Other Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan - I have been trying for 5 Months to get my mortgage strighten out and get no where with this company

This Company is a joke they don't know what they are doing I've tried many times and still get the same thing, I have a copy of my paperwork and they seem to of lost there's. they have runed my credit and I'm very pissed off at this company, I have been put on hold for a least an hour everytime I try and get a manager on the phone they put me on hold and no one bothers to pick up the phone and talk to me My next call is to my lawyer, and see how they like that.

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Other Company in Fort Collins, Colorado - making a payment

i went there at a quarter till eight and the doors were locked, the guy came to the door and said the computers are already turned off you will have to come back monday and pay it my husband replied yes but then will have to pay late charges he nodded and said yes . the hours posted on the door say they close at 8 Are they allowed to close up early i thought they had to go by the hours they have posted i dont think thats a good way to do a loyal customer we have rented there a long time.

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Other Company in Mountain Home, Arkansas - Consumer

The Free mp3 player is a fake. I have tried and tried to get it to work and it will not.

I have followed the instructions to the letter and am having o luck. if anyone can be of assistance plez email me at: eatupfromthefeetup2003@yahoo.com. also the gentleman doing the conferences are two faced little punks.

In beginning they were very polite but when they were not getting a dollar in their hands they were very rude to my elderly father who is disabled. I believe they are scam artist who prey on the elderly and weak.its a big joke

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In the first place I had a hard time submitting the order, then figured it hadn't gone though and went somewhere else to get what I wanted.. Then I got notice that the deal had gone through, but then I was left with few to no options to canceling the order...

PLUS IT WOULD BE A HUGE HELP TO TALK TO A HUMAN WHEN THESE PROBLEMS COME UP! In the end I think I got it canceled and everything was fine.. Or I hope that it is... Oh making me extend my complaint to a hundred words makes me even more pissed off...

Just what is the point of that?


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Varkaus, Eastern Finland, Finland #27292

Uh...it would help if you mentioned the name of this company...

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Other Company in Elk Horn, Iowa - Harassment

to whom it may concern,

I am not a client of yours but some one keeps calling my house asking about a member of my family that lives in another state .

If the calls continue i will contact the BBB and file a complaint you people can not call other family and harass them about someone elses financial state. the phone number you keep call is 712 781-2520 stop calling this number the person you are trying to reach has never lived in this state or at this phone number.

I believe you will take care of this matter very soon.

Elk Horn, Iowa
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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - False Advertisement

On August 8 I went on the internet and found a refrigerator and was told by the Cedar Hill store that the refrigerator was in stock and that they had several in the warehouse.

After driving to the store the salesman that I talked to was no where to be found and the manager did not offer any resolution for me.

After returning home I called several other stores and they state that they have them, but did

not find them once I got to the stores. Gas is too high to drive around the Dallas area playing FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.

caren henry
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Other Company in Madisonville, Kentucky - Rude, loud, obnoxious, a smart aleck

Store 505 W. Elder Duncan, Okla.


The Manager is a loud mouth. Last month or so, every time I go in, He's singing about thieves, or talking about thieves so loud everyone can hear. Not all people are thieves in Oklahoma or in that store. I'm not recommending this store.


Today capped it off, He was very rude to an elderly man.

I'm a nurse, the man pale, old, weak, and probably had terminal illness. Embarrassed and humiliated him in front of several people because the man did not know there was a line to get into.

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Other Company in Lagos, Lagos - I was trying to send a message to a friend but not going thru

i dont know what happen because i was trying to send a message to a friend but the message did go through but i dont know what to do again please help me to send message to my friend.because you send me some friend who are willing to add me as a friend but i can send them a message.i chose auction because i want to know more about the product and more about this site,most especially the way people can meet a friend on this site and the way someone can send a message on.


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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - I did not get my rebate

I filled out all the paper work, did not get my rebate. They claimed it was invalid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a rip off,will never do this again. it does not seem fair! and why does it need to be 100 words. I am just MAD I filled out all the paper work, did not get my rebate.

They claimed it was invalid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a rip off,will never do this again. it does not seem fair!

and why does it need to be 100 words. I am just MAD Will never trust you again please listen to me have a great day

really mad
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Lawyer Ripped off my dying father

This guy took $2,900.00 from my Father to file my Dad's chapter 7 Bankruptcy (no written retainer agreement. In a little over a year he never even finished the paperwork, never had my Dad sign the paperwork, never filed the case.

My father died in June 2008. This lawyer said he would file the BK posthumously to protect the estate. One month later when we checked on the progress of the case, he lied and said he never agreed to file the BK posthumously. So I asked for a refund of the $2,900.00.

His secretary (and wife) Kelly Walsh, refused to refund one dime.

I asked for my Dad's file and a copy of the written retainer agreement between Tim Walsh and my father. I was told there was none. I requested an itemized statement justifying the $2,900.00 fee being used up without refund. They refused, no statement because there is no way they could ever justify not refunding that money.

The file consisted of an incomplete chapter 7 petition and they still have not sent me the diskette required if there are more than 5 creditors in a BK.

I have asked. They ignore me.




This guy is a total rollover when it comes to defense.He uses excuses like "Oh this Judge is tough" He was always late for court,poorly dressed and never say anything during the hearings.If you want a drunk as a lawyer go right ahead and hire this looser!!!

Mississauga Valley, Ontario, Canada #38143

Lawyer Mullhofer cheated my elderly father out of his estate and forced him to file bankruptcy. Lost his house to trust fraud. Contact elder abuse hot-line to stop *** lawyers.

Lake, Michigan, United States #27276

The same lawyer messed up on my Father's Trust and Will. After my dad died he wouldn't even advise us what to do next.

Because of that we lost a house which had been in our family 50 years.

This guy is a disgrace to a noble profession. I say make him pay.

Flandreau, South Dakota, United States #27189

The best bet is to sue the lawyer is small claims court. He will have to present his work and what he billed.It all depends what kind of judge you get,not to mention at NORMAL lawyer rates $3,000 doesn't go far

Beryl, Utah, United States #27004

I think this attorney should have a complaint filed against him your state's local State Bar Association.

Beryl, Utah, United States #27001

I am sorry of your loss of your father and your $2,900. I give you my utmost deepest condolences.

I hope that you will do everything in your power to get the money you are owed back.

I hope that things will work out for you in end. My father is a lawyer and his wife (my mother) is his secretary in Atlanta, Georgia and would never ever pull something like this to anyone.

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