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l am going through a divorce for almost 2 years my wifes attorneys is deliberately dragging it in spite of the Judges orders to bring it to a end. my wife is illegal but has far more rights than l do as a legal citizen l want togive her all my assets and liabilities yet it not coming to a close as the attorney wants to make all he can financially at the cost of my health and future.l don't know who to turn to as my wifes attorney knows and plays with the legal jargon and l am a point of losing everything l worked for 8 years and my wife has not worked 1 day she does not care illegally wiretapping my phone hacking computers slandering yet no law protecting me as a legal citizen life and law is not fair

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Very unhappy, your company just ruined my first and only grand daughters Christmas. Parts missing in shipment, called customer service and was guaranteed to receive parts in time for holiday.

Will never use this company again and will tell all my friends and family not to. And thanks to supervisor Keesha P. she did not help and were not a nice person I hope you have a crappy holiday just like me Thanks , I hope your grand kids have a crappy holiday!you could have replaced this item before the holiday instead of blowing us off. we have spent alot of money, and ordered alot of items from your company,this is very discouraging.

You have lost our business.

Shawn and melodee lund.



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Oh real mature. :( If this is your attitude I wonder what you are teaching your grandchildren.
Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48802

I think the grandmother asked the granddaughter to write this. No grandparent would wish that other people's grandchildren had a bad Christmas when the grandchildren did nothing to them.

Any loving grandparent would not wish another child to have a terrible Christmas just because their grandparents messed up. No the spelling/grammar and attitude of this letter tells me that the granddaughter wrote it. The grandparents could have at least checked the letter out before their little girl made such rude comments. This over privlaged girl needs to learn not to be such a selfish brat.

I can't believe anyone over that age of ten would have the attitude, I am not happy so I hope others are not happy. Also this grandaughter and perhaps the whole family needs to learn the true meaning of Christmas. Which is spending time with your family instead of getting Christmas. It is close to the holidays and one sad thing is that people are claiming they had their Christmas ruined because of something silly when there are people starving in the world, when people's relatives are fighting in Iraq during the Christmas Holidays.

Shame on you little girl for writing such a letter. Shame on you grandparents for allowing this little girl to write a letter instead of teaching her true values.

Shame on you grandparents for teaching your first and only Grandchild fake values and not teaching her how to be a good citizen. Had this letter been written more mature I would have felt like writing helpful comments, since this letter is itself is childish I have no sympathy for you.

Hopefully the granddaughter has a good Christmas despite what values she is being taught.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48801

If your granddaugher's Christmas was ruined just because she did not get a particular toy or whatever you were sending her than your child is raising a spoiled brat, which I am not surprised since you are a spoiled brat yourself and raised your son/daughter that way.

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Annoyed at my so called interview!!!

I went on my (so called) interview for a management position with the company in Dec.

I was'nt aware that this was a insurance deal where they pick your name off the web and are pleased with your resume'.

They'll you and offer you a interview based on that resume'. I was leery from the start with my backround vs. the company who called then I thought OK maybe it's possible so I went....I should have stayed home. The management position takes months to complete.

If you want to be a insurance agent be my guest!


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I think you are just mad because you did not get the position. If they were impressed with your resume than you must have used someone else's or got someone else to make it for you because just looking at the errors in your letter there is no way they would be impressed by anything you wrote.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Bad service

I purchase a couch and love seat for my new apartment, it was one of those ones where i can pay for it upfront and leave with it, no continue payment plans or anything, well they told me they was going to clean it out, so i expected it to be done, well i got it and i wiped it down, when i went to sleep on it, i placed a cover on it and later that night many bugs was coming out of it, i was so mad, returning it today for my money back, very displeased with there product and service

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Mind your own business for everyone who has not a life at all

for those who have nothing better to do get a life I can get pregnant all I want its none of your business I don't have to pay my loan that's none of your business you paying for people getting pregnant you only think that happens I have more complaints with this company then just getting pregnant which you don't pay for which is none of your business how about two death in the families in one year that I'm paying for which is none of your business I made a complaint about the company not you *** so mind your own *** business. and have a good day god for give me for my language.



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I agree with the above posters, finsih grade school before getting pregnant. I know sex is fun, but seriously getting pregnant at ten is not cool as your classmates think.

Did you tell your mother yet? No offense but when a ten year old gets pregnant people want to know why.


