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I was terminated / quit cause the place stinks to work at. In the process the company would not give me access to my personal items.

I was told they shiped them back to me. As they kept to thier word they shipeed the items with no protection -- meaning most if not all items were broken. I am looking for a way if possible to hold this corportation responsible for its actions?

It appears to me they believe they are above the law and will continue to get it away with this until someone stops them. Is there anyone out there that tell me the best option for getting my items replaced?


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Small claims court will do it. First try and send photo's of the box showing the damaged contents to the HR dept.

send an itemized REALISTIC statement of net value of the items you wish to be compensated for.

If this EVER happens again, know that a company MUST allow you access to pick up personal items, unless your was a highly secure job, even then they must allow you to wait in a non-secure area while someone brings your items to you.

Call the police and have them go in with you to pick items up. Any -hoo too late for that but a letter with photo's and the threat of small claims court is your best bet, FOLLOW through with small claims court if they ignore your request, and oh yeah, send it delivery confirmation required to document they recieved, and ignored your request when and if it does go to court..good luck to ya!

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - No refund yet

No refund given after written demand for request was given. It didn't suprise me to see that all incoming mail from them has stopped now.

I use to get two letters a week. After I ask for a refund, now it's (0) letters and no refund yet in 6 weeks. I wonder what happen to them? It is like nightmare on Maria Street.

Forshame on them. I was looking forward to all the broken promises, written lies and the O, good fortune I was to receive by last July 2009 predicted by her.

I was to be a millionare by now according to the gospel of Maria.

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Other Company in Modesto, California - Cut off during call

on november 9 2009 at 10:00pm iwas on the phone from a loved one from the san jauqion county jail. and we disconnected during our recording came on and said no third party calls which i dont have.i have no three way either.hopefully you can resolve this issue for me and reinverse me for the phone call. its very upsetting when this happens but im understanding that it does once again i hope you can resolve this for me and credit me back for my losses.thank you for your time once again.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Outrages Fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just tried to make pmt online and online fees have gone from $4.95 to $9.95. Along with them charging $10 mthly fee and $6 maintenance fee mthly.

I am so pissed off all they do is take money from you and not apply to balance owed. I'm so pissed off right now ! That has to be illegal I am sure.

I hope the government ends up shutting them down this is so wrong in so many ways. Seriously $9.95 to make a online PT are they not making enough with the $4.95 fees they charged at one point.

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Other Company in Independence, Missouri - Going to see Dirk Patrick -- best investment of time and money

From Yahoo Reviews (;_ylt=AnxbyvWGbjd.DObXXnUKuIqKNcIF;_ylv=3?tab=reviews&allreviews=1#reviews):

After smoking for nearly 30 years I finally got serious about 'kicking the Habit' by going to see Dirk Patrick -- best investment of time and money I've ever made! I had quit a few times before but without success (obviously). Although it took two Hypnosis sessions I can finally claim to be smoke free. Thank You Dirk Patrick and I WILL recommend you to anyone who wants to quit smoking. FJF

Yahoo Reviews:

Dirk has done a wonderful thing for me! In two sessions he helped me to become a non-smoker,without the cravings that usually come when trying to quit.I feel better about myself and i am alot more active than i have been in years! I walk two and one half miles everyday.Also those dark circles around my eyes have disappeared!


Thanks Dirk

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Other Company in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - She's an astrologer

I don't know why people are complaining it is not like she is in control of your life. She may only have a certain vague idea about what may be happening and what to do.

You paid for her because you were curious, just like a lottery.

Your not always going to win

I got my tea leaves read one time and she told me I was going to be married at 24. This did not happen

So whatever. It doesn't mean she was a fraud, sometimes it just happens like that.

Well good luck in the future

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Hope Paulk

All the complaints posted on various websites about ECI come from the same person, Hope Paulk, (although she has used a variety of names to make it appear as there is more than one family with a complaint).

ECI has no contract with Mrs. Paulk. ECI contracted with a host family placement organization (PRM) to place two high school-age students. The agreement was to include a room and two meals per day. PRM placed the students with Mrs. Paulk. Mrs. Paulk required the boys to purchase their own toilet paper, milk, light bulbs, etc. Outside of the two meals per day, Mrs. Paulk would not permit the students to have anything other than water. She only let them do laundry once every ten days.

Mrs. Paulk notified ECI she wanted the first student out of her home by the end of September. She said the other student could stay until November. ECI agreed to move the students, according to her wishes. PRM paid for the first student's rent through September, although he left on September 26. PRM paid for the second student's rent through October. The second student was moved on October 31.

Mrs. Paulk terminated the students' tenancy, but now wants to be paid for their room and board through June 2010. We have both her text messages and e-mails where she asks us to remove the students. Mrs. Paulk has no legal claim and her demands for payment, as she was the one who terminated their tenancy. Mrs. Paulk is free to rent her rooms out to anyone else at this time. Neither ECI nor PRM has any further monetary obligation to her.




Hope Paulk and her actor son Marcus Paulk are both bullies to the young and less fortunate They are scam con artist out to get anyone they can using multiple aliases


written lease works... and no one under 18 years old.. or you will get burned out of your money most likely as adults have to sign the contract.


this person has been an executive at our company for 10 years.. who ever wrote this is in grave error...


