Calls my home daily, disreguards "no call"

Your system calls my home once or twice daily, disregarding my membership in government "no call system". I have "privacy director" which screens all callers that will not reveal the phone number calling, therefore your system disconnects before I can accept the call. This has been happening for several weeks, and bothering my wife and I. It also awakens my wife in the mornings.

Please stop calling 803-479-6077. To satisfy your 100 word minimum: Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop.

Kenneth R. Fuhr

113 Shillingford Rd.

Irmo, S.C. 29063


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Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #110724

My system? Which system?


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Other Company in Englewood, Colorado - Took money from my acc.

I want to no why you people took money out of my savings acc. I dont even no you I do want to no the perpose of this action the acc.# that showed up on my acc was 012610 I am how ever gonna take action against this transaction I want my money put back on my card at the earliest convense I have notified my bank and we will take action you can reach me at 828-223-2121 my name is kimberly arrowood my email is thank you my address is 112 windsor dr 28114


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Um,yeah,next time if you need help,dont post your email,phone number,or your street,Someone could prentend to be you.

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - False advertising

False advertising is this company's game. Twice, 4 wks apart I went to order a product as it was advertised on their website and both times it rang up at different than the advertised amount. The first time I called customer service - they said they are covered by "typos" in their advertising and that they would fix it. OK I can accept that once. The second time 4 wks later for the same product at an even different price again and the same thing happens - no way!! Contacted customer service - sorry not our problem.

This is blatant false advertising not once but 2x!!

Don't buy from them

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we have apt.building across the street your men were over there last week

putting in cable there. Ever since then THERE always charging our station's we get to watch something then POOF they change our station can you get someone out to look at it .

we live on Fulton across the st. from apt.building Sellersburg In. Please! Please!

Have someone to come out and look at there Cable Line something needs to be done its driving us crazy trying to watch t.v. this started last week Jan 22th 2010 thank you.

Janice.Slack A Pissed Neightbor

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - The President's Speech?!?

Why is it that the President's Speech now wants put freeze on the House and Senates Monies..isn't that kinda like shutting the barn door after the horse has left?????????

SSI and those that are retired doesn't get a cost of living raise and the ones in the work force don't see a cost of living raise nor a raise in min.wage...

How can we the people live with these decisions that where not votes on but voted for us,thus making us pay and live with the decisions the the "Lawmakers don't have to live with"..They are no better nor above the laws that they make...(26th amendment)

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Other Company in San Francisco, California - Liars

They lied to me several times I didnt get my bonus prizes or my rebate they turned off their phones now you cant reach them. they gave me a hard time everytime I had to call them.

they would tell me they lost my account no.

and would have to give it to them again and again. they made all kinds of promises and didnt follow through with any of them I paid twice as much for this computer than I should of now they are no where to be found I wonder if the Better Business Burea can do anything about them.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Harrassed me after making my payment

I failed to mail my payment my fault. I called to see about making it over the phone and was told about the 12.95 charge.

I choose to speak to someone to see about waving the fee since I have never missed or been late on a payment. I spoke to a girl that told me that was not an option. So I paid the payment. Then the rep went on to harrasse me about my next payment when it would be paid when would I mail it.

She was not pleasant at all and made me feel like she was collections rather than a customer service rep.

Not happy with the service at all. Sharon Jones 480-332-2260

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Intown suites Atlanta

At 1944 piedmont Cir Ne

I have lived here for 2 years and it has only gotten worse

I have put up with this company for to long.

The is only 1! washer for over 500 units and 2 dryers.

Paint is falling off every were and the railings are failing and shake bad in the wind. This place is a total dump and will do nothing with the money that it takes in to help the quality of life here. The money ends up in the pockets of the people who run the corp and have no mercy on the people that pay good money to live there. There are so many reasons that this Corp should be placed under close supervision and mandatory inspections of both buildings, accounts and the people in change of the money.


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I know what you mean. I live have lived in the Intown Suite on 78 and Ross road for 2 years and it's a total dump too. It was okay at first but it's changed hands a couple of times and now it's just plain crappy.

The housekeeping sucks. They don't clean worth a *** nor do the do it in it's entirety.

The manager Mike is a total ***. He's rude, discourtesy and totally unprofessional.

I'm leaving here at the end of next week when the rest of the rent I've paid has been used.

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I wish I'd read the reviews here before plunking down the 29.95 fee. As others have stated, you'll get lots of attention as a free member, but once you've been suckered in, the activity goes bone dry.

Totally *** site. don't waste your money!!

I joined thinking it might be a fun place, but it's not. Just to test the validity of the similar complaints I opened a second (free) account.

That account got emails and winks from the same woman I heard from when the first account was still a free membership and not once but twice. the catch is that you can't reply as a free member.

When I paid for the upgrade and sent a reply to that same woman, her correspondence dried up. It was all bogus.


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fake members, you get more winks when a free member than a paying members, all fake photos, once you join, your money is gone, they trick you to join

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I payed off my cards and still being chared interest want to cancel account

I payed off my cards months ago and you are still billing me interest payments eventhoughg I don't use my cards. I want my accounts closed or I won't pay you another dime.I have a visa and mastercard through your company and haven't used them for months even maybe a couple of years.

Im tired of getting charged and not even using these cards. I want them canceled immediately, now I won't pay interest or nothing.

I don't care your ripping me off. I want my account closed now.I don't care if my credit is bad,you people made it this way.


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Hameenlinna, Southern Finland, Finland #108483


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