Other Company in Myrtle Creek, Oregon - Felons and jigalos

I've met three men in the 4 years of this site and each one had a serious problem,One was a registered sex offender and wanted to create a new Identity.and one took over $1,ooo from me. Ladies watch out and before you go to far spend the money for a background check.c,in oregon.Any of these guys just wanted a free ride thru life via me. Well i've finnally woke up and will never spend a dime trying to find lifes partner.I'd rather live alone than to be scammed by some jigalo.

Myrtle Creek, Oregon
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Other Company in Saint Paul, Minnesota - The eye has to go.

My dog's eye was *** and puffy. After the examination I was told "the eye has to come out".

$1000 to extract the eye, I asked if there was anything else that could be done. The doctor said the dog wouldn't see anyway and the eye would only get infected. I left the dog for the operation and in the meantime ran into someone that worked in a vet clinic. She told me to halt the operation and take the dog to the pet ophthalmologist.

The next morning I was there and they did an operation to save the eye and the dog will have pretty good sight. I am changing clinics immediately.

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Other Company in Pocatello, Idaho - I am being charged for something I sent back

My name is Heidi Rigby, and i got my credit card bill today, and I was charged for something, but am not sure what becase I sent the product back to the company three or four months ago. I would like someone to let me know why my credit card was charged and what it was for!

I would appreciate an immediate response to this. Thank you, Heidi Rigby 531 lewis ave. Soda Springs, Id.

83276 I am not sure who might be involved, but I am not very happy about being charged for something I sent back to your company. Again Thank you.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Innapriate concersation on call

267-210-6564 i want my number removed from your roles immedaitely.

I am writing my PA attorney general today with a form letter expalining that i've asked this of Allied. I WILL sue you if I receive another call.

Despite what Allied may think, I'm not afraid of collectors with *** attitudes who call demanding information. I'm not intimidated by threats from upity poor people hiding behind headsets and long distance phone calls. It must feel great to *** on people all day for a living before you return to your grand palaces and bungalows. You fools are as broke as the rest of us. You'd get a lot further treating people with Dignity and Respect.

But let me assure you of this. i can string together more bad words in one sentence than the devil himself. If you call me again, you will find out. I intend to break my personal best record for you.


Thank you for your attention. now DO WHAT I TOLD YOU!

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Build my house with cheap products

the wood was cheap we had problems with the contractors coming out to correct the work that was half done the walls are very hollow they patched wholes that they put in the walls the Sheetrock was put up with nails that are still showing and they left huge nails all over the place and the house was to be finished in 3 months it was finished in 6 months the ac went out the 1st yr and only work in one room the doors thru out the house fit and the windows make noise and the lights flicker too

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Other Company in Tacoma, Washington - Scam by NW employment company

They promise jobs for an up-front fee and don't deliver ANYTHING. However, their job site says they have been "servicing Washington since 1994." This is absolutely and completely true, since the farm term for what the bull does to the cow is "service." The fact that they mention they are "a Washington State's official career and employment site" makes them seem more legitimate - very, very unfortunate and EXTREMELY deceptive.

Stay away from these people. They should be reported to the Attorney General and other legal places that can put them out of business forever.

How can these people sleep at night??

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I am mad and angury

The reason that i am mad is for the following.There are charging me for equipment that i never received anything. It is over $6000.00 dollars in my credit that5s not right i thing they should close the *** company down.

And not let them open ever again it is very bad when you are trying to do good for your family . I wish that your where in my shoes.

Know how it feels to be done that *** way that a lot of bull *** in my behave i hope you now that. I hope you know there is a god and he is looking down on all of you guys!




i dont know what you guys are talking here please email me here so that i will get you people well



I don't know what the heck you are talking about! You don't say who ripped you off and for what!Also,if you are not sure how to spell a word, buy yourself a paperback dictionary.

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Other Company in Hickory, North Carolina - Iamnotjenniferroark

please take my number off your list i am not jennifer roark i do not associate with her i am sick of you bothering medo not call my hone anymore hunt her downand do what you want but leave me alone i am sick of answering my phone and i have no idea what you wantcall her cell phone or look up her boyfriends number or her moms number or her sisters have a very nice day please dont call this number again or i will get a lawyer and get you for harasment look elsewhere for her i dont wnt to hear

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Other Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois - Do not buy warranty; they do not honor them.

Our leather couch was about a year old and had substantial wear on it. When we purchased it, we were told that the extended warranty would cover any unusual wearage.

That is not true. When we called the warranty company, the gentleman agreed the wearing was too much and the lumpiness of the cushions was unusual. 24 hours later, we received a phone call saying the wear (in the photograps) was usual and only cuts were considered unusual.

So, they would do nothing. I would advise not to buy there, and at the very least, don't waste your money on an extended warranty.

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Other Company in Washington, North Carolina - 220 Gulf Blvd. Unit G Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Don't stay here! Condo has extremely LOUD bedrooms because it is located five feet from busy road / highway - Gulf Blvd.

Our family had to sleep on roll out beds in the living room it got so bad. Neighbor downstairs (owner's sister) told us to make sure we were quiet the moment we arrived because she had to 'work'. Owners brushed our concerns off and didn't care that our experience was so bad. Would not respond to emails.

Also claimed sights of intercoastal water way from bedroom balcony.

There is a tiny patch of water about a mile or so up the road. DON't STAY HERE!!!!

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