Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - To pay online charge

To pay on line is so much easier but what a ripe that is that you not only charge way too much to ship,( it doe not cost that much to send back) you charge to pay online also, so how is that suppose to make it any better or get to you any sooner. Thanks for your time.

Any oh my type at least 100 words before you can email you anothe ripe off, I do not need to explain each word do I?Other than these compaints your site is a very nice site to visit . Thanks for your time

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Other Company in Flemingsburg, Kentucky - Gave free delivery card that expired

I was given a free delivery reward card for a refrigerator that I bought last year. When I tried to use the card today, I was told it had expired.

Why would there be an expiration on this type of card? Anyway, I should have been told this by the store because I never paid attention to the expiration date on the card.

This is just something that one would not pay attention to for this type of card. It really does seem as if you are really not wanting to pay for this delivery cost as is promised in the store.

Flemingsburg, Kentucky
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Very very unprofessional!!! Las Vegas/Spring Mountains Rd

The manager and cashier very very poor educated (and these people working in customer service),VERY VERY RUDE (as they making you a favour)... Com-on,Guys!

In this economy you should be OVER HAPPY when customer stops at your place!It is SO MANY OF YOU OUTTHERE!!!

And DO NOT GO there for SMOG, most likely they'll fail you in hope that you will come over and pay again(cause they charge you no metter what)"smart ***",or in hope that you will repare the car"problem" in their shop :) Xa Xa, *** NO!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID !!!!!!!




I never liked car dealers much.. but one day I became one. I'd like to think I was an honest fair dealer, but regardless...

If you want to find a good mechanic, make friends with a small used car dealer or 3 or 4, and ask them who they recommend to be fair and honest.

I guarantee you... THEY KNOW..! Who do you suppose repairs more cars than anyone??

It's obviously a used car dealer.. and not to screw the public.. it's just that they get trade-ins, & buy cars that need some repairs.. been there done that.. I know.

cheers.. wildwillie



Reminds me of an old saying. "A fool and their money are easily parted"

What happens in Vegas...

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Other Company in West Point, Nebraska - Need to cancel your service.

I would like to cancel my service with you, I do not order that much on the Internet to verify the spending of $12.00 a month, I thought I had this taken care of but I see I was charge $12.00 on the February billing, please take care of this as I did not want your service, I thought you said you had up to one month and if you did not like it you could cancel. Please take care of this as I am very upset when I saw that I was billed $12.00 In the last statement I got.

West Point, Nebraska
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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - I am Pissed with home delivery service

I was given a runaround by customer service to the point of lying. I did not appreciate it & i'm very angry for sitting around for the delivery people who never came. The customer people when i called did not seem to know what the're doing. When i asked for the Supervisor the customer service put me on hold for 30 mins. but nobody came to the phone. I called again & someone told me i had to wait for a "cue". when i asked what the "cue" was he did not answer me. I'm disgusted of the whole situation.

Susan Stark

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Took sites that i visited and used people as fake dates that you could not chat with with

this is a fraud site; they are takeing peoples money and telling them they would be able to chat to other humans but they never do. it's like being in a room full of bots.they tell you you can visit as a standard user but yiu cant send or receive messages until you become a silver or gold member.then when you pay the money you can only send the messages but you get no messages in return.

people are sending you messages befor you join once you join the same people that where sending you the messages come to a complete stop.it,s just a gimmic to get you to join the site and it,s not cheep 35.00 and for what? nothing you will never talk to any one. you will receive winks and that,s about it.

i am very upset about this and think something should be done shuting them down would be nice. yours truly frankie black




You can find me there, what do you see?

Yes this is a scam.. Pay, play and get well you were all lookinging to get screwed????? Thank you, monies fine, just a little more please, OK?

I was that ***!!!

How can you send the clap to pictures?



this country is GREAT!!!! Find a way


just like any other dating site, they are all fraud


someone should spam their website


yes it's a scam, you get winked at before joining, but you get nothing after you join, you can even see some photos of the same person in many countries, it's a total scam, they have their staff sending fake messeges to prtend that people are interested in you , but they don't have any real members except those been sucked in, but they do have lots of FAKE members, some photos may be of already dead models.

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Fraud of Rs 25 L in Flat deal

Mr Santhosh patada a resident of magarpatta city in pune has cheated me pf Rs 25 L in a fruad flat deal in pune. i will pay cash price of Rs 2 Lakhs to a person who helps me in nabbing this person.

santhosh patada (PAN card number [REDUCTED]) [REDUCTED]

2 brokers by the name moresh sahare and ganesh jadhav of magarpatta city are also invloved in this fraud.

pl help me in nabbing santhosh patada nad i will reward you in cash Rs 2


i will reward anyone who gives relevant info about santhosh patada

With Rgds




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yes santhosh patada is a big cheat; i also want to get him

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Other Company in Beaumont, Texas - It ToOk An HoUr JuSt To GeT oNe PiZzA aNd BrEaDsTiCkS

They came and left and called and said they would come back and it has been an hour and its bs and i want something done about this!!!!!!!! The delevery guy didnt even get the apartment number right when its not that hard dang!!!!

Get a freakin clue!!! Why couldnt he just drop off my stuff before leaving the aprtments and going somewhere else and then coming back to the apartment really its ***!!!!

Now it has been over an hour and still havent got my stuff!!! And they said it would only be 20 minutes and its been way longer!!!!!

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Other Company in Bensalem, Pennsylvania - Did not honor rebate after paid in full on time

did not honor rebate after paid in full on time

my credit bad but i made sure my bill was paid on time and in full

not to mention i was robbed of the final cost of the computer

oh, almost forgot, never received the printer, camera and other *** they offered

people struggle daily to get new things, what they did, have done and will continue to do is such a sin

they all need to rest in peace in jail

what a scam

i will live with my mistake of trusting

and i'm sure they an live with their deceitful ways

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Never return phone calls

i have tried to speak to someone since the end of Jan. concerning warranty issues. i need someone to stop playing phone tag and have offered 2 phone #'s to no avail. I will not recommend your company for work again as I have several times before.

I have contactedan agent named Andrea, and John Spinelli and left lots of messages. If they can not do their job then they do not belong in their position. This is in the Tampa, Fl. office.

I have a 15 yr. warranty and need someone to come and check out my floors. I am so disgusted with your company, I would love to speak to the owner. You do not go by your ads.

Barbara Lambie

13325 Sun Rd.

Brooksville, Fl. 34613


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Wow, I bet since you didn't put the company name they will surely call you back.

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