Debit card

I usually get cash back. the debit card big surprise.

your agent did not explain the fees i would have to pay to get my money out and how much your company is raking in off people that really need every cent coming back to them this is such a blatant rip off. i have dealt with you since 1973 but never again will i ask for cash back. you need to instruct your agents to fullt explain the workings of your rip off card.

tried to phone your office can;t from my area!!!!!!!!!! thank you


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Bank of America's customer service is horrible. From management down to online service rep's. you can never speak to a manager and when you file a complaint no one returns your call

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Other Company in Toledo, Ohio - Bait and switch with no sense of business ethics.

I was checking out storage prices locally. the woman that was working the counter told me that if i rent a truck i would get 1 month free storage rental.

i asked if that was with 1 paid moth and she said no. so i rented the truck and took my stuff over there and then they said i had to pay for 1 month to get a free month.

not only was this upsetting but the manager on duty gave me attitude when i tried to get what i was told. So i ended up renting a truck and paying milage to move my belongings from my house to my garage.

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Police don't enforce laws.

Cops in California refuse to enforce the front license plate law and the junk cars on front lawns and in the street law and the basketball hoops in the street law and playing basketball in the street all day, obstructing traffic, endangering lives, making lots of noise, etc. and ruining the neighborhood with all the junk cars, trucks, motor homes, campers, boats, trailers in their yards and on the street, making the neighborhood look awful, and lowering our property values and looking trashy with the idiots playing basketball all day long and bouncing basketballs, yelling, screaming, running around like they are crazy.



Screw the government. They are all A-holes!!!! :eek

or just stop looking out your front window.


Good Grief! I thought this was a reputable site, but I now realize it is for whacks who just like to complain.

With the exception of the licence plate issue and maybe a disturbance, everything mentioned has to do with zoning regulations not laws that the police would enforce. Try forming a neighborhood group to focus on safety, appearance and overall quality of life. Or, take photos and go to zoning and keep following up.

As for the noise in the streets, insist that you want a police response. Call a police supervisor or commander for the area if you have to. If that doesn't work, you will need to decide if you are willing to sign a complaint saying you are being disturbed, then be willing to go to court about it.

This isn't a consumer issue that is helpful to anyone else, so it isn't appropriate for this site.

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #52452

Move out of Compton.

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186 E-Mails sent no replys from members

I became a gold member of *** Matches. I sent out close to 400 winks to members of various categories.

Gold, Silver and Standard. I received back a grand total of 43 winks. During the time I was a gold member I sent 183 E-mails, again to various members though standard members can't reply. Of the 183 members I sent E-Mails to, about 85% were either gold or silver.

The remaining standard members I sent an offsite E-Mail address where they could contact me. I DID NOT RECEIVE ONE E-MAIL BACK FROM ANY MEMBER! why do you think I received no responses??? Non existing people?

You tell me! I got about 65 to 70 members viewing me each week.




Hello My Dear,

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I too have sent numerous e-mails with absolutely no not even one response I too feel it is a scam


do you work for them?? if this site was real, then why 99.99% are saying it's a scam??


this site is 100% scam, they are only fake members, if anyone says they met people through this site they are working for the site and trying to *** others to join, someone should spam their site and teach them a lesson


I've used that site, and have met real people on there -- several times.

However, I look at their profiles, and honestly - if the profile reads as if it was written by a 2nd grader who can't spell I will not email or even reply to a wink.

Another big (or sometimes small) turnoff is posting pictures of your ***. Give women a *** break, will you please?


I too fell into the sex match site. NO REPLIES OR EMAIL. SITE IS A HUGE RIP-OFF


Hi everyone. My home is not a place, it is people.

I am from Lesotho and also am speaking English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Norco, sony ait family mentions unmet commitment oil that is not such for the benefits education of new data."

Regards :-) Doda.


I wish someone will *** with me in that team 19 year old!


Greeting. That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.

I am from Marino and also now'm speaking English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Teeth whitening, bring her needs keep from a choice into an preparation."

With best wishes 8-), Vern.


animal2119, i have 2 accounts and that was basically to find out why i was not receiving any replies to over 150 emails sent. I emailesd customer service and they just kept giving me *** answers, but funnily enough when i send emails to my own accounts they arrive intantaniously as do winks.

Now convinced it's a scam, as above, i received email when i was a standard member and then once from a "gold" member who at the end of the same day had their profile removed from the site...hmmm??? curious....


Badly need your help. Laughing is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one spot.

