Seems the only way these people can stay in business is to just start charging your checking account each month for no services rendered.

Consumers beware check your checking account for unauthorized charges, I've notified them three times and asked for refunds, haven't heard from them yet, but they keep charging, guess the only thing they understand is court.

Don't have anything good to way about these guys, my advise, don't do business with them at all.

I think their only way to stay in business is to rip people off, so beware. Buyer beware, beware.


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who in god's name are you talking about?

Review #134784 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134784.

Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Charge extra money to change to another flight

Bought tickets on line, have my boarding pass and all I have to do is baggage check in. I was told it is already late whereas I was waiting for my turn.

An african-american person told me I have to pay $50.00 to be booked for another flight. there was a african-american guy before me and had same problem and 2 african-american women behind me with same problem. My issue was I was late due to waiting in line and the person helping us was very slow and was even told by his fellow worker what to do.

This person also did not charge the person before and after me with the same problem but he charge me and even said ,"so what do you want to do?". I have to be where I was supposed to be so I paid the money but the other people were not charged and did not pay a penny.

I was with my husband ,so we paid $ 100.00 total. I want an explanation why this is.service was very poor.

Review #134776 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134776.

LLC is suing me for an old ccard debt.

I received a court summons for Dec. 08 regarding some old account. I mailed two certified letters requesting vendor's name, amount of debt, date of last payment and copy of signed contract.

As of today 11/20/08 no response. I am in California, is it legal for them to garnish Social Security Checks?

Is it legal trying to collect after the statute of limitation for credit card debts in CA is three years? I shall appear in court anyway.

Thanks for your help, I am disable and I have to be prepare for them.





Jason Tillo--You apparently work for these jerks! Or you don't have a heart--NO WAIT!

IT'S BOTH!!! How dare you excoriate a disabled person!! I hope you become disabled, and see how easily you can pay your debts, you LOSER!!


Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47061

I would like to add one P.S. If your disability is preventing you from paying your debts on time. Maybe they should not allow you to have a credit card since you are not capable and mature enough to pay your dues when due.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47060

It is also illegal not to pay your debts, and immoral to wait for the statue of limitations to take over so you can't pay your debts. Does not matter whether you have a disability or not.

Why did you have to write that you have a disability at the end of the letter. Do you expect people to feel sorry for you because of your disability? Do you expect special treatment because of your disability? I agree with you, hopefully they sue you so you learn your lesson.

Whether you have a disability or not you still have to follow the rules. Hopefully if you are jailed they have accessability for your needs. If it is a fine, hopefully you can afford a fine. Seriously though if you can't afford to pay your bills how can you afford an attorney?

Why did you not pull your credit report like you said? Is it because your disability is a learning disability which makes you not be able to think and reason like a normal human being. Or is it becausue your disabiliity makes you forget things.

You need to grow up and stop using your disability to your advantage. Quit acting like a nine year old and face up to your actions.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #47046
:roll Good for them! I hope they get their money back. Theif.

Oh, by the way... it helps to pull up your credit report at least every 12 months to check it for stuff like this. But, in the end, I hope they do sue you and get back every penny owed to them, as well as attorney and court fees.

Have a great day!
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Review #134737 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134737.

Other Company in Albany, Oregon - Sexual complaint

I was sent a picture by Justaman828 who is not what he claims and the picture was of *** nature. He sent me an e-mail asking for my pic.

and gave me a phone number to send it to, later I got a text message claiming they did'nt know me and then the pic.came from them from the number Justaman828 gave me. I want this checked out, you claim pictures of that nature are not aloud, and you need to keep weirdos off your site.

He could be some kind of freak that hurts people.




If you are a kid, you need to get the *** off the web. If your an adult, educate yourself.

Adults know better than to put personal info. on the web, and if they do it anyway, you got it coming to you. Not trying to insult, but you sound kind of uneducated and a little bit ***.

Talk to your parents and trust that they know more than you. Also, get a life.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46973

One more thing I forgot to mention. It is *** not ***.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46972
We need proof that he sent you a *** picture. Post it on here so we can judge for yourselves. :grin
Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46967

Sally - I think he had her phone number because this overprivilaged and spoiled nine year old gave it to him without asking her parents if it was okay to do so. Instead of spoiling her with things like cell phones and letting her join adult sites they should teach her responsibility and internet safety.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46966

You are a kid obviously. Adult's generally know how to spell "allowed" and "didn't".

