Other Company in Hope, Arkansas - Never again will I do the internet matches

My ex husband who has a restraining order for beating on me is on here, so anyone could be lurking here.I got notices that I had messages from him!I've got a lot of fake messages from members who want to talk to me.I have about decided that this is a waste of time and I do not want to get involved with a weird or who knows what other kind of person on any dating site anymore.I met one on a dating website who is a Christian-he ended up trying to take me for everything and left when he couldn't get it. He even took me to church with him and is involved in his church-but in truth-he tried to scam me.

Hope, Arkansas
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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Just shut up!

hi....., i`m Kalin Wynne if you really know me then

you probably know I hate fighting. Recently my

mom`s ex (Cami hutto) is kinda crazy, but she

is cool. So is my mom, my dad , and everybody


My point is that why?........Why does my mom

and dad halfe to fight online and have other people

read it?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just stop!.... All that gossip is not true.

Some of it maybe but it reallt isn`t. Oh yeah, i`m not on my dads or mom`s side.All I really, really want... is for all of this trash to stop.


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Other Company in Lubbock, Texas - The people at the company

my wife talked me into getting a card and soon as we did get the card the next day they stop us from using it.i am mad as *** i was at the hosptial trying to get pills for my heart so i sent my wife over to get money out of the atm and it didn't work so she called and said they said okay she went back to get the money and they still didn't give it to her so she came back to me and called them i was in pain i couldn't talk and they didn't won't to talk to her. so i get on the phone can't hear them and so my wife is listning and telling me what they are saying and they told me to go some where to show id i do not know why?they are sending me things in the mail if we can't use the card i went threw to much so my wife wrote a check we have good cards so why deal with them

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Other Company in Manlius, New York - "preparing to ship" Ha Ha "Got Nothing"

I kept looking online and saw my floor lamps were preparing to ship. So I gave my husband the picture of the item at christmas, since it was back ordered.

I called today 12/30/2008 to find that they ran out of the item but failed to notify me. They just said well we didn't charge you! and Now they say they are sorry for the mix up, but from the looks of this site, I'm not the only one they shafted. Real reputable.

I'll never do buisness with them again.

I told them there catalog was only good for starting a fire.

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TOO MANY CALLS 7:00 am to 11:00 p.m

They call too often, several times a day, and keep recalling even after speaking with someone on their end. Also set up arrangements for car payments and I got a confirmation number, but they still keep harrassing us.

I cannot keep dealing with all of the phone calls they are making to us and our friends/ references. I have sent a written request to them to stop calling my friends and my job. I am not so sure they will comply.

I guess we will see. i am very unsatisfied with this company and will never do business with them again.


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Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #49420

Hey ***... who is "they"?

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One to many threats

Like so many other individuals we are have financial problems. We get behind but we do make, but we make every effort to to make the payment.

the personnel that contact us both at home and work are rude beyond belief. all they do is is threaten you. One individual told me I would not have a car by the end of the week if I did not make a direct payment on the spot They will not work withyou in any way.

Shame to the CEO of this company. He deserves no government help, poor business managment got him what he deserves



Jena, Thuringen, Germany #50459

Brett...your an ***.

Better to work with someone with financial trouble then to repo their car. In the end, the finance company is going to lose a lot more $$ on a repo then helping a customer until they get back on their feet.

No one wants to lose their car, job or health, but reality is...these things happen.

I hope, Brett, that you are never diagnosed with a terminal illness and forced to quit your job and wait months without income for disability! You know...the same disability system you've been paying into with every paycheck you get?

Wake up.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #49327

If I were you I would pay your debt. I know times are tough but that is no excuse not to pay your debt.

My mother can pay her debts and does not spend unnecessary. Also those are not threats they are making they are consequences to not paying your debt. Kids get these "threats" all the time.

They have every right to take your car if you can't control your finances. Better start prasticing hitchhiking now.

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Other Company in Omaha, Nebraska - Collection calls

it really *** me off when collection companies call and use the automated setup and don't care about what is said on the other end of the call. I have a message that tells them to stop calling since they are not calling on any of my accounts.

Then when a real person calls they ignore my message and leave a message for someone who does not live at my house.

Their way of getting around my being able to file a complaint is not leaving the name or number for the company they are calling for. I am really sick of listening to the phone ring of calls that have nothing to do with me.

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Other Company in Springfield, Massachusetts - I paid my membership by credit card a year ago now they say for me to pay more to up my membership

im upsette i paid my membership and now i cant answer nobody that writes to me and thats *** they want me to go up on my membership and thats *** they said it was free and i paid enough on my credit card i cant pay anymore so i think that charges should be brought against that company because it seems that a lot of people are getting screwed so i think they should honor the words that they agreed to when i signed up thank you very much if you could atend to this matter so nobody else gets screwed

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Ladies shoe listings titles misleading

Ok, I am so tired of looking for particular brands of ladies designer shoes here and getting my hopes up because the title of the seller's ad says something like "many sizes to choose from, sizes 6-9". And then you read the requests from potential buyers further down in the site, and you find out that there are a few sizes left!

And inadvertently, they are the "unpopular" sizes, and often there are only a couple of PAIRS left. Very misleading and aggravating. Dont entice us if you dont have item.

Its bad business, lying, and false advertising.




Come on!! You are bidding on shoes and more likely you are not going to win them.

Most of these companies are home based businesses with small inventories....and this is why products run out quick. The key word again is "BIDDING" so I suggest you to do is either click buy now, or go to a live shoe store.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #49135

Well than go buy them early you big baby. It is the people that buy them first that get them first. Don't be a big baby just because you are lazy and do not bother getting your big fat a** down to get them.

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Other Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Better check your records b4 u call our # again

i keep getten one of ur reps calling our house and hanging up. When it first started happening my wife picked up and they asked for some guy named Wan,...my wife told them no wan at this house.

every since then we get a call twice a day from u guys.get ur records straight. its one to thing to call, but it really sucks chasing the phone when it only rings once. Also better take a hard look at who you guys have working for ya not very nice considering you guys are calling the wrong people.

Happens again on this end be prepared. We have already took the necessary steps to make sure it doenst happen again...so do your homework

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