Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Horrible to Deal With

After being transferred to 4 departments, each representative required me recite my loan number, address, phone, etc, and simply stated they could not help me and needed to transfer me, yet again. I finally hung up, which is probably their goal.

There was absolutely no professionalism extended by their representatives and they seemed completely uneducated.

It's banking institutions like this that should be required to return the bailout money to the government and taxpayers. I will never get another loan thru them again and am looking to move the loan to another institution, and recommended anyone considering them to walk away.

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Other Company in Manchester, New Hampshire - The company provides VERY inadaquate customer service.

The mattress set I have been renting for a year has lost the support, I wake up every day barely able to walk and they do not acknowledge my phone calls but expect payments.I feel like they owe me money or at the very least a different NEW mattress. I am about to call the distict office and see what kind of help I can get from them, I know the stores pesonnel has completely changed recently but that is still no excuse for bad service when they supposedly take pride in their products and customer service. They stink!

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Other Company in Rockford, Illinois - Harassment phone calls

After a payment arrangement has been made and is being followed through on, they continue to call 4 or 5 times per day every day, interrupting work and home life. Consistently rude on the phone, making demands even after they were the ones to set up the arrangement.

threats of repossession if payment is not made immediately stating that "they can do what they want, doesn't matter what the arrangement is." Also stating that they can call as many times as they want until they get a payment.

I was less than 1 month behind and had made an arrangement to pay the following week as soon as I got paid and was continually harassed several times daily until the payment was made and as soon as it was made they started calling 4-5 times a day to make threats for another payment demanding it immediately even when it wasn't due for 6 days.

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When free al kinds of contacts.after upgrade not a one

wish i had seen ur site before i upgraded.i would have never done it.while it was free all kinds of contacts came in but i couldnot contact them back so i figured i would upgrade.and low and behold for the last 12 hrs no contacts no messages no nothing.seems like a scam to me.shame we cant sue.probally cant even get my money back.should be some way we can make them pay.like maybe some kinda law suit.but probly cant touch them.guess the best we can do is try and let everybody know what a rip off it is




same for me, alot of hits then i upgraded then nothing. bull@#$%.


I get e-mail each date asking me to upgrade. Do not let these people scam you, if you have given Bank of credit card info,

go to your bank and have the Bank stop charges and change your info


same hear lots of contacts untill you pay then nothing


Same here! Thankfully I only spent the one month, and cancelled after the month. I am out $34, but that is it!!


Typical story, the only thing a woman wants is a man's money, and a male nurse to take care of her, when she is sick. You are better off getting a playboy magizine and jacking off. You are money ahead!


*** matches is not what it says to be .after upgrade not one reply . i have cancelled all dealings with these shonkys.get the word out there


Same here..I ask for credit and they refused..I have put in a dispute on my credit card..Will see what happens.


This is exactly what happened to me!! So don't be fooled, all the want is your money!


I have to agree it is a scam no one answers any contacts... looking for a refund

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Clay, Kentucky
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Other Company in Albany, New York - Complete Stupidity

They are ridicolous. I have worked in customer service for 10 years and they definately dont know what they are talking about.

They took 149.95 out of my account when I didnt even apply for anything through them.

The woman talked to me as if I was in the wrong and tried saying she was a supervisor.How can people get away with even running businesses like this.

They must have a lot of pissed off customers seeing that it takes 18 minutes on hold before talking to someone.

Like I said complete stupidity, they need some sales training.

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Other Company in Leawood, Kansas - Told us we have to sell our house &live in our rv w/2kids wont call us back unorganized.

been trying to short refi for over a yr..due to our paycuts cant afford our monthly mortgage..on 2 seperate occasions they told me we could live in our motorhome since we have one and we needed to short sale our house..i told them your kidding..we went thru our childrens college savings fund to keep the payment up..now we havent paid in 2mos have been calling them every other day get someone different each time..they twist your words very cruel and mean all paperwork has been submitted but they continue to say its been approved..so now the financial party that was trying to help us cant anymore because we are over 2mos late we started this back in january and its almost jan again called to make a payment and they transferred me to a mangers voicemail who never called me back..its like they want to keep putting me off and not finalize anything and i dont know what to do..if i didnt have my 6 and 8yr old i wouldnt care

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Other Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - YOU HAVE OUR ADDRESS WRONG!

I placed an order with you, a large order. I told the girl immediately that our address had changed, she took all of my info.

We found part of the order on the deck of the house we moved out of, which is two hours from us, water had been dripping on it. We now have a backorder that is suppose to come, and I cannot get ahold of anyone at your company to help me!! I want my order cancelled, I will never order from you again. I have sat on line for at least three hours waiting for someone to help me.

If that order goes to that house, it is just going to sit on the deck! I will contact my credit card company and cancel my order!

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Michael Moller (The Tile Guy) Is A Thief !!!

nortel777 N. Smithfield, Rhode Island USA Ripoff Report .

I hired Michael Moller to do a complete bathroom rip out of the old mud and steel mesh walls. It was to include all new plumbing from the second floor to the basement. Install all new blue board walls and ceiling and plaster. He was to provide the tile for the walls and floor with installation and provide the specific fixtures I had chosen for the tub, sink and toilet.

