Songmaker; what a rip off

I paid £175 for a recording studio experience. At the end of it, I was given a Tesco CD-R CD that wouldn't work on a CD player, only a PC.

I contacted the company for a refund. They refused, claiming that the experience was what I'd paid my money for; the CD was simply an ancillary factor. Eventually, when I took my complaint to, the company who'd arranged for the experience, they agreed to re-send CD's that did work.

Nearly a month after the experience, I'm still waiting on the replacement CD. Trust me; don't ever hand money over to Songmaker or


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Further to posting this review on the 03.03.2010, I am writing to confirm that I have received confirmation today, 08.03.2010 that I will be receiving a full refund. Therefore, any damaging or offensive remarks that I may have caused to Songmaker Ltd or, I would like to retract :grin
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Other Company in San Marcos, Texas - THE OLD *** #





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Other Company in Charlottesville, Virginia - Mary Escher

Mary Escher is in NO way, and has never been associated with Brenda Escher.

Robert or Phil Escher is also not associated with Brenda Escher.

If you can not report CORRECT information,,,you should not report ANY information that has my nor my husbands name involved.

Intelius has "people find".....yeah right....bill collectors use this information to harrass ME, because the information is TOTALLY incorrect.

Me and my husband are tired of getting harrassing calls of bill collectors looking for Brenda Escher....she has never lived in my house,,,nor had my phone number.

Brenda Escher was a first wife of my husband MANY years ago......

Please fix your records.

Mary Escher

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Still can't access my account

Whatever you did didn't work.

I still cannot access my account.

You are still saying my user name and password are not valid. Every time I attempt to access my account you keep saying my user name and password are not valid.

Needless to say I'm getting madder by the minute.

My user name is barflo2# and my password is imbosslady1. I don't understand why it doesn't work.

Not only I can't get in to go paperless, I can't ever monitor the activity to see what's going on with my account. I monitor my account to ensure no one else is using my number.


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Wow... you realize that this is not a customer support line or something.

You just posted your username and password for the entire world to read. Furthermore, the company you're complaining against isn't specified, so no one has a clue what you're talking about.

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Other Company in Waterford, Wisconsin - What ????? $5 to talk to a real person ??? as soon as cable comes to my area...guess what ?

I am pissed...why should I pay $5 to speak to a real person who most likely is in Timbuktu...I will switch service as soon as it available in my area which I understand is happening as we speak (or not)...I would term this unfriendly and alien customer service...we have had many instances where reception was non-existent and still got billed for non-existent services...if you want to keep your customers I suggest having more responsive availability and not frustrate folks with *** menus is english/spanish, pushing umpteen silly buttons and not getting an answer after all

Waterford, Wisconsin
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Other Company in Algonac, Michigan - Getting charged for answering machine Picking up...

My name is Richard Johnson I am getting phone calls from an inmate and even when I am not home I am getting charged for the calls when my answering machine is picking up the phone call... why am I getting charged for calls I am not answering?

January 13th at 6:01 PM to 989-826-5705 was the first call

January 22nd at 4:10 PM to 989-826-5705 was the last call

I also have the other dates if you need to know them...

Thank you and please get ahold of me... call my phone to tell me what I have to do to make this stop. 989-826-5705

Algonac, Michigan
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Other Company in Custer, Michigan - Now Fee's for Electronic Transfers - Right! Not!

BEWARE - I finally got an external account electronic transfer set up. I went to initiate the transfer and it said there would be a $3.00 fee for 1 to 3 day electronic transfer service and $10.00 for next day service.

Can you believe that? They're sitting on my money for less than 1% and they want to charge me for these types of services which is the reason I keep my money in a bank. Enough is enough. What a bunch of gready fat cats.


I'm changing banks ASAP. Probably going to a Credit Union.

Custer, Michigan
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Other Company in Austin, Texas - Complain but never return to see if help offered

Why do so many people complain and want help but never return to check an see if some one has responded to your complaint and offered assistance? People that do have some thing to offer in the way of assistance take their time to leave information.

It seems though no one takes it as no one is writing back how they actually received help from some one that offered assistance.

