Other Company in Manchester, Kentucky - LTD

i was going to start a wholesale buisness with them and now i am not due to complaints. that is not the way to do buisness..

A company with this many negative things something is definately wrong. and something needs to be done about this. If you took a company like this and had good management the sales could pick up dramatacally. what a pitty a good buisness idea goes bad due to poor customer service skills.

customer service skills are the number one priority when running a buisness.

But i guess that is the way things happen but will not do buisness with them. Changed my mind!!!

Manchester, Kentucky
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Stewart Lowinger misrepresented material facts

Stewart Lowinger was introduced to us as a successful financier. He brought us a funding source for our project through Wade Henderson of IMM Financial Corporation, Inc. (Michigan and Canada) (see Wade Henderson report), wherein we were told that Irrevocable Letters of Credit would be issued by an offshore major bank which could be easily monetized in the U.S.

He also told us that although a good faith deposit was being requested for the funding of this investment, "don't worry about that", that he would have another investor post the good faith deposit required by the contract. Upon further questioning, he claimed in writing that "This deal has been vetted by several law firms," and orally told us that he had personally spoken with those lawyers.

After providing detailed information and executing funding documents with the lending source, we requested proof of a relationship between the Funding source and the banks that were going to issue the Irrevocable Letters of Credit, as well as documentation to verify the credentials and financial ability of the funding source to actually fund our project. Not one single verification document was ever produced despite Mr. Lowinger's promises to do so. We were more trusting because the escrow agent was Merrill Lynch, with a New York attorney being the escrow agent. We had a conference call with those people to verify that they were real. Unfortunately, despite our requests, we were never allowed to speak to anyone at the actual funding source.

After our agreements were executed in early November, 2009, and we were still seeking to raise the good faith deposit, we were told that Wade Henderson, Mr. Lowinger's contact with the funding source (who had signed a joint venture agreement and escrow instructions with us) was meeting with this funding source. However, we were unaware that prior to that meeting, which was on November 24, 2009, the COO of the Joint Venture partner (and electronic signatory to our agreements) HAD ALREADY "faxed a Cease and Desist Letter to Mr. Wade Henderson on Nov. 24, 2009" because "On Nov. 22, 2009, one of Mr. Wade Henderson's client contacted the CEO, and showed formal documents signed with my digital signature for the Company. Till that time, I just knew Mr. Wade Henderson sent documents to his clients. Before he sent out those formal documents, he didn't send those documents to me for signing, even he didn't inform me he will send those documents to his clients. When I saw those signed formal documents, I was same surprised because I NEVER GAVE ANY POA TO MR. WADE HENDERSON TO SIGN ANY DOCUMENT WITH MY SIGNATURE AND COMPANY'S NAME." This is a direct quote from the supposed signatory to our funding agreements.

Instead of informing us about the cease and desist request and the sham, fraudulent nature of our transaction, Mr. Lowinger claimed that he was in communication with lawyers who were drafting new paperwork. When we suggested that we could prepare the documentation and speed up the process, he told us that we should not. His promises have materially damaged us because we refrained from seeking other funding sources because we believed we were in privity of contract. We waited over two months, and inquired again as to when the documents would be ready and requested a status update. At that point, Mr. Lowinger announced that he was abandoning our project because we were not being patient enough and our inquiries were having a detrimental effect on his business.

At that point, we contacted the "alleged" funding source, only to find out that they were a FINDER, and had NEVER funded any projects directly, and that the CEO of the company (and only designated signatory) had NOT authorized our deal, and that the CEO had fired the COO of the company, who had told the CEO that he had never authorized the affixation of his signature to any contracts (see above). The CEO told us that she was having 7 escrows cancelled for several million dollars, and apologized for our situation, indicating that she had had no knowledge of it.

When we contacted Mr. Lowinger and told him of our dismay, he claimed he had no knowledge of any fraud, or anything about what had happened, that none of the projects he had referred to Wade Henderson had gone into escrow, which is probably true; however, he refused to answer our question about whether or not he was still doing business with Henderson, which indicated to us that he was still doing business with Henderson despite what we told me about the fact that Henderson had been involved in these fraudulent activities.

Even if Mr. Lowinger did not know the full story, he did evade and put us off, and refused to communicate with us or provide us with essential or even adequate information regarding the people he brought to the deal. He also did not vet Henderson or the transaction adequately. The vetting that he should have done to make certain the deal was real was obviously not done. Whether or not he was involved in the actual fraud committed - we don't know and have no proof of, and it is even likely he did not. But we have lost over 4 months looking for real financing, and may have lost some or all of our projects. And the responsibility for that stands in his court. In our opinion, he was incompetent, and it should be noted that when confronted, he shut down and refused to speak with us or deal with the problem until we provided him with a draft of this report.

Our advice (to be kind) is to be very cautious before you conduct business with Mr. Stewart Lowinger




I have come in contact with Mr. Wade about a month back, the same offer was given to me for my client, let me know whether should I drop the deal here or continue with same. Let me know the name of Lady involved in this as per your comments in this above said OR main Financier for this deal of $500Mn, I have clients looking for more funding as per the terms of Mr. Wade.


