Pissed is mild for this company

i am a doctor, i am pissed that such bogus company is a out right fraud and slick SOB WORKING FOR THEM that will send phony charges to my phone bills and when i call this company to wave charges they are slick in asking all info ( totally not needed) so they can rape one more time since now they got your info from you

beware of such phony corporates ceos and management which will do all they can to collect money from you!!!

so read your bills carefully and watch before you pay and keep exposing such vendors who will get your buck for any thing

doctor in michgan


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Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #106067

Which company? You f**king ***.

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Other Company in Chesnee, South Carolina - Overcharged and rude

I have been billed $4.55 a gallon!! I have called all other area gas companies and the highest price I was quoted is $3.05 gal.

In November I was only billed 2.55 gal. I have called the office numerous times in the past week and most times get a voice mail! When I did get a rep she had an attitude and said she would have someone call me. Yeah right!

No call backs!

There were also issues originally with this company ,but I was too far in to feel I could get out at that time. BUT this will be the last cent they will get from me!

Chesnee, South Carolina
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Other Company in Ambridge, Pennsylvania - Charges

This is absolutely absord. First I signed up and get bills from 3 places I didn't authorize.

I cancelled membership and they still continue to bill me!! I never even logged on. Upon speaking with them after waiting 10 minutes I was told I needed to speak with a suprervisor and was again put on hold for a minimum of 10 minutes. Finally I get through.

I was told they will refund one month but not the other, even though I ended my membership.

This is the worst company I dealt with every. Thank god my credit card company is going to help

Ambridge, Pennsylvania
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I am very pissed off, you people took out 60.00 from my checking account and the bank charged me 35

My bank charged me 35.00 overdraft because you kept taking out money I did not have. I want some of this money back.

I have contacted a Attorney is my area and he said I can sue you people. So I am looking for to this, you also took out money from my husbands account which he never used this service. So your business will be reported to the Better Business place as of tuesday jan 19,2010.

I will complain to all the networks on the internet alone with the newpapers, I am not a happy camper. got my message Dianne Hale


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hmm maybe it would help if you actually shared what company did this.

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Other Company in San Juan, San Juan Municipio - Worst air conditioner covers for compressors

18 months ago I bought two multizone inverter air conditioners. Announced as one of the best in this technology, but after 6 months the metal covers for the compressor got rusty.

The company with whom I bought the equipment, came and treated the two metal covers with an anti-rust treatment This do not work. The company have been very diligent with the service, but told me that they will not continue selling this equipment.

I`m trying to find a webpage to whom I can communicate directly, but only appears dealers.

Please, consider this equipment as a bad investment if every year you will need to pay for this kind of situation.

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Cheap Chinese Appliances that cost a fortune!

We have bought 2 belgian waffle makers and the first one broke after 3 uses and this new one which was over $100 was broken before even the first use!!! i'm so sick and tired of all the garbage that we as americans are forced to buy because of our wonderful companies that are trying to make more money by buying these products for a few dollars and charging the american public hundreds of dollars! TVs, DVD/VCR players, washers/dryers, computers and so on dont last more than a couple of years and you have to replace them at a much higher cost where AMERICAN made products actually lasted several years and built with quality and pride!!


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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #106509

Good luck in finding ANY American product these days! When we had them, American made, quality construction, built to last- NO ONE WOULD BUY THEM!!!

Everybody wanted to save a few dollars and buy the cheap foreign made knock-offs and now the same people are complaning about the quality of the stuff they HAVE to buy! DO NOT BLAME THE COMPANIES!!

They tried to hold on as long as they could, but when they no support from the American consumers- they had no way to survive. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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Other Company in Reno, Nevada - Constant calls before the payment is late

After sevral months of constant call early morning, late night, and everywhere inbetween, I finall had to ask the girl on the phone "Why do you people keep calling me when I'm not even late yet. Correct me if I'm wrong but I wont be late till after the 10th, yet today is the 1st. So dont expect it till the 10th which is the date I put on bill pay for my bank to pay it!!" So she tell me yes but there polocy has changed and I said "not till the 10th" and hung up.

Absolutely Redicilous!!

Carol J
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Other Company in Portland, Oregon - Don't buy contacts there

We bought our daughter contacts there twice and both times now they have ripped in half, They told us both times that the contacts would last a month and with in a week they ripped in half and now there is a piece stuck in her eye. They were rude both times we went in there, They treated us like we were ***. I tried calling them to explain what has happened and they refuse to see her telling me that it was something she has done for them to rip in half both times I am so mad at this place I will never go there again.

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Other Company in Smithville, Tennessee - Liars!!!!!!!!!!!

When I started had the referral from a friend- the $100.00 lie--well kept asking about it --they said-not yet-then was told too late????-liar liar!! I was told my monthly payments would be 38.00-My bill has been 78.88,52.00 and the last 72.00-not paying it!!you lied!therefore my contract is null and void!!

Then I cancel- my bill is over 400.00--I don't think so!!

was going to try to resolve this calmly---but no one seems to speak proper English and has a memorized mantra that is IRRITATING!! They did not cancel starz,etc--when I told them---yadda,yadda yadda--never again---hasta la vista, baby--i do not care if you send bill to collections--I will counter-sue!!!!!

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Sick and tired of this companies distributors trying to recruit for other MLM's

I currently work with another MLM company that I am very happy with. I have recieved two calls in the last little while from this companies distributors trying to recruit me into this business. First off I think that is a very bad business practise. How do you trust someone that does anything like that to people. Secondly when I said NO the first time you would think they would know not to call me again.

If this is how they training their people to build there busineses I truely feel bad for new people.

I wish every great success in there business


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I am truly tired of getting calls from various insurance companies. I can't see why they think their grass is any greener.

Most of them don't help their agents and expect you to knock yourself out using your own resources. Its a total scam.

I also ask them how they determined I would be a good fit in their company and would they enjoyed being sued. Please take my name of any of your lists and I look forward to not hearing from you again.

Thank you.

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