We have been going thru this process 1 1/2 years

Well i am here to join in with all who have complained about this company. We have been dealing with this since June 2008.

The headaches we have had with them telling us we have delinquent payment's due to them when they first took over loan is ongoing. They advised us to go thru a program called HOPE to help modify loan, that was a joke to only after 5 months they say we did not qualify.

I think it is time that Mr. Obama hears about the companies that are not government backed, all us need some HELP.


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American Loan advantage/Loan Personal

My daughter fell into this mess and does not have money to stary out with and they have taken 1250. in money that she had sent them by Western Union.

They kept telling her story after story (lies) now they don't answer phone calls or send money, we have signed paper work, and have nothing that we can do.

Help if anybody can do anything janehinschberger@hotmail.

All we want back is the money that was sent and we will be so happy my daughter is a single mother that needs the money and if she did not she would not have been looking for a lone and did what she did. What a mess




Contact the State Attorney General's Office-Dept of Consumer Affairs in the state that this scammer is located in and file a complaint.

Usually, if there are enough complaints,

the Attorney General's Office will go to court to get an injuction to cease and desist as well as an order to freeze their assets.

The Attoney General's Office will then start an investigation.

There has been a huge amount of fraud with

scammers offering services and then requesting money up front. Most states

do not allow this.

Drasco, Arkansas, United States #108696

Told my sister that they would put $20,000 in her acct. but she had to pay for colsing costs and collateral, $1400 payable via a western union money order, promised that would be the only fees.

Well they sent her a contract and she signed and gave all of her info. then the lenders "looked deeper" into her credit, $800, promised their would be no more fees. Then she had to pay for another lenders closing costs because the money was coming from two lenders, $1300, then promised there would be no fees. Then their employee "messed up and put the loan in as one lump sum instead of two" and charged her $1100, and promised there would be no more fees.

Then in thier good conscience told her she would have to pay $800 for the finalization of everything. She refused and asked for her money back. They said "well it will be about six months before you get it back" and had the nerve to call my sister and say well we dropped the price to $500, she still refused, dropped it to $300, then we got to looking, run the numbers and the business name. The name was clean and one of the numbers was clean, the other however revealed that they were scammers!

Beware of TRI MEMORIAL FINANCIAL, BRIAN SULLIVAN, TAVARUS REID(who the western union money order was sent to), MR.RONSON, JOSHAUA MILLS, DAVID HALL, 866-460-5131, their adress turns out to be an abandoned bowling sales buliding in Indiania, do not pay a dime to a lender until you see money in your acct!

but the proper authorities have been contacted, and i call them all the time, asking if they have ever "t@$ted a sw%%ter pe@%r than mine" and when they say "no" I say "so mine is the sweetest?" I harrass them all the time and threaten to kill them, what are they gonna do, call the police? My latest thing is to call and sing classics like "Take on me" and "dont cry for me argentina" and they get really upset if you insult canada (thats where they are located) lol


I am trying to get a loan for 4 days through these people and they have "garunted" that the money was going to be in my account then all of a sudden the "lenders insurance company" needed me to send more payments up front. Now I have sent $772 total including Western Union fees and I'm wondering if they aren't truly a scam...I'm worrying myself sick because I needed the money to pay my rent.

Talking to the "loan people" today I was yelling at them and they had me on speaker phone to where I could hear people saying "G*D ***" and "What a crazy B**ch".

On monday I am going to be getting a hold of the athurities if the money isn't in my account first thing satuday morning.


I was one of the people who got ripped off of $710 from this sorry *** company I was trying to help my son,who is in college, my problem is how do the internet allow compinies pull this kind of mess and not check on them before they allow them to advertise this scam?

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Jane Hinschberger
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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - What Kind Of Company Is This?

I am writing a complaint against your company because the customer service does not do their job. I have received numerous calls from your company informing me that I owe a bill that I have no knowledge of.

When I call to speak to customer service questioning the nature of the bill, they DO NOT provide be with any information other than it was a long-distance telephone bill. Foreign personnal call and answer the phones and do not speak fluent English which is another problem with the company...

When I ask from what telephone carrier was the bill made, the address it was under, what is the address to write to so I can dispute the bill; customer service will not provide me with it. I informed customer service that my ex-husband (of 10+ yrs) know my personal information including my SS#. Your company has no regards for anyone feelings and are just worried about collecting $ even if a person doesn't owe a bill.