Homestay Rules for the Guest

1. The guest will prepare his/her own toiletries (shampoo, bath soap, tooth brash & tooth paste, bath towel, laundry soap, etc)

2. The guest should keep his/her bedroom, bathroom always clean.

3. The guest will buy own snacks, drinks and other foods which are not included in homestay fee.

4. The guest will not bring visitor without prior permission. (If the guest have a visitor : the guest must escort the visitor whenever he / she is in the hostfamily's house and the guest is responsible for his / her visitor's actions).

5. The guest over night visitor are only acceptable with the concern of the hostfamily. (Overnight visitors of the opposite sex are not permitted).

6. The guest will not smoke in the house.

7. The guest will be responsible for his / her own transportation.

8. The guest and the hostfamily will always respect his / her religious beliefs.

9. The guest will never borrow money from the hostfamily.

10. The guest will pay all his / her international calls or long distance calls. ** Or Use calling card **

11. The guest will not drink liquor under the age of 21 years old and need hostfamily's permission.

12. The guest will follow the hostfamily's house rules. (For example : Laundry is once a week, do not take a shower after 11:00pm, keep down any sound and do not walk around in the house at late night, etc....)

13. During the homestay. The guest is responsible for any damages and repairs to the belongings of the hostfamily.

14. LOST KEYS: It's very important that lost house keys are reported to your hostfamily so that security can be a maintained. (A lock change for a lost, stolen or damaged house key is $50).


So true check with your attorney cause what you wrote is consider defamation and slander.. i will subpeona this site and sue you for false post..

the above post by I guess Janice of ECI, is further false. As I met with Janice from ECI in my home and came up with an agreement.. PRM is only and Agency, ECI is the party.... so the only false reports here is the ones So True posted and ECI, needs to read, rules, cause JANICE COURY from ECI has a lot to say for a person that never had an agreement...

yea does one protest to much, means must be true.. And so True..

lol you are that which you believe someone else to be...anyone can tell a false report...obvious you dont...grow up and have the courage to show your true self.. peace.


This person has history of using fake names and creating false reports. Be very careful when dealing with this person. Very manipulative and sneaky.

@So True

Yes hope Paulk is conniving sneaky person we encounter similar harassment from this women pretending to be multiple people calling the company EVERYDAY

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Other Company in Greensboro, North Carolina - Tried to get me to do closing at the store with my retrictions so I was fired.Can't work .

Because I refused To close at to kept from more injury to my back from the wreck I was fired. I was suppose to be a driver.Thats how I got rearended and got hurt.I can't draw unemployment because I have still got the restrictions from the Doctor,so where is my Workmans Comp Pay?

I tried to talk to Chris, but it was like talking to the wall.I wasted my breath.I better hear something soon.My e-mail need some money, none of this was my fault. I was in wreck Aug.29,which left me wiyh a neck and back injurys.Doctor put restriction on what for me to do

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Other Company in Little Rock, Arkansas - I show that I settled with your company, but this still shows negative on my Credit report.

Please see that a negative report to my credit report is corrected I settled with you several years ago. But, they still show a negative on my Credit report.

I would appreciate you correcting this so I can have this off my credit. Charlotte Mabery, P.O. Box 267, 400 E. 4th, Tolar, Texas 76476.

Phone number 254-835-5201. I would appreciate a prompt response to this.

Thank you,

Charlotte Mabery This was a consumer account and I settled with you for a specific amount I had no idea that I was not in good standing with you. This was an ongoing account for many years.

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Hornymatches is a total fraud! Beware!

I made a free account on this site a while back. I uploaded some photos, and over the course of the next 2-3 days, recieved a fair share of attention- a good 6-ish responses, which is reasonable for my areas size. One of them even wrote twice- a few days after the first note sent, another note- "just checking to see if you got my mail, i didnt get a reply :(" popped in.

I recieved enough responses to say 'why not' and give it a try. Signed up as a silver member, and started mailing those who first messaged me. And guess what--- NONE OF THEM REPLIED! Not even a "sorry, not interested". No reply from the girl who had to email me twice, she was so curious to winks from any new action AT ALL.

A few days pass, only to find nothing on a daily basis, even though the members who i was contacting were labeled as "last visit: today". I begin to doubt this place, and then look for reviews, only to find tons of negative ones. So I decide to test things, and begin to send these members letters basically telling them "i bet youre not even a real person, are you?" Still, no replies. I spam-winked at one, just to see what would happen: SHE SENT ME A WINK BACK! However, it was sent TWO SECONDS after mine was sent out, and was labeled as OFFLINE. Real person? Yeah right!!

Standard members cant send out email. You know this when you become a member...obviously, cuz thats WHY you became a member! Anyway, every member who sent me anything was a GOLD or SILVER member...and NONE of them included ways for me to contact them. WHY NOT...? Its a lure! A REAL member who is interested in you would take their paid account and mail you some ways to get ahold of em, as they KNOW you cant reply! Nope, just BS teases here!

Total waste of money. I feel taken by these scumbags, but also blame myself, as I usually research these types of things before I just dive right in. Now im 30 bucks in the hole and with NOTHING to show for it: dont make the same mistake as me!!




dont gaet sucked in


Same thing happened to me. I feel like a fool, having fallen for it. Two sayings: "Hope springs eternal" (we always think THIS site will be different) and "A [***] fool and their money are soon parted".


Major scam


i guess i been tricked as well, *** fraudsters


Um you should have guessed that your getting screwed from the website name...

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