Other Company in Morganton, North Carolina - My late payments

yeh i am late every week. so what they get their extra $5 on the two accounts that i have.

So i didn't pay on Sat. so Mon. they wanted my stuff. You know why because i've paid them $4,000 and they want to get it and resell it.

that is how they make there money. Well they are not getting it. This doesn't go on my credit. At least when you have a real account somewhere they give you 30 days not 3 days.

When i pay this off they'll get no more business from me.

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Other Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Unable to return even with receipt

Two weeks ago I thought I needed 2 white loverd blinds. Your store had one my size so I opted for ivory.

When I got home I found I needed 1 blind. I returned the two and got 1whitewith a receipt. I then found 1 in our garage. I went back two weeks later and I misplaced my receipt.

I was told they were on sale for $1, I exchanged the blind for a different size and paid .20 difference.

I found the receipt but the store refuses to refund my nearly $4.00, they want to give me $1.20.

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WARNING; do not use the Law Firm of Gordon-Creed , Kelly Holl Sugarman

hello, if you have the time then please research another law firm and different lawyers than these guys. There are a lot of Law firms out there and in my opinion there are a lot of trust worthy ones.

Good luck in your search. and thank you for your time............

this web site wants at least 100 words before it will post my comments and i have only 60 so don't use these guys, pass on this law firm , please continue looking for another law firm , make sure that you research any law firm, dont make the same mistake that i did by not researching these guys .. good luck


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Villa Park, California, United States #271207
:cry .. The above review is pretty much dead on. I wish i would have reviewed it before hand .
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Other Company in Carlisle, Massachusetts - Called someone else that they had no right to

i am mad you called someone who you have no right calling how you got this persons number i don't know i don't even know this person's number so i know i didn't give it to you so were you got it i don't know y said when they called this person i used them as a reference i would never use this person i don't even really know this person they are my downstairs neighbor so you need to find out how this happened and it needs to stop i want you guys to stop calling me and other people addmediatly

Carlisle, Massachusetts
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Account Services phone call and their response

Got "recording": this is final notice to offer you lower interest rates on your credit card. ***!

I pressed one and asked, what CO is this? Real friendly: "Account Services". So I asked, oh really? And what is YOUR phone number?

Immediately I heard BOOP-BOOP-BOOP-BOOP-dialing + then hangup. If ONLY this means they won't call again!

Next time, I'm putting them through the wringer. This is MY friggen' phone.

If you see NO DATA, OUT OF AREA, or CALLER UNKNOWN on your phone, they're hiding for good reason. Don't fall prey to these thieves!




I called their phone number at account services 407 dash 327 dash 5832 and they would not take my phone number to remove me from their list.


the number is 4073275832


I have also received calls from this company Account Services. They gave me a web address to check them out www.acchelp.org

I called American Credit Counselors about the problem of receiving these calls and they said they have nothing to do with this Account Services company; they don't solicit business.

Here is the number for the contact at Account Services. Call it over and over again and give them a taste of their own medicine.

When you call ask about their restructuring program

Then hang up and call again.

If enough people do this we can clog their phone lines.


Just got this call too. I asked for their web site, and they said their "floor supervisor" would have that information. After I said I'd like to speak to them, they hung up.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - EC Director of Customer Compliance

Being the Director of Customer Compliance of this company, the complaint that I have is that there are 2 sides to every complaint. I would like to offer the following information regarding these unfortunate complaints from our cherrished clients. In response to these reports, it would be a lengthy process for us to pull up the records of each of the customers due to the lack of company or customer name to search. What I would like to offer is for anyone reading this response to either check us out at EVERYCONTRACTOR.COM or call our toll free number at 888.881.7254 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any additional information. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and address any concerns of the involved parties or any person reading this.

With Regards


Director of Customer Compliance

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Other Company in Salt Lake City, Utah - Cleaners ruined clothing

the dry cleaning superstore located at 126 west 12300 south in draper utah ruined my husbands clothing. We took a large order of laundry to them on September 16, 2008 shortly after their opening the new store.

When we got the shirts back all of the light colored shirts were a blue green color. When I took the shirts back to them a couple days later, they denied any responsibility, and even refused to repay the $50.00 cleaning bill they collected from us. The manager couldn't have cared less.

They of course collect their fee when you drop off. You may think their rates are good, but we are out about $600.00!

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Hornymatches run by Fascists

I have to agree with all the reviews here about Hmatches , its a total rip-off . Isaw the same picture being used for the same women from different parts of the world over and over again.

all the do is string you along with all these women that supposedly viewed youre profile.

Worst of all during the Replican primaries , they were running a banner on the site urging support for that nut-job Ron Paul ,the darling of the extreme right and neo-***. So if you dont want youre money going into the coffers of neo-nazi ,white suppremist trash avoid the site at all costs


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #66934

LOL *** Matches can,t be fascists! They would not let me post my Nazi flag and my Nazi pary pictures!

They had many Negro loving women! Saying Black men only! No white men! So your totally wrong on those points.

Many people suported Ron Paul! Black and white. Most Ron Paul supporters are Christiasns and Nra supporters. Horney Matches may have scammers on it at times but they are not Fascists.

Just try too post a picture of a Klansman and you will not get it posted.

sincerely Jack boot man! Speaks

Val-D'or, Quebec
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Dill pickle chips

i drove to three stores to look for dill pickle chips and none had them . i looked online and it showed that the three stores had them .

i was very upset when i drove to the stores to find out they didn't have any . i think it was rude of them to post something that was not at the stores listed. im am very very very very pissed .

i love these chips and it made me upset not to be able to get them and go eat these wonderful chips. all i can say is why would u do that to us customers



Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41612

Well perhaps it is a good thing they did not have the chips. I am sure if you ate a package and spoiled your supper your parents would have been very upset.

Your mother probably made a good healthy meal for you and you should not be ruining it by eating chips.

They will take away your allowence if you did. They are just potato chips get over it.


Maybe they were just out of stock. Maybe you should call next time before you drive all over

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - Idenity theft of a debit card

I was charged on my debt card without my authorization 3 times totally over $200.00 They wont respond to my calls or emails. I filed a complaint to BBB and my bank is checking into it.

Believe me I want to know who is doing this. I Want to make sure I am repaid for all charges unauthorized by this co. They say their site is safe ha ha safe from who .Sure hope to settle this soon buyer beware i will NEVER shop here again.Id advise all who enter. I wish I would of searched about this site before I ever ordered(by the way only 1 time and that was last year ) I cant beleive they can get away with this looks like alot of people have had this happen to them.

funny how their site says 24/7 customer service NOT (they never reply and I emailed a dozen or more times plus called noone ever repelied) sure hope this doesnt go on too much longer its just not fair .

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