Make Your Own Jeans-Crooks

I ordered a pair of custom jeans from this India company. When delivered, they were the wrong color.

They were not what I ordered. I tried on six occasions to find out what their procedure was for their error. They requested with much delay to send them pictures which I did. Having not heard from them for two weeks, I emailed again.

Again they requested pictures stating that they never received the first one. I sent pictures again and also sent them to myself to check the email. Again, after about two weeks and not hearing from them, I emailed again. Again I was told that they had not received the pictures.

I sent them again.

After waiting, I emailed them and requested either a refund or a was going to file a complaint to the credit card company. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY OR IF YOU DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!




I already ordered several trousers (Jeans and Leather-Jeans) at which were almost perfect.

The last ordered $250.- leather-jeans was awful!

These are some parts of my Mail to the Support:

"I will not wear these trousers because of this imperfect sewing!

The distance between the sewing-line is up to 40-60% different!

This is inacceptable and can be done much(!) better!

It's just the area above the knees, which is so bad, the other areas are o.k." The answer was: "We will give you a 30% Discount for your next order..." I will never order once more again under such awful conditions with such a bad Support!! I will spread my experience all over the world!!


I have a bad experience with this MYOJ company from Mumbai,India.I ordered 3 pairs but they give (only after I lodged a complaint on the very last day within 45 days PayPal)me only 1 pair given reasons that their production line is overload and will to supply me in 2 months time!

After I lodged the complaint to Paypay, they are annoyed and requested me to withdraw that complaint or they will not supply the balance of other 2 jeans based on my original order!

I did nothing! and they just refunded back my money less the price of 1 jean which I have received earlier on the very last minute.




Consider the reviews on other sites that praise MakeYourOwnJeans. People either hate the company (service, quality) or they love it. And the "love it" all appear to say the same things around the same time. Can you say "gaminging the system"? I suspect the people at MYOJ have not found this site yet.

We ordered 2 pairs of jeans with the same measurements. One pair fit - the other pair the waste was 2" too small, the hips 2" too small, the inseam 2" too long.

Contacted them to correct. This is what we got:

"We do work very hard for the products and quality we provide, also our prices are the lowest on the net.

We have no reason to give you jeans which do not fit you, you can also see the positive testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Please understand as we make Jeans without seeing you, we totally rely on your measurements.

We recheck the jeans before dispatching and also include a checking report.

Do let us know all the areas where are we wrong in the measurements from what you gave us, is it only the waist?"

We sent photos showing the two pairs of jeans, one pair on top of the other - and how they are not the same size. No word back form them in over a week.

Good thing we ordered with American Express - and can get all of our money back.


Well I ordered my Leather jacket, thought it was American but eventually found out they were Indian. The Jacket came quality was OK (just) but it was only $150.

Ordered a Large got a large and it was at least 3 sizes too small. I spent 2 -3 weeks getting increasingly ridiculous emails from them saying that it was all my fault, all signed by Pearl.

The fact is the jacket is far too small, was made incorrectly and I am stuck with it, I will attempt to get my money back through my Visa card. I CAN NOT STRESS STONGLY ENOUGH DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

I will never spend money with this organisation again. I have been a satisfied customer for many years and appreciated having custom jeans for women in my height (185 cm).

In January, I received an order of two pairs of jeans - both of which were poorly designed and finished. Button holes were frayed and the pockets had been bizarrely placed so that they ended half way down the back of the thigh. Completely unwearable. One pair was not even in the style I had ordered.

The support staff initially tried to compensate me with '20% off my next order' which contravenes their published policy of replacing any jeans that were not as ordered. After two months and eight emails, the sales support team has refused to replace the jeans, even after acknowledging in writing that the order they sent was faulty. I've been told that the jeans were the best price on the market and I should be satisfied. Personally, I'm not particularly satisfied with spending $140+ for clothes that cannot be worn. The company has failed to respond to my last two emails.

I refuse to do business with organisations that do not honour their returns policy and would advise you to do the same. :(

Do NOT order from Make Your Own Jeans. I ordered one pair several months ago, and they came out pretty well.

I then ordered 2 pairs of the exact same fabric and measurement. They are terrible. I honestly believe that they have faked the denim to look like Selvedge by sewing on a white edge. The fabric is thin and when washed, twisted, and will not hold the shape.

The seams twist from the sides to the front of the jeans.

I wrote to them a few times, included pictures at their request. They will do nothing.

This place is an abomination! I ordered a jean jacket and a pair of jeans from this outfit located in India and they sent me back useless rags I would be embarrassed to wear even in the privacy of my own house.

The pants I couldn’t even raise above my knees because they were so ungodly tight! Even if I could have raised them up the butt was absolutely massive and they were made crotchless! I was appalled to say the least. I’m 72 years old and a retired librarian.

