Other Company in San Jose, California - Delay on refunding money on returned product never opened

returned unopened product on septic tank on 11/05/2009 by fedx

called 12/22/2009 to see why money had not been refunded and gave trackin number

called 1/4/2010 customer service 11:15 Arizona time on why no refund as of yet was told it may take longer to refund

asked if it would be longer than 2 more weeks and was told that it possibly could be.

this is not right or good customer service especially when received and sent back in perfect condition.

will never refer this company to anyone.

all i want is my refund credited back to my account as the same good faith that it was given in.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - A text scam on cell phones!!!!!!

I have gotten several text messages 1. was for winning a $100.Bogus 2. was for foreclosures and the 3.was for GiftsNow. but they all were sent

[FROM]77893 and when I checked the text it automatically charged me 30 cents and 3 min off of my phone.This phone is a pre-paid cell phone lifeline for emergency medical purposes only. I don't know how this company got my number but they have made 1 dollar off of me which doesn't sound like anything but to millions of people all over the USA and God knows were else.

My phone being pre-paid it is obvious that they sole my money right away but for those with a bill will be charged wont even know it cause it is a small amount but like I said my phone is medically necessary and I can't afford to get hit every other day.It Is Wrong!!!! I wish I could block them but I can't block text mess. [from]77893 how can I find out who is 77893?

This is wrong !!!!!!!!!

Thank you,Christine,

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Rewards program is a scam

I was issued an $82.00 credit reward towards ordering specific gifts. After beiing billed, even though my ordeer was less than the awards amount, it took 5 phone calls and over an hour and a half to reach a human being.

When I finally reached a human being I was lied to, and told I could not cancel my order as it has been shipped. It has been over 14 days and nothing has arrived, so I doubt that it has been shipped or it would have arrived by now.

this all started well before Christmas and it is now after New Years. I consider this fraud.

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Other Company in Gaborone, South-East - REFUSE WITH MY CERTIFICAT

I was a student at realic Educational services, I paid half of the schoolfees and full amount of exam fee. I stop Attending classes the reason being my position of sales and marketing I travel around the country, I wrote the letter to the secretary to inform them about my situation and they agreed that I will come to write exam.

I wrote the exam after the result were out they refuse with my certificate the principal turn his back on me he said he do not know anything about my situation and the person who took the letter is no longer working there,

Gaborone, South-East
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Charges on my credit card

i never used your service,but you charged my netspend card. i want my money back.

$14.90 your company is a rip off. robert leath 832 260 8746

how your company got my card number i don't know. i think you got it off the internet. theives are all over the internet and you are one off them.

i need you to return my fund back to my card. I will file a police report and report u to the bbb. it's not right to steal from people. We are having hard enough times already.

that's why God is showing us for the love of money is the root of all evil and is bringing the theives and big boys down. It's just a matter of time.




I caught a charge made by Shopping Essentials on my Visa immediately. I found and address and emailed them, also filed w/the BBB in Des Plaines, IL where they are located, and the Atty.

General\'s office. Notified my bank immediately that this was disputed and they also investigated. Found there is a class action pending in NY.

SE has since issued a refund to my acct. Just do all you can and don\'t ignore this or they will continue to bill you.


your not by yourself,i,ve been ripped off more then once

Colver, Pennsylvania
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Ohio seat belt law unjust

How many times can they punish you for the same crime? A state patrolman was driving facing me, when he motioned for me to pull over.

and I did. He made a u turn, pulled behind me. ask me if I made a habit of not waring a seat-belt? Took all the usual..I was fined 75.00 for first offence no seat belt.

Later received a letter from state another 150.00 wanted me to send in my drivers licence, licence plates, my ven number to my truck, also had to purchase a bond insurance. my lic..were cancelled for three months,I have to pay for new lic. and plates.if I want my lic. reinstated that is another fee.

if I want driving privileges I have to go to court and pay court cost.

I had to quit my job,due to lack of transportation ,my children had very little for Christmas, and now I have to walk five miles to town , with four small children along a state highway with no sidewalks. And I would like to know how this is for my protection ?




A person who has for some time has connections in Ohio local/state government has used it to their advantage. They've used it to badger people they have issues with.

