Other Company in Abilene, Texas - Shure are a bunch of *** sucks here you get what you pay for!!!

shure are a bunch of *** sucks here you get what you pay for its like buying a gm product you pay for a aveo you get pile of junk but you buya caddilac you get somthing nice that last longer so just becuase you the cheapest ashley sofa and love seat does not mean it will last forever yall people need to understand that like all other furniture companies the make a low quality arrortable piece of furniture that s priced low because why??? the quality so next time dont be cheap and buy the caddilac and you will be happy!!

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Did not answer any of my calls.

I tried to call back and talk to Logan. I was telling him that I had decided not to do this dealership job and was requesting my money back.

I had also told him that this was not going to work out for me.

I would like some answers back soon as possible. This has been going on for almost three months. I have been calling for just about three months with no reply.

I also have been calling everyday with no result.

I would like something done about this.

This will get reported if no action is taking. Thank you.

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Other Company in Corvallis, Oregon - You took my points 30,000 of them

we have been a customer for years and have built a lot of miles. We have only tried to use them once and didn't have enough to do what we wanted.

We tried to fnd out how to use them and found YOU had taken our points. We should have had over 100,000 points but found we had 54002 today.

We earned them and I am so mad that it was for no purpose.

YOUR POLICY sucks, you are theives.

Just two months ago we lost the 30,000 points. This is very maddening

I hate your automated system also, you really like to talk to customers??!!!


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Telemarketing calls to cell phone on the Do Not Call list

Operators calling cell phone on the Do Not Call List. Then calling 5 times within 8 hour period after being told that NCO had a wrong number.

Called Supervisor and was told it takes 48 hours to remove the name from the call list.

*** companies that invade others privacy should be taxed at a higher rate.

Hopefully this company with go under like some of their counterparts.

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This is infuriating - I have now taken to listening to the whole message, pressing the button that allows me to speak to an operator and then ask the name of the company - it is always ACCOUNT SERVICES. When I mention I'm on a do not call list, they hang up!

They are burning up my cell phone minutes and I am quite angry about this - with two young children I have to pick up the phone when it rings just in case there is a change of plans or some other occurrence. WHAT TO DO!!!

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Other Company in Shell Knob, Missouri - Will not give payoff amount

Statement says to call for payoff on loan, and when you call they tell you that you have to fax a request to them.

Don't they know that most people do not have a fax machine?

This company is a joke and I would never do business with them again.

The people running their offices are not really qualified to run this type of a business.

I would not reccomend their company to anyone. Dealing with them is like dealing with a 3 yr old.

And now they want me to have at least 100 words to tell them why I am pissed.

Shell Knob, Missouri
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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Paid off or not

I had a loan with one click cash that i believe i paid off a year ago, now they are saying that i still owe over $400 dollars. I did not keep the payment receipt this long. Can I fight the payment they say I owe. Has anyone else had this problem with this company?

I am supposed to make a payment on August 21 of $50. After that three more $50 dollar payments then two payments of $147.50.

If i keep paying $50 can they move to the next level which they have not explained to me or do they have to take the payments?

Any help is appreciated.

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Other Company in Pensacola, Florida - Dropping calls from three way calling!! i dont have it!!!

I keep having my calls dropped due to them saying no third call party aloud... i dont even have three way calling..

I am out here with our nine year old son trying to make it on my own while my husband is incarcerated. And i cant afford anything but basic service. i have even mailed in a bill proving that.. have i got my money back?

no.......... They take advantage of people in time of need. They know we have no other company to go through... Its wrong and they need to be regulated by the government so that they cant do these things to people.

I struggle enough without them doing this to me.

Now I struggle even more to pay my phone bill. If I dont then my husband cant call back...

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Michellewilsn@gmail.com on craigslist

My daughter was shopping for a car on Craigslist.org. She found the one she wanted and opened communication.It was a 2006 Nissan Maxima. Excellent condition and was asking 3800.00 for it.I took the time to go to the Kelly Blue Book site to see what it really was worth. Come to find out it was retailing at 16k. I told m,y daughter it was not a good idea,but she proceeded to purchase the vehicle anyway.She sent the money by moneygram and has not seen the car or heard from the owner.I have all the exchanged emails including the fake ebay confirmation

So I did a little research on michellewilsn@gmail.com, this is the sellers email address.Searched for hours 15 to be exact.Found a lot of posts of complaints on this person.

