Other Company in Saint Charles, Illinois - The Nigerian Laptop Computer

I named the many offers of "we will buy you a laptop for free!" emails as the Nigerian Laptop, as a group all inclusive.

Even though it was impossible for me to complete the process (just to find out how far it would go before I found out I would end up paying far too much) I got dumped by Readamerica Inc. for not having a LANDLINE PHONE.

Since then I have been flooded with other suckerseekers - all sent to me by the 'nigerian laptop offer'.

Never give these people your card information or any money at all, ever. Starve them out!

Before you fall for the free laptop, just remember that someone somewhere pays for it - and that someone has to be you at some point.

So for it to be 'business wise' for them, you end up paying as much as several thousand in shoddy junk to get a couple of hundred dollars in laptop - IF you can ever get through all the hurdles and then not have to sue them to get it sent to you!

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Other Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan - I Never Even Applied Here

I never even applied to this school and they are trying to say that I owe them money. It's on my credit report and I've tried to take care of it numerous times but it doesn't seem to go away.

I tried again today and I'll wait and see if I get anywhere. I think that it's a good idea for everyone to keep track of their credit report, because if I hadn't ever looked at mine I would never even know that it was there.

There has never been a bill, phone call from them, or email. I do not know how they got my information.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Refund $299.33 I'm not Pissed-I badly need a full refund because of a family crisis.

Christina==I am asking you for a full refund $299.33.I have to go to Alabama to take care of my mother.I do not know how long i will be gone.I will not have any time to work on this in any way.I am the only one to do this.Please forgive me if this not worded right.I need the money to fly. Shirley Miller 623-594-3538 UNIM Pin#055027 address: 1410 W.

Renee Dr. Phx.AZ 85027 Please refund my $299.33.

I will not be able to use this program. Thank you

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Other Company in Jamestown, Tennessee - Did not credit my credit card

I ordered your software with a 30 day money back guarantee only to download it did not fix computer, a technician had to repair it I emailed you and I called you (on hold 5 times for several minutes with no reply) asking for my refund 2 days after purchase.My credit card was supposed to be credited with the last 6 numbers being 872224.Please credit my card for the 34.90 that you charged me.I have notified mastercard to deny the charge and they advised me to notify you again and if no credit issued they would notify you.


Billy Scott

Jamestown, Tennessee
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Other Company in Plattsburgh, New York - Charged for something not ordered

I have been charged $16.95 for whatever (???) I am not sure for the past three months. I did not receive a card or anything else from you.

I did order The Firm and also a lot of other items to go with it, which I am returning. I was charged and paid for all three payments for the Firm That ended my dealings with them and what the other $19.95 and the $16.95 are for, I do not know or want.

Please cancel any further service charges. I live on SS and can not afford this.


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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Fraud

I am trying to find out the telephone number to your fruad Dept. Because I dont understand what happening with my account.

I was told that it would take 5 days to clear. When I went to the bank today I was told it's not clear yet. When I got back to my office. I call the 1-800 number and was told that my check was a fruad.

But I don't believe it because when I receive it I check with the BBB. Also I look up the phone number where the check was drawn from and there is a bank in San Franicsco CA.

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Other Company in Plano, Texas - Bad Customer Service

On May 22,2009, I went int your Houston store located on Aldine Mail Route and waited at least 35 mins for assistance. No one acknowledged or assisted me and when I asked for assistance I was told by the manager that there was another store in the Humble area.

After I left the store and went to the Humble store I was told by the Humble store that they could not sell me anything cause of my zip code. They were very Polite and curtious in the Humble store and apologized for the other store's poor customer service.

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Other Company in Harrisburg, Arkansas - Slow service,outrageous rates

It took 2 days for payment to clear bank but it took a month to post the money to my account. Then they doubled the rates with no warning.

Everytime I called ( only two hundred) I had to explain the whole ordeal to at least 3 different people and then the supervisor. Its all the darn computer screen!!! I wish there was another company to provide this service.

They will call and have an automated message reminding you a balance is 20 dollars or less, why couldnt they call and warn you about the rate increase?????????????????? ???????????????????????

I am really pissed about it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harrisburg, Arkansas
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Other Company in Albany, New York - Attitude and long wait

I purchased a shed for $968. the cashier was friendly and helpful.

Trying to get it loaded on the truck was a whole other story. The guy was nasty and a crappy attitude. Couldn't find a fork lift after 15 minutes he found one then he had to find the guy with the key to open the gate. Pulled the vehicle up and he shouted he would tell us where to park and then waited another 10 minutes for the guy with the key.

Guy with key apoligized for wait halfheartly. Won't make any big purchases there again.

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Other Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico - I did not join and I dont want to be billed for anything having to do with this .I allready have a c

scammmm!! I did not sign up but I have been billed I want any money thaat has been taken back in my account!!!!!

I just noticed they were trying and have been taking money from my account I dont know what they are or what they do, they do nothing for me. I had better get back any money that has been taken from me.I think they are pretty low to take advantage of people like they are Im not sure how they got my account nPlease watch who gets your personal infoumbers but they will not have access anymore!!!!

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