Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - They cut me off because your associates did not send me a bill. they had my account correct but neg

cut off my service , because they did not send a bill . had my account on file.

i will switch to dish asap. then they charged me with all their late fees.paulajustice you need to check your employees because they caused me a lot of trouble. i called this morning and complained, it took her 1 hoir to resolve this situation. paid with credit card & it still took her forever to turn me back on.

i have had so much trouble with your techs they donot know what their doing.

i believe i need a free month & refund on yoiur negligence. or i will switch

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Other Company in Southfield, Michigan - I am in need of help for my pain very badly!!!

why is it that if your in very terrible pain you cant find a doctor that can understand what your talking about i am 36 and just because i need pain medication people think your a drug addict, because they have tv warped minds and since a celebrity is using illegal drugs the mentality is that anyone who gets and needs pain meds, are complete drug addict give me a break and a cup of strong coffee and a menthol cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!we are becoming tv minds if a woman has curves she is fat ok paris hilten you are pulp!!!

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Other Company in Englewood, Colorado - Being rude and unreasonable

We had tried to work out a payoff on a vehicle and we were given 3 different pay off amounts, told they would call back never did so we had too. Then the last person we talked to started yelling at my husband.

My husband asked to talk to his boss and he rufused. We finally got her name from a local banker and she refused to talk to my husband saying he was the one being rude to her staff which was a load of bull.

We were trying to do the right thing with no help from te bank.

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Poor service followthrough

called for survice, told me to disconnet and move computor to new location, which in turn disconnected my phone. we waited all day on 11/26/09.

i contacted customer service, they said no one was home to let service man in. i told them no one came. they called. duh.

instead of comming to our home the service man called to confirm to a phone they told me to disconnect.

then when i spoke with the customer service person they patronized me. there fault and then our family has to wait a complete week because their tech is to lazy to come to the door.

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Correction in account balance

Dear Sir,

I have a account in your bank.my account no. is 30190100008647 while using atm machine of idbi bank a wrong amount of Rs. 10000 debited in my account. so please correct my account balance. I am not received any amount from atm machine.I inform duty guard about this & inform branch manager of H.B.U nagar branch Ajmer. please take nacessary action for correction of my acount.I am very thankful to you for this for your help.

My add.

726, Moti Vihar Colony, Pushkar Road,Ram Nagar,Ajmer, pin-3005004

PH- 0145-2603168,M-9269102013




Haha Sam, I was just looking for a spam button! LOL



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Other Company in Columbia, Missouri - Refund policy

purchased super hook 4.99 for cash,returned within 10 days no receipt.Was

offered 1 penney for a settlement amount.If you wish to respond my name is

Arthur Wiss # 952/546/9257.If I don't hear from you,you will lose me as a

customer .

Your mgr. review'd this complaint,and informed me that this item had been

a store promotion of some sort and that was all she could refund. how *** does she think people are. This product did not work or this complaint would not be necessary Thank you for your Attention.Art Wiss

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Other Company in Hartford, Connecticut - Blows my phone up when i am a few days late

I feel that they should communicate with each other and know what's going on with someone account before they constanly call someones phone. I also feel that they should give people time to get into the place before they start calling.

They should also stop calling people early in the morning while they are still in there bed. They should at least wait til after 10:00 am before they start calling. They should also take a customer service class on how to deal with people and there problems.

They should hear a person out because they never know what comes up in a persons' life and finacial statis. I feel that there should also be a thing called grace period.

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Other Company in Ashburn, Virginia - Rediculous TV ads

I would not even step foot in your stores because of your ridiculous, annoying, outdated, *** ads. Get with modern times!

! ! No, I am not young and into every new modern thing in the world. I turn 70 next week, but still think your ads stink.

I have bought things from your store many years ago, but as the years go by, the ads get worse. Gordy looks outdated, acts very mentally impaired, wears very outdated, obnoxious looking clothes, and the ads are just very, very ***.

If you want more business, change your out dated ads. Thank you very much

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Detaining customers for additional security checks on items just been through till

That infamous Swedish furniture store, at its Birmingham (UK) branch...

I went shopping at the Birmingham store on Tuesday this week (24/11/09). After a long wait at the tills I found that their staff were detaining people for random security checks immediately after customers gone through the till.

They re-checked every item against your receipt. Several people complained but they would not them go till they had finished and were very rude to customers who complained. The woman called me '***' for complaining and called over a uniformed security guard when I objected to the search. They were completely uninterested in the customers views and even laughed when I and others siad we would complain to their head office.

As well as rubbish customer relations I suspect their behaviour amounts to false arrest and unlawful detention. I really hope someone takes them to court for this.


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Grimsby, England, United Kingdom #90142

I think random receipt checks are NOT mandatory and cannot be reinforced unless it is part of some contract you have signed (such as Costco - you must be a member to shop there and sign some document stating you agree to have your cart checked at the door) So no, IKEA can't stop you and detain you unless you personally agree to let them check.

As far as I know that's how it is, I could be wrong

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Other Company in Bronx, New York - Consumer Rip off

Being charged for an escrow account when I paid my taxes for the fiscal year till 4/2010. I have faxed the necessary documents for the past 5 months at least 8 time with verification they rec'd it,and I am still paying the taxes on the account.

I refinanced my mortgage in 2001 from a variable to a fix one and due to unrelease funds I was penalize with a late payment on my mortgage loan.It damaged my credit rating reports.

When informing this instiutions the admitted to it being an error on their part they sent me a $500 refund proving it was the Banks error. They haven't corrected it, nor have they made any corrections/or changes in my favor

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