Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Withdrew money from my checking account withou my knowledge

This business has deducted money from my checking account without my knowing. This action has left me with no money for food toward Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts for my four grandchildren.

I have and will continue to try and contact them by phone (I have called back to back) as well as left messages with all but the Spanish speaking department. I also have contacted the General Attorney's Office and the Better Business Bureau as well as my bank. I am disabled on limited income.

If there is anything I can do please contact me at TANYATODD7@aol.com any and all suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Also tried their consumer web site which does not exist.

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Other Company in Brooklyn, New York - Bad Company

These are horrible people. Im sorry I did not Google them and read all the customer rip off stories before placing my order. I have called the Arizona Police and American Express to report their disception.

They advertize merchandise for which they do not have, they then take your order for same merchandise, they then take your money and send you soemthing totally of lesser value and not remotely in line to what you orderd. You then cannot reach anyone in customer, that is a joke, not can you return the merchandise for a refund.

Do not use this company.

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Other Company in Nashua, New Hampshire - All I want is a piece of foam!

I ordered a replacement cushion on halloween for my sectional. I was told that it would take 3-4 weeks to be delivered to my house.

I asked at the time of purchase to pay for faster shipping, which of course they do not offer. About five weeks later, the cover shows up so I called customer service and was given a run around about how they messed up and that they would get it sent out immediately. Now seven weeks later, a dirty, falling apart piece of foam shows up in a trash bag. And it's the WRONG PIECE of FOAM!

I called back and talked to a guy in customer service who said they have more of the piece that I need in stock and that it would be delivered in a week. Ok, finally someone who would talk some action. Nope, the next morning another customer service person calls and says they aren't going to do that, and it would be another two weeks!

How hard is it to get a piece of foam shipped from N. Carolina to New Hampshire?

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Hearing Aids cost to much for elder & younger people

Dear Consumer: I'm writing on the behalf of all people that wear Hearing Aids. I think that hearing cost to much for the elder or younger people who need to understand people when they are talking to them.

One thing that insurance company should help pay for them. I say that because I wear a hearing aid in both ear and it cost 4,988.00 for the both of them together. What is that one of my hearing got lost and other just wasn't picking up the sound I was missing. I went back to the company I brought them from they charge me deductible for the cost was $200.00.

I was also making payment on the hearing aids until I got behind on my bills so I was not able to any payment for while. They told me in order get my hearing aids back I had to pay in full with the balance that was left over. I think very much that people health insurance should cover hearing aid for people that need them. I hope very much that health insurance can come too agree on this because it just cost to much for anyone to buy or they should down on the prices for hearing aids.

I'm crying out for help so people want have to pay alot of money for their hearing aids. I hope that I got my point across.



Denver, Colorado, United States #720791

I couldn't agree more. The Lyric in the canal hearing aide is excellent but cost $3,500 per year and more at some centers.

Really???? I think it is time that this industry is investigated for over pricing their products.


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #373561

All the technology that there is does not merit the cost that the hearing impaired are paying for hearing aids. You can paint all the pictures you want, but anybody who buys a hearing aid is getting ripped off. Plain and simple.

York, Pennsylvania, United States #664169

It cost an average of $300.00 to make a good hearing aid, they add a $1000.00 to that, the retailer pays $1300.00 and adds on $2000.00, this is a fact, and medicare pays nothing


Make sure the company that you purchase from is a true hearing aid manufacturer and not a reseller from China. Has the FDA inspected their facility recently, does the company hold any patents for their product, etc..

Patents are the important part. It shows if a company is actually creating a product and knows what they are doing or is just gluing parts together from China.


I wore a set pf Phonaks for years and when I went to replace them I was astounded by how much my local audi wanted for a new set. After a bit of research I found an internet company called HearSource.com.

I wear and like very much their hearing aids. I have a high frequency hearing loss and I wear open ear hearing aids. I paid less than $2,00 for the set. They originally came preprogrammed for my loss and with equipment for me to do the changes / fine tuning myself including the software, cords and programmer.

HearSource provides excellent support.

For all of us trying to find a reasonably priced set of digital aids, I recommend that you look at them. I am glad I did.


www.hearingaidsnow.com is amazing...do not pay all that money...please. Been wearing hearing aids since I was 5, now middle aged and ripped off, paid over $4,ooo.

oo for 2 hearing aids, downright wrong. almost profoundly deaf, I do not like the retail prices, they mark them up too much and charge for everything...


I have been wearing hearing aids since the age of 7 due to a childhood illness. (Middle age now). I know first hand the financial challenges that impact individuals and families of the hearing impaired. Never easy choices.

There is hope and what I believe a viable choice for the first time. A company in Texas offers both reasonable repairs and a installment pay plan, similiar to a cellphone contract. New aids every 4 years and include maintenance, repairs and batteries. There is a one time fitting fee but the company will provide a travel voucher up to $500 to travel to their offices.

For any manufacturer repairs at a nominal cost including a 12 months warranty, visit WWW.hearinghaven.com. Contact TC, the customer service Rep for questions.

