Juvenile deliquents Courtesy of Authorities in Kern County,CA

It is awfull how there are no deterents for Juveniles out of control,as the parents are always being blamed!

The system caused the problem by taking authority away from the parents to discipline their children.

If your teenager is out of control they can not be even put on probation unless they commit a crime. Your teenager can curse you out,steal from you, destroy private property,be basically a low life.as the authorities claim that they can not do anything .They say to call the police but the police refuse to even listen to a parent,and state they can do nothing.

Oh and do not be a disabled parent with an incorrigable teenager as that teenager is allowed to abuse the disabled parent with the blessings of Adult protective services.as they will not help the disabled parent.I tried to get protection for myself as my 16 yr. old is very abusive, My situation is so unbearable I pray I have another heart attack and just drop dead! My life is *** due to my poor health,Diabetes,heart trouble etc. etc.There is oviously no such thing as disabled parent abuse protection.




I wish I never made this complaint because I am being attacked it seems,and even falsely accused.

Only the mothers that are in my situation know what I am going through.

May the Lord Jesus Christ intervene on the behalf of the teenagers and their parents is my prayer. God bless you all and I shall say no more,as I leave it in the Lord's hands.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #51596
Put a sock in it the only reason your kid is acting this way is because he has an embarasment as a parent. You embarass him by being *** so the only way he can act is violent to get his frustration and embarassment out from having such a loser for a parent.

I am not Sally, but I take that "Wake Up You are next in line" as a threat to her. I am screening this and reporting it to the police as that can be considered a death threat. No wonder our child is running wild his mother is psycho. This face describes how he probably sees you.

:( . You are the one acting childish here. Perhaps ifyou grew up and acted your age you can raise your son to be a decent human being.

I am your son's age and if I had a mother like you I would be acting this way. Perhaps it would be best if you dropped dead that way he can live a normal life and not lash out.





SALLY, I may be a disabled American,but you are oviously in denial.It is *** ignorant people like you who make *** laws so teenagers can rob,steal, and kill, you will not wake up to reality until someone close to you becomes one of the victims,but ignorance is bliss.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #51579

Apparently this "complaint" was written by a juvenile delinquent. Go back to school and get an education.

You have the grammar, writing and spelling skills of an 8 year old with a learning disability. Wow....

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Fake handbag

this company sells fake bags I returned the louis vitton bag upon finding out it was fake, this was December of 2008, Im still waiting for my 735.00dlls

every time I call them

i get a different excuse , as of today, Febuary 5th, no money back. be aware they know that if they buy enough time the bank wont help you.

FAKE MERCHANDISE, they will tell you it came from an outlet in Europe, Im a flight attendant and fly to paris all the time ,there is no such outlet they destroy their imperfect merchandise believe me i've done my homework, I just wish my husband would have done his.

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Please your Email: "accountupdate@viewacct.com" provided me a temporary password but I am unable to use because account is locked. Please provide an Email where I can contact with them or another division because this email address does not accept incoming messages.

You can reply at my Email: asigpina@yahoo.com.. I am urging to activate this on line service to stop the harassment by phone that I receive every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM eastern time.

Also because my lease will expire soon 03/04/2009 and renegotiate a least for five more months. Thank you


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Who are these people? I received an email, claiming that I had "signed up" for their service, and I have no clue who or what they are.

Can anyone clue me in???? I'm sure it must be some sort of scan - no company name was listed in the email.

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Other Company in Pensacola, Florida - I'm upset

I thought I would have been charged $1.00 the day I spoke to the csr which was Friday or Saturday. I was charged a couple days later and I did not have any money in my account.

I was also charged a decline fee. I would like to cancel my subscription and have my 2.95 reimbursed. I should not have to get charged extra because this company did not take their money out the day they spoke to me. I should not have to pay for that.

My name is Kristie Page if you need to know. Thank you very much.




Kristie Page, you are an ***. Have a great day!

Higashiosaka-Shi, Osaka, Japan #52156

Your review failed to say which company did this, failed to say why they did it, and what really happened.

Terrible review

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Sued me without notice!!!

One week ago, I checked my checking account, and noticed that there was a withdrwal of 136.00. I confronted the bank and was told that a company sued me and they had court documents to justify.

