Fees withdrawn

this company has withdrawn 11.99 from an acct of mine that ended up causing it to be overdrawn and now im charged with overdraft fees of which i am none too happy with...i never asked for this to be done bec this is an acct that i only use for certain matters..i suggest that this is resolved with my overdraft fees taken care of or i am reporting this to the BBB and will have it taken to the press..i only ordered airline tickets once..i am PISSED..take care of this matter as soon as possible


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Hicksville, New York, United States #61457

The 11.99 was for something. What was it for?

And did it say you would be charged this. And what I mean by did it say is did it say or did you not see it.

THe BBB will do nothing. Dont waste your time.

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Other Company in Waterford Township, Michigan - poor way to run a business

I had my appt at 9 this morning and i called them at 9:02 and told them i have a 9:00 appt and she told me they were just getting in. I waited there until 9:15 outside mind you cause she never unlocked the door for me to go in.

And never bothered to call me back and say i'm sorry for your inconvenience.

If it takes them 13 minutes to unlock the door thats sad. I was supposed to get permanent teeth after 6 months but they said no just reline,story is different every time

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Increased Interest Rate

Been with company 2 years thought it was a great company never had any problem. They even called me when they saw some charges on my card that looked strange to them that I didn't make.

But for no reason they have gone up on interest rate 14.9% on what was to be 5.9% until paid off.

I will move this to a new card and close this account. Everyone beware I've never have been late on any bill always pay more then due and have great credit score so there was know reason for the increase.

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Lied about phone #!

I have no clue how they got my former neighbors blocked phone # claiming I'd given it to them as my home phone. Never Ever have I spoken to anyone from this company let alone given them my former neighbors number!!!!!!

HOW DID THEY GET THE FRIENDS #!!!!!!! Is it illegal to lie to these people when they know that in no way are they telling the truth? Does anyone have a clue as to how they would get a friend and former neighbors blocked phone number?

If you have a clue let me know would you! This is a totally deceitful company!

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Other Company in Arkansas City, Kansas - Filling bankrupcie

f.you i have had hard times ,so don't give me a second chance. Who are you filing bankruptcy and still deny me a loan .If you get fed money and file bankruptcy.

It's because you depend on the rich? they are not the populus. Give it up. the ones not paying are the ones that make $20.00 or more anm hour.Give the other's a chance.We all have hard times.

Like what you'r going through know. foerd is giving me a chance so what is you'r problem MR.BK? If I had this problem I would look at My CEO'S because they are the usual cause of the problem.Just because SOME ONE MAKES 1000000.00 A year doesn't mean THEY CAN THE BILL .

I have had MY SHARE OF KISS OFF FROM YOU: So I don't make 1000000.00 a YEAR and can't buy one of you'r trucks . Why Do You think You Are In The SAME Boat That THAT Me AND OTHER HARXDWORKING FAMILIES SO KIS THISN.

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Emailing Scams

Ok so I keep getting these emails, saying that someone that I have never met, in a different country, is lying on their death bed, and intrusting me with thousands or millions of dollars. I get them weekly and they are always the same story with different emails and different names.

So my question is, why would anybody give someone else a huge chunk of money if they have never talked to that person? Easy, its a scam. They just want to get ahold of your bank account number for everything you have!!!

These people should be ashmed of themselves! Acting like someone on their deathbed! Its immoral and wrong, and please don't fall for it!

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Unsatisfied with an employee

i am not very pleased with the store you have in palatine bridge new york...i went in there to make a payment and the one who waited on me whose name is linda bouck was very rude and she stood there and ran her mouth about a friend of mine with a store full of customers and the manager and assistant manager were standing there and did

absolutely nothing about it.......and when they are in need to make their quota they always call me and beg me to take something for a couple of days they always get mad when i tell them no and they keep calling back......i feel there needs to be something done about linda.she dose not need to be working there cuz she is not good with people

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You can not talk to a person, payments are very hard to make to your co.

It is very hard to get in touch with your co. If your bill is past due, you won't even talk to the person.

It is very hard to find a place to pay the bill, and when you do it is electronic, and maybe won't show paid for 24- 48 hours, what is this about, as much money as you make on this luxury, you should provide some means of communication on the phone, with a person, or at least have a list (current) where the bill can be paid. And why would it take so long to turn back on the dish when it is paid?


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Try paying your bill on time.

That would make things a lot easier.

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Other Company in Cape Canaveral, Florida - Sold me a couch with sleeper that is not correct

I bought a couch with a sleeper that is not the same as in the show room. There is a gap between the front and the sleeper, the cushions slip in the space and it make very uncomfortable.

I called customer service and they sent a service man out who said that I should go out and buy material to insert in the front of the couch.

I called customer service and sent them pictures twice and was advised that they have still not received them. I am completely upset and need for this to be taken care of asap.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Charge my bank acc with no authorization

My bank account was charged in the amount of $36.99 on 5/29/09. fortunately my bank system inform me of each transaction.

i do not know who great fun is or what business they manage but i did not authorize any transaction. they did not contact me, they just stole the money. i do not understand why after reading so many complaints about Great FUn stealing money from us they keep on doing business pretending that nothing happen.

where is the authority to close them or penalize them for their illegal transactions? how do they get our information?

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