Other Company in Waco, Texas - The same thing happend to me

I ordered my free bottle, got no results, then checked my online debit account and there it was..a debit for $79.76. I didn't even get another bottle and then I looked in the very small print about continueing to send products and billing your credit card until you cancelled.

It also said you had 20 days to cancel. It has been 12 days and my account has been charged $ 84.63 and I got pills for 5 days.

I tried to contact the company to cancel...URL is not a good website, Phone number has automated answering machine, then disconnects you after a few minutes...I did have an email, but it was one of those automatic response emails. I found another email, but haven't heard back I Have lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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Other Company in Scarsdale, New York - Disrespectful

did not take mypersonel check. did not deliver my furniture on time had to come twice.

had to lose time from work for inconvince also brought me damage furniture tried to settle with a manager got nothing but a run around.

will never get anything else in your store you should really accomadate me for the *** i went though. im talking about a couch and love seat i purchased in the bob store in conn on sept 12 everybody i spoke to in cutomer service stinks also in the conn store dont know the person names spoke to alot of them

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Other Company in Addison, Texas - They won't answer their phones!!!!!!

I received a call from a Mr. Williams, and was given a number to call back. I have been trying to call this company for the past week, and have had no luck.

I am on hold for over an hour every time I call, and never get through to an actual representative! One night last week I was on hold for 45 minutes, then I got a busy signal and was hung up on.

Today, as I am typing this, I have been listening to the recorded messages about how my time is valuable, and assistance is just a moment away! What a crock! I have been on hold for ONE HOUR and 15 MINUTES.

I am documenting every phone call I have tried to make to them, and will also have proof on my cell phone records! This company should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!

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Other Company in New York, New York - The tan store, ripoff company!

Ordered $100.00 worth of product back in July of this year. No product was delivered.

I tried to contact them at their website to inquire about the status of my order. They have not to this day responded to my email. And of course they don't supply a phone number so you contact them directly. BIG surprise!

They had no problem charging my credit card for the products I ordered. I am currently looking into recouping my money. I highly recommend that you don't order from this fraudulent company.

As you will lose your money and get nothing in return.

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Other Company - 7033 Airport Blvd Mobile,Al

I have to apologize to all the customers who receive less that perfect service.We do not specialize in hospitality at this location.We are told to hide flaws,scratches,cracks,mold,blemishes,and any other damage on sold merchandise.The same applies to newly arrived and delivered furniture.I have observed displeased customers return damaged furniture for its newly ordered replacement,to only get their refurbished old furniture back.

Just incase you are catching to our scams and gimmicks,we will be moving to Airport.(near Azalea) I was told that the only way a cheetah changes it spots,is if it moved from one spot to another.

Cheatahs at,


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Other Company in San Diego, California - Veterans and Active Duty Military - Have You Heard This?

I learned about the VA quick refi program by chance, and it looks like the best loan on the market today. It doesn't require an appraisal, so it doesn't matter if you have equity, the VA is just looking to help its members by refinancing them to a lower rate, and also giving members of the military $6,000 to create a more energy-efficient home environment.

So, if you have a VA loan presently, and your interest rate is 6.5% or higher, it would be a good idea to check out http://www.goldmanklein.com/1-va-quick-refi.html.

You'll be glad you did.

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what a load of bull**** its a *** i did finally get in touch with 1 real woman and she had the same problem i did.

When it says online now i was visiting people in other time zones and it said online now does anyone sleep NO because 99% of the people dont exist.

this site is currently under review from the european watchdog authority.


No one will ever respond they real you in take your hard earned money.

1ST you get the winks and emails from so called members then you join and email the people who contacted you and then nothing,nothing because they have your money and there is no people trying to contact you.



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can someone spam their site with virous, this will teach them a lesson

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SCAM - Definitely

I have to agree with the complaints against hornymatches.com. I am a divorced, good-looking man in my late 30s.

I posted a photo, so women could view me. In 30 days, I must have e-mailed over 100 women ranging in age from 30 to 60. Not once did I get a response. I was baited by the folks at hornymatches with several winks and e-mails once I singed up for free.

Boy, did they get me. If I had read these complaints before I signed up, I would have saved 30 bucks.

I hope my complaint will prevent others from wasting their money.




Absolutely...watch out....total scam !!!!

hornymatches.com is a scam. you get fake winks or emails to make you think you are getting something but you return it and get no responce :(

No wonder my credit card was rejected...the bank knows they are a fraud

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Trying to contact

I don't know how many times i've called to give you the money owed and have been placed on hold for frikken ever!!! it's either you want the payment or not.

dont waste time with a letter if you're not going to even pick up- answer the phone! I promised to make a payment through bank withdrawl and you still havent drafted it! What's the problem?

contact me at yellowmelo7@hotmail.com...unless you're dropping it and havent let me know? Such an inconvenience like if this is the only thing I have to look after...


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How can you speak like this!!

A brave soul accepts his mistakes and goes on.

Primerica is a RIP OFF!!!

The sooner you understand, the sooner you will save money.

I suggest to everyone, if you want to know about Primerica, go in the "business" and find the truth for yourself. Do not listen to her, and do not listen to me.

Find out for yourself the truth, because until you do, you will never be free.

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Other Company in Melvindale, Michigan - Where's my computer

i've never recieved my computer, i purchased in the month of 7-08. I've made 2 payments out of checking account, and i don't have my computer.

i would like to no where is my puter... your company is taking money out of my account, for something i do not have,, i need some real answers,like now, before i take further actions.

i don't even have an account # to give u, all i have is my SS # and birth date.

please contact me @ 1-313-551-3594

as soon as possible. u have my money....i want ti back

Melvindale, Michigan
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