Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Repair person missed two appointments without a call on either one.

I set an point for service on November 17, 2009 between 8-12. The Service person did not show up.

I recieved a call at 1:30 from him, by then my husband had left for work. I set another appointment for service between the hours of 8-12. At 11 I decided to call to make sure he was coming. I stayed on the phone until 12:10 before anyone answered.

The service man still had not showed up. I was told I would get a call from the service man. It is now 12:28 and I am making a complaint and I still have not heard from the service man.

I really think they should come on my time.Since I already paid for service. Is there anything I can do.

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Keep current on individuals

Stop printing information that is way out of date of individuals. Like if your divorced over 11 yrs.

why should the ex spouse still be following your name as a relative!! This is ridicules!! Do the research on people that is cuurent! My ex husband is not on my relative listing and we were married 8 yrs.

Why is some information less current then others? No ex spouses should ever follow as a relative after one remarries!!

This is very aggravatting to keep on reading what does not exist! Why not list only the place the person has lived within 5 years??

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Other Company in Gladewater, Texas - Harrasment at work and at home

i do appreciate that rac offered to pick up your payments because i couldn't get around to stopping by to make your payment...however!!!i did not appreciate the freaking pounding on my door like you were the police.i couldn't get to the door right away.what makes it worse is that ya'll went to my work.i surely don't appreciate ya'll going to my work asking for payment and embarring the *** out of me in front of my customers.lines were crossed.totally wrong and unprofessional i tell you!!happened more than once!!

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Sends unsolicited address labels, cards, etc.

I am tired of receiving unsolicited address labels, cards, wrapping paper from charitable organizations seeking payment for same. It would be better if these organization put the money they waste on these promotions to work on their cause.

This practice is invasive, where are they getting my address? Environmentally unfriendly. What do you do with all the unwanted ***. You can't send it back.

The post office won't accept it without more postage, so off it goes into landfill, not to mention all the trees that died for their cause. I've tried emailing them to get taken off their mailing list but they keep on coming. The only legitimate one is War Amps. They give work to their own disabled people to prepare it and it's not an over the top mailing to end up in landfill.

Plus they provide an excellent service.

I've had car keys returned twice. Stop the insanity.


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I, too would like charitable orgs from sending all those self stick address labels with our name and address on them. I shred all kinds of stuff with our names and addresses on them, but these sticky labels GUM UP my shredder, and I am reduced to cutting them up by hand. HOW CAN WE STOP THIS PRACTICE??

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Other Company in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania - Called and was very, very disrespectful

This company needs to take lessons in manners.

There is no way anyone should have to take that kind of verbal abuse.

Where do they find those witches they have working the phones.

Ive gotten more respect from drunken people let alone some low life, sealed beam, hag that has no business working the phones than fat chick with cottage cheese for legs. Is it policy to arouse residents from hours of no sleep just to harras and pick and prod into the private lives of anyone they chose at the drop of a hat. There is a thing such as privacy in case they forgotten. Rest assured I will not put up with that kind of abuse ever again!!

Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Brick Township, New Jersey - Driver careless and cutme off

Tuesday 11/17 I was on 81 S in pa , the Middlesex exit and one of your trucks pushed me off the road. I saw it coming and averted a disaster by swerving to avoid .

tail light was cracked and a dent in the side . I tried to get the driver to stop , kept on going until my horn made him stop. He said,"What did I do?' You cut me off. I told him I did not like being on side of highway and we exited..

He exited and I didn't see him . this is the license # 189182,

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Other Company in Crown Point, Indiana - Very dissapointed for the second time.

This is the 2nd time in a few years I've tried this site and I now remember why I stopped before. There is no real hookups.

and the ones who do respond try to get you to go to some web cam site where you have to pay more money.

I've had a few people (women) tell me that they have hooked up with someone from this site, I guess both of them got lucky(no pun intended. after reviewing 100's and 100's of supposedly *** women I've received nothing but a few winks and once I try to spark a conversation I never hear from the women who was suppose to be interested.

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Other Company in Lincoln, Nebraska - $25 I shouldn't have had to spend

I had been a non-paying member for a year or so. There were a few, if any, members in my general area to chat with.

Most lived at least 200 miles away. I saw someones profile that looked interesting. I couldn't reach them because of the ban on emails for non-paying members. I decided to spring for the $25 on a chance I could write this person.

Before the day was out they were offering their paid membership free for a month.

I was never alerted this might happen. I never did reach the person I wanted.

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - Store size and bakery

It's your bakery. The "health police" has gotten into your kitchen,

especially the apple & cherry turnovers. When I started buying them,

there was course sugar on the top crust. That turned striped icing.

That is OK but not as good as the couse sugar. The turovers has gone

downhill. From 4 to 2 pack and I don't the person responsible for this. I

shop every 8 or 10 days cause it is a choa for me shop. Your store has

gotten so big it takes an athelete to get around the building.

I go to the grocery store to buy groceries, I go to drug store to buy

medicine, etc. When are going t add a clothes department? You might as

well be a shopping mall.

I am 78 tears old and store size is difficult for get around in without

some resting benches. I guess the solution is to go someplace else to


You do have a good meat department!!!

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Incorrect information

Called my landline and asked for me by name but referenced an account that I have never had with a company that I have never done business with. Rep continued to act like I was the debtor even after I confirmed that I have never had an account with the company mentioned.

Rep claimed to remove my number from 'the list' but I am still receiving calls from your company. This is illegal. Cease & Desist immediately or you will be civilly liable. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC immediately after I send this to you.

By the way...the description of 'Pissed Consumer' is very offensive. Also, I DO NOT AGREE with the Terms as they are not proper.

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