Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Kept open a closed account allowing other charges

The bank office where we live was closing down. There was not another location nearby, so both my wife and I went into the bank, paid up our fees and closed the account.

Over 3 months later we get in the mail that we owe money?

When we contacted them, they proceeded to tell us our account was still open, and they allowed other charges to go through, which since we did not have any funds going into the account, put us negative which by itself incurs added fees. Now I have to make payment arrangements to pay off an account plus fees on something that should have been closed months ago.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Apartment robbery/vehicle damages

We live in a condo community!!!They plowed our parking lot and damaged my fiance's vehicle!!!!!Instead of being adults about it they high tailed it out and never said a word to anyone!!!!!We found out the next morning!!!Needless to say both me and my fiance' were upset!!!!when i find out who this plow company is they will feel the wrath of a philly girl!!!!!!!!!!do not rent from liss property!!!!!they are so irresponsible!!!!!!they need lessons in running a proper business!!!!!they are MONEY THIEVES!!!!!IN OTHER WORDS THEY SUCK AS LANDLORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE SOOOO MONEY HUNGRY AND DON'T GIVE A *** ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I joined hornymatches.com-That was the last time I ever heard from them.

I joined Hornymatches.com and that was the last time I ever heard from them. They're information for joining is not very clear and is somewhat misleading.

My intentions were to spen a minimum fee and when I clicked the submit it daid that they had taken $69.00 from my credit card. They are such a chickenshit company that they never even said thank you. I emailed about 20 of the supposed female members and none of them ever responded.

If there is a lawyer filing a lawsuit against them, please count me in. In my opinion they are the hallmark of true scam artist, however I believe in Karma with a capital "K" and what goes around comes around ------------flightlinemechanic@att.net




what are the people talking about is it true whta they say about hornymatches is they really a RIP off?


it's a fake site with fake members, someone should spam their website


the best thing is to tell the whole world about these sites, in fact all these sites are *** and they are fake, with fake members, and they will do anything to get you pay, once you pay, your money is gone and they will even sell your name for advertising companies, so they can sell you some other ***. I think the best think is to find someone that can spam their wedsite with computer viros.

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Other Company in Lawrence, Kansas - They (Seneca, KS) never wash their tables off!

We come in to eat about once a week and it's about 7pm so there is no crowd. There are plenty of workers and they are standing around.

Yet all the tables are so dirty and have not been wiped off. It's so gross to eat on other people's mess. Why won't they clean up the abvious?

This town, Seneca, Ks, does not have other fast food eating establishments around and it's hard to find a place to order fast.

I am afraid their business is down because of this and pretty soon no one will ever come in.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Delivered Christmas Box to completely different address than on the package.

my son is currently deployed with USS Nimitz, his family is in San Diego. I sent the Christmas gifts in one big box to them, my daughter called me to say that a lady brought her package to the house, IT HAD BEEN DELIVERED TO A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT NAME AND ADDRESS!

I do not know if all their Christmas gifts are in the box or not yet. Will not know until Christmas morning when they open them. I do have them insured and have receipts thankfully.

I checked the shipping ticket, is made out properly, they stapled the receipt on top of it and my debt ticket on top of that, the address they shipped to is clearly on the receipt for payment ticket. I intend to confront them tomorrow.

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Other Company in Tipton, Indiana - Landlord abandons property

what my wife and i have is a landlord that just decided to one day get up and step out of his responsibilities and abandon the property that we were renting from him. he just did not want to fix things corretly and to top it off he wont return any phone calls, tells various stories to certain other tenents and only keeps in touch with certain tenents.

this really *** us off because we were the only ones that paid our rent on time, yet he just stop communicating with us but contiues to talk to the other tenets that did even pay him at all? he has sold his house to his dad yet he and his wife still live there (albeit rent free) sold his one of his two cars and kept the one that is paid off and is a junkard, he has done everything to avoid losing his a$$ so when he and his lovley high maintenance wife can get off scott free and the rest of us is screwed out of a of a home. oh and he also turned off our lights a week before christmas because he is a scrooge. how nice.

merry christmas to you, mr. joseph and cyrstal portell of windfall, indiana.

Tipton, Indiana
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Other Company in Englewood, Colorado - Sent toy not fit to be sold

I ordered a supermack truck for my grandkids and we decided to put the stickers on before we give it to him. Well the truck keeps falling apart and will not stay together as shown.

He will be without a good toy in minutes. You should not sell this junk . I have ordered other stuff and been pleased. Do something about this truck or I will not be a returning customer.The item# is 463420-DMTR.

I want you to send me a mailing sticker so I dont have to pay anymore money to return it.

This really upsets me because this item is very cute. You need to make it better or stop selling it.

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Other Company in Waynesboro, Virginia - Charged us $927.00 to go to OK to bury my husband's Mother

had to make flight info by phone cumputer was down husband's mother passed away 12/18/07 and you charged us $927.00 we did not know she was going to pass away how could we make arrangements ahead of time we are stuck in a hotel due to bad weather but you could refund some of our money or reimburse us in some form home # 540-298-8314 email cmr@shentel.net. I don't know what else I can say except that I think that a time like this you would have a large heart not dollars

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Other Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan - All working DVD's

I have the p90x pack and my core synthetics DVD doesn't work I know it's not my DVD player because the others work. I know you'll probably blame my DVD player so all I'm trying to say is that I can't follow the program if all them don't work. I'm not asking for a new set I'm just asking for a new CD.I spent allot of money on this set and I expect them all to work.Although I do like the DVD's that I have.

Thank you

disappoint customer

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Sent me a great product in timely manner as said

it worked wonderful for me I am trying to find out were to buy some more and then I run into all of this stuff. I ordered the free trial and got that in a timely manner as promised and put a second order in for a couple of months supply and received it as promised.

I just loved it so much sorry some others didn't but some systems are different than others some attractions are different than others some need a little help and some need a lot no offense to anyone but once again the product was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want some more

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