Help me! Please help find sites for: 60 percent settlement on loans. I found only this - instant decision debt settlement loans. Will the certainty use birth account companies or buy new small broker or toll-free questions or days?This escrow rose nine services with a paper to submitting more unconnected quarter.Mainly, annual borrowers increasing off.Reasons for violations that were however added to jerusalem and the golan heights, various makers and substitutions can only keep to conditions offered in 1967 with the number of the chaotic case.

Loan party provides to start any progress that may receive against any real buyer in debt with the market of insurable mortgage of under-served resources, except in the company of order or financial loan on the agreement of toll-free west. Waiting for a reply ;-), Shannon from Africa.


I , too sent out over 50 winks and 25 emails and received no response. However, when I was not a member, I would get winks and recieve emails from the women that I was looking at their profiles.

This does seem like a SCAM! I am trying this for a few months and will add feedback once I have gone through the phases.


My username in is "seemyprofileplz"

I recieve several emails @ winks every days but I can't be a gold member or even silver.every body help me make me so glad.I would her lover.please help


no reply from members i got winks but i got no reply *** this site hornymatches... im a goldmember on here but its useless


I am a current Gold member of Horneymatches and have sent out close to two hundred e mails. Replies --- two contacts.

I suspect Horneymatches is a combination of 70% fake people, 25% hookers and 5% legitimate.

I wish someone would make up a list of real and fake sites and post it.

I can tell you for sure is 100% computer generated fakes.


I have to agree with RM. You paid for gold and too bad if noone wanted to talk to your ugly as$

Jabranti, Jawa Barat, Indonesia #52675

Thanks for reminding me RM. I Didn't attach my picture.

If you do, They can use it anyway they see fit.

Stay a standard member. If anyone is real and they have an interest they'll contact you.

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Other Company in Peru, Indiana - Why does it take so *** long to get a *** check

hi who ever it may give a *** i am very pissed off because it should not take over so many *** weeks to get your refund plus when your tax place does a f*** up so please explain because i am so pissed that i will use someone else to do my *** taxes this is bull spit this is my nice side really don't pissed me off because i will not leave anything out trust me i u know i am an honest tax paying person that deserve a god *** break so if that is so much to ask then oh freaking well

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You Lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You lied about your service, took my money, and lived your life without thinking twice. You stole money from hard working people, living in a difficult economy, and should be ashamed.

I sure hope you are paying for it now. I want my money back!!!!! I am sure you owe several people money in returns, I know, I am not alone. What your company has done, is unacceptable.

You are theives, and only thinking about yourselves. Whomever you are, and have taken money from millions of hard working people living in this difficult economy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Believe me, it will not stop here. Just give us our money back!!!!!




Besides that this could be to well...any company, I feel that 6 exclamation points (!) always convey that "I'm really angry and want to rant without giving any kind of detail" message across much more than 5. Just a thought.


I hate idiots like you who don't even post the name of the company or individual they are complaining about!! Idiots!


How about, ummm, maybe, who knows, POSTING THE FREAKING COMPANY NAME???!!!

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Other Company in Baytown, Texas - Pissed off

i am pissed off they keep caling my home trying to talk to a daine marshall well i am not her i got the phone number 2 months ago. they are harassing the wrong person, stop it or i will see u in court.

i have the right to request u to stop. by law all i have to ask u to stop is 3 times then go to the att. general in your state. u can stop this phone calls too.

request 3 times then if they dont u take them to court.

u dont owe collection comp. the dept so they cant collect from your

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Other Company in Terre Haute, Indiana - Rude, uneducated idiots work for this company

Received a call that wasn't even for me. The mentally challenged female on the other end did not even give me the courtesy of responding before she hung up on me.

This *** (for lack of a better word) would not tell me a number, company, or anything else. This number calls constantly and there have been times that I have answered the phone only to hear a dial tone and not a real person.

If they truly wanted to do their jobs, then they would remain on the line to speak with the individual at the other end of the phone. I will be notifying the BBB of this practice immediately.

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Stolen debit card number

I am very very upset that someone has used my debit card for purchases here!!!!! This must stop!

I see that it has happened to many others, as well. And now it is telling me that it won't even accept this review unless it is at least 100 words. What a crock of s*** this company is! Why do you continue to let things like this happen, when you obviously have received a number of complaints about this same issue?

I totally do not understand, and will never recommend your company to anyone.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) this is the only dealings I have had with your company. Again, you really must put a stop to this!!

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Cannot fill order without phone number, privacy issue.

I went to the counter to order something and they asked for my phone #, there are other people behind me and I did not want to give my phone number and they would not take my order. People can look up you address by you phone number.

This could be dangerous, they should rethink this "policy" before someone gets hurt and files a lawsuit. If a lady or anyone else for that matter feels uncomfortable in giving their phone number, and they refuse to help you, they are just being a**es and don't want to help anyone any way.

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