Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - They lied to me.

they lied. they told me they would work with me.

i explained my situation and they still cut me off. the worker was very rude. they are not willing to work with me. they rather not to get paid then work with the custumer.

i been with them over for years. it is not right. they way the ecomony is. they can not help to work with you.all they say pay your bill.if i hand the money i would pay bill.

thats common sense. but i do my best to pay.

and they still shut me off. thats unfair

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Oil change only, new car-it cost me 8,ooo.

I went in for an oil change and they said I needed a new set of brakes (never had a problem with my brakes), husband told me to fix whatever they say, wouldn't believe me, then car shut down in the fast lane coming to a skid , had to have it towed back, said it was my transmission (never had a problem with it) they said I needed to replace it, then broke muffler, broke everything, took 6 months towing and noticed them taking parts out of my car and putting it in an identical car, videotaped the 2 engines and cars side by side, email me for more info.

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Other Company in Alpharetta, Georgia - I thought I was just a 1 time thing but they where taking money from my credit card I didn't know

I didn't like what happen to me when I cam to play cards and gave them my card number. I just wanted to try it for 1 time only and they keeped taking money off my credit card with out me knowing about it but please stop using my card number thank you.

I would like to get my money back for what I didn't us and I would like to get an email letting me know about stoping it right away, or there will be action taking with my lawyer and your business. Can you please stop from Chris Butler

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Talked to me like I was ***

As with many people in this struggling economy I unfortunately have not been able to make the ridiculously high minimum payments on my accounts. I have asked for whatever help they can provide but wasn't provided an option that I could manage.

I have called to let them know 2 times that a phone number where they are trying to reach me is no longer a valid phone number. At one point I was left 8 phone messages in ONE day at that number.

Thankfully at that time it was a family member's number so they were able to pass on one of the eight messages. When I returned their phone call I was talked to like I was the *** of the earth.

I try and stay current on my bills and am not trying to just walk away from my debt. They spoke to me like I was an uneducated *** which I found completely rude and unnecessary.

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Other Company in New Brunswick, New Jersey - Donny Zinken (Phoenix Mngmt)vs.Tampa Fl.!!!

So... I go through training in the Middlesex, NJ office.. and was promised to be promoted out into my own office.. in which I was. The problem that lies here..is that your not told (once you get opened) is that your going to need a bank account with large amounts of money in it until your office is finally up and running. Now.. I don't doubt for a single minute that this business doesn't work..that has never been an issue in my mind..providing your Promoting Owner..which in my case..was Donny Zinken..tries to blow you out..even before you can really begin. It becomes pretty sad to know that he could send some of his people from Middlesex, NJ office..that will 'wink' 'wink' help you out with your office..only to discover that you must have been out sick the day that he taught the rest of the class his very skilled and crafted manipulation techniques..meaning.. 'go to Florida..go help me blow this sucker out of his office behind his back'! 'And remember... this is OUR little secret!'

I have to say that I'm actually very embarrased to call this man a Divisional..but must share the gory details with the general public.

At one time I had the utmost respect for this man..Donny Zinken.. I mean..being a Divisional and all.. I would have never in my wildest dreams expected not only him trying to blow out his own promotion (in Tampa, FL)..but when confronted on it.. used words, language and sentences on me that I myself would never even use on my worst enemy...oh..and by the way.. have I mentioned that Zinken is my worst enemy???

It's a promising pattern with these people.. YES..they are Genuine..they will open you up.. and YES..eventually will try to blow out too!..1..2 maybe 3 people (will blowout) from your office..depending on how many of you are running an office together (see.. 100% genuine)!

I just have to add.. like most.. I'm sure - that got to the point were I'm at..'trying' to run an office..and I'm sure like most..*** poor broke. I gave up my life for this Company. Moved myself out to Florida from New Jersey.. with a bottle and a dream..so far..the only thing by my side is the bottle.. I invested my life into this company..bottom line is it's just all about manipulation..who's the next 'sucker' to get the screw? If your not an a** kisser..you might as well let your bottles collect dust..and close your eyes and dream that this nightmare never happened!