Did ya ever notice that when someone get's busted for doing wrong their poor kids don't have Christmas, you have to walk 5 miles, uphill-in the snow probably, to town and to get a touch more pity - they have to quit their jobs. If you were really worried about your kids you would have complied with the law and been an example. No seatbelt and no insurance - your kids were probably standing up in the backseat too.
Quit crying and take your punishment :cry
david makes a good point. 8)

How much sense does it make to have a seat belt law in a state where it's perfectly legal to ride a motorcycle with no helmet. Personal safety should be a personal choice. Public safety should be a law.

once the state of ohio has your name on there mailing list you will get all kinds of stuff through the mail.
I know a guy who has never had a licence in his life,and gets pulled over all the time. and all thay do to him is give him a fine for no lic.
The state of ohio wrote him a letter and told him thay could get his lic. back if he gave them $1,000.00.
how are thay going to get someones lic. back that never had one to begin with?
:? :? :? :? :? :?
I hope the state patrol runs over one of your brats. mabe yull learn to buckle up. :eek

I did have a bond insurance.but the state decided my bond only coverd other other vehic. and didnt cover my personal vec.

my insurance co.

told me it did. i'v had the same insurance for the last three years.

i'm a seasonal worker so i only buy insurance when i drive. I guess the state dosnt like that.thay think you need to pay constantly for driving privlages.

You are all a bunch of cry babys an just cant take it when you get caught. someone has to pay for gas to get the doughnuts. :grin
I also think it is an unjust law.thay will pull you over and make up some other reason why thay pulled you over. I went to court to fight the same thing, I won the case of speeding, because the patrolman estamated my speed but I couldn't prove I had my seatbelt buckled.

It was my word against his. I had to pay 80.00 court cost plus 76.00 for no seat belt.plus I had to pay the state another 50.00 and prove to them I had insurance,and my licence were still cancled for three month. I also had to quit my job.

I drive 60 miles one way, and I refused to pay more money to that court for driving privelages.I'll just go live with relitives and let them include me on there food stamps. :(
Did you know in ohio you can be pulled over for not having your headlights on in the daytine? I did , it was sprinkling and I guess a new law is if you turn on your whipers you have to have your headlights on.

I think it was an excuse to pull me over to give me a ticket for no seatbelt.

why so much? in other states everyone tells me the fine is only 25dollers, 75 seams like alot for the greedy$%%$%$^^& :(

i got one of those letters from the state of ohio. i was self emplyed painter and handy man,so called random insurance check, if you cant prove you had insurance on whatever date thay pick, you loose your licence and plates.and pay a fine.

four other people i know, also got one. so alot of us must be random.

i think the insurance companies turn people in. we have all quit our jobs, one of the guys said he has five kids and makes moore on welfare than when he ws working,plus gets health coverage for his kids.so much for obomas plan to crete jobs, mabe the new jobs include making horse and buggys.



Its one of those laws,( that no one gets to vote on )to take away our civil rights. :x

You know if your real careful,and only drive when you have to. being you have insurance.

you would get in less trubble if you don't have a licence. too bad you send in your plates. mabe someone would let you switch cars for a while.

10 miles seames like a long walk for those kids carring grocerys. and what if one of them would get hurt,good luck.

yes I did. if you dont send them what thay want, thay will just make it hard on you.

I dubble checked with the state, and they said every thing was true.

thay dont care about anything but the money. :cry Thay say thay could also arrest me for chid endangerment for having the kids walking along a state highway.

I hope you didn't send anything to the state. They have all of that information.

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Suzanne Cardin Precious Metals Scam

Suzanne Cardin is a scam artist in the precious metals coin industry. Her and her husband will take tens of thousands of dollars from potential investors and never deliver the goods.

They have multiple FBI complaints and have a long history of scamming investors. Beware of Suzanne Cardin if you are looking to purchase precious metals. Be diligent and do a complete background check on Ms. Cardin, her husband, and the business.

You will see multiple complaints for fraud and scam. Karma caught up, looks like you need to go on to another scam.

I am at a loss for words. Investors beware!




Wilshire is ***. Hustling retired folks out of their last penny promissing the world.

Freekin *** of the earth and everyone working for him.

Bunch of leaches working in an unlicenced business since they were all thrown out of anything that requires a licence. If they call run, quick.


Yeah they're all being watched. I guess the chase is better than the catch.