Also you don't even mention the website that you were harassed at. Is this story true or do you have a childhood crush on him? I bet when he could out that you were just nine years old(which he probably did with your lack of spelling and grammar skills) he said he was not interested in you so you wrote this to get back at him. Why are you joining adult websites anyway?

You are too young to. You lied about your age. These websites are for 18 and over. And why does someone your age own a cell phone?

Why did you give him your cell phone number without asking your parents first? Do they know that you posted your email address here for everyone to see. Maybe this is why strange men harass you. You are too *** to know that you should not post public information for the whole world to see.

Including freaks like you are implying this man is. Did your parents and teachers not teach you internet safety?

You kids don't know what kind of world is out there. That is why they have an minimum age for websites like these, to protect you. Do yourself a favor and don't post personal information without getting your parents permission first.

Also do not lie about your age.

If a site says you must be 13 or 18 to join it is for a good reason. It is because you are too young to see and handle the material on that site.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #46949

What the F#@K are you talking about? What site?

Why did they (he) have your phone number?

You mean allowed, not "aloud". You're an ***.

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I had actually been a paying member of Hornymatches for about 3 months, then after seeing the same issues as others had I quit the service. Before I left I deleted photos and changed profile.

That was about 6 mos ago, I then went back just to check not signing in, but as an anonamous guest, then with a fake free ID. My old profile was still there, with my photos and it showed as on-line.

I sent it a wink, and got one back, they are not only scamming by using other profile from other sites, but keeping the other ones active after you quit. ***** Stay away from them it is a total scam ******




Have signed up and tested the site,IT"S A FRAUD WITH A CAPITAL F. I've seen pictures of *** stars and a high school picture of a girl I went to school with 25 years ago.

One problem with that. The picture is on a 20 year old today.


Yep they are ALL scams. If you check simular web sites you will probably find your pics there also but with a different name and profile.


Another perspective for the non believers. At the end of this post is the Profile I submitted to HM's.

There is absolutely no way any hot babes would respond to this *** yet I have received multiple emails afterward with 'read your post you look interesting'. Another big clue is anytime you log onto the site the first prompt is for you to upload a photo so they can keep the scam going. Anyone who subscribes after reading this site is just a sucker.


Please send me a one line message so I can get all giddy over that and release my credit card number. While I am at it I will also give my bank account number including my Social Security number.

Looking For: A woman or a couple (man and woman) for erotic chat or email, discreet relationship or 1-on-1 sex

Ideal Person: Just like any woman (ugly or not) can go to the bar and pick up a dude I can go to any bar and just hand over my wallet. Why do either one of us need this site ? Day one. Got 4 hot babes pinging me. Oh goody. 4 babes in one day ? Must be cuz I am knew. All giddy about GETTIN LAID, specially for FREE. Still haven't given up the credit card number though. D2. Things are slowing down now. Only one hot babe today just wanting to do someting nazty to me. Yet to surrender the CC number. Three day. Wow back up the list. 3 Babes today. One is so hot I might jest let go of the CC #. Heck, they only squeeze $30 out of me, way cheaper than any *** I wuz ever wit ? Naww, I'll wait. Next day. 2 Babes today but now I am starting to wonder ? Why would any hot babe even stop on my profile with that BS and no freakin picture ? Must be dumbo don't know how to read !

Review #134578 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134578.

Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Wrong Number being called.

Please remove my phone number (904-642-7598) from your automated system. Robert Swindall does not live here and I am constantly receiving phone calls regarding a death. When I call the 1-866 number back, I get the automated system.

Review #134562 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134562.


TO *** AND BACK Introduction Let me tell you how I feel about the things that happened to me. Have you ever walked into a room and people went from what they were previously doing to watching you.

Their very expressions changed all together. They went from eating in a restaurant to watching you I have a problem with church folk because they will shout over a message based on the woman in the bible that was a harlot that was about to be stoned but when a real situation comes up in front of them they want to pass judgment. They are no better than the person that was about to stone the harlot. And you know what, the people that didn't say he was the Messiah who spit on him and they denied him.

They are just as bad as the people that help put me in that situation. Not comparing myself to Jesus Christ but it's the same thing. Certain churches have a prison ministry. Don't get me wrong.

Many churches have good solid prison ministries. On the otherhand, But what kind do they have. If someone stands up to the wrong doings of the pastor and the things they do in church they'll go lie to the authorities to put you in prison. That's the kind of prison ministry you have.

What can they legitimately call that kind of ministry. It's amazing how this thing came about. But you've watched this person behind the closed doors, when traveling. It's kind of like Tony Soprano.

