Accused of child abandonment

I am a divorced registered nurse. I work 10 hours a day. When I get home I get tired. After a bad experience at Wal-mart where my daughter did not get a hamburger because I refused to give give them my business my daugther started crying. I fairly warned her that if she did not behave herself that I would leave without her and she would have to walk home. She did not stop crying over the burger and I told her to get out of the car. When she got out I drove off and told her she had to walk home which is only a five or six mile walk. A goody goody two shoes was watching. I thought she was just watching because of the fuss my daughter made. Later I learned that she had called the CPS and reported my license plate number.

Later one of your workers came and picked up my daughter from the parking lot. The goody goody two shoes was still with her. They asked her why I left her there and my daughter lied and said she was left in the parking lot because her mother did not want her. She must have been coaxed into saying this by the goody goody two shoes customer who wants to ruin my family life because I make more money than her.

The worse of the situation is they sent my daughter to live with my ex husband who is a no good deadbeat father.

I was not abandoing my child. I was teaching her a lesson. Keep in mind that she is ten years old and knows her way home. If she can't behave herself than she deserves to walk home. Also to put my daughter with that loser father of hers puts my daughter in a much worse shape than she was before. I make twice as much money as that loser I fell in love with twelve years ago.

My daugher was placed in a deadbeats care on Friday April, 3rd 2009. Now this deadbeat has full custody of my children because they consider me an unfit parent. I am a resisgered nurse. I take care of patients every day for ten hours a day. They have no right to call me an unfit parent just for discipline my ten year old daughter.




Wow u make up some pretty funny complaints


Really?!?! 5-6 miles.

I would like you to get out of your car, while starving no less, after your "mother" has just told you they don't want you, and walk home. Praise the Lord for this caring person who HELPED your child. I myself feel very sorry for you. You will wake up one day and realize that you have burned all your bridges to soon, and no one will be there for you.

Ohh and since you make 90+ K a year at your job as a RN...I bet your ex also gets a nice chuck of change for child support from you, so maybe your daughter IS in a better place.

At least she is with someone who doesn't ABUSE HER!!! God help your soul!


Trust me, your an unfit mother. Do you know it takes almost 2 hours for a kid to walk the distance you stated. You just put your daughter in a situation where she could fall prey to a sexual predator and you should be hung and shot for it.


you dont leave a child in the streets, you crazy, as for cps,they need to investigate before they take children from parents, some people report just to get even,ive seen it done, and cps dont check it out first, thats devasting to some parents,BUT YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GOT

I can't believe that you would tell a ten year old to walk any amount of miles!! Don't you know bow dangerous it is out there?

You do not deserve that child at all, your sick! I pray for that little girl.

Get help your disgusting. :(
I get tired of telling you morons that you're being trolled. :roll

Is this for real? You left a 10 year old to walk home alone 5 miles in this day and age?

I'm an RN, too. What other weird things do you do. This is scary. You think this is normal?

You guys must be making this stuff up. No one can be this ***.


And what happens when your daughter gets abducted and molested by men in a van on the "short" 5 or 6 mile walk home. You deserve this


thank god a 'goody goody two shoes' was watching out for your daughter as god knows what you'd done to her if someone didn't call cps. if you truly are a registered nurse then you ought to have your license revoked


Im getting sick to my stomach just reading these peoples comments and how they treat their kids! I do belive in spanking but when u leave ur 10yr old to walk that far...and one of the comments talked about blackening their childs eye that IS abuse! I AM SICKENED!!!


Way to go "Goody two shoes" You should consider working in a funeral home...


you know i'm a hard *** with my kids but leave them hangin to do a 5-6 mile walk is insane, maybe you sock at displine normally a good smack on the *** normally makes them stop. but you are probably one of those who want negociate with the kid..

to you my dear need to have your snatch tied up and never to be around kids at all good for the goody two shoes for reporting you... maybe you x saw what a b you are maybe you should have swallowed instead of having a kid


Okay, here's what you do:

Go down to the social services office and ask to speak to a SW. Then, register for an English class.

Explain to them that you don't know how to write better than your ten-year-old daughter and need some help. After you are done with that, ask to be placed in a parenting class where they will teach you proper ways of dealing with children. Then, focus on not being such a b***h to your ex and daughter, and thank your lucky stars you still have a job despite your lack of basic skills and human compassion. You are a RN.

You know better! You would be required to report another parent if you even suspected they did something so ***. You should kiss the "goody goody" for caring about your child more than you did that day! What if your daughter had been hit by a car?

Or abducted by a stranger? Or worse? Realize you made a mistake because you were tired and try to fix it.

Then ask (nicely) for your daughter back from your (so-called deadbeat) ex. Then, NEVER do this again!


Holy cow I hope I never have you as a nurse and you need to find a different occupation if it makes you act like THAT to your own flesh and blood - a little kid just trying to figure it all out in a grown up world. WOW!