For new hearing aids every 4 years at a cost between $70-$100

month, depending on 1-2 aids and types, visit WWW.hearingaidsforlife.com. Free 30 day trial according to the website.

Hope this helps us all.


3 Putt

To all "distributors", which comes first, your clients needs or your bottom line, clients need be damned, its your bottom line and everyone knows or should know it!!!!


Be mad at your insurance compnay not the Hearing Aid company. There is alot of over head in running a business.

Besides most hearing aid specialists make between 35-60k per year. Take your doctor for example, he prolly makes 150-200k per year.

But your insurance company helps with those costs. Un fortunatly a hearing aid is a prostetic, For example, if you were to have your leg amputated, your insurance would cover most of the surgery, but if you would want a "prostetic leg" they would cover next to nothing..


Most small hearing aid companies don't have Buying power like warehouse sales departments do. Unfortunately, the professionals end up paying 2-3 times the amount that wholesale clubs do, which means the price they must charge to make ends meet and provide a clean and quiet environment is higher in the end.

Profits for manufacturers are re-invested into research in hearing, and why certain settings DON'T help certain wearers with certain types of loss. The next best technology doesn't pay for itself to be discovered or advertised. It would help everyone if hearing aids were not considered a cosmetic device by most insurance companies. Help in coverage is severely lacking~I agree.

Medicare just cut off it's hearing aid program this year, along with many other services. The more people we have voicing the need for help, the better. If we could get more people hearing better, we would definitely see the prices go down. That's also why the warehouse sales model works...

they sell VOLUME.. so they can negotiate a lower price for the products they want to sell. It's a catch 22.

By the way, we have a hereditary hearing loss in my family, and I have worn hearing aids for years. I can understand BOTH sides of the issue.


Hearing aids are a steal. How much would you charge to help someone who doesn't feel well, has a damaged nerve which won't transmit correctly to their brain, listen to endless stories even their own spouse no longer wants to hear, complains about their "fixed income" from their pension, thinks insurance or the government should pay for damage to their hearing that they most likely caused, and deal with people who are confused, isolated and paranoid?

I think that may be worth $1000s alone! Then add the cost of advertising, R & D, keeping an office open to hold their hand along, and for the technology itself. Hearing aids are a steal. What's it worth to have a formally educated Audiologist to work with you to overcome the isolation, paranoia, confusion, and depression caused by being unable to communicate with others?

From my perspective it is worth a lot more than $4000! It works out to be about $2.25 a day.

A better quality of life for $2.25 a day, it's a steal! It's a matter of perspective.


Yes Sir! Most hearing aids cost way to much. I will explain to you why, and what a few companys have done to make hearing aids more afforable.

1). $425.00 on average is the cost of advertising spent by the dispenser to sell one hearing aid.

2). A stand alone hearing aid office is very expensive to keep open, rents, lights, insurance, personel.

3). Most but not all dispensers are paid on comission from 10-20% of the sale price.

Right now there are two companys that are doing things differently. SAMS CLUB AND COSTCO.

1) They do not advertise in the local paper or TV...that saves $425.00 per hearing aid right there.

2) As the "Hearing Department" is a small area inside a big store, the overhead is extremely low. I work at Costco the monthy cost in electricy etc for my small area is figured to cost the warehouse $157.00 a month.

3) Costco nor Sams' pay a commission. They pay there hearing health care professionals a good salery. The push is toward GREAT MEMBER SERVICE, and taking care of the member. Costco has been in the hearing aid field for 13 years. Costco is the 2ed largest retailer of hearing aids nation wide. Sams has been into hearing aids for only a couple of years, but that department within Sams is growning, and will continue to grow. The net results to the consumer is that the $5000-$6000 hearing aids sold by the local Beltone or Miracle Ear dealer will sell for $1800-2700 A PAIR at Sams or Costco. You will also get longer warranties. And true satisfaction or money refunded. ALL money, neither Sams nor Costco charge you to return hearing aids. At Costco that is a 90 day trial period.

So while there are a lot of factors causing the price of hearing aids to be out of the reach of a lot of people, 2 WAREHOUSE CLUBS do in fact have a better way of doing things. Kuddos to Sams!

Costco Rocks!

Larry Boles, Kendall FL


I have been wearing hearing aids for many years. I have tried them all.

I recently was convinced to try Sam's Club, not the ones they have online but inside the club. I live in Lady Lake, Fl. Kim, the professional that fitted me was the best. She gave me the most thorough test Ive ever had, explained it to me so that I understood my loss for the first time and listened to me.

Everyone else just wanted to sell me something. She fitted me with hearing aids for 2000.00. I love them. She is always available with professionalism and a warm smile.

I was so hesitant to go to a Sam's Club for hearing aids but now would never go anywhere else. Hearing aids for 2000.00 and a lifetime of serice with a true professional.


HearingRevolution.com is doing what it can to bring down the cost of hearing aids. SAMeyeAM, you should check us out too. We provide a very competitive fee for your time.