From Michelle wilson Wed Aug 5 18:11:03 2009 X-Apparently-T

Return-Path: X-YMailISG:

X-Originating-IP: []

Received: from

From: Michelle wilson

X-Originating-IP: []

-Originating-IP: []

If you run some of the IP Addresses this is what you find

Address: 1600 Amphitheater Parkway

City: Mountain View

Lookup IP Information

IP Information -




not smart never send money threw western union or money gram or anywere period i see this everyday the nigerian scammers they take of advantage of ppl all the time truth is either you have cash in hand or no deal craigslist is suppose to be buy local not from some other country


Have you all never made a mistake before. I don't care if you think it's bull or not.

She made a mistake. Must be nice to be perfect .

wut the? i can't wright the word "str*pper" on here. taths what i ment :)

i wud agree. for a child woh "didn't know better" and is young, having 3000 bucks at that age makes know sense.

Is she a *** err something? i think this story is bull


Why would your daughter send a money gram of $3000+ dollars over Craigslist?!!??? That is just idiotic and careless. Other than that, the story should have stopped there cause the rest is history!


I know bd,she's just a kid that didn't know better. She is a kind and trusting person but all that has changed.


100% of gmail.com on craigslist is a scam. and your daughter can't read eaither because craigslist.org has it posted that never send money grams-money orders to any sellers because it's a scam

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*** customers

I am a clerk at a grocery store and never before have I been so irritated and disgusted by people. People like to think that they are always correct, even when they make mistakes they refuse to accept it.

People cant even read right these days. 10 items or fewer MEANS 10 ITEMS OR FEWER! People need to learn to read the coupons. People need to not expect the grocery store to have rolls of quarters to sell.

We sell food, it is not a bank! How would you feel with getting ninety nine cents back with no quarters because we had to sell all of them to people who are too lazy to go to the bank?




I agree with the OP. Most customers are fine, but others are so picky and inconsiderate that it's ridiculous.

Some, it seems, woke up one day and decided to complain.

Workers risk their sanity every day trying to be nice to customers who won't even be the slightest bit civil. Customer service does not mean kiss the customer's butt and wipe it, too.

Usually, I have a bit more tact when expressing my thoughts, That is my reply to jBIZZy, nothing wrong with a bit of class when expressing ones self, KUDOS! but i figure the name of this vent site Pissed consumer, NOT PISSED OFF GETTING PAID TO HANDLE CUSTOMERS FOR A LIVING AND I HATE THEM!
web site, I myself worked in the grocery business for many years, if you can't handle everyday people with out thinking about going postal. find a new line of work,
prison guard might be to your liking,nothing wrong with prison guards, and customer service is not a needed skill.
Now if you were to diss some of your co-workers i may understand, there are a bunch of good clerks who are thoughtful and friendly to customers and fellow employees, and then there are the complaining, backstabbing on their knees "and i am not talking about the night crew" types, and they are at every store i have ever been at, who make work miserable for the rest. they usually bot not always make it to asst manager, never store manager mind you. store managers need to go the EXTRA MILE. and that takes a kind of special talent. If your lucky to get a regular ol Joe for a store manager, that is good but they don't last. how did i get so far into this just making a reply. put in my 99cents worth. :zzz

Wow....*** customers? How *** of them to expect someone who bags groceries for a living to think.

*** those customers that want customer service.


Listen sonny, we can buy groceries anywhere, you, yes you, have to give me a reason to shop at your store. I can assure you calling me an *** won't be a reason to return regardless of what questions or mistakes I make.

Novelda, Valencia, Spain #66710

lol at gjitty comment. hey, one of those customers might work somewhere where you go all the time, and i'm sure they say the same thing about you.

Why can't anybody just be nice these days?? i'm sure the customers are annoying but that's most likely because you have extensive knowledge on how the store is supposed to work, and obviously they don't because they don't work there.


Well if not for those idiots who would be paying your bills ***!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - U have no rights in usa

did u know that you can get charged for a crime and never even have talked or interrigated by a police officer at all?? no statement ever...

well it happened to me in florida... i found out im being charged with a crime by being served a court document..

yes this is the usa.......

did u know that assault is verbal and battery is hitting???

so basically anyone can tell the police anything and never talk to u and u be charged for a crime and u have to hire a attorney...

i got screwed..................................

is this a third world country do we have rights

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