Washer and dryer repair

I would like to speak with a manager in referance to your repair service. I have been a customer for over 18 yrs I purchused a front load washer and dryer and both machines let go the dryer because thay did not wire it right in the back and the washer would not spin so it got sent out it was redelivered today and still thay are not working and the set thay sent as a replacement was junk this has nothing to do with the store this has to do with the corprate office with who thay have repair the machines at this point i am just about to report rac to bbb this is the 2nd time with these machines i am not impressed and at this time i will only except new ones in a box it is always when the warenty is just about over when your appliances let go something needs to be done about this

Sincerely Nancy Sherman


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They come out and fix ares at the house

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Telephone line lying on top of the ground

A few months ago we had trouble with our land line telephone and called the company to get it fixed. A service technician (Glenn Fuller) came to correct the problem. He could not fix it at that time because he thought that it might be in the buried line between the house and the box at the road. WE tried to find the line but no luck so he came back and layed a new line on top of the ground so that we would have service and said that it would be buried very soon. The line is still not buried and winter is coming and it is hard to mow around this line.

Rick Morrison

86998 245th St

Albert lea, MN 56007



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Call them.I worked on a crew that was all they do.The other guy was to get you service as soon as possible.They were to put you on a list to have it buried.Sometimes the paper work .Just call so they can list you.

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Know Your Ememy before you go to a Timeshare Presentation.

The Timeshare Business is falling apart.Sales are so far down that the big companies and small compaines in the timeshare bussiness can barely give their weeks away.

Their Scams have finally caught up with them.

Now they are trying to transform and represent themselves as vacation clubs.If you purchase a Vacation Club package from a timeshare company you paid way to much.

There are several ligidiment companies other than timeshare companies that can sell vacation packages for a reasonable price.

But like everything now days BUYER BEWARE. Research before you buy.

For further information and a copy of the timeshares internal information about selling contact me at jcholloway@embarqmail.com





Timeshares are going to be the slums of the future.

You can see how the Timeshare Industry is falling apart. Lack of revenue coming in will create less appealing properties.

The Timeshare companies will not be able to afford the up keep of these properties.

Best advise is stay away from timeshare.

There are plenty of horror stories to back my statements up.


Yes, and don't leave anyting in your car when the valet at Hilton Grand Resort in Las Vegas, parks your car.

They stole my Blackberry...it should NOT have happened in a place like this even though I was *** to leave it in the car?

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Other Company in Kerrville, Texas - Very rude and has very bad atatuid towards custmers

One of your employes is abusing her discount card for people . I have also heard this person Glendora Gaffney at store 1560 in Kerrville, Tx. She is also been abusive towards other workers in the store at times . I saw her

sling a bottle of water past a worker named Janee. This was a few mo. ago.

But sence then she has had this attatuid with people more towards Mexican

people . I dont go into that store anymore becouse she is rude and has very bad breath that smells like a dead animal .She also trys hitting on men. Thanks

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Left in the rain outside terminal

my brother left tn. to start a so called new job in atl ga. he has been stuck up at the terminal 4awhile outside in this freaking flood wating to get on the bus back to his hotel that is just 5 min away and not one person asked if he needed a ride to the hotel instead left 4 other guys ther outside and the bus might not even show up no food or even a blanket what a bunch of bull.dont go to through this company it is a bunch of lies lies lies hopefully we can get him back home

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Other Company in Fresno, California - Calls 18 times a day after telling them when I would pay before 30 days late

I am late with my payment but not 30 days late. I get harassed continuously on my phone up to 18 times a day.

I nicely explain that as always I will manage to get the payment in before 30 days late even if I have to borrow it.Some months I get it paid on my own or at least partial. I'm self employed and my income varies.

I was told by one caller that I should just turn my car in. I truly believe Chrysler would rather me be late than default all together.Am I wrong?

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Other Company in Maplewood, New Jersey - How to STOP debt collectors from calling

Ignoring debt collectors won't stop them from calling you and harassing you. If they can't reach you, they will be calling your family and relatives, friends, ex lovers and spouses and ever your employers. The goal is to embarrass you enough to call them back.

There is only one way you can stop them - write a Cease & Desist letter to the deb collector. Once you send them such letter they are prohibited by law from further contact. If they violate your request, you can report them to the FTC and your state's Attorney General's office.

That's your right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and you can execute it at any time. Learn about it and apply it.

And trust me - it works! I have sent C & D letters to half a dozen debt collectors and I have not heard from them ever since.

Please note - even though C & D letter will stop debt collectors' calls it won't prevent them from suing you if that's what they want to do. You still owe them money and they can go after you in court.

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Other Company in Tallahassee, Florida - Why do we have to suffer!!!!!!!!!!

See I thought at first they were good. I got hurt back in January I was out of work for a month so i can get in to see the ortho.

OK well I saw him he pretty much went back and forth about what was wrong with my knee. He put me back to work thank god for that because they then said 5 months later they did not pay right took money back. Well I have been waiting for another doctor after having a surgery that well did not go well. I am still waiting in lots of pain and working back full duty.

I just don't think it is right that we should have to suffer!!!

I am so tired of waiting I wanna be better, I want everyone suffering to be better!!!!!!! I think something should be done

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Other Company in Tallahassee, Florida - Fruaduant sellers

I Offer offers no help to buyers that have been taken.

They will not respond to e mails.

seller is a fraud. Pay Pal offers little help.

Don't be taken!!

A person thinks if they use pay pal they have some coverage, it takes 30 days and they don't seem to care. Can anything be done about this injustice on internet.

Seller dnnnwxt 163 did not fulfill promise after I gave positive rating

He will not send refund as promised.

beware of I offer and dnddwxt163. I am very upset that I have been treated this way with no protection from anyone. Can someone please help

vicki rabon hacker
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I just was summins to court for your card

I don't remember ever signing up for your card or receiving any bills for it.

Then one day I started getting collectors calling and they would not tell me who they were collecting for after many of these call es I started to ignore them. Then When I got my first notice in the mail you were taking me to court I still was not told who was taking me to court so I sent a certified letter to the company asking who you were and if I could get a copy of the bill's that I didn't remember having any outstanding credit card that were not paid off. That after I got a copy if it was one of mine I had no problem paying for it I just wanted to make sure that it was not a fraud account. There reply to me was I would find out-in court.

Well that didn't settle well with me at all because I was trying to be polite. Well now that I ignored the court date now they sent out a summons and a bail of 300.00 now with your name on it. So I e-mailed the attorney's office asking again for a copy of my bill and asked if she could call me before court so we could work something out. Very rudely she called me back and I tried to explain why I ignored the first court date and she was very cocky and short with me and still refused to get me a copy. I did go to court to day and we settled but if you don't mind would you please send me a copy since now you are payed. I would really appreciate it very much. When you send me a reply I will then give you the account info. I have.

Thank You,

Lisa Allen




Summins sounds fishy


Who is this directed at? What is the name of the company? Is this a copy of a letter to them, without the header?

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