She found out over a burger she will be abandoned!

You need to go to church ma'am and be reminded of your purpose as a parent when given such a blessing to raise His miracle you left on the street. Get a life lady and hopefully you can make it make sense for your child and never make that mistake again.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #206023

IF CPS already got involved like it did in these two letters than they did put the children in a safe home. I agree with you. I have seen posts here about parents beating their children because they had a bad experience at a retail store or in a restaurant and blaming the restaurant.





Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #129965

You, I suggest you read her other letters before making a fool of yourself. She admited the did this at night time, in other letters she admitted to beating her children and calling them names. She teaches them to be racist, rude ect.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #84724

Michelle, just because she told you to get out of the car doesn't mean that she would have left you there. There's a difference between being punished and being abused.

Type her name in a search engine or look around the site. Unless you're her...

And to the person whom titles their-self as "you", time doesn't make a difference as crime happens at anytime of the day. A child can also be taken, harmed, or killed in broad daylight so your defense is void and null. There's a difference between whipping your kids with a switch and beating them with a switch.

Why should we let families handle theirselves if we sense that something really bad could happen? Again, your defense to your own complaint is null and void.


I hope her X has a copy of her rantings on this website. Thank goodness the courts took those children away from her. And thanks to goody goody two shoes! 5 or 6 miles for an 11 year old to walk- and at night.???? In a day and age when children aren't even safe from predators in their own front yard.

Oh, yeah, she knows the way home--

Good Grief! That woman sounds as if she has serious mental problems.

Very scary that she is an RN.


Yeah all of yall are ***. She never said anything about hitting her with a stick and she didnt say anything about leaving her at night time.

She was wrong yeah and no because i would have done that too but what she should have done was turn right around in the parking lot and picked her back up. You people would call CPS before you know what is going on. Instead of calling CPS let families handle thing theirselve instead of getting in the middle of something that isn't your business to begin with.

You people would cry if someone gets a spanky. And who don't whoop there kids with a switch

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #56101

Michelle, there is a difference between your situation and child "abandonment'. Leaving a child in a parking lot at night time is not good parenting.

You were never kicked out of your car, she was.

Also read the other comments in her letters.

She calls her children names and beats them. There is nothing wrong with a spanking but she beats them with belts and tree branches.

Michelle: You need to read all of her other post about abusing her kids. There is a difference in abusing and disciplining them.

You don't hit kids with sticks and hit them in the face then laugh it off like it wasn't a big deal .

She is insane and probably takes more meds then she supposedly gives to the patients (not too sure if she isn't testing them before giving to patient) that is if she really is a nurse which no one really believes her.
Nothing more then a PSYCHO :upset :upset :upset :upset
I am 22 yrs old and once or twice my cousins and I got out of line when i was around the same age...we were being rowdy and unruly in the car so she told us to get out! Better believe we straightened up and acted right. that's why kids are so bad these days, any punishment doled out is subject to criminal punishment!!
YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Can you get that persons name and phone number?

I would like to call her and thank her personaly for being such a good citizen........
Now the so called "deadbeat father" will no longer be deadbeat, he will be laughing all the way to the bank when he starts getting all your so called 90k for child support. :grin So, why should he have to even try to work now? You won't need it anyway because you will be spending your time in prison (hopefully).

HEY, now maybe you will be one of our inmates after all? I am sure there is an inmate who would love to have you as one of their celly mates.

Would you like me to start making your reservation? :p
:grin I don't know who is posting these - but they sure are keeping me entertained!! I think they are hilarious :p
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Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Welcome the Real World.

Thankfully I had enough street smarts not to fall for this. Unfortunately, plenty did so some bad people got very rich.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Mob. Now in internet form!

A couple of years ago the wise-guys vacuumed up all the juicy content, (steakandcheese, consumptionjunction, etc.) placed it behind traps like this and waited. You followed. They got rich, you got butthurt.

It sucks, yes but you have to have been pretty dense not to see this happening a long time ago; somebody figuring the social misfits of the internet made perfect marks.

Anybody asking for your credit card information should be a dead giveaway that all is not kosher.

Review #139156 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer139156.

Other Company in Atascadero, California - where"s my statement? I need a statment . What do I OWE . MEANWHILE I'm getting late charges!

They say they won't send a statement over the phone. No statement, no money.

How do I find out my 16 digit number? I need it to call them back. i don"t know it without a statement or bill. Very frustrating!!!!!!

All phones are automated, or they say it has been disconnected,or you cannot reach this number.What kind of scam is capital one running.Bad business.I hope the government doesn't bail then out.

My question is ? How can I talk to a person?No statement, no money, no statement, no money, no statement no money!!!!!

