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I cannot search for anything on your site, you have no search engine on your online site. So their for I cannot search for stuff and have to drive all the way across town to see if you carry what I am looking for and how much it is and waist time money and gas to find out you do not have it or it is too high priced.

I am forced to shop elsewhere for my stuff and you are loosing buisnes this way. you might want to think about putting a search engine on here.

Thank you,

Mike Lee..


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OK look on top below form button!

Oh now you see it! it said's "search" Just type it in and it looks for stuff, I guess that what you mean? if not oh well!

  • Mike Lee
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Makes false promises

First off, they make you enter your billing information first. Then, they ask you if you want this or that and without you further reviewing what you have added to your cart, then at the end, your order went from $100 to $200 paid already.

However, before they let you review the total price, they ask that you if you want to speed up the processing of the order so you don't cancel. On top of that, they promised free upgrade to Next Day Air. When I say they promised, they PROMISED by giving you a whole page that clearly states that they are giving that service to you for free so I agreed.

It took them 3 business days which means that they really didn't put my order as a priority like they promised and then they shipped it out on the 3rd business day.

They gave me the tracking number after they shipped it and then I found that it won't be delivered to me for 4 business days. 6 including weekends. WHAT THE ***? I hate being lied to especially when they promised it and was adamant about it.

I understood that they might not be able to offer it but why promise it to me in the first place? It's even stated on my frigging order: Next Day Shipping: Free. But look at the shipping fee: $60 for the oven, and $29.90 for shipping you a "free" pizza kit. So I paid over $80 in shipping?!

This company is officially a scam. This is a big load of excreted lipids like how they boast about leaving off fat from the food they cook.

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Other Company in London, England - Failed to deliver, or refundmoney paid in june

Perfume emporium, I ordered and paid for two aftershaves on 19th June when neither arrived asked for money back,I keep being fobbed off with excuses What a mug I should have looked at the review of this firm before ordering anything,its a scam steer clear of them. First they said it was the post office, then they would send a they are saying it will take a further 65 days to resolve the matter.

The aftershaves were not cheap Ive lost about £60. not as much as some but these people have to be stopped.mug

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Other Company in Rockford, Illinois - Tryed to tell me that i broke this bracket..not

three years ago i installed a Quick-Rail,made by Dixie-Pacific,a bottom bracket is cracked,I took it to the store for a replacement part and they wanted to sell me a replacement kit for $56.00..according to the warranty that i have Dixie-Pacific would replace it for as long as i own this home...The problem is Dixie doesn't make it anymore,Sypon does..The bracket i need has changed style,now what do i do???/change all the brackets..The clerk at the Dubuque store is a real ***!!!!!!!!!He told me that i broke that bracket,this railing is over 16 feet from the ground up and it is the outside of the bracket that is broken,i sure wasn't pushing on it from the outside. (

david e harwick
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Other Company in Amherst, Massachusetts - They threathened me to place a body attatchment arrest me at my home

To everyone out there,I have been out of work for two years I look on every single news paper & web site high and low,when I became pregnant I found out my drug exposed children's therapeutic program's were being closed down and no more funding ! I have every single rejection letter 142 to be exact on unemployment for 1 year.

I have have only 12 interviews if I was lucky, and I have ton of experience in "Early Childhood and Social Services not too many have called for interviews,nor have I found anything that succeeded over 30 hours of work I specifically need 40 or more like my old job (which paid a great salary and covered daycare expences and my home)Nepetism is so high too.

Seriously,I can't $#@ing find anything to pay my expenses including the threats of van roo from college I'm am consulting with our Connecticut's States Attorney General Bloomenthol check your area) they are not supposed to threatenyouwhen I told them to go ahead do what you have to do take me to court or garnish my husbands wages garnish my she dodn't know what to say except for body attachment ..they try to make a commission on threats!

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Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - Open accounts in my name I didn't apply for

This company has open 2 accounts in my name that I didn't not apply for. The 2nd account they put my name on a joint account with a female.

I have written the company along with the account holder several letters requesting that I be removed from the account. There response to the account holder was they cannot locate her original application.I have been dealing with this over a year.They have yet to responed to me concerning the issue. Being forced to hire an attorney.

This company has also forwarded false information to credit report agencys. I would never recommend this company to anyone

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Would you have the same thought if it were you

I am new to the web site and really glad I happened upon it. It is unkind to tell a consumer that it is silly , or call them ANY name because they did not receive what they paid for.

Bottem have a right to be waited on, Not treated like you are invisable, you have a right to get what is promised, after all if you still owe, or owed, for it they would be after you.

They would not have a job if it was not for consumers, and that is what they are there for, so SHUT Up and do your job, and as for you name callers, you are usually always the ones who make a big scene when you have been wronged.

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Other Company in Coatesville, Pennsylvania - I was disapointed

the store manager was rude and sounded like she didn't have a care for the employee's feelings at all yelled at them in front of me and my children. she scared my child.

if your store managers are all like that i feel sorry for other people who go in there to shop. the store was the Angola Indiana store. I sure hope you in the future pay attention to your choice of managers there. i was not pleased with the professionalism with this one she was short and believe the name was Deena or something like that.

thank you.

doubt anything will be done about that mater. I sure wont go back there when i visit my family.

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Other Company in Jewett City, Connecticut - They spilled oil in my basement too.

Last winter their driver spilled oil in my basement too. He overfilled both of my 275 gallon tanks.

Which caused the oil to spray all over my siding and on the ground, which was obvious due to the snow on the ground. I went into the basement and underneath both tanks it was all down the side of the tanks, and underneath. I bought some kitty litter to try to soak it up until someone could come out and take care of the problem. I called and left a message with the receptionist.

Nobody called. I put in many calls over several days. Finally I phoned my lawyer, this got their attention real fast. Fred the manager called and whined about getting my lawyer involved.

He was rude, rude, rude. I kept my cool, decided to be the professional one about it. He had excuses like we are so short on drivers, don't have time to get to everybody due to the cold winter. Truly I don't care that they are short staffed.

He did a *** poor job cleaning it up.

In the end I scrubbed everything myself, dug up the contaminated dirt and scrubbed down the siding on the house.

I don't trust this oil company, and never plan on using them ever again, and I make darn sure to let anyone I come into contact with to not use them, or I too will hear their horror story.

Jewett City, Connecticut
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Other Company in Kansas City, Missouri - Ripped me off!!! I lost $500 which I had to borrow.

I thought this was a good honest american co. They are rip-off artists to the MAX.

I hope with all of us together we can take this giant down. I hope the *** whose co. this is dies and goes straight to ***. I lost $500 in a matter of seconds.

I wasn't even aware that they had charged my credit card until one week later. They approved me in one day which should have sent up a RED FLAG!!! But no, I trusted them.

Can anybody out there help us?? I am retired and on SS too

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