Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Shanghai Studio, Westminster, CA

I spent lots of money on the family portrait package and the pictures did not turn out nice. The package includes several pictures and each month we could bring one kid to take picture but the problem is you can only schedule for these days, Tuesday thru Friday.

Weekends are reserved for people who paid spend a lot more on portrait packages. In addition to that, the hours to take the photos are from 10AM - 3:30PM. You have to *** basically from work to take your child there. Every month I have to *** from work early to go there to have my kid's portrait to be taken.

I am very pissed off of this service. The photographer takes a whole bunch of pictures with the same pose and you cannot view the pictures until the next day to order the pictures. Also when you schedule an appointment there, you end up having to wait. There is no point of scheduling an appointment.

I certainly would not recommend this Shanghai Studio place.

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Other Company in Medford, Minnesota - Jenifer McMilllin, unsatisfied customer.

After waiting 10 days for delivery of propane I am extremely upset. The principle is, if you promise to call prior to delivery then do so. The local office in Cullman, AL, was to call me prior to delivery to assure someone would be at the house for a leak check since my take was empty. I do understand being back logged with deliveries, trucks being down, and drivers quitting with no notice. All understandable reasons why delivery to be delayed. I however, after calling the office three different times and speaking with Pam (in office), had a driver come out to the house one week after having pre-paid for gas and received no phone call. Consequently, received no gas. I called the corporate office and again was told that I would receive a phone call from the operator or a driver on call. No phone call was received, that was on Saturday January 9. Upon going into office today, 11th I am told that only one truck is running, one in the shop and will again have to await for a call for possible delivery today. I system failure is with Pam, who simply could not pick up the phone and notify me prior to delivery. This is a delay in deliveries and unnecessary time for the drivers to have to go through. I do Expect some resolution to this matter today in addition to a simple apology.

Thank you,

Jenifer McMillin

Medford, Minnesota
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Tel.: 032991195

Hello everybody, I just want to say how thankful I am to the company which helped me with my job application few months ago. Their phone number is tel.: 032991195 and they are European job agency.

They are reliable and competent – they found proper job for me in Dublin. Now I work as marketing manager and I`m pleased with my work. I`m gaining experience and adding skills to my resume. My employer are serious people too.

They pay all insurances and vacations.

I recommend this european company to you too. They will help you and guide you too!


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Learn how to *** count. February to November is not 180 days (6 months) it'd nine months. Once you learn how to count than you can complain.

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Other Company in Irvine, California - I know

i know where rod winklepleck lives hes my father. he moved to gorgia, hes near atlanta.

he lives in some city called ***. and as for gorge, i have no idea, they dont communicate very often. if youwant him, his email is grw007@aol.com he owes alot of people alot of money. and well he left.

george is a truck driver now in california..... i think. i know everything there is to know about rod winklepleck.

if you want more email me at colewink97@Aol.com i dont exactly know how much he owes. but if you want ur money email me.

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HornyMatches worked for me, I got laid

It worked for me. I was on hornymatches for less then a week when I started talking to this chick.

A few days later I was in a hotel bangin her. I did have to send about 50 emails befor I got one to ***, and yes some profils are fake, but I know for a fact some are real. I sent out about another fifteen messeges since then, and I got a 2 more bites. you know if they are fake because they will try to get you to go to another site for a web cam or something.

Im gona keep useing this site. Im looking forward to banging the next one :)




Holy S@#T it been like a year and you dudes are still hung up on this? I dont even use HM any more.

AFF is where its at. I banged like 15 chicks in 2010 from that site. And for the record I definitely F@#KED women from HM.

To much work though. AFF is way better.


this site sucks a** same happened to me as described above lots of attention til they got my money. Piece of sh** Mother F****


the only thing that worked for you was you got nothing


your wrong dude, sure most of this site is *** and a lot of the profiles are fake but I know for a fact thear are some real wemen on this site that want to F@#K.....I know this because I definitly F@#KED two of em......Thear are a ton of these sites online, Im sure you guys can get lade on one of em....Keep your chin up fellas, Im sure it will happen for you. I *** with wemen that I meet online often.

I avrege about two a month.

I am young and pretty good looking, so Im sure that helps too. Even if your fat or old or your *** don't work too well, its the internet, Im sure someone out thear wants to F@#K you.


HornMatch is *** and has only fake members, just read the other comments, it is FAKE FAKE FAKE, they trick people to join, once they take your money, NO ONE will even wink at you, try it to see for yourself.


I was looking for a chick on there but couldn't find one. So I decided to start f*cking dudes instead!!!

I get *** all day long. See, it does work (if you're a ***)


I was looking for a chick on there but couldn't find one. So I decided to start f*cking dudes instead!!!

I get *** all day long. See, it does work (if you're a ***)


I landed one for about a year from this site. Found another on AFF and a few more on another site.

They work, but not for everyone or everywhere.

And it costs $$$ to continue communicating. There are many scams out there, buyer beware.