How do they think I could wear something like this? My grandbaby said she thinks they must have switched my order with some freak who ordered this type of tasteless garment. I contacted the company and they tried to say I was lying. I sent them a photo and asked for a return authorization number and an address to ship them to and that was the last I ever heard.


These people need prayer! :(

I placed a $600.00 order with these people. They sent me one pair of jeans and a suit with a note indicating that I need to try them on and confirm that they fit well before they proceeded with the rest of the order.

Everything fit fine and I emailed them that night saying to go ahead. Three months later I still do not have the other four pairs of jeans or the jacket I ordered. The only way to contact these fools is by email and they never returned any of my four emails. I don’t understand why they would treat a customer like this that has spent so much money with them over the years.

Buyer beware! These people are rip off artists.


I ordered a jacket from this useless company. They sent me the completely wrong style & it swims on me.

I have had no luck in having them respond to a single email.

They have chosen to completely ignore me. I have ordered from ths company many times before without problem, I have spent hundreds of dollars with them & I can't believe they are choosing to lose my ongoing business for the sake of replacing a $60 jacket!


WHY did I not read these complaints BEFORE I wasted my money?? I also measured myself and my jeans exactly how they asked me to and I have wasted over $100 on leather pants that won't pull up all the way because they are too tight on my legs, but that are HUGE around the butt and waist.

So far I've had no response to my emails with clear photos showing their faults.

REALLY ANGRY!! Definitely not worth the risk, stay well away!


I ordered a leather jacket from this company and am very disappointed with the service and product.

The measurements and cut were wrong. I followed their instructions to the letter and even used measurements from an existing jacket that I have.

The jacket literally swam on me.

After several emails back and forth they refuse to take responsbility saying that they actually add several inches to all measurements provided! What the?

The jacket is worthless.


Do not do business with this company! In November I ordered jeans that were perfect.

I immediately ordered 2 additional pair. One was perfect, the other had a leg 1" (each leg a full inch) larger than the good pair. The who reason I tried custom jeans is that ready made a way too large in the leg, particularly the thigh.

Mistakes can and do happen, since everyone is human.

However, for weeks (since the day I received them) I have been corresponding with the company. At first, they refused to believe there was a problem. I provided a picture of the 2 pair, on top of each other. They agreed one was much larger.

Their response was to ask me to return them FOR ALTERATION! Oh, and I should pay to ship them back (even though they have already agreed they are too large), and pay $1 for alteration! I love paying for someone else's mistake. First, if I wanted altered jeans, I would buy a cheap pair here and take them to a dressmaker.

More important, their website states that they will REMAKE and REPLACE the jeans. I have emailed over and over and never received a response. They (usually) make a good product but they have ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO NOT USE THEM.

By the way, I previously rated them 5 star and recommended them to numerous people. I have spent quite a while contacting those people and telling them to stay away.

At this point, I've filed a dispute with my credit card company and hope to obtain a refund. And all they ever had to do was to agree to remake them!


Just speculation on my part, but I recently placed an order on and the following day had unauthorized credit card activity taking place in England. May be unrelated, but I'm worried.


Hi Peter, some time ago, but did you succeed in tracing this fraud to MYJ? I have similar experiences, three transactions.

:( I ordered 1 pair of jeans and 1 shirt. the shirt came with 2 buttons missing and the jeans were all wrinkly in the butt and crouch area.

They told me it was not true.AFTER sending pictures, they finnally agreed they were made wrong. BUT THEY SAID TO TAKE IT TO A LOCAL SEAMSTRIST AND THEY WOULD GIVE ME A 20% DISCOUNT ON MY NEXT ORDER. W.T.F.

THERE WILL BE "NO" NEXT ORDER. They are a rip off......

They sent me a pair of jeans that was the wrong color. When I complained, customer service basically said tough luck.

I'm, however, one of the lucky ones... from the many complaints regarding, I can at least wear my jeans.

Most can't even wear their jeans. Stay away from this company.


I ordered two pairs of jeans. one arrived perfectly done.

The other had no front button or buttonhole! When I complained, I was told they would mail me a new button. No mention of what I was supposed to do about the buttonhole. When they finally agreed to repair the jeans, I sent them back.

They seem to have lost them.

And they refuse a refund. Stay away from these folks.

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Other Company in Huntsville, Alabama - Promised service without comprimise, not done

BIG ripoff. I paid big bucks for nothing. My 'regeneration' water has ruined myhome, my fence, and has brought every piece of insect, vermin known to mankind. I ama senior citizen living on a fixed income and the people at rainsoft said, "just turn it off". NO, I will not turn off what I paid $4,000.00 for and gone through all this aggrevation. My garage, after one young man came and put it together to where it would go in the sewage, only to blow out and end up with my drywall in the garage blowing out with it. I have a letter that explains it better, but your intake is impossible.

