Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Do not trust them crooks

never , never trust their billing,They will overcharge and not give you a breakdown of the bill. they say it is not mandatory.

bunch of fast talking liers. I will never recommend them ever. Beware. I was overcharged by a thousand dollars.

I am still paying for a crummy job. this was a kitchen floor with trim, the cheap material used to trim looks like a five year old could have done better. I am very angry and dissappointed. They will not return the overcharge and will not give us a breakdown of the labor material and labor.

Try to resolve it and all you get is aggrevation after ten calls and hrs. of hold.

It cost money to learn a lesson.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Poor customer service

this morning while taking care of errands prior to hannah arriving i passed by hour eyes in laurel and noticed nobody in the store but staff, so taking advantage of the no appointment sign posted in their window i went in for an eye exam, after signing in i was told there were three appointments ahead of me, nobody else was present and dismayed and disappointed was asked if i would like to make an appointment for later, maybe like in the middle of the impending storm, this is bs and i think ill find another eye exam service from a providor that has more to offer than that lame excuse other than to f--k around with a paying customer, really pissed me off and just wanted to express my disappointment, thanks

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Watch out! HornyMatches.com is a complete scam guys!

My experience is like every other honest guy's - nothing happens that's all. The site has a 25 to 1 male to female ratio to begin with.

That should tell you something about your chances right there. The females are probably mostly pro's pretending to be just regular '***' the girl next door types.

Then there are the 'winks' - you email them back and never hear and answer...or if you do, it's vague an a come-on of some sort or another - who knows what's really going on there, but it's definately NOT what it proports to be - there seems to be nothing real about the site at all - don't pay for that ***!



*** matches works for me,
but then as a woman there is a lot of choice, too much, so many do not get replies as would be too time consuming, but as a way of just finding a ***, fun male for sex, works well :)
Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #32585

What were you really expecting here??? To get laid by some *** or to get a meaningful relationship?

Again, to agree with InaNutshell, what is the name of the website??

You were asking to be duped. Maybe you will learn you lesson and stay off of these sites and keep it in your pants.

Comayagua, Comayagua, Honduras #32542

Well duh, what's the name of the Web site? Any clues there?

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Other Company in Frankfurt, Hesse - Poor exam, pushy sales techniques, wrong prescription!

This was the worst eye exam that I have experience in my 40+ years. The doctor skipped several tests that are standard for a normal exam. Asked nothing about eye health history. Spent an hour giving an exam because according to him the equipment "needed to be adjusted". He arrogantly spent the next 15 minutes trying to sell me contact lens, when I stated that I wanted glasses.

I ordered glasses, then contacted the insurance company who stated that we were not given a full exam (no glaucoma test, patient history, etc.). The insurance company denied the Dr. payment for the abbreviated exam, and paid for another exam at another Dr. To my surprise the new prescription was way off, on both eyes!

I called Dr. Tocker to state that we would not be picking up the glasses. They said that glasses were not refundable. He actually wants me to pay for glasses that I cannot use, due to an incorrect prescription given to me by him.

This is the worst health care experience that I have ever been part of. He did not seem to care about eye health half as much as he cared about selling contacts. Stay away.

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Other Company in Windsor Mill, Maryland - I am pissed and I give up...

I'm pissed and I give up because I have only bottom feeders, liars and a bunch of down low brothas! it's just nasty. The site should invest in screening these people a little better. Who in the world would have thought there were so many liars in the world.

I'm sorry to say, this is not a site I will recommend to anyone else. I only tried it because nothing else was working. I can't even get past the e-mails to get a date; because soon as I ask for a pic it's over.

this is some ***!

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Failed to reval hidden costs

aug 4 called for service 2 weeks later still no service or modem.at time of order needed wireless to run upstaires computer.called bk and told i had to give you 280 dollars ,for security.i paid .i asked why noone called me in 2 weeks to tell me this and was told"sorry sir we dont know why noone called you.2 weeks later service still not up.called again.this time told it was wiring problem .not so .bell checked, all was good.service came up on its own.couldnt get 2nd computer up.called for help.after 4 days and 5 techs was told i needed wireless card.asked why it wasnt sent and was told i should have said:i need a card for computer upstairs to use wireless modem.i asked for all known needs to do this at ordering time 4 weeks ago.7 days later at an additional 20 dollars i recieved the card.installed card,what a surprise it didnt work.called again .after 8 hours and 7 techs was told i was sent wrong card.now you want an additional $60.00 for "that" card.no mention of a refund for the other unusable card or how to send it back.6 weeks later im told that if i want to run my upper computer i have to give you the money or you can forget the entire service.

