Other Company in Austin, Texas - Poor quality and even worse customer service. They don't want to give you back your money

WOW, what a joke, don't buy. They dropped off the furniture and as soon as I sat on the sofa, I noticed one arm was down 2 inches from the other side.

The seams don't line up and it sounds like it's comining apart. I have called the store and they keep refering me to their customer service dept. For a week now I have called everyday only to be told "we'll call you back". Guess what, yep, not once have they called me.

I can't get this *** out of my house fast enough. And guess what happended next, yep they don't have a truck in the area to pick this stuff up and no refund until they have it in their store and have time to inspect it.

Bottom line**** DON'T BUY HERE.

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Messed Up Order Slow to Refund

I ordered four pairs of shoes from their online store. I received a box with a packing slip indicating that all 4 pair had been shipped as ordered.

Instead, one pair was the wrong color and another pair was missing entirely. I called them about it. They issued a call tag for the wrong color, but I had to wait two days and then call back to find out about the missing pair. Then they said they would send the missing pair.

When I received them, the box indicated the correct size but inside the box was the wrong size. I again called them; they issued a call tag and the shoes were returned. Two weeks later I still had not heard from them about a refund -- I had the tracking number and knew that they had received the shoes within a day or two of them being returned. I got a run around for another couple of days, having to call back three times, and then I finally got my refund.

While this problem is resolved, I want to place it on record. This is the first time I ordered from them and will never do so again and don't want anyone else to endure the same grief.

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Took money from me that i did not have...

my name is josh yost (704) 557-5252, i cancelled my membership a while back in october because of money issues, well you guys did not cancel it and continue to try to take money out of my account and each time i have to pay a 30 dollar fee. completly unacceptable and i want my money back now, that was yalls mistake, right here at the holidays and i am having to pay for it.

I have called and called and called and have probally been on hold for 6-8 hours in the past week, im on hold right now while im typing and i still have yet to talk to anyone.

yall are the most unprofessional buisness i have ever seen. and i expect to be reimbursed for my losses on yalls behalf!!!!!

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Other Company in Ocala, Florida - Music channels

We are upset that you have taken over the two music channels that we listen to.

801 was music of the 40 and 820 was easy listening and you have removed both and replaced with holiday music.

You have dozens of rock and other junk music you could have used instead of what mature adults would listen to.

We would like our music back. I hope that this is just for the holidays.

The programming is so poor that there are very few channels that we actually watch. If it were not for the news, we would cancel our subscription.

Review #150891 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer150891.

Other Company in San Luis Obispo, California - Trying to reach our employee against our policy.

Apparently one of our employees has some sort of outstanding problem with your company. We are a construction company and do not accept personal phone calls for our employees in the field.

However over the past week you have harassed this company daily with 3 - 5 phone calls for this employee after being repeatedly told not to contact this company again.

We can appreciate your efforts to contact your client, however, it is not our responsiblity as an employer to accomodate you or anyone else trying to contact an employee of ours.

Why do your attack dogs think they will intimidate us into submitting personal information to you? This must stop!

Review #150812 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer150812.

Other Company in Chesapeake, Virginia - Promise a computor in 3to4 days then said 13 weeks

Try an talk me in too the best computer send mail saying I get it in 3 days then when I talk to them they tell me 13 weeks after I pay. I said no thanks.

They refuse to send me my 100 dollars back. Told me I have a 100 dollar credit. No thanks. This is fraud.They get you send them money then change there agreement.

They never intend to send you a computer in 3 days. But in there agreement an when first start talking to them .

they a sure that that is so. This company is getting away with fraud.

Review #150781 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer150781.

Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Money back

my name is pauline .you have taken out of my account three times and only recived one product i have contacted the attorney to get my money back pleaase send me my money back i am very disappointed with your company.you will be contacked by the state attorney of fl. we have been on the phone many times and we never get answer from you ,i feel this is a scam ,very pissed off at your co.the product is wrinkle removing eye serum pauline kush involved.this product is only should take 90 seconds so far it has taken 4 mounths and still did not get it ,but you took my money

Review #150704 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer150704.

Not responding to my calls

As it stands right now you guys are fraud. It has been almost 2 months now since I ordered my computer; despite all the necessary paperwork that has been submitted, I haven't received my computer.

It is needless to mention that you guys are not even answering the phone and every week, you guys take the fees out my account. I will obtain my bank records and speak to my attorney regarding this matter. You guys were eager to talk to me at first, now iam getting the cold shoulder whenever the system recognizes my number.

I may loose a few dollars but you will ruined your repuatation... spread the word on Facebook




If I were you I would close out my bank account and get a new one. That way they cant take your money.Those people are losers.


um hun no company is mentioned.......

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Other Company in Chantilly, Virginia - I have had my bed replaced 3 times in less than 3 years

i have had my bed for a little over 3 years and had to have it replaced with a new one about every 8 months.i was recommended to replace my mattress for my back. i bought both the foundation and the mattress because i was worried of the warranty.after 8 months the mattress began to sag.

called the company and was told to take pictures and send them in.which is understandable but it is a hassle with my back to remove this mattress and foundation to take pictures. then had to wait for about 5 weeks for them to get back to me. finally got the replacement.

i had to go through this 3 times.with the last letter stating i wanted my money back as this was ridiculous, and was told i can not get my money back.will i have to go through this every year? it takes about a month for my back to stop nagging me after sleeping on a sinking mattress.at this rate i will have to pay after 10 years according to the warranty every time they ship me a new mattress.i do not recommend this bed

Review #150623 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer150623.

Other Company in Downers Grove, Illinois - Are You Doing Business Or NOT?????

Your site ***. All I wanted was some Gold Bar Soap. Seems it's not available without jumping througb an absurd series of hoops.

Count me OUT with your company. What a way to increase business!!!

PS. If this is the way you treat customers, I pity the the independent contractors that are trying to supplement their income as representatives for your firm. Apparently to answer your own question..........OR NOT. Ya'll really are a pain in the *** because I must have 100 words. Would you please get over yourselves!!! I will find another source for soap that doesn't have a case of it. Even trying to email you is a royal pain.


Review #150615 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer150615.