Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - You have charged my account and no longer a member

Ref: 1040255-7200 membership cancelled 11000112107 89 exhange date 8/15/08

You have illegaly withdrew funds from my account. Please credit my account immediatley.

I have been trying to work with your office in Saugus without success.

I would like this confirmed and acknowledge today. If not I will take this up with my my bank.

You immediate response is appreicatd today. Please call me immediately if you have any questions.

I am in the office all day.


William E. C

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Other Company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Never received my money

I paid $20.00 to much and called them. I never received my money back after they said it would be refunded!

I suggest not doing business with them. Half of their stuff is junk and their customer service ***! I have found products relatively the same price by searching the web. I don't understand how they have been in business as long as they have.

They just keep scaming people and getting away with it. The only reason that I dealt with them in the beginning was because I didn't have the money up front to just go buy what I wanted.

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Other Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin - They have money.gave me broken computers twice. no help all lies!!!

we paid with card previous to delivery.delivered broke on 17th. replaced with another broke computer.said they would replace on24th.had payment for10 days now.we have staired at broken computers for 1o days now.there are other options for us.we need our money back or a new computer now! not next week or month.we have purchchesed and paid off a long list of things from you.we quit dealing with you because of your irresponsable workers.i thought new manager would change things but same *** different face.i need today,one or other really dont care.660 265-4378

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Extremely RUDE- pestering me- don't know what they want!

I have never tried to talk to such a RUDE person in my whole life! They just keep pestering me and I am DISABLED!

They call me and then try to claim I called them- I do NOT know aht they want and don't care- No matter what the problem- this is HARRASSMENT! I don't really know what to say on this further except that I am very tired of being Harrassed THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW! I am disabled and on Social security and have been for along time! EXTREMELY RUDE people!!

What else do you want me to say?!

Leave me alone!


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #45287

So basically yo should stop being pestered is because you are disabled, an abled person should be pestered, but because you are disabled you should get better treatment than someone that is abled.

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Other Company in Lahore, Punjab Province - ABOUT MATT(CANADA)

I am unable to under stand Mr.Matt, who shows himself as a provider of employments in oil industry.he has suffered me in a tention.I don"t think that he is really an authorised person to do so.He is a huge burdan on my mind.I don"t know that he is really has any connection with oil career?Please clarify me.Thanks a lot of. Has he any relation ship with oil career or he could be able to employee to any one?He is not giving me account number for payment.Why?.I dont under stand.

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Other Company in San Jose, California - Keep calling wrong number

These people keep calling my number in spite of the fact that they have been told repeatetly that the person they are asking for does not live here.

I have received calls just about every day, Monday through Friday for 3 weeks. Sometimes twice a day!

Each time I tell them that there is no such person in this household, yet no one seems to care.

I have requested that they remove my phone number from their list yet I still am receiving their calls.

I don't believe that they care about their accuracy of public image. I am about to report them to the BBB.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Just don't understand

I just want to start out by saying, that i have never had a loan with this company. Someone stoled my Identity, and now they r saying I owe them, $6,000.00....

I now have to go to court and prove my case and I just found out about it today..i don't know where to go or who to talk to, if anyone know please email me...tammyharrell97@yahoo.com I don't have a clue, who did this too me, but it was in 2002, and they paid on the loan for 2 years, well now they r messing with the wrong lady...

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Disconnected phone pevents contact regading broken merchandise

I have tried to call several times only to get a computer recording that the phone does not work or the number is not receiving any calls. There is supposed to be a guarantee for their items but they don't seem to be in business any longer.

What a rip-off indeed!

The items purchased were two bracelets, which look very nice, bu t after wearing one for two days it just split at the hinge.

Talk about cheap materials--------------no one expected 18k gold or platinum, but the item is stamped as being silver and therefore should stand up to more than two days of wear time!

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Ilegal charge for phone call

On October 3,2008 My son-in-law made a call to an 866 prefix inquiring information on some tools. They transferred him to another number which started spouting phone sex to him at which time he hung up on them. When I got my phone bill I was charged for that call $7.49. This was supposed to be a free call to that initial company. I would be very grateful if you could take care of this. I believe some of the 800 numbers are scams.

Thank you

John w. Atwell

426 Mark Ave.

Larned, Ks.67550


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #44917

They transferred him to another number which started spouting phone sex to him at which time he hung up on them.

That's his story.

I have a feeling he actually called the sex line because he is desperate and did not want to admit it, either because he was embarassed for calling them or because he does not want to pay for the phone sex he recieved and enjoyed before hanging up.

How long did he listen to the sex talk before hanging up? It is very fishy when he is not writing his own letter and he needs you to do it for him.

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Other Company in Lincoln, Nebraska - Shut Drive Down Now

Ok this so called company is a joke. My husband and I got a SUV from them.

We have had it less tan a year. My husband lost his job and we called them to see about lowering the payments so we can keep the SUV. They pretty much told us too bad they can't help us. So we told them to come get it them we can't make the payments anymore.

They told us tha they don't do that. We have to sell it. Ok tell me how can we sell it if we don;t have a title. So now they are calling us all the time all hours of the day and night.

We have went as far as talking to a lawer about all this. He told us that the SUV and sit in out yard. Some time they will have to come and get it. We have told them over and over to come the the *** thing and they keep calling and asking for money.

And getting really really nasty with us. But as soon as we tell them that our lawyer said..... they hang up on us. So it is ok for them to be nasty but we can't come on.

So I think that all of us haveing problems with the so called company need to do some thing about them and get them shut down for good!!!!!!!

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