Hitesh G. PATIRA

mail ID's:- hiteshaitra@yahoo.in, bharathgp@hotmail.com, bharathgp@gmail.com, Skype ID:- hitesh.patira


I have come in contact with Mr. Wade about a month back, the same offer was given to me for my client, let me know whether should I drop the deal here or continue with same. Let me know the name of Lady involved in this as per your comments in this above said OR main Financier for this deal of $500Mn, I have clients looking for more funding as per the terms of Mr. Wade.


Hitesh G. PATIRA

mail ID's:- hiteshaitra@yahoo.in, bharathgp@hotmail.com, bharathgp@gmail.com, Skype ID:- hitesh.patira


i was rippped off and went through the same thing that you have writteb. he is a big fake and liar guy..


Everybody stop the bashing. I happen to know Stew Lowinger personally and he is a really nice guy.

Not sure ya'll need to crush the guy online just because your potential deals with him didn't work out. Suck it up and move on...

@Running on the Mall

Hello friend i am trying to reach stewart. Do u know if there is a way to get in touch w him i am an old friend?


BTW.. he associates himself with reputable people who think he is the real deal, then introduces you to them, and because of who they are, you think he is being truthful,and reputable.

Thats how he begins to get your trust.

He makes comments that aren't concrete, but insinuates he has money or the means to get it. It all about the hype...


yes you are right about him. i was manipulated as well..


Interesting... Am I next????????


It is under WADE HENDERSON -


Were you ripped off by Lowinger? What's your story?


I can't find the report in ripoff.com

can it be becuae it has been removed?


The full story has been posted on a complaint reported against Wade Henderson and IMMF Financial on this site and on ripoffreport.com


I would love to know more about these cases. Please post anything that you know


Without going into too much detail, I too was duped by Stewart Lowinger but caught on to his nonesense before I put out too much money or lost too much time. Mr. Lowinger may have good intentions but he is desperate for business and attaches himself to any scam yahoo who has a website.

In my opinion, he is either doesn't have the acumen to sniff out these scam companies that promise venture capital or he is desperately hoping on a "wing and a prayer" that one of these fishy looking companies is actually authentic. The key word here is the guy is desperate and has no successful business history. Also, for anyone contemplating a legal action for damages against him, my gut tells me has no significant personal assets.

Again, my company was not damaged by my sporadic contact with Mr. Lowinger. It is pretty clear from the outset that when he promises you $100 million dollars for your venture, it's best to distance yourself from him and let his phone calls die down.

@Jeff Todd, Aspen ***struction

When I contacted the district attorney's office recently in Long Island, they were very much aware of Stewart Lowinger and his activities. I had one meeting with him and could tell he was a complete sham both from his desperation and because I did an hour's worth of due dilligence.

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Horrible and I'm so pissed!

I was told that this company was awful, but I gave the benefit of the doubt! Now- I would suggest everyone to run as fast as you can!!

Double billed my account for 6 months, then they couldn't issue back a credit directly! Holding time is at least 15 minutes to get in touch! Rates are astronomical! Service- they could care less about you or your business and there is no way out of any "contract" even though they can double bill and do as they please and hurt your bank account without a second thought!

They suck! I would recommend going with NorthAmerican Bancard.

My new company is 1/5 the cost of merchant Lynx every month. They are wonderful!

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Lost my trust..with POOR service

To make a long story short, even after I put a hold on the package with a automative person, I was never given an adress for pickup on a Friday evening, there closed on Weekends, they turned around on Monday and tried to deliver it at 9:30am WOW.

Appartently is not a question of being a Fortune 500 company!!

Somebody needs to go undercover like ( Undercover Boss ) what a waste of time, gas, service, and a host of other things to follow.

Then you have the nerve to tell me make it 100 words!!!

I can not stop scrating my head.

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Nationwide Relocation aka Moving Cost.com

WOW! My story is quite similar. I was also pursued by Nationwide Relocation, Bruce Rodriguez was my rep. Bruce was relentless in pursuing my business. I got other quotes from other moving companies, but Nationwide's quote was a lot less than other companies. So, naturally, I went with Nationwide. When my items were picked up by Cross Country Van Lines, the weight was more than quoted by NR. I ended up paying over $6,300 to Cross Country Van Lines and Nationwide Relocation respectively. When the movers picked up my things they asked me if I could pay all or part of the balance by cash as it took their New Jersey office a long time to pay. I did pay a small portion in cash which I will never see again. Wow! Now this all makes sense.

My move was from California to Honolulu, HI. CCVL picked up my things on Friday, Oct 16, 2009. My shipment was due to arrive by Nov 29, 2009. It arrived on Dec 9, 2009. Since Dec 9th, the container had been sitting at the Honolulu Port as CCVL owed the port monies in arrears and they would not release the container until paid in full. I have been calling CCVL and sent them emails with no response. I have also been communicating with NR on this issue and finally after much stress and frustration caused to me, they have stepped up and paid the Hawaii port on behalf of CCVL.

