Other Company in Springfield, Massachusetts - I paid my membership by credit card a year ago now they say for me to pay more to up my membership

im upsette i paid my membership and now i cant answer nobody that writes to me and thats *** they want me to go up on my membership and thats *** they said it was free and i paid enough on my credit card i cant pay anymore so i think that charges should be brought against that company because it seems that a lot of people are getting screwed so i think they should honor the words that they agreed to when i signed up thank you very much if you could atend to this matter so nobody else gets screwed

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Ladies shoe listings titles misleading

Ok, I am so tired of looking for particular brands of ladies designer shoes here and getting my hopes up because the title of the seller's ad says something like "many sizes to choose from, sizes 6-9". And then you read the requests from potential buyers further down in the site, and you find out that there are a few sizes left!

And inadvertently, they are the "unpopular" sizes, and often there are only a couple of PAIRS left. Very misleading and aggravating. Dont entice us if you dont have item.

Its bad business, lying, and false advertising.




Come on!! You are bidding on shoes and more likely you are not going to win them.

Most of these companies are home based businesses with small inventories....and this is why products run out quick. The key word again is "BIDDING" so I suggest you to do is either click buy now, or go to a live shoe store.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #49135

Well than go buy them early you big baby. It is the people that buy them first that get them first. Don't be a big baby just because you are lazy and do not bother getting your big fat a** down to get them.

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Other Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Better check your records b4 u call our # again

i keep getten one of ur reps calling our house and hanging up. When it first started happening my wife picked up and they asked for some guy named Wan,...my wife told them no wan at this house.

every since then we get a call twice a day from u guys.get ur records straight. its one to thing to call, but it really sucks chasing the phone when it only rings once. Also better take a hard look at who you guys have working for ya not very nice considering you guys are calling the wrong people.

Happens again on this end be prepared. We have already took the necessary steps to make sure it doenst happen again...so do your homework

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Getting something for nothing

Who takes people off the street,jail,homeless shelters,and some can't read a map or let alone drive a truck, put you through a 10 to 15 day course, charge you 500 or 3000 for this training and tell you,you can have a 150 to 200 thousand dollar truck with no credit check,if you can't pay your bills or keep a roof over your head at home how in the world can you afford 450(truck note) and 200(insurance)weekly,don't believe you are getting a deal it will cost you literally both arms and both legs if you deal with this low life company.

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Other Company in Lake Havasu City, Arizona - Bad service and bad mangement

a party of 7 - 6 who are former waitress went with a birthday and collage student who works for a large restaurant chain went to have pancakes.

Food was late coming to table cold, waitress even had food sitting on some one else's table

ops wrong order and then brought to our table when questioned about a certain dish"Oh that is serviced cold" waitress and shift manager were rude, made 3 of the party who are large persons feel for uncomfortable with the comments (fat) when leaving and paying bill was made to feel like we needed to call the health board or better business board.

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Other Company in Oak Ridge, New Jersey - The perfect pull up was a ripp off

I purchased the perfect pull up and instead of sending the machine like in the commercial they sent a bar that had to be put in the door. i was so upset.

i spent 100.00 on a 15.00 bar. i cant believe they would lie like that.also when i called they spent so much time trying to sell me other products. they wouldnt stop.and the only way i could get the product was to wait till i said no to a lot of questions. also they didnt give any extra screws or anything.

i am so pissed off.

Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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Other Company in Lubbock, Texas - Ruined my computer

my son is in Irac just want to communicate with him via e-mail. since doing business with you Im out $100 and have to clear off 6 of your ads and boxes every time I try to use my computer.

I never intended to buy what you already charged me for let alone spam fighter.

Please lose my credit card#.and remove your junk from my computer so it wont take me so long to use it and do have a merry Christmas as will I when your done. I wll be talking to all my friends and my son about my rotten experience as your victim as I feel ripped off

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Do not keep their word.

They represent a well known bank for which my account was closed.

After numerous calls I finally received a call from a representative who told me I can settle the account for less than the initial amount.

I payed the account immediately and waited for over a month for the confirmed payment in full letter.

At that time i experience illness in my family so I did not follow-up as I should. I received a call a couple weeks ago for payment, the representative hang up the phone after I questioned her about it.

I called back and she placed me on hold for more than 45 minutes with no reply.

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You are calling the wrong number

You are calling Karen ? at 909 910-9792.

There is no one here by that name. I have absolutely no unpaid bills. You are using up my cell phone minutes, not to mention the bother of daily calls. When I tried to call back, you ask for my SS #, which is unreasonable.

Please desist and find the correct number.

You are calling Karen ? at 909 910-9792. There is no one here by that name. I have absolutely no unpaid bills.

You are using up my cell phone minutes, not to mention the bother of daily calls. I tried to call back, but you ask for my SS @, which is unreasonable.

Please desist and find the correct number.


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Maybe it's time for Karen to strike back. Since you can document each call on your cell phone bill, I would send hem a letter CMRRR telling them never to call your number again and why (it's not the phone number of their debtor)

If they ignore that letter, you file a suit under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act - it will cost them $500 per phone call.

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You sent me the wrong DVD

I am very disappointed. I ordered 1Freaky Friday1976.

You sent me The Shaggy Dog. I Paid for Freaky Friday1976. You sent me no Explanation of why I recieved The Shaggy Dog.

Freaky Friday 1976-code #- 3128303. I sent the Shaggy Dog back to you. I did not recieve my DVD yet or get my money back.

My account # is 3301757. I would like a reply. I would appreciate it if you would check your file.

I have bought at least 9 movies.

I will not order any more movies until this matter is looked into. On Dec.2,2008. I had canceled my membership.

Thank You.

Upset Customer


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48921

What is the code for the Shaggy Dog?

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