That is what these places are for, to find a solution to our issue and let others know what to do to not let this happen to them or how the found help.

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Pissed off by a Turkey!

November, 2009: Just before Thanksgiving, you had Turkey for $.23 lb.,

with a $50. purchase. I had well over that, until all the deductions

were taken off. Then I was $1.12 short of $50. I had to go back and

spend another $1.12 to get a turkey for $.23 a lb. This seems unfair

since my purchase was over $50. to begin with. I know this is policy,

but seems petty. I was a regular customer (3 or 4 times a week)! I have

not been in since. How many customers can you afford to lose like this?

There is another store that did the same thing to me in 1982! I have NOT

been back there since, either!


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with a $50 PURCHASE is the keyword after the deductions sweetheart...duh

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Laura Jobbins in Reno, NV is a DEAD BEAT MOTHER

I say this with the utmost authority, being that I'm the one that her 2 oldest children now call Mom. I've known her for 5 years and she's never once changed her ways, yet she always screams "Victim!". She thrives on drama because if she can't find it, she'll bring it.

After she got pregnant with another man's baby, her husband of her first 2 kids, W, left her and, when we met he and I became friends. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him interact with his children. He is a loving, caring man, but he is an outstanding and special Daddy.

Soon after meeting the kids, I first encountered Laura Jobbins.She called me one day in July, demanding to know who I was and if I was "F'ing her husband?" I just laughed at her and waited to speak to W to see what was going on and soon heard the first of what would be many stories from many people about Laura.

She had brought her pregnant self and the baby's father uninvited to W's parent's house on 4th of July 2005.This being the family's favorite holiday, she did her best to ruin it by swallowing a bottle of prozac in the front yard after screaming and yelling in W's face. When this got no reaction out of W, she then jumped in the car, drove down the street and wrote a suicide note, cut herself and wiped the blood on the note, drove back to the house and handed the note to her then 5 year old daughter telling her to "give it to Daddy".

She obviously has loose screws, or why have the Prozac? And, then take the entire bottle while you're pregnant to make your husband pay attention to you while your unborn baby's father stands by and watches the whole thing? The only way to make her leave was to give them money. That's always been the only way to make Laura leave is to give her money, but that's the only real reason she came around, too. We figured that out when we simply quit giving her money.

When she realized I was with W in 2005, she quickly moved herself from across the country in Michegan to Nevada, which is closer to us in California. This was supposedly so we could help with the kids. We had to meet her in Reno the day they drove in and pick up the kids. They have officially lived with us since that day. And, they have had plenty to tell us about life with Mommy when Daddy left.

At first we tried to get along with her, do the right thing and ignore her bad behavior towards us, as long as we thought it was best for the kids to be in her life. Well, we quickly realized that is was NOT best for them to be with her at all, and that's when things got crazy.

The oldest was an 8yr old boy with autism.He had very little of his life centered around his condition. She didn't know how to deal with him, so she didn't. She instead left him in front of a television all day long, so when he got to us, he didnt know how to read yet, had no socialization skills, and was prone to beating up smaller kids at school on a daily basis. Only his Daddy could calm him down.

Today he is a vibrant, happy, smart young man! He does well in every aspect of life now and no longer has his violent tendencies and outbursts. He remembers very little of Laura now and shows no interest in her at this time. He is a great kid and I love him to death!

The younger child is a girl. She was barely turning 6 when I got her, just a baby still. Yet she told me of 2 times she was abused while in Laura's care, by a teenaged cousin. When she told Laura, Laura did nothing. When W confronted her, she claimed she had already discussed it with him! Now she says, "(W's daughter) was never hurt)!She denies EVERYTHING!

We had tried our best to allow visitation, but the kids always came back with stories that worsened to the point that, after over a year of being together and never a disagreement, my first arguement with W was to convince him that Laura was an abusive mother at BEST. He didn't want to believe it because she had always controlled him and it took him awhile to get past that sickness of their marriage.

The kids would complain of not having enough to eat, Laura constantly fighting with the now newborn's father, and being afraid for various reasons. Laura did a lot of things in front of her kids, or with her kids in the house that she should not have done, if the kids are the one's telling the truth and Laura is the one lying.