It's on their website uner "clearing" i doubt anyone will answer.

I would stay away from them if I were you. They aren't clean, and its a matter of time before they, and anyone associated with them, are taken in.

Under conspiracy laws, guilt by association is all that's needed. Kind of sucks.


Can anyone please give me a phone number to get in touch with "Worth Metals" ?

Thanks ; John


ONLY buy from companies that have a history, dont agree to storage or additioanal fees. NEVER Worth it.


Shawn your rude and should really learn how to talk to customers if you wish to gain any. When someone asks to be taken off your list ....

when you call 3 times in one day.... you say "I will be happy to take you off my list of successful people" BBB Sweety !


Shawn you a rude POS.


The point should not be individual names. People can open up boiler rooms under any name.

Stay away from dealers that appear totally legit over the phone or on the internet, but dont have a history. Stay away from new companies, or companies that offer "leveraging", loans, insurance, or don't clearly stipulate fees and "clearinghouses" that they work with. Worthmetals.com doesn't even provide an address or consumer contact information.

They seem to be hiding behind resellers. SCARY


Suzanne Cardin has never had any affiliation with Double Eagle Enterprises. All of our Clients at Double Eagle Enterprises are very happy.

The Predator comments are defamatory, and have no basis behind them whatsoever. We have never wronged a single customer, and if we had we would be happy to rectify the situation.

Calling Us a Scam is ILLEGAL. We offer a service and product and have continued to deliver to all our customers!

@Shawn Clay

Can you explain this Shawn Clay or tell us who u clear through?

CFTC Charges Hunter Wise Commodities, Lloyds Commodities, C.D. Hopkins Financial, United States Capital Trust, Newbridge Alliance, Blackstone Metals Group, and their Principals in Multi-Million Dollar Fraudulent Precious Metals Scheme

:eek :eek :eek :upset :upset :upset :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh
:eek :eek :eek :upset :upset :upset :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh
:p :p :p

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz
:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :( :eek :upset
:cry ;) :upset :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz
:cry :cry :upset :zzz :zzz ;) ;) :grin :roll :roll

Too funny Gilbert,

Tell Pinoccheo, I'm going to give him a, Bam, straight to the moon.

:roll ;) :grin :) 8) 8) :cry :sigh :zzz :upset :( :x :cry :? :roll :upset :upset :zzz :zzz :sigh :p :p :p :p 8) ;) :grin :) :? :? :cry :cry :( :( :(

It really is shocking how seemingly smart people are willing to risk criminal prosecution for so little in return. It's the ultimate deception: self deception.


its never fun when a spouse cheats. you have to change your entire life after that.

some woman stay in the marriage hoping it doesnt happen again. and maybe for a while it wont. but rest assured it will continue. and then it really makes u think about what u did to make it happen, as if it was ur fault.

maybe ur looks have faded, maybe your gaining weight. not as pretty as the young girls on south beach anymore. wrinkles under the eyes. your getting old and you cant keep your man let alone make him happy.

he comes home late alot ect. if he has money he can have whoever he wants. best bet let him go. your not getting any younger and when you came into the marriage it was to be supported financially.

that was the goal. and you got what you wanted. so walk away, money in hand.

try to forget what you see in the mirror, try to forget the shame you feel for marryn not for love but for money. try to forget your looks are fading and the ugly now appears..................


The business goes on, because fraud is an age old business. The perps usually just close up shop and open under a different name.

Check out the company. Chances are if nothing is found, it's because they are new. Boiler room operations can be set up, and taken down in days.

The CFTC knows that its usually the same perpetrators, who crawl out of the mud every few years, and *** a few goons into risking their freedom for little money, while the cons hiding behind the scenes get rich.


cftc all correct, but the business gos on. why is that?

cause the cftc is warning you that if you are going to buy in this manor then beware of these issues and if any of them are being done to you then dont do it. the warning is simply a warning. such as a warning of anything in life to be careful of a certain situation. recalls on cars for faulty breaks, bad produce, attorneys that are frauds, those who just steal your money and dont help you.

why does the business go on then? whyd doesnt it get stopped by some agency? cause its a legitimate business if done correctly. and some compnaies have thrived buyning metals in this fashion and doing to the letter of the law.

even if you buy a car today and you are not told of the commission tha can be fraud. so again if these things are disclosed in full and you agree then well if your mad afterwoods your in the wrong business, leave the investing to the players and the house work to the woman.


the 1st posting is a year old. Where the 2 companies sleeze slayer names have to do with the comment from last year is beyond me.

