Other Company in West Sacramento, California - Medical: Turned away at age 95

95 granddad went in b/c of complaints of chest pains. Aftr 8hrs chkd into rm.

Dr insturcted insulin shot for diabetes. This was the first we heard he had diabetes. They were forceful in pushing the treatment. Didnt even give option to think about it so decline the treatment.

B/C treatment was declined, dr discharged w/o addressing the chest pain and medical staff retaliated and refused a wheelchair to be used to leave the hospital. He had to be carried out to the car by family. This just sounds wrong. Lawyer said nothing can be done.

Is there any recourse? Had to check him into another hospital out of town and they were able to treat his chest pain w/o any issues!

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Business and employees

I was just at your store on southfield and fort street in lincoln park. As usual I was the only one in the store.

My husband had called them earlier and had them put a part aside for me to pickup. When I got there, there were 6 employees doing absolutely nothing but standing there and talking to one another. Finally a gentlemen ask if I needed help. I told him my husband called earlier.

The part was set aside but he was not sure if it was the right one.

What is going on with that store. Bah humbug


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Might be helpful if you include what store you're complaining about. Just a suggestion...

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Other Company in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur - Hotel reservation service is bad

on 22 dec 2009, we had serviced by miss shinki on the phone and by mail too to do the reservation for our customers. But she never did for us and not only this time, its had been a lot of times.

I am disappointed because your staff 's shinki has not performed as she should due to we had so many times doing the reservation sure have problem, so how we can continuously to support your good company and this problem really cause us a lot of problem.

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone.

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What is with all these people at Chrysler in their collection department that are BLACK this is so weired is this part of the Obama redistubition of wealth program. They are out of there minds i say we kick them out of our country and flip all ther cars on there sides.

You people better wake up!!!!!!!! Its not your fault your unemployed. Its the goverment and the banks that are in colusion togeather.

To rid you of your wealth it so obvious it hurts. Just take a look at how much unemplyment is now and everyday it gets worse with Obama in office




Chrysler should be blasted for what they have done. I learned to late.

How long b4 the public sees the truth about this company.

I will be glad when they go out of business. I have never wanted anyone to go out of business b4, but Chrysler must for our safety.


I am with you 100 percent. I bought a dodge intrepid that should have been taken off the market long ago.

I didnt know better I thought Chrysler was better than this. Had the car 3 day engine light comes on.

I bought it from a dodge dealer who should have known about these cars. I am out 4500 dollar.


You are really a sick person to criticize the black race we are just as MUCH CITIZENS AS YOU ARE SO JUST STICK TO YOUR OWN RACE AND CRITICIZE YOURSELF. We as black people are really proud to have a President like barack in the white house, which isn't just for whites but for proud americans born in the united states of america so keep your racist thoughts to yourself and you will be alright, thank you

wow, what a raciest and incorrect comment Bush is the one who ruined or economy and Chrysler a a awesome company. :?

Wow. I think you are complaining in the wrong place.

What exactly is your complaint with Chrysler? Also before you go on an idiotic rant you should check your spelling.

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Other Company in Nashville, Tennessee - I paid my 10-09,bill on time talked to a ge.cust.service rep,Ihave two late charges for the same mon

On, 10-5-09,I noticed a late charge on my bill for nov,after,receiving my 11-02-09 bill,immediately, I called customer.service,I spoke to a lady w/a japanese accent,she told me that she would remove the ,late charge,since my due date,was on a Sunday 10-4,the following month,I looked @ my bil,the late charge ,was added again,again I talked to,someone in customer service, I was told by this rude person, to pay my bill on time.so now my dec. bill is $164.00. Please Help M!

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Incorrected payoff

reference # 25952 To whom it may concern: Due to recently totalling of vehicle my insurance contacted you in regards on the payoff on vehicle which is in bankruptcy. Unfortunately the wrong amount was submitted and paid to you.

I'm looking forwarded to the overage being sent to asap or I will be contacting an attorney. The correct amount owed is 1078.25 The wrong amount was submitted and paid. I'm looking forward to the overage beind forwared to me asap or i will contact a attorney. Thank You for your speed response and or attention to this matter.I know handling this propmtly should not be a problem.

Thank You.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - B. Jenkins is a Fraud.

B. Jenkins is a Fraud.

He spreads rumors about people and companies that are not true. Do yourself a favor and stay away from him in your business endeavors. He will take casual conversation and turn it into rumors and hear-say. He is very selfish and pretends to be something he is not.

I believe we call that a hypocrite. At least us real Christians do. It is very sad to have someone like him running around being a poser.

Shame on you B. Jenkins for trying to take down people and companies that don't even concern you.

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Repair person missed two appointments without a call on either one.

I set an point for service on November 17, 2009 between 8-12. The Service person did not show up.

I recieved a call at 1:30 from him, by then my husband had left for work. I set another appointment for service between the hours of 8-12. At 11 I decided to call to make sure he was coming. I stayed on the phone until 12:10 before anyone answered.

The service man still had not showed up. I was told I would get a call from the service man. It is now 12:28 and I am making a complaint and I still have not heard from the service man.

I really think they should come on my time.Since I already paid for service. Is there anything I can do.

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Keep current on individuals

Stop printing information that is way out of date of individuals. Like if your divorced over 11 yrs.

why should the ex spouse still be following your name as a relative!! This is ridicules!! Do the research on people that is cuurent! My ex husband is not on my relative listing and we were married 8 yrs.

Why is some information less current then others? No ex spouses should ever follow as a relative after one remarries!!

This is very aggravatting to keep on reading what does not exist! Why not list only the place the person has lived within 5 years??

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Other Company in Gladewater, Texas - Harrasment at work and at home

i do appreciate that rac offered to pick up your payments because i couldn't get around to stopping by to make your payment...however!!!i did not appreciate the freaking pounding on my door like you were the police.i couldn't get to the door right away.what makes it worse is that ya'll went to my work.i surely don't appreciate ya'll going to my work asking for payment and embarring the *** out of me in front of my customers.lines were crossed.totally wrong and unprofessional i tell you!!happened more than once!!

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