This action caused 3 checks to bounce in my account. I was never notifed that this was taking place, by mail or by phone. One week later I have received the court documents in the mail from my bank saying that I have been sued for 1077.34.

The address in the documents was 50 Brooker st. I have never Even lived there!!!!


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Totally doable if you had a signed, or the virtual equivalent of a signed agreement of some sort. It's in the Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9 transactions.

Find out who it was from the bank to be sure. I was surprised myself. But hey, if you're ever bored, or want good bathroom reading, buy a copy of the UCC to read. Every consumer should have one.

It's mere peanuts compared to the fees you owe.

Banks suck, and the laws protecting them do as well. Free America is great!!

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Lowering interest rate

to whom it may concern, my name is MANUEL I ZAMORA. I am currently deployed with the US Army.

I have recently received some news from my wife that has me angered. I sent you my a copy of my my orders, and the serviceman's act. with this information you have to lower my excisting int rate to 6%. This paper work was sent on the 10 of Dec 2008! To disappointment, the int rate has not been lowered. And what really angers me most is, you have repeatedly gave my wife the run around! I personally called you last month to make sure you that you have lowered my rate, and your rep told me that you have.

It is obvious that your rep lied to me!!!

@ months has passed, and one month has passed since I spoke to one of your liers!! I am going to to e mail my personal lawer, and talk to JAG here at my unit. If your company does proceed with the adj, and giving me credit since Dec, I will take your company to court, and have JAG follow with action of their own. This is the second time that I have had an account with your company, the last being paid in full in a short period of time. I will give you 36 hours to comply. When my wife calls, I am really hoping that you coperate with her in the fullest, and in a polite manner. I give her full authority to deal, and get any information she needs from my account.

Her name is Irma Tchamourian.

You will here from my Jag if this matter is taken care of.


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Don't be *** listen carefully ok here goes it's like this see Litton hides behind the holy bible pretending to care look at the local PR a pretty fancy cover for a huge pile of greed aaaaaaaaah aint life good at the top I just added an additional 40k to your modified loan that was lowered 1/2 % I skim the cream aka 40k and wait until you default again whamm tada!!default ?you again more fees sure another foreclosure ? why not litton loves this game bet you do too hey don;t forget my contribution of school supplies, redcross donations litton charges it's employees $10 each and uses funds to stand on soap box on what a fine christian company we are take take take everyone is little compared to the mighty Litton Servicing.....

manny zamora
Oldenburg, Niedersachsen
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Other Company in Winter Park, Florida - Lost security deposit & destroyed my credit

Required a $200 deposit, 8 yreas later when closing my account they had no record and reported the final bill of $158 as a "charge off" to the 3 credit bureaus driving my credit score into the toilet. 3 years later I finally got them to acknowledge that the receipts and documentation I had might have been legitimate and even though they could not disprove them they agreed to correct my credit reports never once even coming close to admitting fault or saying "sorry".

They caused us extreme hardship as we had counted on refinancing and home equity loan to finish an ongoing rehab of our home which we were unable to get due to their erroneous credit reporting. If we had money we would definitely hire a lawyer and sue them

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Not all the Woman on the site are fake i say it 50/50 and i don't like it but do you blame them it a business.I was kick off for using a woman Profile to access the site to meet woman but i got what i wanted and she is great so you just have to be smart and out smart the site like i did its got it up and downs so must use consumer sense when joining any site or you louse your money to the site that doesn't care about you...

*** Men

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Other Company in Johnstown, New York - Will not take credit card Yet I have a great credit line left, as I called about it!

Could not get the info on credit card to work, and yet it was correct. Tried several times.. Two different days. Also know I have a good credit line available, yet, and yet it says " Use another card" I am not going to place in several different credit cards numbers and info when this should go through. It was a reputable card and also one they are accepting

I guess they will loose business if it does not accept your cards...... I asked for a telephone number, and " No they do not have that available"

I will shop elsewhere..This

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Can't delete bad files

Signed up and can't clean without all credit card info again. need to find out how to clean after the san report.

The san says there are 2700 files to get rid of and when I try I get the screen to sign up for the service and when I put it in I get a different screen and I don't know what to do I need help.I need to clean it up because my computer is running slow and then says that internet explorer quit working and I don't understand that either.

Please I need help. Thank-YOU

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