-mail notice of cancellation. can't we get together and sue or at least put these crooks out of business. In the mean time send them that junk back

More of their numbers




626-775-6346 fax

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Commercials are an Insult to our intelligence

I'd like to complain about TV commercials. Some of them are insults to our intelligence.

The Sonic ads are absolutely unnecessary. I won't eat at sonic til they get some realistic advertising. All people who eat at drive ins are not complete idiots. I'm ready for Sally Fields to quit taking her pill on the first of every month.

It's time for a change. The diet food lacks reality. These should be banned for life! I don't care how much of a "smoking hot" body these old bags have developed, it's take to look for a new way to promote their diet foods.

Would not begin to purchase their product just because of their commercials. Head on finally go the message. They took those ads off the air that repeated the message 3 times. That *** little lizard has outlived his usefulness, how he is tolerable if you mute him.

I sure with Billy Mays could sell some of that junk he hawks so he could retire. Am I the only one who feels this way?


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I must say that my "DO NOT BUY LIST" is growing because of even more insulting commercials, such as when the cosmetic industry uses 18-20 year olds to advertise anti-aging cream! GET REAL!

AS IF THEY NEED ANY .....YET! We don't know this?

Try selling new washing machines with those models! Or have them COOK real food! There is a novel idea!

Especially if they EAT what they cooked! Have some REAL women using the cosmetics and have REAL results! We are fed up with advertisements insulting our intelligence! We are not two- dimensional paper dolls out here!

Stop trying to clothe us, feed us, and shelter us in these Utopian worlds you try to force us into. It will never work!

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I was moved by an agent of yourmovingday.com and was asked to post a review either negative or positive whichever it may be. I am pleased to post a positive review on behalf of both companies.

I contacted yourmovingday and they forwarded my information to J.R Moving based out of Texas for my move from Texas to New Jersey and these guys were truly outstanding. Both Rob and Jon (the movers) were so pleasant and professional and really easy going guys which made the move so much smoother. They picked us up on a Saturday with one days notice and delivered us 5 days later.

I just want to sum up our experience in 1 word AWESOME!!!!!!

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Other Company in Ashburn, Virginia - CROOKS!!

On July 1st I authorized a payment to be taken out of my checking account for July 7th. They took it out on the first (764.00) which caused me to have insufficient funds in my account.

They again hit my account for the same amount on July 7th and once again on July 9th! I have incurred return item fees, NSF fees which they promised to reimburse. I recently received a letter saying they need to have my bank statement faxed to them (which I already did) and are refusing to pay. They will give you the run around, transferring you to different people (once they transferred me 9 times for 2 hrs).

This is just my most recent problem with them.

Get out if you can, I have never in my life experienced such a level of incompetency and crookedness.

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Other Company in Lady Lake, Florida - Failed to send me complete insurance form

I bought rx glasses and gave them an insurance for to fill out and send back to me. it has been three weeks and they still have not sent me my insurance form.

I must send it to my insurance company within 45 days.

I have in fact faxed two more of the same forms so they canay complain they have not gotten the original form and they still are not sending it to me. I do not want to loose my refund from the insurance company.it seems when they have new help, they do not train them to give good service to the customers

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Bigamy and medical fraud

i am not an employee i am the wife of former employee my husband jack d kelly worked in the pahrump nevada store until dec 2007 when he worked there he met another employee named linda richmond he started living with her she got a divorce in march of 2008 and then married my husband on april 3 2008 only one problem we are not divorced he filed for divorce from me june 24 2008 he told me they married so she could put him on her medical which she has done my lawyer told me this is fraud i am going through the proper channels sheriff district attorney and reverand who married them we just thought you would like to be informed of this fraud if you need proof we will be happy to give it to you my email is lnd_klly@yahoo.ca her name was linda richmond now goes as linda kelly my name she is an over night stocker in the pahrump walmart address 1141 dyer and she has worked for walmart for i think 12 yrs thanking you in advance linda j kelly


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26225

How can wal-mart help you. Expecially since you husband does not work there anymore.They can't tell their employees what to do outside the store.

If your husband did something illegal it is not their fault.

I can see why your husband does not want to stay married to you. I know it hurts but he does not love you anymore get over it.

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Taking money out of my account without my authorization!!!

I too have become a victim of pdssup.com and also safeidsupport.com. They both run the same scam!

It all starts when you fill out online loan application. If you don't check the tiny little box at the bottom, you will automatically be signed up for their services, they will take the information from the loan application and proceed to take money from your account. So be on the lookout, there will be other companies taking money from your account, they all work together. First I found charges from safeidsupport, then just now I found another charge from paydaycs.com (pdssup.com).

I am going to have to close my account and open a new one so they can't help themselves to any more. I have also reported them to the attorney generals office in my state. The police can't help- I already talked to them. We all have to report them to attorney general and contact our local media and hope they will do a story and get the word out, so these *** bags can be put out of business.

Who knows a lawyer who might be willing to start a class action lawsuit against these people? We all have to come together and help each other, so we can all get justice. I have seen thousands of complaints on the internet about both these companies. The only way we are going to stop them is to come together.

We can complain all day on the computer, but it is not getting us anywhere. My email is angel_love_soldier@yahoo.com.

Feel free to contact me if you are ready to put these pieces of *** out of business!


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Sandia Park, New Mexico, United States #26209


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Other Company in Bronx, New York - This Co. sends items on a subscription plan that i never authorised.

I ordered some die-cast collector cars from them. Then I started to receive 2 models each month and they charged my c/c $20-30 each time. had a tough time finding a website so I could cancel, which I finally did. Models are very nice and reasonable, but i don't like being put me on an unauthorized subscription plan.

Companies should remember to respect consumers and be very clear as to what they intend to do when it comes to c/c purchases and automatic monthly shipments.

This company appears to be legitimate and their products are of good quality. they just have to adjust their business practices so as not to appear to be scamming the consumer.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Debit card charges double

When using my debit card at some restaurants I get double dipped on my checking account. I have spoken to my bank and they state they are set up to stop a double hit only if the amount is the same for the same date.

So if you put a tip on your debit card, it may show up on your account as the original amt and the amt with the tip.

I had a bad experience where I did not notice this and the hold was on my acct for 3 days, and I got hit with a $32 overdraft fee from the back. I feel this is stealing money right from my checking acct by the restaurant.

Call first
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Debited too much

i called in my payment to be debited from my account in the jacksonville office. The girl , Jennifer took my payment but debited 94.00 to much from my account.

when i asked her she said oh i must have typed it in backwards.she was not helpful at all about returning my money.

i had to speak to her manager to get my money back.I am at this time still waiting to get my refund. this happened on a Monday and today is Saturday.I do not have a choice but to still pay my payment each month but will not deal with her ever again.

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