I cannot believe that you people have stayed in business as long as you have. Whether it is a class action lawsuit or the health department (:standing water is not good), or the FTC, I want you shut down.

Jeri H. Rogers

13069 hermosa Drive SW

Huntsville, AL 35803

Phone 256 881-7613

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Other Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania - Not worth the money

We checked in, went to a presentation, the gentleman was not happy that we didn't by. When we said no he practically pushed us out the door, not being very courteous.

The TV in the 2nd bedroom did not work. No sound on some stations.

For what you pay for the resort, maint fees, etc and than they charge

$9.95 per day for Internet hookup, Now really what a rip off.

I got stuck in the elevator, granted they got me out in approx 8 minutes, but once again for the cost of maint fees etc, wouldn't you think things would be working in top notch shape, and also for the inconvenience they should have offered me a stipend.

Sure glad we didn't bit for there sales pitch.

Review #156865 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer156865.

Other Company in Elmira, New York - Insensitive about giving an extension

I am very upset with this bank. I got talked into changing to this bank and now that my husband has been sick since Dec 3, 2009 I have been trying to get an extension on this loan.

They tell you yes and then when you call, they say you do not qualify. They need to get their act together and know what the other person is telling you. My husband has been out of work for three months sick and I don't qualify for an extension.

This is rediculous. I am sorry I switched banks and I am closing my checking with them soon.

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Poor Antivirus Software

I am about to finish editing a video clip for my project. When I injected the flash drive into the USB portal, several virus were detected by the computer (about 500 virus detected i think).

i saved my project into the flash drive. i only found out when i was about to report the following day that the file was corrupted. When i arrived home, our computer was not functioning at all. The computer doesn't start and all my files, videos, documents, and newly-downloaded mp3's were there.

I have to repeat my project all over again. It's very sad on my part.

From that incident, i did not install that faulty anti virus software at all.


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First how do you "inject" a flash drive in to anything? Sounds disgusting.

When was the last time you ran a deep scan?

What does your surf history look like.

Surf much p0rn? Get off the *** sites, re-install yer OS and have a nice freakin day.

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Other Company in Blairsville, Pennsylvania - Y do people get booted off for standing up for themselves

seems like people get under my skin then get me booted off after i stick up for myself.... after they say the same things to me?

y is it that they can do that after starting the whole thing with me first?people come to chat start cutting down people then get me kicked out wen i stick up for myself, why is that?

i don't understand how that is, i don't care about Watt these say to me.Y do they want me to get kicked off? i dint kick then off no matter Watt they say to me

Review #156798 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer156798.

Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Rumors

the rumors needs to stop at store # 0147 the uper managment is not doing anything about it ,its not fair to the family its involving it needs to stop before it gets out of hand and it all starts with someone that dont now anything about whats going on ever sense the store james yowell transfered the store just went to *** and the personel that works there that cares about the store 0147 cant win because of the people that is taking advantage of their jobs and dont care and some of the paople is the managers i think someone needs to go in there and have a one on one with every employe in the store no matter how long it takes , i have met sam walton in person he was a good man and if he knew what is going on in his stores he would turn over in his grave so please before its to late do something about what is going on and take care of your stores

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Other Company - Spain trains: a nightmare.

Last week i´ve been is Spain and i don't remember a worst service than the train services in that country.

Ever late, ugly, NOT COSTUMER ORIENTED!!!

The website doest´t work and is not possible to take your tickets in advance...

They offer a lot of promotions but when you need it... its IMPOSSIBLE to find.

I hear that train in that country is a government service so i couldn't imagine how the citizens on that country could maintain their politicians "alive"!

So if you go to Spain, please rent a car or walk but never never use train there.

Review #156733 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Lady Lake, Florida - User name not accepted

I signed up for this service 2/8/2010, paid $42.90 on visa card, received printout with Ref. #2475498109,download code 04140 and when I try to access the web, my user name is rejected stating invalid.

I am very frustrated with this situation and request immediate remedy so my computer can be more effective and faster.

I would appreciate anything you can do to remedy this situation or request a swift refund as I am very unhappy with this state of affairs. Plese inform me what else I need to do to be able to use this program.

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Call and Hang Up

I sometimes work many days in row. I have recieved phone calls from this company who is not even calling for me or anyone in my household.

Once they found this out they continue to call but as soon as someone picks up they hang up. They do this on both my home phone and my cell phone. Today I already recieved a phone call at 8 AM on the dot and I will probably recieve another call at 10 PM tonight.

This is an outrage and will be reported to BBB. What kind of collection agency hangs up as soon as someone picks up?


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This exact same thing happens to my husband and even after being told they have the wrong number they still call

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