Uncle *** wanted out after being with Tony for years. The next day Tony killed him because he knew too much. That's kind of like what happened to me. Because I saw so much and knew too much he betrayed me and put me in jail.

I'm going to refer these two people to Pastor Dastardly and First Lady Muttley in order to protect the names of these individuals. When I came over here in 1980 the Luster Curl was just being introduced. A hairdresser encouraged me to get the curl. As soon as I did it, then he did it.

I got a black car and he got the same car in red. I got a girl pregnant and decided to marry her based on the values taught to me by my parents. As soon as I made the announcement to get married, my best friend was dating someone and he broke it off with her and went to marry the woman who had his child. But he actually rushed his plans and got married 3 or 4 months before me.

Even all his friends around him was getting married. So in order for him not to look bad he got married. Deception: I remember on Boston Avenue, he had a loaner because his car was getting fixed. He was driving crazy and it was slick outside.

He hit a car and started laughing. The guy got out and said I don't see any damage but here is my business card in case you are hurt. He pulled out a business card of one of his cousins. When I was growing up I heard about the Harlot.

I heard about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden sinning. I heard about Peter cursing. I heard about Joseph being a trixter. Judas was a thief and a trader.

So when I came to this country and I was introduced to a new friend. I should have really known better than to let someone poison my mind about people that I didn't even know. He talked about everyone. The Preacher over here and the singer over there.

When this person tried to brainwash me about these people I believed it and repeated and I was wrong for doing it. However, it was years later that when I moved out of state and I was in a big house in a Mega Ministry, the leader of the ministry called my best friend a Judas. And right then and there it was no long hear say to me or just talk. I experienced it and I witnessed it because he was along side of me.

That's when I realized that this leader was on the money because he witnessed it as well. You know what, all my best friend needed was a tree, a rope and him and a $30,000 check to hang himself. (or was it 30 pieces of silver) Can you imagine what the disciples went through on a daily basis traveling with Jesus. Seeing the miracles, his prayers, hearing a precise Word.

It was an honor to be at Jesus feet to learn. But you just had one Negro out of the whole bunch. Let's bring it up to today's time. You had a man that was an excellent teacher.

Excellent administrator over His church and his organization. And he had a mega church, he had many auxillary bishops and elders under him. His wife referred to him as "the man that brings good things to life." But history always repeats itself. In our day and age, there had to be one Negro to show his face.

This Negro was this great leader's administrator. That makes me wonder if he was a great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson of Judas.

Please understand that what was brought to the federal government, I can't blame them at all. To be continued……




What the fuckare you smoking???? I think its a black dude on crack!!!


I don't understand the ramblings of this person....but this post doesn't belong here.

Review #134531 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134531.

Other Company in London, England - Took my money and have not delivered



This Company does not adhere to any of it's advertising has no follow up telephone number does not reply to any e.mails and has hundreds and hundreds of bad reports please read them and never ever give them your money as you will not see it again

They need to be reported to BBC Watch Dog and any other body in order to stop them from making so many people so miserable when they should be happily looking forward to their new baby's arrival

Review #134521 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134521.

Other Company in Johannesburg, Gauteng - Customer services

Was called by Angela 0860789222, about my car's 1 arrears payment. When i explained what my situation and that i will bring the 1 month's payment that i'm in arrears uo to date next year, seeing that next month is December already she told me that that's not how they work and that i should sell my car and pay the amount because i can't afford it!!!!!

Just want to know who is she deciding what i can and cannot afford!!! Not the kind of person i would have on my staff telling people to just sell their cars bacause they can't afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So many people are loosing their cars and all i wanted was to arrange to bring the 1 month's payment uo to date next year!

Review #134437 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer134437.

Angela 0860789222 told me to sell my car

I have my car for almost 2 years now, my deposit on my car was R75000 and in all these times i missed October 2008 payment, i did explain what happeed. Angela of 0860789222 just called me to ask about the arrears amount, when i explain that i won't be able to fix it this year, December is almost here, and that i will fix this next year she said that i should just sell my car because i can't afford this, when i wantd to speak to a teamleader she had me waiting and then to tell me the teamleaders are busy and can't talk to me. I called back because i didn't want to speak to Angela further Brad assisted me, explain to me what i need to do and alo said that he was sorry for what she said, i just feel that she is not suitable to serve customers and that she should have a guard in font of her mouth!


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Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #46309
:upset You need to have a guard around your whole body. What the H3LL are you talking about???

You're an ***. Have a great day!
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