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Other Company in Glenwood, Illinois - No service,no business

your customer service in sterling and peru stores is very poor to the extent I would go to any competitor. fix this!Everytime I want to make any buy anything for any home project I can never get any service from your sales people.hey have to hunted down and often they are to business to help.Freight seem to me more important than sales.full shelves no service is poor business.

What happened to customer service?

I used to think a happy customer would always returnbut it is apparent this is not your companies theory. home

depot is just as easy to shop .

Review #139131 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer139131.

Other Company in New York, New York - Moving adventure

we had these losers move us from wy to tn, broke, stole and or lost a ton of our things.they subcontracted elite movers in ohio for the move. never got a recpt ,never got our lost ,broke stuff returned and still no reimbursment check,they both can we get our money from them?please help.they sent 1 kid to wy from ohio,had to load up with my help on sunday, they said 5 days drive we drove to tn.

they unloaded and stored our things in ohio for a week then they decided when they would deliver. i wanna killem all

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Other Company in Glennie, Michigan - Billing complaint ,want written bill

you claim i still owe you 47 dollars , and i have asked over and over to send me a written statement showing total billing with payment made and i will take care of it , if i do owe you any . send bill to reggie l gordon @ 2906 kimberlin rd , glennie mich 48737 .

any other correspondence you can e-mail me @ i dont have a hundred words i need to say to get my point across . if you want to settle this , get in touch as soon as possible , we are moving and i dont want this *** following us and you wont have a new phone #

Glennie, Michigan
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Other Company in Pine Bluff, Arkansas - What's with the customer service!!

My husband and I bought a washer and dryer set about 4 months ago, we did not have the cash so we financed them then out of the blue only 1 month after we got them the washer went out. We called them to tell them and they said they would send someone out to look at them the next day well the next day rolled around with no call then the next and the next and the next till my husband called and told them we have three children we need a washer.

Then the next day they sent a repair woman out at 8:15, way beyond reasonable business hours to tell us the motor went out. She then informed us they would come pick it up and bring us a loaner, that took another week. The last straw is we had the loaner for 1 month and are moving into a new home so they came and picked up the loaner and promised ours would be ready on the following Monday, again that has been almost two weeks ago. My husband has spoken with them several times only to get the run around, so needless to say we need this washer and dryer but our future business will be elsewhere!!!

Oh and we have never been late on a payment ans still they are treating us like no customer should ever be treated. Thanks A very angry customer!!

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It is ridiculous at the outrageous costs for hospital fees. I am not insured and am willing to pay my bills but this is riduculous!!!!

$715. for what an er fee. The people working for that hospital need to take customer service courses, everyone was rude except the receptionist. i felt like they were judging me by the words they used.

Obama needs to do something soon about these health care issue.

i went to a doctor in Mexico for an eye infection and it only cost me $15 American dollars that was with medicine! it just goes to show how ridiculous this place is!


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Camden Point, Missouri, United States #55015

That is nice price..I went to Shawnee Mission Hospital to the ER and they charge me over $2000 for blood work and gave me pain shot..Next night had to go back and they did the same thing..Finally when I thought I was going to die with to Olathe Hospital the next night and they took one look at me and bam my sugar was over 500..which I never knew I was diabetic..thank God for Olathe or I probably been dead on the 4th day....Makes you wonder if they more into getting money or healing you...Wont take a sick dog to Shawnee Mission Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas..and now one xray that takes 1 min to do cost over $700 no wonder the medical is out of control..Time for government to set in and take control of this problem...$40 for a tiny box of tissue to blow your nose...we are all doom

Review #139033 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer139033.

Other Company in Irvine, California - Very poor service and poor memory on servers part.

First, when the water was served the waiter tipped the tray and water soaked me to the point that the manager came over, the table had to be completely reset and new dry menus were delivered. We placed our orders.

No one asked what type of dressing I would like for my garden salad. Our salads were served and both my son and I asked for dressing. None arrived. I asked again for dressing and it arrived.

My son ate his salad as is because he was starving. Our pasta entrees were very good. My son ordered the 3 part meal. The server never asked what dessert he would like from the choices (however earlier told him he would bring the dessert menu for his choice) and then served him a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup just like our daughter's kid's meal selection.

Neither the manager, who came by the tidy the table following the spill, nor the server ever offered to rectify the spill accident. We were easy going customers through it all but upon receiving the bill I found myself extremely frustrated and not in any hurry to return.

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Other Company in Wentzville, Missouri - Inferior products

I bought a carpet and had it installed. the carpet has only been in a year and has broken down so badly that it looks terrible.I went to the store that I bought it at and they told me that the company said it was alright, I tried to get someone dpwn to look at it ,no one came .I asked what they were going to do about it and no one will get back to me.I certainly will not do business with them again and I will certainly advertise for them! I would like to know where to go to get something done.


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Thank Kenny D.,

I should just take you up on that offer. I must check out their warranties first though.

I must now be a smart shopper. Thanks to Menards.

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