I can't even figure out what she's saying. Maybe she should have finished grade school before she started getting pregnant.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #48786

You're an ***. Learn proper grammar. How old are you, 10?

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I paid too much for a truck @ napleton in calumet city il. After I brought the truck I looked on internet and it was 1000.00 less.

I tried to call to get price lowered. They would not return my call. I went in but the sales mgr. was never there and they didn't know when he will be in.

Another thing, salesman charged me for platinum service package.

The contract charge for gold package(lesser quality) Later the finance mgr. said I was not eligible for platinum. They said instead of change contract they gave me a "we owe". I wasn't able to use.

watch out!




Hey sally, thanks! I'm no ***.

I got beat because they changed from plat to gold without saying so. When I noticed they gave me a "WE OWE" that expired.

How many cars have you sold. That's why I can't feel sorry for u salesmen because u(sally) can't pressure people to buy cars.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #48773

Do your research first before you complain you paid too much. You're an ***.

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Quit calling me at work. We are only two weeks into Dec. You are going to get me fired.

Why do you have to continue calling me at work. I do not need the hassles of it. You are going to get me fired because this is a government phone. The law says also, that if I tell you to quit calling me at work, then you have to. I am now telling you. Quit calling me. For that matter you can quit calling my wife also. Hers is also a government phone. I could see it if we were three or four months behind but damnit we are not even two weeks. What the

f---. Give us break. It is Christmas time and there is an economic problem. We are not rich like you are. ***, we can't even get our grand kids a gift for Christmas because of you. Be happy that you screwed someone without being there.

Have a nice day.

Charles Brandt



Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48905

Oh, I read Zachary's other comment, he's ten no wonder he thinks that there are 14 days in two weeks. SALLY must be his girlfriend and in the same class as him.

You two need to stay off this adult site and not make fools of yourself. To play neopets or Disney.com or something.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48867

Sally, you are being too easy on him, I hope the bank takes away their car and they have to live in trash cans. I hope they lose everything that they have to go through trash cans for food.

When this happens hopefully his neigbbors will call him Oscar the Grouch.(He already had the grouchy part intack all he needs is to lose everything and live in a trash can.

Also don't worry, I am sure that other family will be able to get your grandparents Christmas gfts. I hope on Christmas Day when you don't give them gifts they think of Grandfather Charley and how he did not care enough to plan his debts to give them a good Christmas. I hope they hate you to your grave for this.

But I am sure they will get gifts from other relatives. LOSER.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48847

I don't know where zachary got seven times two equals 14, atleast he knows basic math, however there are ten days a week, and in his own words hence two times ten equals 20. So Sally three weeks would be 30 days so my letter stands, I was less than two weeks late.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #48780

Ahhh... my turn to comment!

Now, Charles... You are an ***. Period. You think 20 days is 2 weeks when in fact that is 3 weeks. You can't do math? Go back to 3rd grade.

Next, you're late 5 or 6 times and you think they have no right to try to contact you to get their money? They have every right. You are not trustworthy and are constantly late in payments. They want their money. You have their money. They want it back. Pay off your debt, ***, and all of this will be over. But in all honesty, I hope you do not, and they consistanly harass you until you lose your job.

And lastly, I hope you lose your house and live in a car like you stated. You get what you deserve. You seem to be one of the biggest *** posters on this site, so far. Have fun living in your car! Charlie the Hobo, living in his Pinto.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48767

I have a feeling that Charles wrote the comment to support his letter. No where does it say that this letter is addressed to HSBC. Funny how that commenter knew which company out of many that this letter was addressed to The company which was selected was other company not HSBC, and there is no way that someone else would know that this was addressed to HSBC without knowing the full situation of Charles.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48766

Two weeks is fourteen days, hense 2 times 7 equals 14. If you were late in your debts five out of nine times than you are late more than half the time.

Just buy the gifts on a credit card than you can pay the debts when you have enough money.

Don't borrow from the bank because they charge interest but i don't think credit cards charge interest. You just pay when you have the money.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48765

Twenty days is two weeks this was written on the 17th. I suggest you take a class in Math.This makes the debt as I said in my letter less than two weeks.

Also why should I pay my debt I am having financial trouble and may be forced to sell my house and live in the car because of these people's interest rates. This is only the fifth time in nine months that I was late in paying my debts, I paid my debts on time more than half the time.