I gave him a deposit of $2000. He came back in 2 days to go over the work again. I added additional work and gave him another check for 2775.00. He called me 2 days later with a strange request.

He told me this story about how he got a large tile job in Newport, RI and decided to go in partners with someone else. He ordered the materials and his partners check bounced. If he could not come up with the money needed to pay for the materials, he would lose out on the job which was worth $26,000. And still have to pay the re-stocking fees.

He said he spoke with his lawyer, and that if I payed the balance of my job, he could offer me a $4000 rebate within 10 days of my jobs completion. I agreed and gave him the balance so the job was paid in full. Long story short, he did the bathroom rip out and the plumber plumbed new plumbing to the basement. I met with the carpenter who was scheduled to start work on Tuesday.

That morning,Mike called me and asked me for a favor. He said he did not have the money to pay for the sheet rock. And if I could pay for it until he check cleared at the end of the week. I told him I was paid and full and would not.

I haven't seen him since. I have been without a bathroom for over 3 weeks. I have had to hire another carpenter to finish the work. I still have to buy my fixtures and hire a tile man to tile the room.

And a plumber to install the fixtures. This man never paid the plumber for the work he did and is very angry! And I am out $8775.00.

He should be put in jail. He should not be able to get away with this rip off!



Austin, Texas, United States #910194

Don't wait for someone else to do it! If the guy ripped you off, then take him to court.

Small Claims court is fairly easy and not expensive to file a claim. It just may cost you some time getting all your paper work together and a day in court.

Don't wait. You could save another innocent person from having to go through the same thing.


He has been going around by the name of Mike Mello (in my case). He had us make checks out to his "boss" Richard Moller, altogether around $5,000, between myself and my dad, for materials that never arrived, and work that was obviously never done.

For weeks and weeks, he had excuses as to why our materials weren't showing up, until suddenly he was unreachable. Richard Moller cashed the checks within one half hour of us writing them - he must have been waiting around the corner for Michael so he could sign and cash them. Seems that they have quite the record of doing this, now that I'm finding out these things online. Has anyone at all ever succeeded in getting these guys thrown in jail?

I'm quite sure no one has ever gotten there money back. I hope to see him in court so I can spit in his face.


Hire a licensed contractor every time. Look at their license.

Compare the document numbers with your local or state contractors building department.

If they're not licensed, I'm sorry but it's all your fault. You didn't deserve it but you have to learn how to protect yourself from predators.


Dont wait for Boards, police or D.A's. You must do it yourself, Go to the District court and file a criminal charge of " Larceny under false pretenses over $250.00 " anyone can do it and several people already have.

Michael is on probation and must pay restitution so he is conning more and more to pay and stay out of jail. Dave Danger


Mr Moller stole $3K for a fence job in Dec 2009. Then he tried to steal $3K MORE, claiming he had been awarded a "really big contract", and promised $10K worth of work. He did nothing except cash our check.


Mr. Moller is running yet another scam.

Claiming that previous clients are giving him bounced checks and threfore can not afford refunds at this time for incomplete work.

A formal complaint has been sent to the RI Contractors Board. BTW, he is not even licensed.

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dave danger
Dennis Port, Massachusetts
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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - One big rip off!!!!

bought a "new" washer and dryer and discovered it was used! Called them back and they delivered another set.

The dryer on the first set ran 13 hours straight! I got home from work and it was hot to touch. Its a wonder my house didnt burn! On November 28 I paid a deposit for a new set that was "nicer" than the first set.

They delievered it on December 1, 2009. AND GUESS what???? The dryer wont heat up. Imagine that!

I called and spoke to Todd, who will not give me my deposit back EVEN though I havent used the *** but 1 time to see if it would work! WHAT THE ***!!! This place plays on people whom have had credit problems. Its kinda like legalized Loan Sharking.

Ill never do it again for sure, and I will deter EVERYONE i know from going there. Its sad that its the greedy type of world we live in that does *** like this.

And they wonder why the economy is bad!!!

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H1N1 Flu scare spinoff

H1N1 Flu scare spinoff.

First off you need to realize that many thousands more people have died in the past, current, and future, from natural causes, auto accidents, and nature, than from, any recent so called Flu virus pandemics.

Imagine if you could convince the population that H1N1 will be the death of us all.

Imagine that we absoulutly, positively need to get an H1N1 flu shot or die.

Imagine the spinoff sales of pharmaseuticals and the motherload list of products that will help us to protect ourselves from getting the.... whatever..flavor of ...virus is out there this year.

What are they telling us we need to do to protect ourselves.

Wash our hands, after we come into contact with other surfaces, that may be contaminated, which may very well be everything.

Imagine the countless amount of Hand Sanitizer and Anti-Bacterial Products that will be sold in the search for our salvation from all these new Flu Virui that seem to conviently crop up every year.

Imagine NEXT YEAR what new super duper products will be available for sale that we must absoulutly have, to save us from the next F.U.S.1 virus.

Can you just imagine.....Hypothetically speaking of course !!!!


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Yeah if they keep you focused on your impending demise due to exposure to the flu virus, you won't look into what the real matters are, and what else is going on around us.

Digby, Nova Scotia
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