Other Company in Germantown, New York - Wont let me log in!!!!!

this site stinks everytime I go on It tells me my password or user name is incorrect I have my username and password written down and it is right in front of me but it stills says I am wrong!!!!! what gives Then I have to make a phone call and they tell me alot of nothing

and this complaint has to be 100 words ....so *** and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and ok you got your 100 words


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That happened to me too. I was going wtf.

Germantown, New York
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Other Company in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania - Settlement Offer

I did a settlement offer with Barbara in the legal department for a car that I had back in 2006 that was stolen and totaled. The insurance company paid about $6,000 on this account since the car was totaled and there was $3754.00 left on the account for me to pay.

I paid the settlement offer of $3,000 but then was told that my settlement offer would not bring my account to a zero balance and that if I wanted to bring the zero balance that I would have either pay the $990.93 or do another settlement offer for $495.00. I am so upset and confused because I was not told that the settlement offer would not close the account.

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I paid for a pair of Manaola Blahnik shoes, priced at 70.00 dollars and 20.00 for shipping. I recieved two (2) old china balls in the mail!

This is a scam. What it appears is happening, false accounts are being opened added to the site,with cheap cheap prices. They are opened for a few weeks to get people into the site. If you notice they have no ratings and the items that are sold are pictures from catologs or off the net.

You must be careful of these people they are professionals that will do anything to get your money. You should be afraid; they also know where you live!




AliEXPRESS.COM / SCAMMER ALERT: These people think their slick posting shoes for cheap to get consumers to buy them from made up sellers that don't exist to hold on to your money to get paid interest from a bank. After you make the purchase they freeze the order claiming they found the seller in suspicious fraudulent activity but refuse to refund, holding on to your money for 20 days.

Shanghai, Shanghai, China #885368

I currently live in Shanghai China and have heard this type of complaint against China on a regular basis. This type of scam occurs all over the world and not just in China!

I have many clients working in Shanghai exporting to UK, Europe and the US and they always talk about Dubai and Africa being the real hub for this type of ***.

But it's usually with larger sums of money, and the targets are companies rather than individuals.

Anyone buying goods from China or other emerging economies MUST NOT pay for anything before checking out the goods first.

Otherwise being scammed out of money is inevitable.

I work for Austen Morris Associates (financial advisory firm) so I'm not in the export business. But this is just common sense.

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Other Company in Trenton, New Jersey - I was injured yesterday during a training session.

To Whom It May Concern:'

Yesterday at approximately 11:05, I was injured during a training session. First I was told to put my left leg up on a high bench while carrying 8 pounds of weight in each hand. This was difficult but I did it 10 times. Next I was told to do the same think with my right leg, the one with an ACL tear. I said that I can't lift my leg. "It just won't go." The trainer then told me to put the weights down and then try. I still said that I couldn't lift my leg that high, but then I tried. I got my right foot onto the stool, and at the same time, something tore in my knee, and I fell backwards off of the high bench and hit the back of my head on the floor. I couldn't put any weight at all on my knee and I was in excruciating pain!

My knee has swelled up to triple the size and is still quite painful. I"m hoping that I won't need surgery, which was required almost 3 years ago. All of this information is on my training records, that I had knee surgery on May 8, 2007 and that I have an old ACL injury from 1981.

I have three training sessions left, since I purchased 6, and they will expire on April 22. Since I doubt that I will be permitted to do any exercise at all for at least 6 weeks, due to my injury on February 24th, I would like an extension for those 6 training sessions until at least July 22nd. Otherwise, please refund half of my $490.00.

Thank you very much.


Lynne Moore,

Member since January, 2006

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Corporate vs.small business

Since 2004 I had carried a line of make-up in my salon On Feb 1 ,2010 I received a letter form the company,they where terminating our account because corporate decision to cut out the small business whats up with that .I thought small business is what this company started with and what this country was made of? As a small business in the most famous small town in America, Woodstock we pride ourselves on serving the vast artistic community we live in of both the famous and infamous.

