Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Disconnected phone pevents contact regading broken merchandise

I have tried to call several times only to get a computer recording that the phone does not work or the number is not receiving any calls. There is supposed to be a guarantee for their items but they don't seem to be in business any longer.

What a rip-off indeed!

The items purchased were two bracelets, which look very nice, bu t after wearing one for two days it just split at the hinge.

Talk about cheap materials--------------no one expected 18k gold or platinum, but the item is stamped as being silver and therefore should stand up to more than two days of wear time!

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Ilegal charge for phone call

On October 3,2008 My son-in-law made a call to an 866 prefix inquiring information on some tools. They transferred him to another number which started spouting phone sex to him at which time he hung up on them. When I got my phone bill I was charged for that call $7.49. This was supposed to be a free call to that initial company. I would be very grateful if you could take care of this. I believe some of the 800 numbers are scams.

Thank you

John w. Atwell

426 Mark Ave.

Larned, Ks.67550


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #44917

They transferred him to another number which started spouting phone sex to him at which time he hung up on them.

That's his story.

I have a feeling he actually called the sex line because he is desperate and did not want to admit it, either because he was embarassed for calling them or because he does not want to pay for the phone sex he recieved and enjoyed before hanging up.

How long did he listen to the sex talk before hanging up? It is very fishy when he is not writing his own letter and he needs you to do it for him.

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Other Company in Lincoln, Nebraska - Shut Drive Down Now

Ok this so called company is a joke. My husband and I got a SUV from them.

We have had it less tan a year. My husband lost his job and we called them to see about lowering the payments so we can keep the SUV. They pretty much told us too bad they can't help us. So we told them to come get it them we can't make the payments anymore.

They told us tha they don't do that. We have to sell it. Ok tell me how can we sell it if we don;t have a title. So now they are calling us all the time all hours of the day and night.

We have went as far as talking to a lawer about all this. He told us that the SUV and sit in out yard. Some time they will have to come and get it. We have told them over and over to come the the *** thing and they keep calling and asking for money.

And getting really really nasty with us. But as soon as we tell them that our lawyer said..... they hang up on us. So it is ok for them to be nasty but we can't come on.

So I think that all of us haveing problems with the so called company need to do some thing about them and get them shut down for good!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Greenville, South Carolina - Please put soap net back on cable

we love the soap net channell so please put it back on. this is how we keep up with the shows that we miss you only stoped it 10 23 08 so if you will get it back as soon as possible, my mother is 78 years old and really made her mad she has fussed and fussed we may have to go to dish if you don'tget it back on. we live in zip code 37087 if this is not possible to do then let us know so we can decide what to do please get it back on we like cable


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i'm pissed because i watch soapnet everynite and now its moved from basic cable channel 65 in kansas city mo to 213 on digital cable forcing all of us to get digital cable in every room. this is so *** thinking about stop watching soaps all together :(
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Other Company in Manteca, California - Medical....

i heard there going to stop medical completely for ppl on medical and i been on it all my life i am disabled valley moutain regional client i also have a 6 yr old son who is a vmrc client and on medical and ssi and im on ssi ,, and why do they want to make it difficult for us disable clients to see a dr and for our health i dont understand and i fell that ppl who want to stop medical have no right to make it harder for us disable clients and who are a valley mountain regional center clients i fell that it is messed up really.

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Women do not exist

I am a recent member of *** match dot com and I think that these sexy *** women don't exist because I call one and she said, "I never hear of this website" and I call another and she said, "I am a bisexual" so this is for fun and games no one I visit knew what i was talking about so there it is all in a nut shell. I think that these women are from web cam and you know that they can't be touch like other females that can be touch.

This site is good and bad to me.


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I agree the women do not exist. Before you subscribe you get lots of emails and the very second you subscribe no more emails and nobody answers emails, they have bots by there thousands. Stay away it's a big scam.

spank me hard33
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Very rude when I asked to cancel, doesnt work

First of all the ad said it was for women also. I told the operator I had previous chemo treatment ( I am female) and wanted to try this.

After the first try I wanted to cancel. When told this on the phone I was put on hold for 20 minutes! I hung up and the same situation occurred until the ten day test period was over. Then and only then did they finally answer me ..just to tell me the next order had been charged and shipped!!!They were rude and talked nonstop to be about how they were going to send the police to me to collect if I canceled on my credit card.

I have an RN degree and I am not ***.I threatened them with a lawsuit in order to get a return authorization number.

They are a ripoff, do not deal with these people.



Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #45163

Sorry Cheryl, there is another registered nurse here that makes ridiculous complaints. Anyways I don't know if there is another number.


I called the #1-866-938-4832 to make sure if not happy I can stop the order and it does not work. Does any one else have a different # for the Acai Berry?

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #44616

You are not the same registered nurse that wrote letter after letter demanding freebies for each and every company are you? I think you are because she thinks that because she is a registered nurse that she is smarter and better than everyone else. Are you saying that people who are not RN's are ***?

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Tried to reach my late husbands son through me, i am remarried and have no contact

this co. somehow looked online and got my new married name and my husbands phone number, called me 3 times, trying to say a former step son lived here with me.

he lives in florida, i live in nevada. he doesn,t know my new last name or phone number, am not in touch with my late husbands family. this company is harrassing me. i don,t have any debts in collection.

i begged them to stop calling me. this company universal fidelity debt collections are bothering innocent people. they lied to me and said the person that they are looking for gave my name and phone number to them.

liars all of them.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Unauthorized credit card charges

They charged my card after a year that I had let them go. $345.00.

They are full of it. They do not want to give me my money back. Charged me for something I did not order!!! Never again!!!

They steel from the customers. I have tried to talk to them in many different ways and all they can say is "We understand" They do not understand anything. Why? because Its not their money!!

They even charged me for the equipment that they said not to have received, and I send it to them!!

They don't know what they are doing in that company.

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Other Company in Providence, Rhode Island - I paid for a lap top computor and i don't have it

i paid for a lap top computor in full and have not recieved it yet. it has been 2 weeks and i do not have it. you kept sending me letters to pay for it over and over again and now i paid in full and don't see it..my son has his heart set on having a computor and you said yours was the best and i at this point don't beleave it because i havn't seen it i in my heart really wish you would send me my lap top computor.


lynn marie thibault

lynn thibault
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