Dispensers do not control the market place. I am one and I would love it if hearing aids were more affordable.

I care about my patients and wish I gould only fit the hearing aids, I do not like the money part. We do not make much.


If you are a hearing aid user - go to wwww.eartrak.com to voice your opinion. Let other consumers know about your experience.


Its Bullsh-t how much they charge and how little service you get in return !

I could have had a good used car for what I paid for these !

Everytime I go back to my provider, it's my fault that whatevers wrong is wrong !!!

I knw machines and electronics.

These things are *** !!!


My hearing aids cost about the same, but the service that I receive is worth it. Whenever I have a problem it's one phone call and a short drive and my solution is found. To me, five or six years of hearing wonderfully is worth $5,000.


But you did pay for their diabetes testing or their children's physical therapy after their sports accident.


I do the adjustments myself at home using my own personal computer or they will do them for me via the internet. I bought my hearing aids from HearSource.com for $995 each. I am very happy.


The cheapest one that I have built:



I found a great deal at All-Ears Hearing Center in Akron, Ohio.

Price was right for the level of service ZI am receiving.

Nice people to deal with.

You can get a special discount with the Golden Buckeye card.



I found a great deal at All-Ears Hearing Center in Akron, Ohio.

Price was right for the level of service ZI am receiving.

Nice people to deal with.

You can get a spciel discount with the Golden Buckeye card.



Its important to remember that rates set by health insurance companies are set based on benefits offered. Laws govern loss ratios for insurance companies, so insurance companies are required to get rates approved by the various state Departments of Insurance.

There is no room to add expensive benefits unless an adjustment is made to rates charged to everyone the policy is sold to.

Yes, hearing aids are expensive - I'm just beginning my search. Since I haven't had to pay for other peoples' hearing aids, I'm not expecting others to pay for mine.

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Other Company in Tyler, Texas - They keep calling for someone that doesn't live here.

Calls started yesterday. I told them that the person they seek doesn't live here.

The lady was not nice and repeated my phone number. I told her again no one by that named lived here and she then hung up.

Today they called twice, once in the morning and again in the evening. In the morning, I spoke with a lady and I asked for a name and phone number and they hung up.

This evening the automated answer repeated 3 times and then hung up. When trying to call back by using *69, there is no valid telephone number.

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Other Company in Corpus Christi, Texas - Need info. on policy.

my husband francisco r. lopez needs to know if his life insurance policy is paid up to date. his policy no. is 8541974. please repond your answer to my e-mail lopezsgracce@yahoo.com

thank you for your attention to this matter. i do not have l00 words to describe my concern. lets hope my husband gets an answer to his question.

he purchased this policy back in March of 2007. we have not had and problems with the company in anyway. payment should be made directly from our bank account. why do i need to write so much? a

Review #151402 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer151402.

Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Items not sent, then sent after cancelled. Charged twice.

I ordered from this merchant in the past without problems. However, my last order was a problem from start to finish -- except it's still not over.

Michael -- the only person who ever seems to answer the phone -- is the rudest and meanest person. He cuts you off and doesn't allow you to speak. When you try to say something he tells you not to yell at him -- even if you're not yelling. Everything I asked him to do -- canceling my order, not sending the items that were backordered was ignored.

They shipped incorrect items. The entire transaction has been a nightmare. He said, "Don't yell at me...I'm a human being." That's debatable at this point.

Steer clear and don't give them your business. Try Vitacost instead!

Review #151391 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer151391.

Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Terrible Staff - Worse Service EVER!!!!

I went to get a quote that I previously made over the phone, well, I was "totally" ignored by the first employee, the second employee states in a very unfriendly way "Is there something I can help you with"...I'm thinking duh...that's why I'm standing at the counter. Then he waits on other customers that walk up while he's "helping" me.

After "finally" getting the quote, I walk over to buy a gift card - again "Totally IGNORED"....then a white female walks and he immediately waits on her. I left my potentially $130 purchase in the store!

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Greedy company

I tried to make a phone call whiles i was in Brussel to the States on 12/08/09 i gave out all the information needed to make the phone call. But before i made the call i asked about the charge rate i was told a very ridiculous rate,At this teme i decided not to make the phone call because the rates made no sense to me,and i told the customer service representative that i dont wanna make the phone call, and he said ok, then i hang up, but guess what?

i still got charged $150 despite not making the phone call. And i cant get anyone on the phone to give me an explanation of why the charges were made to my account.

This is my story i will never use any of bbg's services again and will discourage anyone that i know from using it too. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY NOT THE SATISFACTION OF THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Review #151370 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer151370.

Other Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Wrong fell banning

my screen name is acenspace and got banned for going to a room and say *** and told so people they where judge other folks and the said i was rude .and judgeing folks for being rude this was wrong for single to banned me because they hit the report botton you dont look at the words being said just banned um that judge some one for tell what they think and need to be looked in to people say worse and do and talk dirty thing on here and the word *** isnt very bad word i said it more then once yes it wasnt spamming

Review #151307 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer151307.