We have carried bare essentials since 2004 and have delighted in serving our community by providing a natural product. We have recently been told bare essentials would not fulfill our orders any longer because we do not generate the same amount of revenue as Saphora in NYC. Sadly after several telephone messages to fill our order they declined.

We were treated horribly by Julie Kost and it is infuriating to be dismissed due to our size. It is apparent that bare essentials is all about money and discriminates against small businesses which they themselves were at one time.


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bare minerals has the rudest customer service i have ever encountered ,my wife ordered from their web site for the first time and did not recieve any of the free gifts that she had put codes in for at first she was told that she didnt read experation date and they were all expired she told the customer service lady she was sorry and ended the call .I was curious and looked at emails two were expired and two were not so she called back the next customer service rep was a male and he was the rudest person , i would never let a person like that represent my company he more less told my wife she was not telling the truith and kept putting her on hold coming back with excuse after excuse and telling her she was looking at two or three emails until i finally got very mad and started yelling at him then all the sudden hold again but he wasnt going to accuse my wife of not telling truith again very very poor way to get repeat customers but has saved me alot of money my wife is putting what i bought her on ebay and now will not use bare minerals but like i said why would you not want to send samples out to customers who spend money and alot of it lol she had already planned her next order of three hundred dollars if she liked her eye stuff and blemish what nots but i plan on leaving reviews for everyone to read on every website ther is and i have nothing else to do so i will leave quite a few so if you have experienced their customer service send me an email and i will add your ad experience thanks slade

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Other Company in Kitchener, Ontario - Not sure if scam but seems like it

was notified of interview-no voice message only e-mail-e-mail said was looking for different positions CS reps etc. (I am a CAD person though)-HR told me she responded to my confirm message by e-mail to let me know time/location, I didn't recieve, I asked yesterday what the job position was, She would not tell me & I never recieved her e-mail.

I think she is thinking I will just show up there and then she can try to sell me the sales job? Not sure- I declined- lack of info on HRs part

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Order # 9399287. Terrible delivery service.

My order was for 6 remote speaker mikes for a total of $251.94.I placed this order on 2/17/2010. You billed my credit card on 2/17/2010 which included a shipping charge of $16.95.

I was informed today that the order will not arrive until 2/27/2010! This is the worst delivery service I have ever had from any company. I called the 800 number and was told, in effect, that that's just the way your company ships orders.

I will not be ordering any thing from you in the future.

The fact that you require a minimum of 100 words also indicates to me that you are trying to make it difficult for someone to be concise

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Other Company in Ontario, California - Escrow Company & Listing Agent

I just want everyone who reads this to know that this is by far, the WORST! company I have dealt with.

I work with a lot of Short Sales and they

are very cooperative, but this one took the whole cake!

I wish there was a better way to communicate with them and also get our short sale approvals faster not 2months later and only for a week or so. Good luck to who ever runs in to this company they do not care about the consumer at all.Hopefully they can change their strategy and efforts!HELP THEM, THEY NEED IT!

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Other Company in Lady Lake, Florida - User name not accepted

I signed up for this service 2/8/2010,paid $42.90 on visa card, received printout with Ref. #2475498109, download code 04240 and when I try to acces the web, my user name is rejected stating invalid.

I am very frustrated with this situation and request immediate remedy so my computer can be more effective and faster.

I would appreciate anything you can do to remedy this situation or request a swift refund as I am very unhappy with this state of affairs. Please inform me what else I need to do to be able to use this program. Can someone reply to me and confirm complaint has been acknowledged and hopefully remedied. Thank you

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Other Company in Clarksburg, West Virginia - After numerous request to have them stop calling me they still call.

After repeated and numerous attempts to their toll free number 800-519-1823 and requesting for them to stop calling me...they still call me. I am sick of them calling my cell phone to solicit me.

They can't look me up in their database by my phone number, by my name....they'll just keep calling my cell. They said there was no on in the corporate office so they couldn't even give me the corporate office phone number. They can't even look up the number to put me on a no contact list...I Hate these people! Please call their toll free phone number so that they have to pay for the free call.

They maybe they will understand how it fells.

Thank you for calling their toll free number numerous times! Haha

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