Adult friend finder. I dont work for any of em.

Its not that hard. If you cant get laid on the internet I suggest you get a hooker


hey worked for me, if you're not an employee of HM then tell us what the other site is that you say is better and cheaper. If you don't want to give away info on HMs competition, then you are lying.


Not at all. Read what I wrote about the site.

I don't even think HM is that great. Im just stateing the fact that I met and banged two diffrent wemen from this web site. I don't even go on this site that much anymore. I found one that is a lot better, cheaper too.

If I worked for them would I say that?

I don't work for HM, nor am I full of ***. I don't know why it's so hard to belive that it works onece in a while


Worked for me, do you work for *** matches?


yes you are

No Im not :p

you are still a liar


Whatever dude. I have nothing to gain from lying about it.

I just saw all these people saying that HM is a complete *** scam and I know that it,s not. Im not promoting the site, Im just letting people know it's not complete ***. Weather you belive it or not, I banged Two wemen I met on this site. I had to send about 80 emails to get those two, but I got em ;) I don't even like HM that much anymore ( to much work ) I moved on to a diffrent adult site and I already got a couple lined up.

Sorry you can't get laid on a site whear wemen are giveing *** away, maby your fat or ugly or something, I don't know. All I know is that Im not a liar and I def Got laid from HM.

Maby you should try Cregs list, I heard they have hookers on that site. Until then, stop hatein.


you are a liar

and anyone else who says this works is also a lying liar.

*** liars...


it worked for me too.I was only on for 2 days.I winked at a women she winked back.I emailed her.We emailed for about a week.We met at a hotel and had great sex all night.Go for the ones in your area.


I pulled another one off this site. This site is not a complete scam, sure most of it is probley ***, but I have banged more then one chick that I have met on hornymatches.

I have nothing to gain from promoting this web site.

I just see all these bitter guys saying that they are gitting ripped off. Mabey thear doing something wrong, because it's working for me.

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Worked for me
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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - They are not trying to help me.

i needed for my interst rate to be lowered because my husband is no longer working so i need some help i only have my pay check. i was told to not pay the mortgage for three months.

now it has got me in a hole that's not right i need some help so i don't loose my home.

i have come too far to be homeless. I hope there's someone who can try and help me with this problem.I haver never had a problem like this before this is my first home and i have no help to pay the mortgage and all the other bills.please help me resolve this matter.

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Other Company in New City, New York - For continually sending me an invoice for a paid bill

I again received a none payment notice 3rd and an invoice dated 1/11/10. I have notified Jamie Darnow that my subscription is already paid on 9/30/2009 and a copy of the cleared renewal subscription and the annuity raffle checks as proofs of payment were attached.

The subscription is paid. Again, the letter with the evidence was mailed personally to Jamie Darnow, who is the director of publishing. What else do you want from us?

If I receive another unpaid renewal notice, I will be compelled to refer this matter to the Better Business Bureau. Danilo Sulit

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I didn't choose the upgrade but got charged for it.

Once you placed your order they give you a chance to upgraded or buy something else, I chose NO on all of the upgrades and yet I got charged for it anyway. I have order from this company some years back and didn't have this problem.

It really is unforturnate because their product is quality and I would have probably order different products at some point, but not now. You don't know you have been charge until you have confirmed your order and it gives the receipt to print.

This company makes you pay your return fee even if you didn't order the product. This is consumer fraud.


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If you paid by credit card, write to your credit card company and explain. They will refund the $$ to you and take it back from the company.

Don't wait too long since there is a limit on how long the credit card company will act. You might try telling them that you are going to go that route as a last ditch effort to see if they will willingly refund your money....

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Other Company in Lee's Summit, Missouri - They told me that my mom did not set up ach for my card

I have overlimit and late fees because they di not send my mom the form to get ach. She had to canel the card because they would not remove the charges.

It was a miss communication or the fact I could never understand wat the guy was saying. The heavy accent and false promise to set up account was a lie. He said he could set it up over the phone. No paper ever came.

My mom, my stepmom nor I ever got some form. I was below my limit and now I am over the limit due to the guy with the horrible acccent. I had them talk to the manager and she would not help either.

All I could do is close my account with them and tell them I would never use any of their products again.

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Other Company in Fort Collins, Colorado - Sold me this product

Have already told you many times, the product connects but when it does I can't talk to anyone, the line is gone.....Not a good product. I even bought a new phone.

Now out $40.00 plus. Yes, I would not recommend this to another customer and will report to the Consumers Report Beuera. If you want me to talk and talk and talk I can. This product is a piece of garbage and I would like to hear from someone that has had a great success with this.

Spending more money on a phone, expecting to hear from a80 yr. loved one and they can't hear you, how would you like that. I have cellphones but my 80 yr. old mother does not.

That is why is purchased this product.

Again, it stinks, don't sell it to anyone else. It's cause me more trouble than the $325

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