But of course that comment is just in the right spot to cause anyone harm that gets attached to it. if you feel jaded in some way then there are remedies. But to see someone write it on here well theres more to the story id assume. Sound to me like either a disgruntled client or former worker on a smeer campaign.

if you have a real issue then follow the legal route.

You will get no relief here on this site. it truly sounds lie someone with to much time on there hands and mad at the world or there home life and they are tryn to find someone to take it out on.


i read all these complaints if you sent someone money and lost it doesent mean its a scam people loose money every day in investments. if you bought a piece of property lost money in forclosure you will say the realtor scamed you.

As Far as the commission if the client is informed of what it is before the metal is boughtnand agree's to it it is not a scam. If you look how high the metals have gone investors still have made over 100% return on thier investmant with commissions charged.


Hi "sleeze slayer"

You seem familiar with financial fraud, and with using pissed consumer. But are you familiar with libel law?

You should be. You have just made public accusations of criminal activity about two companies by there full names.

Pissed Consumer! is very cooperative with investigating law enforcement officials and attorneys when it comes to this kind of thing, "sleeze slayer".

Just thought you should know. Have a nice day.


sleeze slayer how were u scammed?


I was scammed by Worth Metals and Rothchild and Associates. I will pursue civil litigation. Anyone have any suggestiond?


US Metals and Worth metals owned by Andrew Wilshire, convicted of Financial Fraud, thrown out of the commodity brokerage business for life, fined with his cronies $500,000. A serious scam artist pretending to be a "financial analyst". check it all out at www.cftc.gov and www.nfa.futures.org, search Andrew Wilshire.

The scam is that with all the interest charges and commissions, the market has to make such a huge move, that you are very unlikely to actually make a profit, since most people will get out before that happens at the first downturn of the market.




be afraid very afraid this is predators at their worst stay away from anyone called double eagle metals for gold or silver


u.s. metals and ezra levine seems similar



Contact Terry Montgomery at the CFTC.gov


I've heard on this. I guess if you live in glass houses....

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They act like they don't care

yes we had a loan mod.we've been trying sell but our mortgage is to high to sell.so we asked for a short refi to help us sell or keep it if we couldn't sell.they were all up for it at first till they found we were really serious then came up these charges for lawyers,appraisal's,and bunch of other things they never mention in the beginning.they also said they would have to see if i qualified for a loan that i already have with them.we to want to keep our but with the way everything is it is hard.when we got our loan mod they said we would have to put our insurance and taxes with our payment making it go back up to almost what it was.


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you may not see it. but the britsh are coming.

thay have taken over all the security co.s such as brinks, burns, pinkerton,and about all the banks and morgage co.s. there next step is to make us all homeless.then take over will be easy.

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Im sick of people

hi my name is chaya,

i recently have noticed my step father has been acting out. i thought in the beginnig that he was a good man and treated everyone right.

but i was wrong. my mother got married to him, and then everything was a disaster. i remeber i went to CPS 3 times by him. he always say dont manipulate or disrespect adults.

what should i do? i cant take it anymore and im about to explode.i almost want to live with my friend stella but its too much of a risk... What should i do?

i cant live at my dads anymore...... so i have nowhere to go to and im about to explode!!!!!!!!!


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chaya, I recommend finding a true christian female that will help you because that is a sign of faith to help others in need and if they are of Christ you will see generous help.Sorry for the child protective services stuff but not all people try to push you into places you wish not to live at.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - No Service

I had called this morning to get my television fixed and was told by an employee Miguel that they would send someone by 6:15 on December 12. He told me if they couldn't repair the problem of the television they would replace it.When no one showed up today i recalled the store # C0729 and was told that no one was coming and there was nothing that could be done until January 2nd.

The women (Jamie) that i was speaking to was very rude,aggressive, and had no solutions to my problem.So i am now very angry that my television is not fixed and the women of customer service should not be answering any calls if she is going to be rude with no help. she needs to go back to training so that she can learn how to deal with different situations.

the customer is always right no matter what.

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