HM is total fraud

Look through other people complaints and on top of that - if someone does respond - most take all of 30 seconds to try to get you to join another site for webcams etc - it is fun to mess with their heads if bored but if there were real people on there - i wouldnt be bored - dont do it.

If you try reaching their "customer service" - they arent responsive and wont refund your money - great looking women but if it looks to good to be true - or if it looks infected - it probably is.

I would have been better off spending $34 on magazines.


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hope someone will spam their website

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Other Company in Grandville, Michigan - Do Not Try - Free trial costs about $100

Tried the so call free trial, They told me all I had to pay for was the shipping so I thought I would try it. Got the product 5 days later and did not even get a chance to try it and they billed me for $49.

I called and they said that the free trial was from the time of order and that it was only 10 days. then they billed me for another $49 before they cancelled my so called contract!!

I thought this was a free trial.

Also to top it off the product does not work.

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Ripped off buying my son an electric motorcycle

On July 23rd I bought my son an electric motorcycle from aka Linson USA for his birthday which was August 4th. I paid extra to have it shipped UPS Ground.

I noticed when I got the box that it was shipped regular mail and the shipping label on the box was for a lot less than I had paid The box arrived after his birthday and it was in very poor condition! I opened the box to put the bike together for my son so he could have his birthday present, and it is missing 6 pieces. I have tried contacting the company by the numbers given to me and one number is a *** line and the other is somebody's personal cell phone. The email address I was given is a false address.

I have tried emailing them several times and it always comes back as failure to send. This is a horrible thing to do to a 2 year old on his birthday!!

I do not recomend this company to ANYBODY!!!

Melissa Rendleman

North Conway, NH



Edgewater, Florida, United States #789771
Yeah I wish I would of saw this first. They charged me for shipping after it said it was free, no response from the company at all.

My money is all tied up till my cc gets all the info. What a pain in the ***. It's going to ruin my daughter's birthday as well.

***!!! :(

It looks like they have resorted to Credit card fraud now, because my friend just got his ripped off and the transaction was for that company, after further research It shows only one person working there from China. It is a bogus company that is in America to rip people off, I am appaled at this, and I speak fluent chinese. 真他妈的

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Dirk Patrick Hypnosis Kansas City Area stop smoking ripoff

I was interested in hypnosis as a way to quit smoking after hearing a story on NPR that the quit rates were higher for people who underwent hypnosis.

I looked around on the internet to find practioners in my area, and contacted several of them by phone. Dirk Patrick answered on the first call and talked to me about 10 minutes before telling me he had a opening that day, I told him I had to think about it and continue checking around. He quickly said that the other ones around weren't as good as him, he said their clients didn't quit smoking, and that they would not give you your money back. He then said he would give me my money back if I did not quit smoking, that was how confident he was.

That, of course, made me think well what have I got to lose?

The end result as you could guess is that I did not quit smoking or even have a lessened desire to do so. I basically paid $250 for a man to read a script to me in a darkened room.

When I contacted him 2 days later, he agreed to give me another appointment to try this again, which we made for a couple weeks later. That day came and it was a holiday weekend, and I left a message to confirm we still had an appointment.

1 and 1/2 hours later I left another message, he was still not answering. He did finally call me back, ten minutes after the appointment time, asking where I was. I explained I was not sure and I had left messages for him, and asked to reschedule. He said he was booked for the next six weeks. I told him well you can either make another appointment for me or just refund my money. At that point he denied having told me that, and that he would not give me my money back.

This guy is a shyster and if you deal with him get details in writing. I am planning on taking this to small claims court.




I'm trying to reach Dirk Patrick/Redlingshafer and I can't find him. Does anyone have his contact info?


Is this Dirk Redlingshafer aka Dirk Patrick?




*** typos. In my first sentence I meant to say this...

Look, first of all, you really have to want to quit. And on that note, a hypnotherapist is not going to magically make you something you don't want to be.


Look, first of all, you really have to quit. I went to him for drinking.

Long story short, I was dry for 4 straight years. I drink responsibly now and know what Dirk is doing helps people. I'm sorry you feel the way you do and not everyone meshes with everyone.

If you asked me to testify to your words of assault on this man, I would tell you you're nuts and to suck up your bad experience and move forward with someone else you can work with. If you don't want to quit any pattern and you go to a hypnotist to make them make you quit, it won't work.


I smoked for 28 years - visited Dirk Patrick Sept 24 2009 and have not smoked since. You have to WANT to quit.


I smoked for 28 years - visited Dirk Patrick Sept 24 2009 and have not smoked since. You have to WANT to quit.


I am looking for Dirk Patrick so I can use his services. 2 people went to him and had a great experience. Now, I can't find him.

Mission, Kansas, United States #712402
@Where are you

That's because that his not his real name....try dirk redlingshafer


1.2 years ago Dirk Helped me quit. Was the best decision I have ever made.

This "Anonymous" poster is full of ***. Dirk is extremely good at what he does!


This is phoney baloney because 3 people in my office went to this guy to stop smoking. They inspired me to give him a try too.

Dirk Patrick, Hypnotist, of Kansas City Hypnosis did a VERY GOOD JOB helping me quit smoking! I highly recommend him to any one looking for competency. He has been in business for over 20 years and I only found this one complaint which sounds ridiculous. Instead of his name the writer puts the city where Dirk Patrick offices.

Either the unnamed person complaining is doing a fake complaint (other hypnotism company or smoking cessation service defaming Dirk Patrick) or the complainer is a crack pot. If you look at accountable review services like Yahoo reviews or Google reviews Dirk Patrick is rated highly which makes me think it was placed by a competitor of Mr. Patrick's. He is a super professional and I'd feel that the price was excellent for the great & effective work he performed.

