Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Cant log in

I tried to log in , and cant , and tried to change the account to a different email , and still cant log in . I want a refund , and if things dont change , i will never sign up again .

And your site sux , *** you very much , a pissed off victim , o k 48 words .

Do you really want to hear me tell you to to go *** yourselves 37 more times . You know that i can , ok now we are at 77 words .So let me know if this helps you and your mothers , *** you *** you and one more time *** you

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Other Company in Connellsville, Pennsylvania - Unnecessary Hoops

I have used your website before but don't remember the sign up hassles. I even got a little red message saying that my email address was recognized, but evidently that wasn't enough to make a purchase.

I will not use a site that makes me "join" and give a secret password and handshake. If I can't simply fill out my delivery and credit information then I will go somewhere else, which I did. I bought a pair of Skechers from their own site. I gladly paid a few dollars more for a hassle free experience.

You need to quit being so controlling. It has lost you a customer.

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Other Company in Canoga Park, California - Harassment telephone solicitaion

We keep getting telephone solicitation that is unwanted. We receive about 5 calls a day. We have asked them to please take us off their list but it hasn't worked. Would someone please respond to this email and let us know what steps have been taken to eliminate this situation. How can we be removed from this list? I have not written 100 words because I am usually direct and to the point. We have signed up for the national do not call list so I am guessing that this harassment is a violation of some kind of law somewhere.

Tom Gardner

Carson City Nevada


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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Purrfect scam

Came to chance oil only, during the oil chance the head mechanic told me that I needed to change my front brake pads, flush brake liquid, etc. I declined all off what he said.

4 days later my car overheated, I looked at the radiator it was empty, was full 4 days before. After I checked throughly I found a small knife cut by the side of the hose connecting the radiator to the engine.

If I brought my car there to fix it, imagine how much they would charge me, beside how they tried to rip you off by breaking your car and will charge you lots off money while what they will do just chance the hose connector.

Do not bring your car there, for whatever reasons.

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Other Company in Monticello, Illinois - Freedom

What ever happened to those days when you could just hop onto a chat site and talk to whoever you wanted for as long as you wanted about anything you wanted without being asked for a *** credit card number? Wtf is up with that?!

I have yet to find a dating site that lets you chat with people ABSOLUTELY free without a hassle you always have to go through a bunch of *** they need a HUGE button in the MIDDLE of the page that says CHAT HERE no questions asked.

No stuppid personal information *** or credit card requirements. IT'S FREAKIN' RETARDED!!!

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Other Company in Lexington, Kentucky - You keep calling our number-8593178851-We are not the people/person you want. Stop calling!

You keep calling us. 859-317-8851 is our new phone number.

We are not the persons you are seeking. We don't owe anyone. We do not know the persons you want. Stop calling us!

We are tired of it. I called your firm. The harried women said you would delete our phone number. Then you call again tonight.

Our phone is not for you to call us when we have no dealing or business with you. Stop Calling! Why do you call us? Because you have bad information.

Get better info. How would you like me to call you every night?

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Gave us trash/used trash

what is going on,,you had 2 reps out to my home the 1st rep said ur couch is junk,the 2nd rep was so mad that he had to come in the city of chicago he did not even look at our problem,,,

we are being laughed at from over 30 guest yhat have come over and sat on our couch,,they all say the same thing u lean forward and the cushios feel like u r sitting on a bounch of rolled up socks...

we have called our store a # of times only to be told that there is a form in the mail..

we have not recived 1 letter..

i will file fraud charges this week..

then they call and ask if we r happy,,,we tell her the story and she laughs as well..

tapped all phone calls and e-mails..

now it is time for the media


5121 s. keating




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Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - Inept system and terrible customer service

They do not deliver on their promise. Their tagline should be call for free if you don't mind your system not working and if you would like to be heard half the time and the other half you sound like max headroom(if anyone remembers who that is).

Every time you chat with a customer service rep, they go over the same trouble shooting info that never works. The last time I had one that made adjustments to my firewall and still nothing, other than less security on my computer.

All in all they cost me more money than I would've spent with another company, say vonage, who gives crystal clear reception and actually deliver on their promise. I am now hitting every site possible to alert people about this company's terrible service.

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Other Company in Nashville, Tennessee - COLUMBIA TN

I will never ever ever use this company again. Due date per contract was 15th day of the month.

On the first I would get harassing phone calls, up to 7 a day wanting payment. Faxed them original contract & they said my payments were due on the 1st and that the 15th date only applied to customers that paid on time!!! Well, it made no sense since my payment was due on the 15th???

Very harassing company & will triple the amount of anything you purchase from them...They are CROOKS! It is better to buy outright or not at all !

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Other Company in Butler, Pennsylvania - AD a empoly of yours

my complaint is that a empoly of yours in the uniontown store call my sons girlfriend about my payment and she is not on my list of prople to call and that is vey upsetting she dose not need to know my bussiness what i owe or who i owe it to i like your prices and your products i tell people all the time to rent from you and not go to rent a center that you are better and cheaper and you do not mistreat your comsters and that your policy is better thank you i apperciate you looking into this for me

Thanks again Elsie thomas

elsie n t
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