Other Company in San Diego, California - Recommended someone who gave me run around

Was looking for someone to do roof shingles. You referred 3 people; one being Garrison Roofing & Contracting (267 977 6452 garrisonRoofing@gmail.com) who I decided to go with.

Have been trying to schedule job since Jan. First they called right back, gave estimate, dropped off samples and even emailed 20% off coupon. When I told them I wanted them to do job, they started to give me run around. I realize weather was a factor, but they would tell me they would do it "by end of week" and call me day before, and never call or show up.

I've left numerous voicemail and email messages. No way to run a business

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Other Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado - *** & IGNORANT MANAGEMENT


Like most of the other claims stated that they take for ever to pay for claims...well it's TRUe! So be careful!

Also be very cautious when you sign their documents...For anyone whom is considering a job with this company just let them pay for your state exams and get the *** out of there!! Cuz trust me they will Hammer you down!!

hey you
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Other Company in Princeton, West Virginia - Nonexistant contract

I wish I had visited this site before I made the huge mistake of ordering service. I was not told there was a contract much less a 2 year contract.

After 4 months, I decided to cancel and they are charging over 400.00. This is a rip-off. I will definitely be filing some complaints legally. I will definitely be watching my credit card to make sure that is all they get from me.

Some of the complaints posted here are really scary.

There has to be some way to stop these pirates from ripping people off. Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order.

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Other Company in Macon, Georgia - Called wrong number Not your customer

Your company called our phone in error. When information about who you are and how you got our information was requested your representative became very sarcastic and said he would not give me that information since we were not the party you are looking for.

I am concerned that someone may have given our information in an attempt to steal our identity.

In as much as your representative refused to provide information has to how we came to be in your database. you may be charged as an accessory should our identity be discovered as have been stolen.

I understand that you may be attempting to recover a legitimate debt however, I would think that you would be as concerned as i am should there be a possibility that the debt you are attempting to collect may involve fraud and would be more forthcoming providing information to the people you are callng to attempt to collect on this debt. Your representative may be following a "canned script" but that does not excuse him individually or your company for his actions and you may be held liable and i assure you that you will be named sholud litigation be forthcoming.

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Other Company in Selden, New York - Improper installation,house damage promise to repair then never made good

this company showed up late.they took 8 hours for a simply job.one of the installers was intoxicated,neither spoke a word of English.they put a roll of carpet through my wall,broke mirrored doors and scratched other walls.they broke bedroom wall unit and railing.after 3 times tyring to get it right,we were told they would fix closet doors and repair walls.nobody returned repeated calls for almost 7 months.they waited for the finance time to run out then called looking for full payment.after explaining to manager for 8th time he offered only small credit no repairs at all.he told me to take it or leave it then got nasty and hung up on me.

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - They

They strung us along, charging us $200 to evaluate the price of our home for our mortgage modification, charging us a late fee every month for an outstanding balance we don't owe, then told us they changed our account number so we had to endure the process again- what a scam. The mortgage companies do not intend to follow thru with "mortgage modification"- just a way to get consumers thinking they are doing the right thing- meanwhile the late fees add up and then they initiate foreclosure- yur gonna lose the house anyways. Obama needs to FORCE the issue of modification - NOT merely suggest it

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Don't rent from renta center

I have been paying thes greedy bastards since 316/09 for a used T.V. &a futon used also .

These people falsely advertise they are helping you purchase what you could not buy for cash . Well they have gouged me for a whole year at the rate of 200$ per/mo for a television they say cost 800$ and a futon they say cost 769$ do the math people if that's the case I've paid for both items already.They are crooks I hope they go out of business!!!!!!! They have the unmittagated gall to expect me to pay them even more money than the approximate 2000$ I've already payed them .The T.V.

a Toshiba model was retailed brand new for 259$ brand new and the futon cost more than the bed I could not afford with a head board and new mattress and box spring . I hope that this letter helps some poor unsuspecting buyer doesn't get duped as I have.




They're business model is DESIGNED to make you pay more for them...that's why they can afford to stay in business! If you want to REALLY get them good save up your money and go buy what you want instead of renting things you can't afford...


I work at RAC and I’m sorry that, it sounds like, you didn’t understand pricing or didn’t know about some of the early payment options available to you. That stinks.

Reading your post, I’m a little confused tho' because we have the 90 days Same As Cash price and the price if you decide to pay the min amount for the longest time on every price tag and in the agreement customers sign. I’m wondering if the prices you posted above are the 90 days SAC prices? BTW, there are other early payment options you (likely still) could take- you’ve never had to pay the min for the longest period of time- very few of our customers choose to do that. As far as helping people purchase, it helps people who don’t have the large sums of cash or available credit.

(If they have a big chunk of available cash, yes, purchasing somewhere else might make more sense.) Or, customers can rent our items for a short time while they garage-sale it, etc and look for something else that will work , in which case we pick up the rented item and the customer’s not locked into the agreement. Sounds like you’re still renting the items, so what might help you is maybe you might want to talk with the store about early pay-out options?

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This company reports the same things as the other companys did futher dropping my credit score....

They would not remove the incorrect information even after it was brought to there attention. The manager was a total *** and his little panhandling sob were even worse.

This company should be band from doing bussiness in this country.

That is voilation of fair collection of act. I would love to know how to keep people like this from keep people who are trying to do the right thing from doing the the Godly thing and paying the debt they owe without paying it twice and how can they sleep at night knowing that they are the direct cause of the economy going down.

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Other Company in Gulfport, Mississippi - Why cant anyone write a check anymore?

I am tired of trying to use my checkbook and being penalized for it!!! I hae attempted in the last three months to write checks, anytime a certergy check systemis used with a retailer, they wont accept my check.

I have called the company, certergy several times and have been given the excuse that they dont have enough information about me, i also have been told that i do not have an account with my current bank. I have received a letter to mail to certergy, but have not been given any help./..Why?

Why is so difficult to write a check anymore?? This compnay doesnt know which end is up!

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Being unfairly banned from the forum

i found out that i was banned from the forums without any provocation...the person who banned me is very vindictive, and evil person... she was fighting with me since the first time i came on forums..i didnt get any warnings that i was doing something wrong...i like forums...i have no problems with any other members but this person...

she always called me fing ***,but i have not reported her..forums are my escape..pleasedo something so that i can go back to the forums... she is the kind of person that if she doesnt like me,she wants everybody else not to like me...and if they do..she doesnt talk to them...


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Banned from forums.xfinity.com for pointing out error the Corporate employees should have picked up on. Mods will gang up on new posters and use kudo's as a way to ^5 themselves.Beware.

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