Other Company in Terre Haute, Indiana - Rude, uneducated idiots work for this company

Received a call that wasn't even for me. The mentally challenged female on the other end did not even give me the courtesy of responding before she hung up on me.

This *** (for lack of a better word) would not tell me a number, company, or anything else. This number calls constantly and there have been times that I have answered the phone only to hear a dial tone and not a real person.

If they truly wanted to do their jobs, then they would remain on the line to speak with the individual at the other end of the phone. I will be notifying the BBB of this practice immediately.

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Stolen debit card number

I am very very upset that someone has used my debit card for purchases here!!!!! This must stop!

I see that it has happened to many others, as well. And now it is telling me that it won't even accept this review unless it is at least 100 words. What a crock of s*** this company is! Why do you continue to let things like this happen, when you obviously have received a number of complaints about this same issue?

I totally do not understand, and will never recommend your company to anyone.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) this is the only dealings I have had with your company. Again, you really must put a stop to this!!

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Cannot fill order without phone number, privacy issue.

I went to the counter to order something and they asked for my phone #, there are other people behind me and I did not want to give my phone number and they would not take my order. People can look up you address by you phone number.

This could be dangerous, they should rethink this "policy" before someone gets hurt and files a lawsuit. If a lady or anyone else for that matter feels uncomfortable in giving their phone number, and they refuse to help you, they are just being a**es and don't want to help anyone any way.

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Other Company in Dayton, Ohio - I am trying to cancel my membership

I have bee charged $1.00 for a member savings club that I do not want. How do I cancel it?

All I keep getting is a auto message to go to this site. What is this a scam? I have to type 100 words for something I do not want! What is going on and how can I get it to stop.

I see whay it would not accept a credit card only a bank card.

I never would have even done this if it had not been for a job search web site that said they needed a credit report. I need to know what to do.

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Other Company in Bessemer, Alabama - Very poor customer service

When visisting your store on north commerse drive in east point georgia, The lady you had working in the key department was very rude when she was asked to make a set of keys. Also the lady in your customer service department was very rude when asked if she could call for someone to come to the key dept. All in all your employees could all use more training in dealing with the public because if i am spending my money in your store i should not have to have eyes rolled at me are hard breathing cause the person does not want to be bothered!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - People should relize what cheap is

i bought my 7 year old a 90 atv. the only reason i could ever live that dream is because of the low price.

the only way that she can ride is because of that price. i am a professional auto technician. if it breaks i fix it. then she rides again.

thats called riding. perfection costs money. money i dont have. i dont know how the people can make a living selling these toys so cheap but i am glad they do!

to make them that cheap, they have to pull some punches here and there.

if your rich then you already know what it takes to make a quality product these days. if your not then quit whining and start fixing.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Employee theft

on 02/05/2009,a tech named Jesse ID DSAZ602643 upgraded to HD

he went into the garage without informing anyone and took with him an expensive rechargable flashlight Craftsman model 315-113913, when i called to complain, a Mike Hicks Cell 602 773 9724 was going to look into it and called back advising Jesse denies taking the item

i have left 5 messages for Mike Hicks without courtesy of call back, my next step is to make a police report and file a complaint with the BBB

i would rather not have to take these measures however, i want to be made whole

the account number is 32795342, the home phone is 480 816 5780

Please contact me to resolve this mater amicably

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Other Company in Pasadena, California - Stealing from my Checking, Monthly

This company has been taking a monthly fee out of my checking for over 3months. I have been unable to get the company to stop.

Now I have filed fraud charges thru my bank. It's awful. And in the mean time I'm out the money and they keep taking more. The bank states I gave them my acct info, but I didn't.

I was looking at hotels, thru priceline.com. I cancelled my reservations then this started.

I am now a victim of fraud and it's so scary. I'm lucky it's been small amounts.

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Other Company in Baldwin Park, California - STOP !!!!

Would you please stop deducting money from my credit card. For God sake.

you are deducting 11.99 every month and i dont know even why and i dont get any product or any thing so if you please STOP deduct any money ok.

if you didnt stop this i will sue you and your company ok.


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Other Company in London, England - RIP OFF

I unfortunately bought this product before going on holiday, and when it arrived it was too big. i sent it back and asked for a refund.

When I returned from holiday it was back and they had written to say they were refusing my refund because it had white marks on the left shoulder. I could not believe it as I had tried it on without any deodorant. I have since showed it around and no one can see any white makes, just the stretch of the material when you put it on. I could not believe it.

DO NOT buy from this company because once you have given them you details you will not be getting any money back.

I have bought form many reputable companies over the past 20 years and have NEVER had goods returned saying I cant have a refund. What a big rip off.I have been warning anyone that will listen not to buy from them.

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