I had my daughter call to see if she could get anywhere with finding out why I am receiveing calls inregards to oweing a bill and she couldn't get anywhere either....Your company is very unprofessional :( Warnetta Smith

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Other Company in Jacksonville, North Carolina - Thesre needs to be room monitors!!!

I was in a room tonight where a man was chatting with a lady. The conversation became sexual and the guy repeatedly said in open forum( F you) and I'm being nice he wasn't and said the actual words several times. When I told him to act his age and copied and pasted the chat room rules that appears on each page, he just laughed and said that it was more words than he wanted to read!!!! This type of behavior needs to be stopped. I'm NOT A BIBLE THUMPER, but this needs to be STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!! I was even asked if I was an administrator who needs this all I want is a SAFE place to chat with my friends!!! The guy was 52 and the girl was in her 30's-40's.

Why do we have to put up with this behavior????

I would lie a response to this. You can reach me at snugglyangel@ymail.com

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Other Company in Englewood, Colorado - Refused to take back an item; because it had been opened

I tried to return a garage door extension; they said no because it had been open and that parts could be missing. I told them that of course it is open how else would I know that it wasn't right.

They refused to take it back and now I'm stuck with a $68.42 10ft.chain ext.smod.. I've boughten alot of things from your store and this just *** me off that this happened. This was at the michigan city store. I shouldn't be responsible for packing at the factory.

Opening this product or anyother product should not be the reason for not being able to return something.

I can go to other stores and get better treatment.

Jim C

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Ignorant creditors

For 15 years I have received collections for my husbands ex-wife at our home and our telephone number, neither of which she ever was a part of. Why do Credit Card companies continue to give this woman credit?

She uses my husbands good credit and last name. She also used fake names. She has opened over 25 credit cards with well into the $1000's of debt. We pay our bills and our INTEREST that these credit cards, like the government, increase to pay for ignorance like this.

Tell me how to stop it?

I can even give her location and other FAMILY members. Not me anymore!

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Thieves

I moved to a complex that does not allow Satelite dishes, and they will not reimburse the monies 400.00 they took from my account, I did read they could waive this fee (early cancellation) due to this situation and they have not responded to my complaint. I am not happy with no response.I went through the proper procedures of notification, when it was time for me to move, and letting them know that i will have legal representation if they do not adhere to my monies being returned. I mad several attempts to solve this situation, and to no avail nothing in return.

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Sizing is all wrong, need money back now

I ordered the shaper through the television ad. When I first got it it was the wrong size even though they told me to order this size.

I exchanged it for the next size and then I became very ill and was unable to even open it or look at it for a while. I requested an extension for the refund because obviously there is a sizing problem and not just because of my body. I was willing to go back to the original size I had purchased but they told me I was beyond my time limit. I pleaded with them to understand that the problem was completely out of my control and I felt the original size fit better than the new one.

The new one was too big and was no good to me at all. Can you help me out at all? Someone did finally call me but I missed the call so I e-mailed again and the 24 to 48 hours has passed and I have not received another call. I tried calling but the prompts do not let you get through.

What else can I do. I really feel I have been ripped off big time if I cannot even get the original sizing and I am left with nothing that I can use. I cannot even return any of it because I would only get my original $39.95 back and I was willing to try the other size again. Otherwise I would take the money but it seems either way I am out of luck.

What type of business do you run? Jeanne Minnick 414-379-5286

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Other Company in Bothell, Washington - Costumer Service and Deliveries horrible!

The promise for customer service and quick delivery seems like a scam. Our furniture was delivered with parts missing and after three weeks, we are still waiting for delivery.

We currently have a king bed without legs or railings attached. A beautiful dresser without a mirror. So our room is full of furniture in pieces. I have contacted the show room manager, the wherehouse, and the company in general to no success.

Each one has passed on the responsibility to the other. i am surprised that this company is still in business.

I will never do business with them again. furthermore, when people ask me where we bought the furniture, i will most likely name a different company.

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Other Company in Reno, Nevada - Call child for debt not her's, they won't answer phone

Continually call my 13 year old daughter for a debt that is not her's. Not even in her name.

She has told them this is a new number for her and they keep calling. When I tried to call them all I could get was a recorded message and then hung up on. All I want to do is explain that my daughter is not the person they think she is, she's not even a man.

They need to find a way to let people get a hold of them when they make mistakes. Does anyone know how I can sue them to get them to leave my daughter alone?

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