MY LORD.is this how you do business with your canadian customers?first dont call when money is needed then at each step of installation you demand more money.then send wrong equipment, then tell intelligent people that they dont know how to ask for a service?i am unhappy.i have 12 people in my family and many more in my network who are waiting to see how you deal with me before they call for your service.by your standards so far if i was to buy a car from you i would have to first pay for car...then pay for tires to drive car , then pay for air to fill tires ,then pay for permit to leave yard.then after all that when i get car home have to give you more money to turn car on and off in driveway,at home.ive heard that people get thier service disconnected for no reason when they complain.i hope thats not so.aside from your inability to sent me the equipment i need to run upstairs computer so far your service runs good now that its up.i am frustrated at the 6 weeks it took to get my service running after shelliing out 300 dollars.as well as having to give you more money each and every time i call.

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Timeshare "free" trips!

Does anyone really ever get to use these and if so, aren't the hotels dumps? I dumbly even PAID to stay at a sunterra resort even tho they OWED me the free nights and then gave me a "voucher" when I complained to the BBB, instead of refunding me my money!

Of course, 2 years now and I still can't get "accomodations" anywhere!

I have seen many complaints regarding these "offers" and am surprised as to me, it's basically false advertising and the same problems even if it's "inhouse" and you have a phone number to contact them!


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Royal Elite has the worst customer service ever known.. a timeshare membership shouldn’t being sold for the purpose of renting it out for a profit.

it is not an investment. you should be able to do a research about the company before signing, if you are not allow to take a couple days to consider a purchase as big as a timeshare membership, you shouldn’t purchase it at all.

This is another forum with more complaints made to Royal Elite timeshare sales tactics, we are not the only ones.. this needs to stop:


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HM is total fraud

Look through other people complaints and on top of that - if someone does respond - most take all of 30 seconds to try to get you to join another site for webcams etc - it is fun to mess with their heads if bored but if there were real people on there - i wouldnt be bored - dont do it.

If you try reaching their "customer service" - they arent responsive and wont refund your money - great looking women but if it looks to good to be true - or if it looks infected - it probably is.

I would have been better off spending $34 on magazines.


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hope someone will spam their website

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Other Company in Grandville, Michigan - Do Not Try - Free trial costs about $100

Tried the so call free trial, They told me all I had to pay for was the shipping so I thought I would try it. Got the product 5 days later and did not even get a chance to try it and they billed me for $49.

I called and they said that the free trial was from the time of order and that it was only 10 days. then they billed me for another $49 before they cancelled my so called contract!!

I thought this was a free trial.

Also to top it off the product does not work.

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Ripped off buying my son an electric motorcycle

On July 23rd I bought my son an electric motorcycle from buyelectricscooters.com aka Linson USA for his birthday which was August 4th. I paid extra to have it shipped UPS Ground.

I noticed when I got the box that it was shipped regular mail and the shipping label on the box was for a lot less than I had paid The box arrived after his birthday and it was in very poor condition! I opened the box to put the bike together for my son so he could have his birthday present, and it is missing 6 pieces. I have tried contacting the company by the numbers given to me and one number is a *** line and the other is somebody's personal cell phone. The email address I was given is a false address.

I have tried emailing them several times and it always comes back as failure to send. This is a horrible thing to do to a 2 year old on his birthday!!

I do not recomend this company to ANYBODY!!!

Melissa Rendleman

North Conway, NH



Edgewater, Florida, United States #789771
Yeah I wish I would of saw this first. They charged me for shipping after it said it was free, no response from the company at all.

My money is all tied up till my cc gets all the info. What a pain in the ***. It's going to ruin my daughter's birthday as well.

***!!! :(

It looks like they have resorted to Credit card fraud now, because my friend just got his ripped off and the transaction was for that company, after further research It shows only one person working there from China. It is a bogus company that is in America to rip people off, I am appaled at this, and I speak fluent chinese. 真他妈的

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