Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Dealing with DB

Please be aware of one of the most basic tenets of wholesale/retail business: you CANNOT ELIMINATE THE MIDDLEMAN!!! As much as we would all like to believe we've found the way to do it or the company to do it - YOU CANNOT DO IT!

What you can do is transfer the costs borne by the 'middleman' to yourself in the form of your unpaid labor, or you paying people to do what you would expect a normal supplier to do: customer service, transportion, claims, set up, haul-away, etc. This is the fantasy DB and companies like them have been playing on for years. Satisfied clients-look at your own experience honestly: Have you eliminated the middleman or just transferred his cost of doing business to yourself?

BTW, if anybody truly finds a way, call me!

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William Greene my confirmation no. 55007229 account no.

81462847 I am awaiting installation, but not sure of what I am suppose to pay per month, nor what all I get, please bring my order to date before installation day! I ordered over the phone and was charghed 25 dollars he talked so fast i do not know what my cost will be for this service. I want to cancel out if i can not get more details about what i am getting and what i will be paying each month.

did not like the guy who sold me this program. Will some one give me answers?

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*** for your money

THIS SITE ***. chicks that contact you ask for money or a credit card "for age verification purposes".

Dont waste your money - The only actual females on here are pigs that want to *** you out of your money.

*** you *** matches. I guess that was only 43 words. What else can I say? It was the worst money I ever spent in my life. Watch out - some girl will send you an email if you are a standard member - she wont be a supermodel, but she'd do if your desperate... she will act all interested and suck you in to joining this *** site, then you will never hear from the *** again - actually it is probably some *** poor *** getting paid minimum wage to PRETEND he is that girl...

to you *** that are doing that: get a real *** job - earn a respectable living - and if I ever meet one of you bastards and your bragging about what you do.... ***..




total fraud


it's a fake site, hope someone will spam their website


I hope someone can spam their website

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Other Company in Palm Springs, California - Wrong sofa order

I ordered a sofa online from their website but I was unsure of which side the wedge should be. So i went directly to the store and asked them to confirm which side I wanted the wedge.

I told them repeatedly that i want it on the left of me when i look at it. They did some paper works and gave me a solid answer that what i wanted was a left wedge. Seeing how i was talking to the manager of the store i was sure it was right. I even showed them picture of what i wanted to be sure.

And so they helped me order my left wedge pearce 4 piece sofa. My order came in today and I was stunned that i was not what i wanted. Even after confirming with the manager the sofa i ordered was opposite of what i wanted and opposite of what they had asured me. It turns out the sofa i was suppose to get was a left wedge.

I was angered at how bad their customer service and communication is.

As result my sofa is being cut off of the entire house because it is turning the wrong direction.

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Other Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Dont show up when they say the will

i told the store that i couldn't make a payment that they would have to come get the merchandise. I told them when i was available made arrangements 3 times to leave work and they never showed up.

When my boss called them they told her that i was not their. This morning my boss told them i would be their at 10:30 till 11:30. i was their but when we called to see why they werent their they said they came at 10. I have made arrangement to meet them at 6:15 this evening, i hope they are their.

I am doing everything i can but can't keep leaving work. I hope i can get this resolved soon and you will never have to do business with me again.

Alice Marie Green

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Lied to me

After they got my account number, they (towlheads)wouldn't take "NO" for an answer and tried to push more on sales on me. thieves!

When you call to cancel, you get a recording that will leave you hanging and waiting all day for a customer service rep to come on......if they ever do. I will try it one more time or perhaps the Law should be involved.

I am trying now to cancel before they take my life savings out of my bank account. You just cant get in touch with someone to stop it!

Chris Cross Phoenix

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Other Company in Sioux City, Iowa - Luckey me

for once I really don't have a complaint,however I do have some very good advice,DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR IMPORTANT NUMBERS,CHECKING CREDIT CARD,DEBIT ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH INTERNETi GOT LUCKEY MY BANK BLEW THE WHISTLE,ONE MORE THING IF THEY ADVERTISE FREE OR A GOOD DEAL,ASK YOURSELF,FOR WHOM THEM OR YOU . also,remember when you fill out these applications ,put your numbers in the appropriate areas ,then you decide to back-out of this deal,it's generally too late these bottom-feeders have your most important numbers,and they have no qualms about using them

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Other Company in Ada, Oklahoma - Message

This Company needs to stop what there doin because my son he is 12 years old and he is watching this website. so can you please stop doing this for the kids and for the parents so can you stop doing this please and dont show this on my sons computer again or else i will call the cops and thy will com and find ya'll and arrest ya'll.If ya'll don't stop this nonsense then i guess i will have to dill with it and get ya;ll fired for good and ya'll won't have a website.

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Please do not use this company. We are a military family and this company gave a low bid to get our business and then jacked the price up higher than the highest bid in the end. They are extremely unprofessional and so rude from the minute that they take your money until the time that the drop your things off two days late and scuffed!



Never do the business with these guys.. they are cheaters... picked up my household items and they could not trace where its now. Asking for another 20 days to identify and they doubled the charges after picked up my stuffs...they are big CHEATERS.. I guess, I get $600 as an insurance money for my things worth of more than $15K. also lost $3K for relocation charges... Thinking that it would you to not to Do the business with these cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!! They are same cheaters.... Do not be a fool to give him the business.. Their BBB rating is "Unsatisfactory"


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Unterhaching, Bayern, Germany #30244

What Company are you referring to??

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Other Company in Blacklick, Ohio - Faulty Buttons

I had a simiar experience with the buttons on this curler. After depressing the + button, the temperature rose to over 500 degrees and could have burned my hair.

I am requesting a refund as this product is extremely dangerous.

If you have this product I would recommend you returning it as it is poorly designed.

I chose this product based on the infomercial that Carmen Electra recommended but had no idea that this product has a major defect and should be taken off the market as soon as possible. To continue to sell this product is unconscionable.

I hope that my complaint will stop other customers from being hurt or their hair being damaged by this product.

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