Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Stop the charges.

Please stop taking $1.00 from my checking account or i will put a hold on the account. Beings i cannot reach you by phone please contact me at 609-330-4025 cell.

I don,t know how this has happen that you have got access to my checking account but it needs to stop because I am out of work and cannot afford any fees draining my funds.

My e-mail is sparkagator@yahoo.com if you cannot reach me by phone.That is all i have to say for now until someone will contact me to discuss this matter. Thank you John g.

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i moved from California o Mississippi ad had the give e a quote. theirs sounded the best Until they got the deposit their movers showed up a week late, the charged me extra for packing.

Then overcharged me for the storing when they were supposed to send out the shipment. They held it in Sacramento for over 2 months, the whe I finally had enough the brought itto Ms.

Then upo bringing it here the completely destroyed my brad new TV I just bought also they put a hole in the bookcase headboard, shatered allglass shelving in the curio cabinates. Now they wont retr ay phone calls at all.




I am deeply sadden, frustrated, angry, and ultimately pissed off with Expediant Van Lines, Chatsworth, CA. All phone numbers have been disconnected. I hired this company last year to move my things from CA to Dallas and back to CA. They have my things in storage which I have faithfully paid $60.00 every month. However, now they have disappeared and along with my belongings.

Does anyone have a number for this company or did they close only to reopen under another name. I just want to get my belongings.


Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #61418

My 6 year old daughter can write better than you. You're an ***.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Beware and listen to what they say about shipping!

Was going to purchase until I talked to a rep. Was told it was 39.95 + S/H for the top only.

I said there was a free offer for bottoms and that I could get another set for free, just pay S/H.

She stated S/H was for each piece. I explained in the commercial, it was infered that it would be S/H per set.

You may think your getting 200.00 of merchandise for only 80.00, but really your paying for that second set, per the S/H charges. Deception is what I would infere.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Bad Policies, false advertising, ridiculously high fees

I was surprised to see a monthly statement requiring an installment when the deal offered when we purchased our new dryer was 6 months same as cash. I thought I would have been able to wait till I had the entire amount in 60 days and just send it in at once.

Then I see on the statement make the installment payment they charge you a monthly LATE fee of 39.99.

So I mailed my next installment payment in an amount over what they required 7 days before it was due. They did not post that payment until the DAY AFTER THE DUE DATE so they charged a late fee. I fed exed my next and final payment for the entire balance.

I know they have had my money order for more than 24 hours and they STILL have not posted the payment. Can I charge a late fee?

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - This company does need to be in business.

I had a previously used/leased refrigerator delivered to me. The ice dispenser wasn't working.

I made several requests for them to come out and repair it. All I kept getting from the website was automated responses. To this day, a month later. No one has come to repair it.

They took my $80 and ran with it. They wanted to charge me a total of $750 or so dollars for this piece of junk. If you need a cheap refrigerator or appliance, look on sites like craigslist. Don't rent from them at all.

I have told them to pick up their ***.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Cheated on my chicken order

I ordered 10 pieces of chicken with a $7.99 coupon. We had a guest for dinner and when my husband got home there were only eight pieces of chicken.

I called the Bridegview Il.

store and was told all they could do was give us a 2 piece chicken credit, which didn't help at the time. This is not the first time we have had problems with this franchise.

It seems that there is little or no supervision at this franchise.

When I called about the error, there was little concern showed, and a lot of laughing and talking going on. This is a holiday, and I would think more concern would be placed on the orders.

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Other Company in New Baltimore, Michigan - Didn't deliver my package

since my apt number wasnt available,they would'nt redeliver my package. And said i had to drive miles away to pick it up at a much later time.

Including the fact that they still charged me for next day service.... Why couldn't they just redeliver my package at the correct address which i gave them,this would of been more convienant for everyone. Instead they said if i dont pick it up,they were going to send the package back to the manufacture. This is wrong, And i will never use your services again.

Poor Customer Service. Shame on you

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - They lied to me.

they lied. they told me they would work with me.

i explained my situation and they still cut me off. the worker was very rude. they are not willing to work with me. they rather not to get paid then work with the custumer.

i been with them over for years. it is not right. they way the ecomony is. they can not help to work with you.all they say pay your bill.if i hand the money i would pay bill.

thats common sense. but i do my best to pay.

and they still shut me off. thats unfair

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Oil change only, new car-it cost me 8,ooo.

I went in for an oil change and they said I needed a new set of brakes (never had a problem with my brakes), husband told me to fix whatever they say, wouldn't believe me, then car shut down in the fast lane coming to a skid , had to have it towed back, said it was my transmission (never had a problem with it) they said I needed to replace it, then broke muffler, broke everything, took 6 months towing and noticed them taking parts out of my car and putting it in an identical car, videotaped the 2 engines and cars side by side, email me for more info.

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Other Company in Alpharetta, Georgia - I thought I was just a 1 time thing but they where taking money from my credit card I didn't know

I didn't like what happen to me when I cam to play cards and gave them my card number. I just wanted to try it for 1 time only and they keeped taking money off my credit card with out me knowing about it but please stop using my card number thank you.

I would like to get my money back for what I didn't us and I would like to get an email letting me know about stoping it right away, or there will be action taking with my lawyer and your business. Can you please stop from Chris Butler

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