According to the kids, the girl has seen Laura in bed with the neighbor, Laura regularly leaves the kids with different neighbors, regardless of how long she has known them. She moves so much that the kids rarely know the adult's names of the people they were left with.

Laura's baby's dad, Robert, is a loser methamphetimine user who walked away from Laura and his kid over a year ago and decided to call me. He verified many things we already knew, like Laura did the drugs with him, she sleeps around, and she's a thief. They rented apartments for a month and would get evicted for fighting, leaving the place a mess with holes in the walls and ceiling.

When the kids went to visit, they would often go hungry.We didnt' know this because they never learned how to speak up for themselves until they met me, neither did their dad. Laura used intimidation and anger and threats to control everyone around her. Until she met me and that didn't work because I am smarter than Laura. I know this because everything I did and said became the truth.

We had to stop sending them with her when she took them to a motel to drag her boyfriend out of a room with another woman. She then beat the woman and was arrested while her kids sat in the car watching everything. They never went with her again. She came to see them on her way to Texas in Aug. 2006 and hasn't seen them since!

She never bothered to come to court, but it wouldn't have helped her. Based on so many calls I got as they traveled the country, robbing people and destroying their homes, we were getting phone calls about their behavior. That, and the proof we supplied of how well we take care of them was enough for a judge to grant W full legal and physical custody, and I played the lawyer, so Laura claims I "stold her kids"!

This is her way of laying the blame on me, instead of taking her share. She is still allowed to see them, but must pay a court ordered supervisor to do so, and she is too busy or *** or simply doesn't care, because she claims to have a great job. So, it's been close to 3 years since THEY have had to deal with her but I'm not so lucky.

Laura likes to be a baby and blame her problems on everyone else, or me if no one else is around. She will call or email or IM me every 4 months or so, claiming I stold her kids, saying what a horrible person I am and basically trying to see if her *** high school tricks will work on me, which they will not. But, like i said, she's not too bright, so she continues to convince herself I took her kids.

But the headliner is "Laura Jobbins is a dead beat parent", and that's the truth! NEVER, the entire time I've known her, has Laura given us one dollar towards raising these kids. She was always on time to call W when he was getting paid, but always seems to forget to send her child support now. Fortunately, CA family courts just attach your wages for their child support instead of letting you be a deadbeat. So, how is she a deadbeat?

She quit her job! They took her income tax return and she was FUMING MAD!lol I was in SUCH a good mood for so long after I found that out! Then, and ONLY then, did she finally make it to court. But, she didn't go to get visitation with the kids I stole, she went to get her child support adjusted!

It's always been about the money with Laura. She was even begging W's mom for money long after we had custody of the kids! WE have thousands of dollars worth of Western Union transactions where money had been sent to her when she had the kids, and after we had them. What kind of person takes money that could go to their kids? W's mom would help us sometimes, so that could have went to raising her kids, instead of raising her.

She still needs to be raised becaus her mother didn't do a good job. I can see where Laura got both her skills and her brains once I met her mother. They are a real piece of work, those bunch. Seriously, I've never met anyone that acted the way Laura does!

So, I'm here to admit it. I stold Laura Jobbins's kids! Took them right out of her hands, I did, like a bag of groceries! She's such a STELLAR parent that I was able to come into her life and take away 2 out of her 3 kids within 2 years and now there's not a *** thing she can do about it! Now they call ME "Mom", and refer to her as Laura, if there is any reason to refer to her, which there rarely is.

I have to say, if ANYONE would have tried to take my kids from ME, they would have pulled back a bloody stump where there arm was. I had 2 kids of my own and I would have begged, borrowed and stold to SEE them, not just as a lifestyle. I had to do no such thing, though, because the courts allowed ME custody of my kids. And when W and I have our wedding, I will also adopt those kids.

So, it is in my humble opinion that you would bode well to heed my warnings when I say, if you see Laura Jobbins on the street, or anywhere for that matter, and you are not looking for mediocore sexual favors from an unattractive woman who always looks like she smells sh*t, drama everyday of your life until you are miserable enough to go to jail for the 3 squares, or someone who will steal you blind, then my suggestion would be to run, not walk, as quickly as you can!

