I called to let them know my payment would be late

Please let me know why I got a nasty letter from your company when I called to let them know I was going to be late, I am a good customer and feel like I should just return all three items and close all three accounts and let the customers that I have sent know how you treat people who think they are good customers

Tonia Lee 443-743-8088

note I called and spoke with your rep to let them know that my payment would be late and that I would catch up next week I pay weekly and always call if there is a problem even though I am paying to much for all three accounts I do know you provide a service to people that have bad credit but after my divorce I used your company to get started again and this is how I am being treated why I ask....


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Once a dead beat always a deadbeat...

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Other Company in Pearl River, Louisiana - I've recived a second phone through the mail from you and it doesnt work worth a ***!l

I was having problems with my first phone then I called you,You sent me another phone It, doesn't hold but 20 of my missed calls when my other phone held all the calls I may have missed,and I work on the computer all the time,and have to submit my phone number on occation and when I use my number it is continually telling me my phone is invalid I don't understand this! If this can't be resovled I my have to get a different phone. And to be honest with you up untill now I was happy with with your product,and I'm unemployed at this time I work on my phone and computer I can't afford another phone at this time so if this one continues not to work right I can't make the Little Living I am able to have!

So Please,Help me with this problem. Thank You.

Pearl River, Louisiana
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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Try to close a home with these people!

I am a Realtor who wrote a cash offer on June 14,2009. Now it is Aug.

4 and we still haven't closed. I guess they got their bail out money and don't have to work with the common people anymore. My lady is heartbroken if we don't close by tomorrow we are walking.

The other agent has no responds from the guy who is "suppose" to be helping get this done.

You would think they would want these homes off their books asap. But maybe they have different plans for the homes.

Who knows anymore?

We need companies that want to work with us Realtors and maybe the economy wouldn't be in the shape that the home market is in now.

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Other Company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania - The contest to win $2500 gift card is soooo bogus!

I tried several times to try, that's right try to get into any of the websites to register to win the $2500 gift card & couldn't. I know many others who couldn't enter it either!

We shop there quite often & I will never enter another contest. I very rarely do, now I know why, they are bogus. They don't exist. Who wants to call the 800 #, not me.

The person on the other end probably would be offended as I don't speak Mid Eastern or Chinese, so what's the point? Thanks for letting me vent!


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Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #64658

You don't speak "Mid Eastern or Chinese"? Apparently you aren't that well versed in English either.

You don't even mention which websites or the company you are complaining about, ***! You racist f**k.

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I say class action lawsuit!

I have been reading these complaints and I am getting so pissed. I too have been sent into foreclosure trying to do a loan modification.

After we gave them more than $5000 to get us out of foreclosure they said we were still 2 payments behind because they had to pay lawyer fees. For what!? Something they screwed up! This just boils my blood.

I will fight for my money back. Someone has to do something. They will continue to do this to everyone else until they are stopped! Class action lawsuit!

Any lawyers out there?

Point me in the right direction! I am ready to fight!!!!!!


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My pissed consumer complaint is at IndyMac Bank!! I'm sure there are tens of thousands of you out there getting screwed by IndyMac bank! Where is Obama when you need him?

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Harrassment for someone else !!

I have received 2 harassing calls in the last week for my husband's ex-wife (divorced 12 years ago) She has been married numerous times since, and has never lived in this town, and the phone number has been mine since 1975...What can I do about it..the ladu this tim eon the phone was a bbbbeeeacccchhhh.

I told the first dude this had never been her number, and they haven't been married in 12 years, and told him his compnay is to never call me again....

Please tell me how to stop these calls ! Help....we pay our bills, I looked her up on the internet, she does not !


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First of all learn how to spell and to use common grammar. I can't understand a single word you are saying and it makes no sense.

Great another louzy "tourettes" charged article that makes NO sense.

Can someone tell me how to delte this article because it's junk! - Thank you :(
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Other Company in New York, New York - Thyve hurt my sister financially, they may be unreachable but not untouchable.

not till i find out more about these rat bastards.theve somehow screwed up her morgage.tthey sound like there hard to find ill do because now theyve pissed me off.call your congressman and notify them about this dont expect much they are not to brite, but tell themyour voting for the other guy this fall.more info needs to shared by people getting screwed by these people apparently no one has every been helped in a litgit way.the president whats to help people in home trouble this could be his best commitment and public exposesure to weedind th this cout these crooks.madoff was stealing from church poor boxes compared with this company.

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Other Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan - I can't get into my account and check it anymore

i'm having trouble getting into my account to checkon it. you have changed it again.online banking was easy before now you have screwed it up again.this number of words is reduiculous i can not figure on how to say that much.

also you closing our bank is also a bunch of bull.

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Your add is blocking messaging. get rid of it.

why in the world would you block use of the site by forcing the "featured member" add. are you that hard up for $$$?

quite blocking or i quite...

so what is happening, when someone wants to message, or i want to message them, etc. when i go to email, the add comes up and now way to block or go around it. this simply stops the use of this site.

i highly recomment you get rid of it, find a default around it so messaging can be use and fire the jirk that installed it in that manor. plus the guy that approved its use this way.

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I want to complain about 10- 15 phone calls from your staff each day during the last 2 weeks.

These calls were in regard to a 43.00 payment. I called back then the *** wanted me to give my SS number, birthday, mother maiden name and my account number.

This is not any way to handle business - I am not giving out personal information - to someone that sounded like in foreign country and has no right to harass someone over this amount. I have written a litter to Salinas CA - is that your headquarters?? to complain COMPLAIN about this. Customer in Virginia - pissed off yes.

More words - you do not want to hear more words about this - am so angry.

Think it is against the law to continually phone someone this often over such a *** thing. Is that 100 words??


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Simpson, England, United Kingdom #63430
Here is a thought
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