Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Harassment

they called all of my parents neighbors and told them i was wanted and that they were with the FBI and i was a fugitive and they could be arrested if they didn't tell them where i was at and told my 80 year old parents they were bad people for raising me and threatened them with violence and called me and told me they would beat me down and come to where i was at and put me in check i just laughed at them they were with rapid recovery we filed complaints with the attorney generals office and with the FBI and i filed two police reports and i recorded everything they said

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - Non working turntable

On 8/20/09 I ordered a turntable confirmation #179250096058.

It arrived and did not work, so I shipped it back.

You received it on 9/11/09 at 9:37 a.m. at the dock signed by F.Fence.

I adked for a replacement and have heard nothing...please let me know what is happening.

If the item is not available, then I request a refund of $98.80.

I'd also like a refund for the cost of the return postage of $16.50.

Thank you for all your help with my problem.

(520) 749-1250 or email reh1928@q.com

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Other Company - Hello

Hello,i am martin,i live in birmingham,i bought a ticket to travel to china next month but from the look of my schedule i can make it then,is is possible i return the ticket and ask for refund of the money and if not what else can i do about it?i bought the ticket from agent but then this is my first time of using the airline so i dont really know how it works please tell me,you could write me on my id at,martindioxin@yahoo.co.uk,hope to hear from you soon.


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Other Company in King City, California - Refused to refund my money after i became seriously ill

aurora brooks I have not been able to get my money back after they were informed of my health problems. I was in a accident and was injured and became very sick with diferent health issues.

I explain to them that I would not be able to afford the payments anymore. They said they could not refund me but they would give me catalog credit from all of their other producyd that were less expense and I could use that credit towards another thing.

I said I need my money back. T hey have ignored my situation and ignored me.

King City, California
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I can not log in at all

can not be a member why 09/28/2009 i have tried every thing to get on this site i was a member in 2005 & 2006 got 2 really great dates & now i can not be a member & can not get in to the site it gives me all kinds of things i am doing wrong when i was a member i really liked this site what has changed !! & i don't get why i have to use 100 words i said already what want to say in 20 words i think it's dumb and a waist of my time


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Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #75778

I think YOU are dumb and wasted MY time for reading your idiotic post. Die.

Pickett, Wisconsin
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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Lied, misled, wrong item, cheap, took my money and ran

They are clever cheating lying money grabbers. Good at what they do.

"Out of sight out of mind". I will never trust a "overseas" sneaky, greedy, lower than life oriental again. Not even in the "good old U.S.". I never did but I took a chance.

They know what they are doing and I became a foolish consumer trying to save a dime. I hope in my case the saying is true...........>"what goes around comes around".

Too bad I won't know when that happens. If I could look the person in the eye.............dishonesty,immoral,selfish,indecent.

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Businesses don't honor gift cards- don't get them!!!

I won a "car detail" in a silent auction. No expiration date. When I took my certificate in a year and a half later, the business ownership changed (car dealership). They did not honor it.

This past Christmas, my husband gave me a $100 gift card to use at a gift/decor store. Well, they changed ownership and did not honor it either, but offered a 10 percent discount.

That stinks! Is it a nobody's fault situation? I am NOT buying gift cards or silent auction items as a result and think you may want to consider the same.

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Other Company in Asheville, North Carolina - The Online Store refuses to refund money on damaged furniture

This company sent me damaged furniture. I immediately called to inform them and they asked me to send in photos of the damage.

I emailed them immediately the photos of the damage. They told me they would have the furniture picked up and send me a new desk and hutch. It never came. I asked to have my money refunded.

The money was never refunded. I tried to go through paypal, they said too much time had passed. Garrett Moran is the manager that I dealt with. He kept delaying everything.

It's now been 10 months. No furniture no refund.

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Other Company in Wichita Falls, Texas - Quit calling me I have no contact with who you are looking for

I keep getting calls looking for a someone that I have no contact with and have not for many years I have no clue of anything on this person and if you call me again I am reporting you. I have no clue how my name was found but I am not happy at all getting these calls at 8:00 am on a Saturday.

Call his parents or something but not me that is not even related to this person. Stop calling me and call him or his work but not me.stop calling me stop it now stop it now

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Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Taking different amounts for automatic withdrawals for life insurance premiums

Please review my account regarding my automatic withdrawals for life insurance premiums. There are some discrepancies with the Feburary, March, and August withdrawals. For the month of Feburary the amount of withdrawal was $74.03, then the amount for March was 184.43, then for August it was 166.40. Every other month for the year 2009 was in the amount of 14129.23, I am not sure why the amounts changed, only on the above mentioned months, but I would greatly appreciate some investigation into the matter and an explanation given to me, by phone.

Thank You,


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