Other Company in Columbia, Missouri - Refund policy

purchased super hook 4.99 for cash,returned within 10 days no receipt.Was

offered 1 penney for a settlement amount.If you wish to respond my name is

Arthur Wiss # 952/546/9257.If I don't hear from you,you will lose me as a

customer .

Your mgr. review'd this complaint,and informed me that this item had been

a store promotion of some sort and that was all she could refund. how *** does she think people are. This product did not work or this complaint would not be necessary Thank you for your Attention.Art Wiss

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Other Company in Hartford, Connecticut - Blows my phone up when i am a few days late

I feel that they should communicate with each other and know what's going on with someone account before they constanly call someones phone. I also feel that they should give people time to get into the place before they start calling.

They should also stop calling people early in the morning while they are still in there bed. They should at least wait til after 10:00 am before they start calling. They should also take a customer service class on how to deal with people and there problems.

They should hear a person out because they never know what comes up in a persons' life and finacial statis. I feel that there should also be a thing called grace period.

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Other Company in Ashburn, Virginia - Rediculous TV ads

I would not even step foot in your stores because of your ridiculous, annoying, outdated, *** ads. Get with modern times!

! ! No, I am not young and into every new modern thing in the world. I turn 70 next week, but still think your ads stink.

I have bought things from your store many years ago, but as the years go by, the ads get worse. Gordy looks outdated, acts very mentally impaired, wears very outdated, obnoxious looking clothes, and the ads are just very, very ***.

If you want more business, change your out dated ads. Thank you very much

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Detaining customers for additional security checks on items just been through till

That infamous Swedish furniture store, at its Birmingham (UK) branch...

I went shopping at the Birmingham store on Tuesday this week (24/11/09). After a long wait at the tills I found that their staff were detaining people for random security checks immediately after customers gone through the till.

They re-checked every item against your receipt. Several people complained but they would not them go till they had finished and were very rude to customers who complained. The woman called me '***' for complaining and called over a uniformed security guard when I objected to the search. They were completely uninterested in the customers views and even laughed when I and others siad we would complain to their head office.

As well as rubbish customer relations I suspect their behaviour amounts to false arrest and unlawful detention. I really hope someone takes them to court for this.


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Grimsby, England, United Kingdom #90142

I think random receipt checks are NOT mandatory and cannot be reinforced unless it is part of some contract you have signed (such as Costco - you must be a member to shop there and sign some document stating you agree to have your cart checked at the door) So no, IKEA can't stop you and detain you unless you personally agree to let them check.

As far as I know that's how it is, I could be wrong

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Other Company in Bronx, New York - Consumer Rip off

Being charged for an escrow account when I paid my taxes for the fiscal year till 4/2010. I have faxed the necessary documents for the past 5 months at least 8 time with verification they rec'd it,and I am still paying the taxes on the account.

I refinanced my mortgage in 2001 from a variable to a fix one and due to unrelease funds I was penalize with a late payment on my mortgage loan.It damaged my credit rating reports.

When informing this instiutions the admitted to it being an error on their part they sent me a $500 refund proving it was the Banks error. They haven't corrected it, nor have they made any corrections/or changes in my favor

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Other Company in Edison, New Jersey - Stole $560 stole ebay photos sent me junk instead of items pictured

sellers are cheats liars thieves posted pictures of gorgeous chanel products but instead sent crappy cheap generic items bearing 0 resemblance to real item pictured. I discovered that they steal photo and description from ebay to entice a buyer and then screw them over what a nightmare stay away!!!!! so many hassles filing dispute with paypal but they said that money would be recovered only if seller had money in account but seller conveniently was not a member anymore immediately after scamming me it truly was heinous and an ongoing very frustrating experience for me please take my advice do not buy from this site

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Other Company in Austin, Texas - Disconnected

Our bill was $224 and we paid $134 ONLINE before the due date. Last week I walked into my home and I had no electricity.

I called to be speak with a customer service agent. He started to argue w/me that I DID receive a PINK disconnection notice. I know what I get in the mail. He continued to argue with me, when I called him on he wanted to argue that he wasn't arguing with me.

So I asked my husband to call, he got the same run around but did learn if you do not pay your whole bill online they consider that a non payment and will mail a notice (which we NEVER got). They do not put customers first

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Other Company in Montreal, Quebec - FALSE ADVERTISING// NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

I purchased 3 cribs from them. I received 3 weeks later, 3 sheets. I want to return the product they're chaging me 20% restocking fee's and 70$ for the original shipping costs, which was supposed to be free,and the cost to re-send it back to them. basicly it's costing me more money to send the product back. To be able to return a product you need the retunr form which is given by one of their service reps. which she won't give me. because it's "my fault". They used every excuse in the book and then some. for example they said I ordered fromthe U.S site but last time I check .ca means it's from canada. The said the item was discontinued yet on the site both canadien and U.S the item is still available. The same sheets I received are for sale on the site for 8.99 on the canadien site and 14.98 on the U.S site, yet I was billed 46.36 each set of sheet.

If you want my opinion DON'T EVER do business with this compagny unless you want to get screwed

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Other Company in West Sacramento, California - Medical: Turned away at age 95

95 granddad went in b/c of complaints of chest pains. Aftr 8hrs chkd into rm.

Dr insturcted insulin shot for diabetes. This was the first we heard he had diabetes. They were forceful in pushing the treatment. Didnt even give option to think about it so decline the treatment.

B/C treatment was declined, dr discharged w/o addressing the chest pain and medical staff retaliated and refused a wheelchair to be used to leave the hospital. He had to be carried out to the car by family. This just sounds wrong. Lawyer said nothing can be done.

Is there any recourse? Had to check him into another hospital out of town and they were able to treat his chest pain w/o any issues!

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Business and employees

I was just at your store on southfield and fort street in lincoln park. As usual I was the only one in the store.

My husband had called them earlier and had them put a part aside for me to pickup. When I got there, there were 6 employees doing absolutely nothing but standing there and talking to one another. Finally a gentlemen ask if I needed help. I told him my husband called earlier.

The part was set aside but he was not sure if it was the right one.

What is going on with that store. Bah humbug


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Might be helpful if you include what store you're complaining about. Just a suggestion...

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