Other Company in Nashville, Tennessee - Insist that I am a customer when I do not even have a car payment

These people keep calling me insisting that I am their customer. I have not had a car payment in about 10 years, what the heck are they CRAZY.

I have asked to be taken off of their call list and they still call me, on one occassion a foreign man, speaking little english said he was Brian Thomas, now that was a true lie. That is a American name, he was somewhere with Bin Laden LOL. No way was he Brian Thomas, no more than I am the customer Kali Johnson. PLEASE QUIT CALLING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This company is annoying and just plain crazy.

If I do decide to finance a car, it will definitely not be through them. Beware

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Other Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - Complaint to income tax department

complaint against a trader selling the products on very high margins and not willing to give the bill and cheating to the customers giving the recipts on a plain paper his daily sales is around 5 lacs of rupees per day and in the 6 months season he can able to earn around 1crore rupees profit and neither issuing bills nor done the assessment of income tax cheating to the customers minting money the sales tax and income tax people not visiting to this guy it might be some arrangement between them the weight and measures department also not visiting to his premises to check the specifications of the products

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I picked up a soda at your food court in concord,nh on the 9th of march. the cup had mildew in it

The cups where old an have mildew in them. I am now sick with a bronchial infection!

change your cups from styro form! Check the cups before using them! Don't keep them so long! Ifeel that the board of health should inspect this matter!

It has been a bad experience for me. I will think twice about buying a drank there again. I wonder how many more people out there have gotten sick from these cups?

It sure makes you wonder about other fod items in your food court. How old are these cups if they have mildew on them.


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Dude what is your problem? Why are you so *** as well as lazy? Why didn't you check yer cup? Before I drink for any container that I did not clean myself I always have a look. I have not gotten sick from anythign liek that yet.

What a ***.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Popoyees chicken csr complaints

CSR have very poor communication skills.

i bought one sandwich, they put tender(strip) instead of sandwich.

Long line ups.

Its look this franchise is getting worse and worse, soon it will loose alot of customers if proper action was not taken now.

bad service @ Islington Ave and Rexdale Blvd

Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Rebates not received

we went on black friday (at a reasonable time 10am) for batteries which were "free", a remote control and calculator. these items were supposed to be free after rebate.

of course we also purchased other "not free" items. so far we have not received any of our rebates. no onre is reachable at any of their so called customer svc phones and web sites.

when we went there on black friday, my husband i i wondered why no one else was about in the store on black friday. now we know why - they are running a scam and we bought at least 100 dollars worth of extra merchandise believing that it was free

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - 2 sealy faulty mattresses

I purchased a sealy mattress in 10-08. After 1 month it sagged by 1 1/2".

Seller replaced it in 2-09. 2nd one also has a severe sag at shoulder area with large humps. We paid $1500.00 for the mattress on closeout sale. The original price was $3200.00.How does this product rate?

The seller

may replace this one too because of a 20 year guarantee. I tired of replacing mattresses every month and having to sleep so uncomfortable. we are senior citizens.

We find this is very hard on our back. What can be done?

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Harassing phone calls.

This company harrass your family member on a daily basis. They are rude and not well educated in how they should treat customers.

Rude and not well mannered. They should be put out of business. I do not know why they are calling and no one have and reason for why these calls are coming in all day long. Please can someone do something about these calls no one should have to go through this everyday.

I am thinking about changing my phone number so they would not be able to harrass me or anyone I know when ever they feel like it. If there is one that know something that I can do please let me know.


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What company, and why are they calling you?

I'll guess that you owe them money, right?

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Carthage Dental Care--Dr. Jin Song

She is very unprofessional in her attitude-talking about her private life, laughing extremely loudly and insists on doing what she wants to do despite my objections. The office isn't very clean and she seems to lack knowledge of what her assistants can and can not do.

She also writes perscription for even basic extractions-although for money, she calls them surgical extractions. She has a large turnover of staff, can't say I wonder why since I've seen how rude she is to them--calling them fat, telling them to shut up...I'll never go back




ok ok ok




This site takes whatever. Lolllll

:) very happy that people cares this much!

This same assistant came back assistanting for job! Still the same shape!

Still dirty! Please stop coming back ! Not alone your dog bit my son skin below left eye deeply. Thank god my son is not blind.

Thank god you are not with me.

One of your doctor you assisted in another office committed suicide. You are fascinating how you assisted in .


Nobody is perfect and it's seems like you want a perfect dentist!

Carthage, New York, United States #714843

My daughter saw Dr (if you can call her that) to have some fillings done. Due to her poor performance my daughter had to see another dentist to have 5 root canals and numerous other problems fixed that (Dr) Song messed up.

It has taken 2 years to get it all taken care of. This woman should not be allowed in an office as an aide, let alone a dentist.


She is a *** and also does work that does not need to be done to make a dollar Im sorry I ever went to her.


I believe Dr. Jin Song SHOULD NOT be a dentist.

She should be brought up on charges & her license REVOKED! SHE IS NOT AN ORAL SURGEON SO SHE SHOULD NOT PRACTICE AS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's going on in your life that is so bad that you would rather see somebody not provide for their family?I don't understand you evil hate filled so called humans. I wonder if the feilds where reversed would take bad about yourself? Dr jin song may not be perfect but neither are you.


The person ruined all her teeth prior to dental visits.


Thank you!


All human being is not perfect and have rooms for improvement. Thank you!

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Raised again

So just got are bill and they raised are rates again.So for a new customer they give awesome deals but for customers that pay there bill on time for the last two years they raise there price twice in a year,and they take versus away during blackhawks season with no discount.Plus trying to talk to someone that speaks english is pretty much impossible.I like the whole service that they offer as far as channels at reception but you cant just keep raising your rates on good customers that is why i will be going to dish network.


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Dish net ain't no different. Hughesnet, Direct TV they all have the same policy.

Screw the customer. If he hollers drain his bank account!!!

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Other Company in Charleston, South Carolina - This company is charging my bank account every month.

I do not remember signing up for this web site service, and am not using this service, yet the company is drawing funds out of my bank account each month. I want it to stop.

I have no idea what this service is, what I did to "supposedly" subscribe to it. I will go to my bank tomorrow and stop any subsequent payments to them and register a complaint with the Better Business Beaureau.

I cannot believe that without my permission, this company would debit my account each month for a service that I never signed up for or use.

Laura Moody
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