Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - No brush

I purchase the cybersonic 2 & when I open the box it was no brush I went to change the product at the store but they don't have another box would you please send me 2 brush, I also would like the thank you for this product it is one of the best products I ever purchase. When I purchase the first time we didn't believe in the product but I try & Im very satisfy I don't have to go to the dentist so often like i use to be, thak you very much jope to hear from you very.

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Other Company in Biloxi, Mississippi - Took my money and did NOTHING! Refund, yeah, right.

Long story short, I went to them desperately needing help/advise to solve a growing tax problem I faced. They took about $800.00 total and would have gotten a lot more before it was all over had I not smelled a rat.

I was able to prove (even to their arbitrators) that nothing had been done on my behalf and was still asking for more money. They sent me a letter (no longer willing to talk with me in person or on the phone) conceding that I was infact due a refund. However, I could only get half back as they needed the other half for "administrative fees". Is theft not against the law in this country anymore?

Or are certain types of theft acceptable? Fair warning, do not give these thieves any money.

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Other Company in Charleston, West Virginia - False charges for book clubs

I have been getting collection notices from the company for several years. I keep telling them to provide me with the information for these accounts and I never hear from them again.

They are charging me in a name that I havent had in over 15 years and an address that I havent lived at for the same. They need to stop doing this. I believe they send these bills out hoping that people pay them without checking. This has happened to me at least 5-10 times.

I am tired of writing letters to the company. Decided to do an internet search to confirm my suspicions

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Other Company in Elmhurst, Illinois - Did a *** job cleaning my home

maids on time is a terrible cleaning service. the owner is a ***.

they did a *** job cleaing my empty house (no furniture, i was moving in and wanted a move in clean). it took a week of phone tag and when we finally got down to what i wanted the owner kept trying to twist my words and called my husband irresponsible. nothing i said was going to change her mind. no i am out the cleaning cost and they won't send someone to reclean.

do not ever use this service.

ever ever ever ever. they suck.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Outstanding Refund due since March 2009. I need it urgently. Kevin Edwards!

I cancelled my order, but the payment of $99.00 was taken out of my account and I spoke to representatives on many occasions and my refund has not been forwarded to me as yet and more recent times I can't even get onto Customer Service via telephone.

Just as your organization was quick to take my money, why can't you all be quick to refund me. It's almost one(1) year and no refund yet and am sure if I was late on a payment for over a year, I would of had to pay a lot of interest. So,I hope I get interest on my refund.

Thanks and looking forward to a speeding solution.

Kevin V. Edwards. Blue Hippo Account # 6968193, Activation Date 3/12/2009

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I've been scammed.

I can not believe I was such a fool. It is hard for me to meet single women and I thought this would be a good thing.

Never tried internet dating so I thought what the heck. I sent numerous messages to gold, silver and standard members.I did not get one response back. I know I'm nothing special but, come on now.... No responses at all.

What a joke. I was also scammed by a model on this site. it stated but, she sent me a wink ??? Next thing I know, free web cam my a**.

What a croch. Lesson well learnt.




I feel that I've been scammed also. I wanted to join for what I thought was four months not one year.@ $ 59.95.

I ended up paying $ 129.00. I would like a full refund.

Please contact me by email. Thank you.



Wow, so glad I'm smart enough to first dig some dirt on this website and any other website before deciding to submit my credit card information. Thank you guys so much for sharing.

They won't be getting a red cent out of me. I just became a member two days ago and received a few emails from other members, aking me for a picture and more info to see where things would go from there. But in order to respond to those interested members -- Yup, you guessed it.

I have to submit my credit card information. Ha


HornyMatch is a fraud dateing service, please read all the comments before you get sucked in, they only have fake members.


someone should spam their website with a virous


Save you money it's one big SCAM, RIP OFF. I had women who liked my picture, only prolbem I don't have a picture. Plus check the mileage from your location to the women and you see they are wrong by about 140 miles.


Try adult friend finder


Same here, a lot of winks, no responses after emailing them

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #118743

i myself was scammed on this site the same thing happened to me only i was getting winks from lots of women but when i joined the program every thing stoped i tried contacting the ones i got winks from and got nothing in responce never once did i get to chat with anyone this is an outrage they neen to be shut down now.

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Other Company in Nashville, Tennessee - Corrupt Real Estate Dealing In Sevier County TN

Another trick thats going on in Sevier County TN is as follows: Realestateagents buy in on ground floor of new subdivisions,set up house keeping. This appears to all to be a great place.

Original developers move on. As debts take their toll on customers real estate agents who live and make their living solely on one subdivision are waiting to buy you out at pennies on the dollar. Where are the authorities to oversee these TRAPS? Livin it up KeyWest .

Think not, all left 2010 one step ahead of prosecution. http://seviercorruption.com/ For a square deal try Honduras.

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Other Company in Southfield, Michigan - Discrimination

I want to know why you discriminate against people who have a misdemeanor on their record. Even if they are bondable.

I have paid my debt to society. By changing your hiring practices from only felonies would disqualify someone to now a misdemeanor will you are hurting a lot of people. I am a very good man who had gotten in trouble one night for trying to do the right thing in a bad situation. Now I am made to suffer for this for the rest of my life.

I am bondable and a very good person. But you wouldn't know that because you sit behind a desk judging people. I want you to know that I intend to pursue this matter. Studies show the almost 90% of america have some type of criminal background.

Many, being in a situation like mine. You will lose a lot of your work force due to the ignorant new policy you have instituted. I intend to keep pursuing this matter I am a very good man who has very good work ethics and has worked very hard at overcoming my past. I deserve the right to a fullfilling and lasting career.

I would like to speak to someone in hopes in maybe trying to resolve this issue. Unless a person has committed a crime to where they can't be bonded, they shouldn't be made to suffer their entire life. I am trying desperatly to give my family a good and deasent life. Please don't take that away.

I have applied to you as a contractor through national Satellite and Broad band. Please contact Keith Bracken and find out what kind of man I really am. Nothing would give me greater pride than to install driect tv for you. I think you have an amazing product and having a career with you I could give my family a good life.

If it is a matter of costing you more for your insurance, although I can't see why, I am willing to pay the difference. Especially for the chance for you to see what type of a man I am. Thank you for your time. Sincerly Thomas A Watson Jr 517-304-0308 t3handyman@yahoo.com please feel free to call anytime.

I am up late every night till 3 or 4 in the mornig and up by 8 I don't sleep much. While I was waiting I went through all of the trainning videos and test and I had done extremly well.

Please feel free to call National Satellite and Broadband and find out for yourself. 517-540-1332

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Other Company in Jersey City, New Jersey - Why can't i send e-mails

i was having trouble getting accepted, guess my checking account was not what you was after! Now I used my card and updated and i still can not send e-mails to ladies who have interest in me!

can you tell me why! i have alot of ladies sendind me messages and i can not contact them cuz your system or whatever wont let me! if i cant e-mail i will cancel my card when they call to verify and we will bth lose! please explain what i need to do or if i did something wrong.

please reply asap !

thank you! as a matter of fact, I'm starting to think ur web site absolutly ***!

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Other Company in Newport News, Virginia - Illness got me behind67460022-021192

i have two loans with your co. ihave talked with branch manager and keep getting bad business results.

I pay on the loan and keep getting late charges that make me loose hundreds of dollars because i dont have the money on time in which the branch manager knows,i do as she says and i still get hollowed at on the phone or in person.

i tried the auto pay and it didnt work out because they set both loans to come out on the same date i discussed this with manager no help. please help me.spencer,herman

herman l spencer jr
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