And, if there IS a God and I'm lucky enough to find out she has read this, then I'm sure that somewhere in Reno a smoke alarm is about to go off because I just lit a fire under her *ss, because everything here is TRUE, it happened. I have court documents, a man and 2 kids to prove it.



Muskegon, Michigan, United States #595259

Man does this story hit home! Nothing but drama since the day I met laura 3 years ago...she isn't the best mom she acts like she is...she is more worried about where the next swinging *** is coming from then what and when and where her son might eat his next meal at....she has been with at least 15 men that I know about in the past 4 or 5 years and this one she is with now no differnt he is giving her what she wants at the moment and that is great but don't slip laura and pull your crazy card then you will be out looking again....I hope robert one day does take that boy from you because what I can I see he is 110% better off then you and a much better dad then you will ever know because you don't give him a chance to be a dad to yours and his son remember he was there from the start untill you chose to remove him from wesleys life


No one willl be as good for the men that was in loife that other women had to steal from me one had to steal my kids to keep the man and the other had to set him u with another baby to keep him from comming back to me. Which by the way she don't belong to you ask your family they will tell me because they have told me that now where my parenting skills come into play I'm not a bad mom I take every good care of wesley all by myself his dad does nothjing for him will not even send him a birthday card so how great of dad is that?

Now to all you bitchs out there that have or think you will be taking my kid from me you have lost your god mind I'm not letting i t happen again and your fat *** and wyane how you just give my kods back to me and then see how much shoit you are talking on the internet then how all of you guys get a *** life and leave me the *** alone keep my name out of your mouth. And for ROBERT no you will never see wesley as long as you want to keep playiong housewith a family of two kids that don't even belong to you how about you come up here reclaim what you have lost ie me and wesley because yhou know *** well no one can reat you like I did and leave that fat ugly *** with her two in texas that is all I have to say *** all of you


So laura now that someone hung all your dirty clothes on the line do u think maybe u should grown up and get some help for you crazy ***?? I mean laura u really need to read this letter very well and then read what people have wrote about you they aren't very nice things.

At get a life : which we all know is laura ....u talk about robert not seening his son well you see the differce in that is you can see your other 2 childern anytime you want the above even states so now where robert and his son YOU DONlT ALLOW robert to see his son which mean you kee the them fron each other.

Got it now alnd see you just proved a point you cryed. Victim as soon as you read this letter


My god, are you people seriously still bugging about this post? From "get a life"...

Obviously you know me somehow because you're talking big but not using your real name. A little on the chickenshit side, in my opinion. I think I've made it obvious that I do not care what everyone else thinks because none of you lived what I did. I vented here, I didn't lie here & if you read it right you would figure out I did NOT and I am NOT keeping the kids from Laura.

I was being sarcastic. How the *** can I TAKE her kids? How bad of a mother are you if someone you don't know can come and TAKE your kids from you? Give me a break.

SHE didn't show up for court but once and I showed her what she needed to do. Yes, I'm so evil I helped her do her paperwork. After that, she never showed up again, she stopped calling & she IS allowed visitation that she chooses not to enforce. I do not keep the kids from her, I do not have the legal authority, but it's a great way for her to blame me for not being with her own kids.

At this point the kids have no interest in her & it's too bad because I believe children SHOULD be with their mother, but only if it's a healthy relationship. I didn't set out to cause Laura grief, I tried to work with her but it was impossible & and some point you have to make a decision to do what's best for the kids. That's what the father did, I only helped him accomplish it and I won't apologize for it. She doesn't pay child support to this day & has done nothing for her kids for years.

MY kids, on the other hand, are just fine with me, so you might want to get your facts straight. As far as the kids being old enough to read this, do you think they are retarded and don't know what is going on? It's their lives, they live it and know what's going on. We dont lie to them, we can't fabricate a fake Laura to show up for them.

They know she's not around and they know it's her decision.

All you people piping up because you "knew Laura & W years ago" means nothing when you don't know wtf is going on now. Get over it, apparently Laura has.


