Other Company in Monticello, Indiana - This company did not call when I return the truck I took back to the dealer, and it took them over 4

I took a truck back to the dealer and it took them over 4months to sell it, and the have been harassing me for the pass year. I took the truck back in good faith.

Plus when I bought it gas was cheaper than and when I got it it whet to 4.00 a gal. and I have not recovered from it yet

I don't thing I should have to pay for it if I don't have it.

they want me to pay over $8000.00 when I bougth for only 15.000. Why are thet wanting me to pay for more than I got?

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Change of user name and age

they have me listed as stone45123 as my username is tedder57. it also has my birthday wrong as it is 11/07/1951 which makes me 57 not 32.

if possible could toy make the changes as i do not feel comfortable with the ladies thinking they are dating a 32 year old when in fact they are dating a 57 year old. i do prefer younger women as i am not a dirty old man but younger at heart.

i would also like to say that i am looking for a serious relation but there are not many women that are located in my area. thank you.

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Other Company in Ankara, Ankara - How can ı get the money:

I was notified that i won three times but am in Istanbul as a student. I have no credit card so ı don't know how to go about the thing now.please help me.

Can you call me on 05549201264.

Thanks for giving me the chance to explain my self.I think by phoning me will be better to clear things to me that i don't understand in the net.I was really glad to be a winner for three times. On phone we can easily talk about so many things.thanks for taking time to read my message.

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Other Company in Wilmington, Delaware - E-mail misleading

I was getting e-mails to get $100 gift card for filling out survey about smoking. Survey only had one question about what kind of cigs I smoked and wanted my e-mail address.

Rest of survey wanted you to buy at least 3 things to qualify for gift card. You could not get any further if you did not buy one of the items they were trying to peddle.

I didn't want anything but the $100 gift card like the add said. So you really don't get something for nothing.

It's just a bunch of bull.

Governor Princess
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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Sold product that does not work at all. This is a scam.

I purchased this product based on a review that it would work and it didn,t. It did not tingle on my lips "nada".

It tastes horrible. It absolutely does not work. Then to top it off they give you an address just in case you want to cancel your order and it does not go through. That is also a scam.

I do not want this product ever again. I just notice this site and you do have a lot of negative feedback. They should take this scam off the market because it is affecting their credit cards. I will notify my bank.

Mrs. Elizabeth Sirois

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Credit reporting agencies

I believe we need to make the agencies accountable for their practices of putting information on our credit report that makes us look bad forever, even though the bad credit is suppose to fall off after the 7 years or statue of limitations the credit reporting companies are in bed with these companies to keep our credit bad to make us pay the high interest rate you know if we all stop for one month or so using these credit cards these companies will have to make there interest lower

This economy is bad because we are making it that way lets get together and claim one or two months of not using these credit cards We have to claim who we really are and not be tied to a company that doesn't appreciate us for making them money but penalizes us for making them money lets do guys or we will never be able to get back our own self worth

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I have been paying $8.00 a month for what service.. NONE.. I want to cancle my enrollement.

I have been a member for several months. There has been nothing..

I want to cancel my membership. How does one do that?? I want no more money taken from my account!!!!! I'm done...I received no discounts that I could really use.

I would like me money back, but I know that is properly not going to happen. So I just want the so called service stopped. No more money taken from my account..

I WANT THIS SERVICE STOPPED, I'm done with it....

Please send me information to do just that,

Please. Unhappy customer.


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"I have been paying $8.00 a month for what service"

Exactly. WHAT service are you talking about????

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Other Company in Danville, Kentucky - Personal Information Given Out

Well I have a loan with them, not by choice. They purchased the company in which my mortgage was with.

I had gotten behind on my payments and was struggling to get them up to date. I had paid at least once a month but had many late charges accrued on my account. I sent in someone to make my payments and because I did not send the exact amount, short of about $32.00 my payment was not accepted. All my personal information was discussed and I was so humiliated.

The branch manager told me if was my fault for not coming in myself and that she did nothing wrong. I do not recommend them to anyone.

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Other Company in Valdosta, Georgia - Fired unjustly

i worked for albany ga store almost yr got fired unfairly was lied on , poor management and i spoke up about the conditions and what was going on ,, after i spoke up to general manager things got worse none of the accusations made was true i was threanted and intimadted to sign write ups and was denyned time to go to sisters funeral, plus got injured would not make accident report , was lied on said i hada discrination suit on previous employer no such thing i worked for 2 and half yrs at went to cracker barrell i thought i would make more money i gave a 2 weeks notice of me resigning

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Loan Modification a joke!

I applied for a loan modification and was denied after 8 weeks of calling and submitting the forms requested. It was my understanding that we would have the help needed if that isn't a big Lie!!!

I don't understand since I met all the critierias needed for a modification but yet I was still denied!! What happens with all the billions of dollars that the banks are getting to bail them out of all these no nonsense loans that they have and yet us people that were put into those *** loans have to loose everything !!

If it wasn't for us these bankers and loan officer wouldn't have a job. but yet they continue to have all this money and it isn't doing us any good to apply for something that doesn't benefit us!!


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nope, the jokes on you!! if Litton loan servicing is involved our business is fee based to yield the highest return ie: if you have equity LLS CAN STEAL?

HOW CAN LLS ADD ADDITIONAL FEES WE EVEN AT out option lower the interest rate and increase the pmts!

funny ? the obama rewards Liiton Loan Servicing with even more $ for thease
and more CRIMINAL ACTS :eek
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