Other Company in Kamuela, Hawaii - Keh.com lies about shipping charges

recently tried to order an item from keh.com received a confirmation email, waited a month without receiving anything, I sent an email to check on the status and found out they had cancelled my order because of the p.o.box address without checking my physical address, so I reordered and they tell me the shipping charges are $31 instead of the $12.95 that were confirmed before. The guy says that they would have sent me an email telling me that I was charged $31 instead of $12.95...

Is it fair to agree on a price and having it changed later by the company?

I think it's outrageous! I waited all this time for nothing cause now, I can't afford the price of the item plus the higher shipping charges.

Kamuela, Hawaii
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Other Company in Hanford, California - Booked an appointment for regular cleaning, they did not do it.

In July 2009, I booked an appointment in their San Ramon,CA office for regular cleaning, when they tried to upsell their services free xrays. I went along with their free xrays, when I refused their additional services, they refused to do regular cleaning and now charging me for the xrays.

My guess is regular cleaning does not make them enough money. I have been in dispute with them for few months, emailed their head quarters but could not get through to speak with a human being. Now they sent me to a collection agency.

Terrible customer service and bad manners. I would never go there.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Worst customer service rep you could ever experience!!

Sept 3rd, called to cancel my phone service and was told the cancellation would be taken care of by October 3rd after one month notice. Everything seems fine until I found out accidentally that the primus phone number was still in use because someone called my old phone number and got transferred to my cell phone.

I immediately notified the customer service department and the nightmare began. I receive two to three emails everyday from difference service rep. Some making accusation of my not following up and not porting out my old phone number hence they didn't know "what I would do without the old phone number" (god knows how lame this excuse is); some making outright accusation that I was "evidently" aware of my phone number was still active because I still got it transferred to my cell phone, hence I must have intentionally taken a free ride with Primus (HA! a one week free ride!

For God's sake, I sent them the first email telling them there was a mistake!!); ONE PERSON sent me an email using paragraphs of CAPITAL LETTERS telling me it was my fault and cancellation charge will apply. CAPITAL LETTERS throughout the email. Can you imagine this company hires people who YELL at their customers in email????!!!!! WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS????!!!!

To date, October 22nd, I'm still in fighting with them.

I will not give up, I have their initial confirmation email and all the rude emails later on.

If necessary, I'll bring them to court if that's what it takes. I am not paying the October bill after October 3rd, and I am not paying the *** cancellation fee.

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Other Company in San Jose, California - Great product

I use it to call England several times a month. Works great for over 1 year.So I signed up for 5 years & purchased a second so I can travel with my lap top.Recently started to use as a regular phone.

one thing high speed internet is a must and defrag your computer.I use my normal phone as a back up. Reduced my phone bill at home & at work. Would recommed it to anyone & everyone.

I don't know what all the fuss is about if it does'nt work send it back and get another. Initial set up takes several minutes.

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Back in May '09 I met and hired whom I thought was a licensed, Bonded and Insured contractor based off of a business card he had given me. He was to convert my garage into a half guesthouse / storage area.

He quoted me an estimate of $16000.00 inwhich I agreed and gave a check deposit of $1000.00. After the second week He asked me for additional monies of $1000.00 that I gave. Then on the tird week he asked for more money. $9000.00?

We went to the back together to cash the check that He asked me to put in his name rather than the business name which was suppose to be his father's. However, the business cards he gave say He is the owner/operator. After giving this guy a total of $13000.00 I said I'm not giving any more money until the job is complete. He then stopped showing up and when I phoned him He stated that he would complete the job after getting the remaining $3000.

Grant it I've given $13000. and He has only completed 30% of the work? My son found out that He isn't listed with the contractors Board. We know where he lives but I don't know what to do to get my money back?

I've contacted: LAPD, BBB, Contractors Board and my attorney. He never pulled the permits after telling me he had. He annonymously phoned the City of LA and an inspector has come out and posted a STOP warning on my door.

What can I do? I don't even know if He is a legal citizen?


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Oh, don't get me started on THIS. I live out in the boonies, 90 miles east of El Paso, Texas.

You know of El Paso, right? The Border Town where half the residents DON'T speak English, and probably half of that number are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not "unducumented immigrants" as the local left wing pinko media likes to call them.

I have a GREAT solution for not repeating your problem again. Don't hire anyone who does not have Blond hair, and Blue eyes.

(They get extra points for speaking German as well as English). Brie

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Other Company in Ball Ground, Georgia - Mad customer over shipping charge & wrong size sent

I tried to order some jeans on line. I just got the small box about the size of a roll of paper towels.

You sent the jeans in the wrong size. You charge me $32.85 to ship this little box by UPS.

I'm returning the whole box and I will call my credit card and refuse to pay the bill.

I will never again order anything on line because of this experience I had with your company.

I can't believe your company and will never order again.

It is company like yours that give the little person a bad taste in their mouth

Ball Ground, Georgia
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Other Company in Saginaw, Michigan - Stole My Money!

I ordered a cell phone cover. They had a picture and a price. They sent me a cover that was not the one pictured.

After the stated shipping time had passed, I contacted them only to find out that it was on backorder; they did not contact me. After waiting a few more days, I requested that the order be cancelled they said that they had just shipped it out.

When I received the order and it was incorrect, I contacted them and they would not return my phone calls or e-mails. Also, after going back to the website, I discovered that they have a "restocking" fee, even if it their error.

Do not waste your time or money with this company.

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Other Company in Myrtle Creek, Oregon - Felons and jigalos

I've met three men in the 4 years of this site and each one had a serious problem,One was a registered sex offender and wanted to create a new Identity.and one took over $1,ooo from me. Ladies watch out and before you go to far spend the money for a background check.c,in oregon.Any of these guys just wanted a free ride thru life via me. Well i've finnally woke up and will never spend a dime trying to find lifes partner.I'd rather live alone than to be scammed by some jigalo.

Myrtle Creek, Oregon
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Other Company in Saint Paul, Minnesota - The eye has to go.

My dog's eye was *** and puffy. After the examination I was told "the eye has to come out".

$1000 to extract the eye, I asked if there was anything else that could be done. The doctor said the dog wouldn't see anyway and the eye would only get infected. I left the dog for the operation and in the meantime ran into someone that worked in a vet clinic. She told me to halt the operation and take the dog to the pet ophthalmologist.

The next morning I was there and they did an operation to save the eye and the dog will have pretty good sight. I am changing clinics immediately.

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Other Company in Pocatello, Idaho - I am being charged for something I sent back

My name is Heidi Rigby, and i got my credit card bill today, and I was charged for something, but am not sure what becase I sent the product back to the company three or four months ago. I would like someone to let me know why my credit card was charged and what it was for!

I would appreciate an immediate response to this. Thank you, Heidi Rigby 531 lewis ave. Soda Springs, Id.

83276 I am not sure who might be involved, but I am not very happy about being charged for something I sent back to your company. Again Thank you.

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