So.. what I wasn't promised was to have all my merchandise taken away from my office..from what I understand that is illegal for this company... you are suppose to have merchandise 'free on consignment'..therefore this should warrant a lawsuit... when your merch is taken away.. how could you operate a business? I have a 2 yr. lease (in my name) no merchandise and a ton of bills to pay.. Please contact me if you have ever been in a similar position/situation with this company..or if you have ideas on how to help?? Please..please..please.. thank you!

Murat - 813-479-5407.

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Pre-pay and your orders get back ordered or cancelled, what a joke what happened to this company????

This company wants you to pre-pay everything now and then they canceled your order because they are sold out of your item, what happened to this company?????? They also make one person responsible for the total order and the customer service people don't have a clue about anything.They send everything in separate trips to enhance the shipping fees and create more of an expences on your behalf.I had ordered from them for two years and had been very satisfied with everything until this last order about one month ago when just about everything was canceled. I hope someone else has better luck with them.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Harassing debtors

I would like to file a complaint on all the harassing debtors I have to deal with on a daily bases. This is a very wide and well diverse group of people.

I mean it goes anywhere from the people who have 400 syllables in their name and then they get pissed when you cannot pronounce their name. Example mohammed akfugahstainer I mean shortened your name and we wouldnt have that problem. Then theres the losers who call in and ask you to perform sexual favors for them. Another group I really love (sarcasm) is the ones who call into say they are not paying their bill the n when you ask for logical educated explanation you get because I dont feel like it.

And theres the ones who call in and all they do is breath it is like say something *** or I am ending call. If you are not paying anything do the world a favour and dont call.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Costumer cervice dont know their head from az.

6 months to review a loan mod, i follow up every 2 weeks they claim file is in review. now after 6 months they say i need to send them a complete pk, something that never happens with other banks.

i work loan mods every day and thats why i know. somebody needs to overview the supervisor. or the domaz behind this. plus they give extencions (5 total) on sale dates like they realy work on their files..

jaja talk about wasting money. classic from litton!! poor investors don't know who their dealing with. stupidest bank!!

i hope investors read this and pay more attention to their investment with this servicer. dont need to believe me just check your files.

loan mods
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Scam Datesite/ Hornymatches.com

I recently got on the *** matches.com site. I to must of e-mailed a hundred women in a two month period, and not one response.

I Urge you men out there to Not get on this site. Your better off meeting an old hag at a bar, than what this site says it has to offer. I would get winks from women, on the site and would respond to the winks, and at no time did I get a response.

I am dissapointed with this site and hope that in the future they honor what they say they. I got Suckered.




I was on this site too for about 6 mos. Contacted by tons of flirts when I was a free member but once I joined it all stopped.

Never was responded too nor met anyone on this site. Finally read the fine print and it states it is for amusement only and that most of these women just post their picture but dont actually represent a "dating eligable" person. Alot are Cam girls stills..

Yes it is a rip off. As For being Ugly that does not matter dude, who ever said that is rude and imature..


Yeah that sux badly.

Just put up a bogus profile and see if you get any winks to really test it.


dam Jeff that was ice cold............ dude go out and meet women...

i promise, it will work. with time young grasshopper with time.

P.s. "never love the woman just the moments"(drake).

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Broadstripe - no Quality of Service

The company can't provide consistent HD television to any DVR (theirs or a Tivo) in my home. We wait over 10 days for a tech to come to the house, and do without.

Yet we pay them in advance for services. We lost Internet several days later, and normally can reset the router to recover an IP for the home network. After no success with the reset, we called (20 rings to get to IVR and then hold in ***) and they told us they had no outage and will just add it to our repair ticket for the HD technical problem, although they are unrelated, we jumped the *** because the tech was already scheduled. So no HD for 10 days, and no Internet for 5 days.

And no credit for non service till they come out. They hold our money, don't deliver service in any timely fashion, and don't care to have quality product.


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NOT IMPRESSED with Broadstrip cable service, but it is the the only one in our area, so we have no choice. (except going with out)

They do not list a menu on the tv screen.

When one goes to website, Broadstripe.net the chanel listing will not print.

Calling the company they also could not get it to print. But they said they would mail a hard copy.

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