Other Company in Monroe, Louisiana - Send you email saying someone is interested in you

I would like for some one on this serivce to give a straight answer.They sent me a couple emails saying since i didn't get hooked up the first time that iwould get three more free months. You can tell when you send a email to a real person on here because you have to type password in the box and you never here form them again and i think someone else will get your email if that persons decides to respond to you.So they will be talking to a fake person.I have ask for a new password and they sent me a link i didn't have to have a password to get in.So i sent over 30 emails out and only got back 3 and all they wanted me to do was go to another site and register to see there naked picture.So why would you be on one naked site and then want you to go to another site to see them naked when you have seen them total naked.

They will have girls posted that say on line in a certain city and then when you got to check them out they are not even member and can't be found.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Took my job of 24 years away

A very Outraged American

shame, shame on American Corporations for being so greedy and leaving the United States of America to make some foreign profit.

SHAME on YOU!!!! That is so un-American, to have been here for so long and pack up and move!!!

Who buys most of your product???

Americans, that's who. Not any more though.

You will see a huge decline in sales, and a well deserved decline if I may say so myself!

I worked at that factory half my life!!

Now it's gone, thanks to the corpate world

and their greedy ways. And thanks to NAFTA

(North American Free Trade Agreemt).

I wish NAFTA never came along.

We screwed ourselves!!

We don't need to import anything!!

Americans are the most inventive people on earth.

I think we can do just fine on our own.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Sratched pull barn trim

I bought some emerald green trim that came in a little scratched. The pieces were stacked on top of each other with nothing in between.

I talked to the guy to see if they had any touch up paint and he told me it would cost more than the trim. I find that hard to believe, because the trim cost me around $200. I did not want to re-order and go through the hassle of picking the material up again. He told me I should have ordered a box to protect the material but it did come in in a box.

I have used the trim as is but I think it could of been handle better. Trim should at least be wrapped with paper between the pieces.

This would have protected the paint.

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Other Company in Hinesville, Georgia - MCM

I admit that MCM has been on my credit report for a balance of $485. Recently I sent a payment to them for only $25 (trying to start some where)..but my credit report never reflect the payment, therefore I disputed the balance as I do for other issues on my credit.

Do you know it came back showing no payment and the balance was even more. I find that very funny because the original balance for $485 has been showing on my credit for a very long time.

Not only that now I had to submit a dispute in writing along with my evidence..now all of a sudden when I update my credit MCM keeps increasing the balance.

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Radiologist Robert Fusselman is an ***!!! In April 2008, I had a routine mammogram done.

A few days later I received a letter stating that I had problems with my "RIGHT" breast and that more diagnosis was needed. Since I had never had problems with my right breast this scared the *** out of me. After talking with my doctor that sent me for the test, it was discovered that Radiologist Robert Fusselman could not tell the difference between "RIGHT" and "LEFT". Also according to my doctor's office, Radiologist Robert Fusselman never provided a report to my doctor to explain what the problem was.

(My doctor's office called repeatedly for this report, with numerous answers like, the report is separated from the xrays, they can't find the report, and finally there was no report provided.) My doctor finally sent me to a reputable place to get my mammogram, but since Radiologist Robert Fusselman made such a mess of things... identifying the wrong breast and not filling out a report, then I had to do my mammogram completely over and pay DOUBLE! AVOID RADIOLOGIST ROBERT FUSSELMAN!!!!



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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #800006


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Conned for hoping to...

same story as everyone else it seems. profiles that don't exist, seemingly getting attention from women either miles away(other countries) or even some local women , and when e-mailing back getting no reply?

or blocked returns with no reason to be had? i am learning that most of these sites are no more than a hook. i would love to see some sort of legal action started to look into the way that these sites operate. til then beware!!!!!!!!!!!!

you always have the choice to shut them out of your system.

dont be fooled by a cyber wink. i had 86 thrown at me and i gave up after trying to answer to 19 of them.

and i was a paid in full member.



Lindau, Thuringen, Germany #31594

I got the samething, paid in full waited for some great replies and not one replied back to me after i answered there wink.. what a freakin rip off...

Most of these sites are scams--- run by low-life parasite ***. They should all be round up and banished forevermore to Siberia :grin
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Truck parked

The next time they parks in my company`s drive way ,i will have it ticketed and towed away Nebraska plate #132720 cab #53503,he or she parked the truck there unattended I blowed the horn for ten minutes or longer no one answered I had to squeezed between the truck and the fence and scratched some of the paint on my car i`m going to get an estimate on it so you might be receiving something in the mail soon. the drive is not doing any kind of business pick-up or deliveries there it is Sunday August 17 2008 on Cleveland`s east side east 134Th and Coit rd. my E-mail address is ecko113@ prodigy.net


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Your complaining because you ran into a fence?? Your lame

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Tools, you sell tools don't you?

Tools, you sell tools don't you? Were is the category like power tools, wood working tools, etc.

It cost a lot of money just to drive around and look for a product that you need.

On your web page you don't list any tools or specials you might have going on with them. The price of gas is going to keep going up, even if it's going down now latter it will be higher.

If I can not shop for what I need on line, so I can drive to the store that has it. You will probably not get My business.



Cedar, Michigan, United States #28593

You are the biggest dumb @$$ ever! Who complains about stuff like this? no life having losers!!!!

Cedar, Michigan, United States #28591

You are beyond retarded. you actually took the time to complain about this?

end your life now, do the rest of the world a favor!

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Other Company in Kansas City, Missouri - Did not send out what I ordered

I just had my system installed yesterday.First off I want to say my installer Bill(From Vermont,I live in Kansas)was very nice and professional and did a top notch job of installation. My beef is with the people who took my order and screwed it all up from the price we had agreed on down to the type and color of the tub.

When Bill arrived to do the work (on time I might add)he had a different price quote than what was given me (Higher of course). The tub was the wrong size, they did bring out another tub that fit and was an upgrade to the one we had purchased but it was a different color than the one we wanted. The knob handles were not the right ones either or the shower head.

But I only have one bathroom and since they had already removed my old tub I agreed to accept these differences.The whole experience was not that bad and like I said the finished product really looks nice.I just think they need to improve on their communication with the sales rep who comes out to do all the measurements and the person who orders all the products.I mean if I am paying for something I should get what I pay for, also when they call and schedule your appointment two weeks in advance they should double check and make sure everything is correct before sending it out they have plenty of time to do that.But all in all on a scale of 1-10 I will give them a low 7.

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Other Company in Spokane, Washington - Theifs

that place is the biggest joke on the planet they pick on my wife how is handycap and doesnt make much income and charge her 700 dollars and for what watch out for midland funding there out to part you in jail scam artistest. *** holes what a total joke they was gonna take my check and her pay check will somebody part these people in jail before they rob somebody else it make me sick i hope one of these days i will wake up and see on the news a bust at this place give me a break

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