Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - No one will get away with this scam

This man called me on the phone, and my husband and I were looking to refinance our home. He was so nice and sounded for real, but that was a joke.

He wanted me to fax him some paper work to him, and I couldnt do that so I said that I would through the mail, over night. I got on the internet and found this site. I called the post office to stop the over night package, andxp they did. He called this morning, and I put it to him.

He wanted to open this package, and then shread the papers himself. No, you open it, and thats a federal afence,If I stop the package first, so go right on baby.

I have called the BBB and reported this. Its not over yet.

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - This guy named wally always slam the phone down on me

this guy named wally in the dorchester i9s always mean to me he answers the phone and i ask to speak with manager which is casey and he just throws the phone down in my face the manager already about this the last time this happened which took the manager about 5 times to mention to him about my complaint today he throwed the phone down in my face im sick of this mess which noone will do anythimng about plus thats very bad customer service and noone does anything about wally rudeness the manager casey does nothing about this

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Other Company in Birmingham, Alabama - Re-fooded

bathroom stunk.no towlet paper either.i had to wring my hands back and foth and foth to dry them.as employees who handle cash-they should provide these items.the location was in hoover.plus, their snack muchine gave me a zero and i wanted a snicker.my toddler was piddling around(as teens will do.)the snicker was to silence the twins.i told her i pressed snicker not zero-she thought i had said "nada nada".i'm like "what planet am i on." finally someone happened to have a snicker.i said;you want my zer-she said:nada-real smart-like.go figure...

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Other Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Rip off service charges and interest rates!!!!!!

They have been charging my 78 year old mother rip off interest rate charges, finance charges on top of (overlap) finance charges and the over account limit service charges and then insurance or overdraft protection charges. Its sad and pathetic!!!!!

When you call to talk to someone they are vague and request that It be a conference call and you still don't get anywhere with them. There always right and you are wrong. There should be a law restricting these gouging charges on old people who don't understand how this rip off works!!!

Until then they will continue to hammer low income people. And they don't care!

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Other Company in Charlottesville, Virginia - Obtaining a Payoff

I have been trying for two weeks to obtain a payoff of my account. I have spoken to four different assistants, all of whom have promised an email with the information I have requested.

As of this date I haven't received any emails nor the needed information. The last 8 digits of my account is 8490-1001. If you can help me, please email this information to me ASAP!

My email address is 2Hapischnauzers@gmail.com I have spoken to Chad, Jerome, and Annabel, all of whom promised I would receive an email immediately with the pay-off information I need. I am closing on my loan tomorrow and must have this information immediately!

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - THE BANK IN FLA. WAS NOT HELPFUL

I have, been trying to get a copy of my title for a month now. I need it to renew my tags before Feb.

27th of this year. I have the bank twice now.Please, help ME i have changed my address from 100 Hampton rd, lot 180 clearwater, fl.33759. my new address is Evelyn m siegert 378 sixth street ext.Grampians pa. 16838.my account#71600009003123152 my phone number 814/236/7598.

my car is 2007 Hyundai, Sondra. sincerely, Evelyn m Siegert 378 sixth st. ext. Grampain PA.

16838. Please help as soon possible,S.O.S T

evelyn siegert
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Other Company in Kingwood, Texas - Lied

i live here in new ibera thre is no heather here no one has ever heard or seen this woman and the products she says work lol dont get suckered into it i will call and cancell the order if i can . why do they do stuff like this .I think some one should write to the better business berue and complain where does she really live it does really work has any one really seen her . Alot of thedark circles people get or have are due to allergeries , i asked my dr the best thing is the make up trick

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Other Company in Willingboro, New Jersey - Washington twp

HOW COME LAST YEAR I PAID 220.00 DOLLARS .THIS TEAR I PAID 369.00 DOLLARS THIS TEAR.WHEN THE GUY TOLD US THAT THE PRICES DID NOT GO UP PLEASE CALL ME AND EXPLAN WHY I paidso much when me and my wife maid less money back got less money back and we paid you more money thank you brian 856-358-6367 or my cell 856-304-4483.taxes done on 1-29-10 at 7 pm.mad mad mad mad ..mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad ,mad mad madf mad mad

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Other Company in Carrizozo, New Mexico - Harrasing phone calls that wont stop

these people will not ever tell you what is going on or where they are from. they call at all hours even on sunday.

they are rude to you on the phone and if you do not answer they let it ring 14 times or more. i thought there was a law that stopped them from doing this. if not there should be.

i mean really if these people are calling your house and they have your number shouldnt they at least tell you what they want or where they are from. this is very frustrating and i want it to stop




let me *** you

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #110717

Tip: Change your phone number. ***.

Carrizozo, New Mexico
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Other Company in Suwanee, Georgia - Unfair quick pay fees

i dont understand how the fees from this company r so high 9% when u have done the job well.on a $800 load i recieve $725.all other companies i hav work for has never charged this high rate,and i hav never recieved any fuel surge fees,someone should ck this out cause the truck driver is getting screwed.and brokers are getting their pockets padded.brokers r giving navajo a bad name.a truck driver cant make it on their fees and rates.i wonder if it is navajo or if its their brokers getting money they r not suppose to b gettin

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