Everytime we are late they keep calling. F___ we should be given a break it is Christmas.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48764

The only "nasty" comment here was from Jason. The other's here are not being nasty.

Also I ask the person that made the comment above me. How old are you? You must be a very young child to assume that just because people are being honest and straightforward that they work for HSBC. You must be a very young child for you to not accept responsibility for their actions.

You and Charles need a lot of growing up to do and need to learn to be more responsible. Like another user said everyone is facing the same problem. I do not work for HSBC or any other company. I am not rich, I am scraping by but I don't create debts that I can't pay.

I pay my bills on time. I plan Christmas well in advance. I would advise you to take a class to help manage your money. And as for Charles, learn to take more responsibility .

Also like someone else said, if you had planned the holidays properly than you would have paid your debt. Sorry, you are not going to get many supporters here. Also it is over two weeks. I assume that your debt was to be paid by December first, it is not under two weeks it is over two weeks.

I suggest that Charles goes and takes a look at a calander. Ands that for the person that posted above me if you do the math is more than ten days. Also good customer service is not letting them get away with not paying debts. Jason's comment was rude, but the others were being straightforward.

Don't like it don't post here.

But I agree with one small thing he said, grow up and pay your debt, or at least make a plan for paying over time. Try this for next Christmas because things will get worse before they get better.


Could your responses be a little more judgmental and nasty? Everyone is having a hard time these days, and if you have a good history with your finance company, then they SHOULD give you a break and allow you to at least have the grace period you are allowed (ten days).

Furthermore, whatever happened to good customer service and working with your customers to keep them happy? I think the two commenters probably work for HSBC and feel obligated to back up this rotten company. I for one think you are completely right...and by the way, they are supposed to stop calling you at work if you tell them to but they know oral requests cannot be proven. Get the address of the finance company's corporate office and send them what is called a "cease and desist" letter stating unequivocally that they must cease and desist calling either you or your wife at your place of employment.

Keep a copy of the letter and send it registered mail.

If they call you at work after this, you can sue. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48742

For once I have to agree with Jason. Pay your debts, does not matter if you are two weeks late or four months late, you are still late and should pay your debts. About the phone calls, tell them to stop calling at work if not take legal action, but for crying out loud pay up your debts and get this nightmare over with.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48741

I would hate to say this, but if you had made a financial plan than you could have gotton your grandchildren a present. Don't blame them.

How is it their fault if you are the one that created the debt. We all are facing Christmas, and the economic problem, that does not mean we make excuses not to pay our debts or blame collecting agencies for our problems.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48740

Well, I suggest you pay your bills and you won't be behind. The Christmas break and economic problem does not give you an excuse to not pay your debts.

Both you and your wife need to grow up. It is not their fault you created a debt for something that you can't pay. It is not their fault you are so poor that you cannot afford to get gifts for your grandchildren. GROW UP.

Also I suggest that you pay your debt now before they continue to call you and get you fired, because than you will be in more trouble.

Had you acted your age and not your shoe size you would not be having this problem of them calling you. You behave like a child by not paying your debts they will treat you like a child.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Charged my credit card i do not know why

I am looking at my checking account and wondering why there is the cahrge for $14.95 on it . I do not know where it came from.

Would like further information on how to get rid of it. How can people do this when you are unaware. I really just paid it some attention this bank statement. I am so angry at people who try to get over on others to benefit them selves.

Can the government do something about this? Where do you go and who do you call for this problem? I am desperate.

I cannot give money away like this.

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Other Company in Conroe, Texas - Liars, Liars, Cheaters, Cheaters

Have been lied too repeatedly. Was sent a bad camera.

Mailed back and they won't replace. Every employee there lies. I plan on suing. It can be done.

I hope you read this before you buy. I didn't. They are professionals at cheating. I have proof of insurance delivery.

They keep denying it. Make sure you document anything, make copies. It will come in handy if you need to sue. Liars, every employee has lied to me.

Cuts me off when I try to find out something. They are real pros. Do not buy from them.

Repeat, Do not buy.

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Dont want services

I would like to know just what these charges are and how to prevent this from happening again in the furture this is not the first time this has happen so if I can I would like to block this from happening I would like a list of services that your company have to prevent future dealing and mistakes from happening my phone number is 216-663-7402 this is the phone number that bill is on it would help me and my family out alot if we know what sites not to log on thank very much.

Larry Overby


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Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #48597

What company are you complaining about, and what charges? You're an ***.

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