Other Company in Justice, Illinois - Sold a "crock of BS" and empty promises!

My son-in-law and daughter were very impressed by the salesman that came out to the house to "test" our water and even though our levels were very low, he felt that we could still benefit from the system, even thought I have lived in the house for over thirty years and raised two healthy children with the water.

Well we have had nothing but trouble since the system was installed and even though the salesman told us that we could use the reverse osmosis water to mix the baby formula, we are afraid to do this in light of all the problems.

I wish they would just come and take it all back and refund our $7,000.00.

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Swimming Pool Replastering Nightmare

Wanted to forewarn other folks when professionally re-plastering their pool, on what could possibly occur to them as us. This is not in regard to quality of workmanship, but in the poor advice and poor non realistic photos of what your pool will look like after.

The bottom line recommendation is to personally go see the finishes of the pool plaster you are considering. Photos and verbal descriptions dont suffice. Unless you are tiling the entire pool service or, choosing white plaster, then you will disappointed and angry as my wife & I are. Grey plaster color or "Tahoe Blue" as it is called here in California creates a beautiful water color!

However, the irregular "marbling" effect, of the plaster is very inconsistent and shows mach darker in deeper areas of your pool than the shallow ones. In essence, other than the water color and the new tile edge and brick coping, the plaster service looks like it needs to be redone!

Just paid over $10k to repair a 25 year old pool. :(


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I'm not sure who most of these other eviews are talking about, but I had a great experience with Jeff Kerber Pool Plastering. Jeff's team did a great job organizing all the of the people working on my pool and the end product came out looking beautiful.

We hit a few snags along the way, but Jeff did everything he could to make sure I was happy with the way the pool turned out, and I was kept up to date on everything that was happening. I would recommend Jeff Kerber to anyone who is looking to get their pool remodeled

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Replaceyourcell.com is a crock. I bought a motorola a630 from their ebay store, because the posting stated that even though it was a used phone, it had been checked and was working properly with minor cosmetic damage. I paid 118 dollars for it, and upon recieving it, i noticed that the outside screen did not work. I contacted the company on their website and on their ebay account, receiving a reply a few days later saying they would replace the phone, all i had to do was fill out an authorization form and send it back. Great! I can do that!

I did that...and three weeks later i have yet to hear a thing. Their ebay account is now closed, and an email i sent to their website went unanswered for almost a week. When i finally got a response it was to say that they had no idea what i was talking about! They had not recieved my return, nor was it in their records that i had even asked for a return!

Needless to say i was pretty PO'd, so i sent them copies of the correspondence i had with whoever at their company, where it CLEARLY says something along the lines of "I'm sorry to hear that! Sure we'll replace it, just send it back", i also sent them a copy of the reciept from the post office with the tracking number (which btw says it was receieved THREE WEEKS ago), and a copy of my credit card statement with a transaction to their accounts, and a transaction to the post office for the day of my return. And after all that, the best they could give me was "Well, we'll keep an eye out for it, maybe we'll get it over the weekend"...right.

So now i'm out 120 bucks with nothing to show for it. Thanks, thats great, keep an eye out for something that is probably sitting in a stack at your office or sitting in front of you, and keep my 120 bucks, i love donating my hard earned money to SCAMMERSA!!!!







I have contacted this company twice with a complaint about a phone I purchased for my husband, it's a piece of junk!!! I have yet to hear back, I haven't even been given lame excuses! DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!


Replaceyourcell.com is a SCAM SCAM SCAM. They sell MADE IN CHINA Phones. Only 10% of these phones work overall. So 90% of customers receive a bad phone.

They buy lots of " ? " for cheap then resell and double or triple their money.


I was ripped off by these scammers and I will not rest until every review board has my reviews all over it.

They will try to cover them up by writing there own reviews posing as real customers I am sure of it.


wow - they've got some LOUSY excuses on every negative review I have seen - try harder at taking care of return customers and you wont have this trouble - NOW THAT's a business plan!


There are several things at play here.

Firstly, our return policy clearly states that a phone must be returned in a timely manner AND must first obtain authorization to be returned. An RMA# must be written on the box in order for the return specialist to receive it.

If a customer fails to do that, and/or doesn't put any return information in the box (or any other kind of identifying information) the return won't/can't be processed.

Also, for the last few weeks, we have been closed up to two business days a week for religious observance

That seems to be the kind of situation here.

We always try to make our customers happy, and answer every email we receive. We invite this customer to re-email us to see how this situation can be worked out to their satisfaction.

Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States #725178

Your company sounds like a ***-shoot...good thing I read these posts from your VERY unsatisfied customers, before I gave you a dime of my money. I predict replaceyourcell.com will be out of business in a year. Good customer service means something to American consumers, which is why Apple has taken over the market, they have the happiest customers on the planet, all because they sell a quality product to begin with, you should make note o their business plan.

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Charles Schwab bank doesn't care to fix THEIR mistake! Watch out!

Just an FYI on this bank. On Monday, 8/11/2008 they made a mistake where they improperly scanned a check and debitted my account $480.24.

I talked with them on the phone, they agreed it was a mistake, and they would fix it. By Thursday, 8/14/2008 it was still not fixed, with no status, no indication of what they would do. I sent an email, and got a "bogus" we are working on it. When I called by phone and got a manager, all he was concerned with was telling me not the be upset.

As of today the problem is not resolved.

This bank does not care about the customer, and are in no rush to fix THEIR problems. Watch out!


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You are retarded. You are complaining about the wrong company.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Other Company in Winter Park, Florida - Pissed off..I didn't order this!

This happened to me too!! We received a package yesterday for anti-cellulite cream.

It had my husbands name & our address but an email that is not mine & when I called, they told me the last 4 digits of the cc they had on file. The cc is not mine either. They said to keep the product anyway.

I'm afraid to use the product. I I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

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Other Company in Huntington Beach, California - Worst Experince

After a long day at work I wanted to relax and pamper myself. The job I am requires a lot of labor and my lower back has been bothering me. Called to schedule an appt., the lady over the phone was warm and friendly. Arriving to the medical office, I was kinda turned off because it looked unclean. But I decided to give it a try. The service was horrible. A latin girl, Julia, came in. Although she seemed like she had a nice personality, she looked very tired and sometimes would space out.

Location of business 1155 W. Central Ave Suite 202.

I ended up spending 500 and when I got to my car my credit card was missing..( I paid cash when I was there).

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Other Company in Stockton, California - They still have not shipped my watch...,

yes, i too have been given the runaround..

I won 2 items on their auctions. One was a

Diamond set of earrings, which I received,

the other was a Lamborghini mans watch.

I have e-mailed them several times,but got only

one e-mail back saying that had shipped it.

I also paid extra for the shipping.this has

been going on since May of this year.

Please put a stop on these scam artist fast... They also want my shipping number and payment .

How would they expect me to supply this?

When they never shipped it...??

Why can.t these people at bidz.com get their

act together ??????,

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Beware of Buy.com!

Buyers beware of Buy.com. They are a "drop-ship" company and do not stand behind their products.

They simply buy and resell products. They shift responsibility of dealing with defective products to the manufacturer. I purchased a "new" EEE PC 4G notebook. The day I received the shipment, I followed the enclosed instructions.

The notebook had no power with or without the battery installed. I called ASUS customer service. They stand behind their product but do not pay for shipping. I contacted Buy.com twice via email, and received no help.

(I thought they should at least pay for the shipping.) Finally, I called the Buy.com at 1-800-800-0800. After speaking to two people, I was told that I would have to deal with the manufacturer. They do not pay for shipping, would not issue a refund or return, and simply claimed that "their hands were tied".

Save yourself the frustration of possibly receiving a new product that may be defective and buy somewhere else!

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - I sent a money order

I sent a money order on JAn.the tenth 2008 and I never received anything.I am REALLYYYYYYYYYYY pissed off. Is this how people do business taking people's money?

Is there a way when I can get reimbursed or get my order sent?It was located in 8721 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles California.I sent it and nothing ever came now we are in August.So now what.I sent them almost forty dollars.I am completely dissatisfied with this whole situation.Can someone help me resolve this?I hope that someone has the decency to resolve this and have the courtesy to get back to me.

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Other Company in Bend, Oregon - Copeland Marketing ripoff

Where is my $899.00 sent to them 03-14-06, no response back since. Is this co. still under a law suite, if so what can we do to get this settled?

This Co. Was to Sell our time share property for a fee of $899.00 , as fo this date, we have not hear a word, I always had to call and ck on them, got back excuses, of all kind,s, now thay can not be reached, pleas let me know, if ther is a chance of getting our money's back

Thank You



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Longview, Texas, United States #748656

This is not the same company. Copeland Group Marketing is not and hasn't ever been in the real estate or time share business. There apparently is or was a time share company that operated under the name Copeland Marketing (internet is full of complaints against them) -- there is no relation or affiliation between that company and Copeland Group Marketing.

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