I don't smoke anymore. I called other hypnotherapists and most said the same thing. I tried ever thing in the book to stop smoking, but Dirk Patrick changed my life with hypnosis in his office.

I'm a nonsmoker! Larry Shawnee Mission KS


I believe that all of you saying you had a great experience were probably paid to do so or are family of his.

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Unisexy Fitness- not what you'd expect

I recently purchased the Unisexy Fitness " The sexy workout" dvd, after all the wonderful things I read on their website. I did my research before buying the dvd, checking for complaints etc, on various websites. None surfaced. So I went ahead and bought it.

It doesnt meet the promises it says it will on their website. the workout itself is so short I never even break a sweat. After the workout I certainly wasnt "turned-on,

sexually charged

and oh-so-ready to enjoy...

Exciting New Heights of Pleasure...

beyond your wildest dreams!"

As the website claims.

Bottom line, If you want to watch an ameteur workout video with cute girls trying to make sexy faces and look sexy this is your video. But if what your looking for is all the claims their website makes, youve come to the wrong product.



My husband and I have been doing this workout for a month now and we love it!

Just thought everyone should know. :grijavascript:ac_smilie(':)')n
Chahe, Jiangsu, China #42890

How interesting! I was the one who wrote the complaint, and after reading JK's response I went ahead and checked out their website.

Wouldnt you know they have revamped and updated it to reflect claims more accurately now talking more about relieving stress etc. Now the website is more accurate, thank you.


Hi, I'm the owner of the company this complaint was falsely written about, and I would like to comment.

We have produced a new type of video that was designed to be done before going to bed to completely drain built-up body stress; to relieve tight and tense muscles; to lower cortisol levels; and to allow people to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and awake more refreshed.

Over the past few months we have sold thousands of DVD's and the reviews have been terrific. In fact, our team of instructors will be demonstrating the workout on at least 2 national talk-shows in the coming months.

I'm not sure how this bogus complaint could be posted here but I assure you that it has nothing to do with our DVD. It appears that anyone can submit a complaint here – even competitors.

I invite everyone to check out our website to decide for yourself. We have a 2 1/2 minute demo video of the website so you can get a good idea of the workout before you decide to purchase it.

We also offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason.

Thank you.JK

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Other Company in Portland, Oregon - Contacted us for someone else.

We have been getting phone calls for David Davidson who does not live here and we do not know where he lives. I do not appreciate being called many times for this person. We are the Johnson's and please find someone else to bug.

Apparently David owes you some money, but why are you calling the Johnson's. I have no idea why kind of loan he has with you and I do not care.

I have asked your callers to remove our phone number and each one says they will and then we get more phone calls. I guess we will have to get an unlisted number so you will not call us.

The Johnsons

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Readers' Choice

This company offered me a subscription for magazines for an amount of $6.95. I opt for the magazines only.

I was charged a total of $192.90. I called and asked for a refund. I was told that I would get a refund by mail. It never happened.

I phoned back. I was told I would get a credit to my account. It didn't happen until the manager of the bank called them. I only received a partial refund.

I am now getting the run around regarding my balance. This company has a poor way of doing business.

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Tommy Nevins - evanston


If you go into this place, you are in for a surprise. Not only do the waiters ignore to serve you, they also argue rudely and then, even worse, the manager comes out and blames you for asking for your food once too often!!! The treatment gets even better - you also get balmed for not treating your waiter right!!!!

Honest suggestion: Skip this place. Not worth your time and money. Compared to the other places in Evanston, this is really not a place you want to be at to get your mid week dinner and beer!!!

This bar is not recommended



Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #45587

Sorry, wrong letter. I was writing this reply to SickSensation a former disgrunted Mcdonalds Employee spreading lies about the company.

Anyways you should check it out and add your comments. He is very emotional and disturbed.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #45586

SickSensation, I think you need to see a shrink, you are starting to lose your marbles(not that you were okay in the head in the first place anyways. You can't even keep a story straight. You know liars (or as you the second grader spells it "lier" do get caught in their story. Perhaps you are telling the truth but your spelling and grammar is too horrible to make sense of what you are saying.

Let me tell you, the post you claim that you did not write, I believe you because that is the only post in your name that does not look like it was written by someone under ten. That post has better grammar and spelling than your posts.

You are also using insults and you are older than me(or claim to be). Stick with your staples job because that is the only job for an invalid retard such as yourself.

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Transmission svc gone bad

All I needed was a transmission flush. They removed the transmission cooling line to install their equipment and did the job.

I paid them and went on my way. Two months later the car left my daughter stranded at 1am in a bad section of town. I discovered after the car was towed to a nearby dealer that the transmission had run out of fluid and is was now shot! The dealer told me that whoever flushed the transmission had re-used the the metal clamp instead of installing and new 35 cent clamp.

This repair was now going to cost $2200.

After playing phone tag for a few days and me threatening them with an attorney we settled on me paying 500 and them paying the balance. I couldn't take the time to take them to small claims but this really pissed me off and I tell as many folks as possible to get your transmission serviced at a transmission garage even if it's $20 more.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - *** Matches

*** Matches is a so called dating site or rather it isn't. I posted over 200 e-mails and got one response which I was quite honestly not sure about. Have a look by all means but remember the only members which can respond are Gold, Silver members and they are few.

The site claims to have members thoughout the world but very few are anything other than Standard members who are unable to send more than a wink. Even when I contacted those members and forwarded my personal e-mail address I did not receive a single response. I don't think they really exist.

If you have been unlucky enough to have been stung and paid by credit card on a three month Gold membership be sure to turn off the auto re billing facility or your membership will continually be renewed!

This was my first encounter with such a site and it is my last!

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