As this is comming from someone that knew both laura and robert. Amost everthing in this story is true laura is what is a nice way to put it unstale.

Now I'm not going to sit here and say. Rob is a 100% angel but as far as welsey well beening robert is the best choice for him. robert is the one. That alway toke care of wesley.

While she ran wild and made he look like a fool. I have heard her say that if her and rob wasn't together then he wouldn't see his son and from what I understand she makes good on that.

But everyone has a side and mine is on rob so make your own choice. Peace A

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #235667

To the b#tch that wrote this, I have knowen both w & L the same amount of time,and W was a a## at my house slaming my daughters door to show what a \"bad a##\" he was after screaming at his daughter,I so wanted to beat his sorry a## , But that is not what his kid\'s need to see .You are such a B#tch to keep her from her kid\'s hope you feel good about your self.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #235662

Oh and Robert you know *** well she always was good to those kids. And you who is a dead beat?

You better look in the mirror.

How long has it been since you seen our son? Yea thought so.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #235659

First of all Wayne was long gone before she got with Robert. You were already with Wayne.

Get your facts straight! Laura is one of the best mothers i know off! Yea she fell into hard times, but do you really think keeping her kids from her is healthy. Maybe this is just your way of getting a second chance at trying to be a good mother.

Since your own kids can't stand you. Its really funny that you find the time to right all this on the internet. You sound really insecure. What happens when the kids are old enough to read all this bull ***?

Some mother you think you are. Instead of taking her kids out of her life all together. Maybe help her out.

No kids should be without their real mother. Not some toothless fat *** like you.

i guess you are right but no one is perfect she was alws kind to me but poor old dougy caught some *** :roll
i guess you are right but no one is perfect she was alws kind to me but poor old dougy caught some *** :roll

I am the not a methanphamine user just to clear things up and yes the best thing that happened to the 2 kids in this story is that they are in a better place i love my child and most the stuff in this story is tru but when laura was with me she was stable crazy yes but was stable we did not move the way it is portraied in this story no we didnt get along which is y i left but i was left with nothing and forced to leave to another state and am finnaly getting on my feet i would love to have my child i love him with all my heart i am just unable to locate where she is at she moves constantly and is with a different guy every couple weeks i myself am not a bad guy dont let what one side of a story base your opinion there is 2 sides to every story if u wanna email me to find out for yourself and will answer any questions or comments but dont judge me when u only hear one side of a story from someone who doesnt know me thank you and have a nice life bye janet

I don't really care what any of you think, I said my piece. To assume I vented here means I need prozac is ridiculous.

What, are you a therapist? I'm PROUD of what I accomplished for these kids and MY MAN, much of which isn't here, and the fact you took the time to add your 2 cents means nothing. You know what I wrote, it is what it is, but I did not write it for you or anyone else but myself. So, say your little snide remarks and take a look in your mirror at someone who has to say sh*t about someone from whom they simply read a statement online.

Or, go make BFF's with Laura and have a great time being a loser! My basis for what I say is because I LIVE it, it is FACT. You base what you say on your opinion, and we all know that saying....opinions & *ssholes, etc! YOU chose to read it, don't like it?

Write about it here...hahaha! Make your own page, haters, I'M HAPPY, MY KIDS ARE HAPPY AND MY MAN LOVES ME THE WAY I AM!

How many of you are so lucky? :grin :upset

NO I was wrong, but sounds like this girl may have problems and instead of writing about her, just be there for the kids. What are they to think, there are messed up as it is.


Girl, I cant believe that you have time in your life to write an essay on this girl who probably isnt as bad as you have made her to be. You need to look into the mirror and ask yourself why you think you have the right to put someone else down when in fact you arent any better, at least I cant tell from this essay.

Sounds to me that you are a little insecure and jealous.


Oh my goodness! It certainly sounds like you need to take a long look in the mirror.

Perhaps a little Prozac could help you control your rants and rages.

Most importantly, if you truly believe the little girl was "abused" by a cousin, you need to report it to the police. If it's true and it has happened to any other child since, it's on your shoulders.

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