Today, I get a call from WPR Hawaii stating that they are going to get my things delivered either this week or next week. They told me that Cross Country Van Lines is out of business. I can not believe what an ordeal this has been. I clearly have a claim for delay in delivery, but was told not to file the claim until I received the shipment to make sure there are no damaged or missing items. I am REALLY CONCERNED NOW, after reading the other persons note. So, now that CCVL is out of business, I am wondering if Nationwide Relocation will honor my claim re "delay in delivery"??? Nationwide Relocation has offered me a full refund of the deposit I paid them, but with strings attached. In order to process the refund, they are requesting me to sign a legal document. I am not willing to sign anything with strings attached. I am seeking legal counsel on this situation. CCVL is nothing but shysters. My moving contract was with Nationwide Relocation and I was never privy to what moving companies they use to outsource the move. CCVL took my money and held my things hostage in Hawaii. How can people like this be in business and rip off people. INSANE! The Attorney General should be and will be notified of this racket.

Not only that I had rented an apartment so that I would be ready for my household goods and I had to vacate the premises as it made no sense to continue to pay rent for a relatively empty apartment. I lost my deposit as I had to break the 6-month lease. This is just not right. I regret the service and delay this has caused me and I would not recommend Nationwide Relocation. They dragged their feet in resolving this situation sooner.

Tomorrow will be 3 Months that my things have been sitting at Port. Thank goodness the recent tsunami warning did not cause any damage here in Honolulu, as it was quite scary to think that the container with my life's belongings could have been washed to sea. At this point, I have no idea on what to expect once the container arrives.




Marcia, your belongings will be picked up from L.A to HI by a carrier that nationwide hired next week.


Hope you got your stuff. My Cross Country things have not left California to Hawaii yet.

They were picked up on Jan 8 and Am Van Lines (coordinator) is helping me find where my things are. They think that they are in the Los Angeles warehouse and are trying to get the owner of the building to give them access. Is WPR, West Point Relocation? They were a no-show on my moving day and I ended up with Cross Country.

I lost the money I had paid West Point. I was told that West Point Relocation was out of business.

If you have more info to add, pls email me at marcia.minni@yahoo.com. I won't be checking back to this website.

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Numorous Phone Calls, Rude

They obtained my cell phone numbers and called about a debt that was not mine. Vary rude and vague about who they are and what they wanted.

They had the wrong person but still called repeatedly. When I asked they would not tell me how they got my PRIVATE cell phone numbers. Very rude and when asked questions hurried up and said that this call is being recorded for training purposes and hung up.

I had to ask more than once what company they worked for and at first would only identify themselves as "Sam". I plan on following up with local law inforcement to see how ligit they are.


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go and get your cell# changed.Hassle,but,then they can't harass you.And do get the cops involved.Give them a taste of thier own medicine.Most collection (MOST)are prolific Punks.*** at best.Never put up with thier garbage,Never.

Jefferson, Ohio
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Other Company in Augusta, Georgia - Upon picking up my medications the cashier was very rude. Her name is Jerry cook.

Upon picking up my medications the cashier asked for me date of birth, which I had no problem with. I told her and then asked her to let me see what the medication was.

She was very hateful and said I will when you tell me your birthdate. I also told her that I wanted them counted because last month I was shorted and had to do without for four days. On thing led to another and I really don't think that I want to patronize that particular storee again. I did call her a hateful *** and told her that she did not need to working in the public.

I have been trading with your store for a long time.

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Access link has some nasty employees

Years ago my blind and dwarf shaped brother used access link transportation company to go to a dinner for the blind in which he was a speaker, the driver arrived refused to place him in a seat, and fold up wheelchair which was new and very light, my brother only weighed 45 pounds, the result he missed his dinner.When he complained to the company he was basically told so what.He was very hurt and upset, I am not faulting all of the drivers, but maybe they should monitor them closer before they end up in a nasty lawsuit.


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It's a shame! Apparently there are people who have no business in dealing with disabled people..

Racism unfortunately plays a big part of the equation.. If you live in a certain part of New Jersey like Bayonne you encounter reverse racism....

Accesslink seems to rationed for certain people i guess. It does not matter how much info you provide about your disability they still reject you no matter what!.....

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Other Company in Chesapeake, Virginia - I just added 10 dollars to my card and its saying there is no money on it

i want to know why its saying that there is no money on my card when i just put 10 dollars on it.you send people these debit cards and say its more convient for us to ues them,but when we put our money on these cards,you tell us that there is no money on them when we know that there is money on our cards.so i for one would like to know why you do that to us.if you dont want people to have one of your cards then why send them to us.if thats how you are going to poeple then we dont need your cards.

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Other Company in Melbourne, Florida - They are constantly calling my cell phone many times a day


I am disabled and have little money.

they are harrassing me on my cell phone of which i use only for emergencies. I never turn it on. and i have 5 or more calls a day. what can I do.

Can I sue. the cell number i just recently got.

I went from 11 hours to 4 hours (as I only have prepaid) in one day. If something can't be done I will have to give up cell phone.

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