Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Buy.com increased price $10 to $45 without warning

On buy.com I was purchasing an item at $10 shipped, it was in my cart and just as I was pushing the last button to confirm the order they changed the price to $45+ shipped. After I complained, they told me that their supply from one vendor at $10 had run out and another vendor offered it at a higher rate.

The problem with this story is that this a preorder for software and nobody has stock.

The item isn't even manufactured for another 10 days. Despite at least a dozen transactions of over $1000 in the last 10 years, I can't ever see myself trusting this site again.

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Other Company in Kiev, Kyiv - All Pro Appliance Repair Complaint

Do not do business with these people. Complete rip off artists.

They will take your money, make excuses why they can't make it back to do the repair. So and so took the part, the part's not here, I'm in Ohio, yadda yadda yadda. Excuse after excuse after excuse. The truth is this Larry fellow will promise, take your money, shake your hand to make you feel good and then you'll never see him again.

Ripped us off for about $250.

should have looked here. Complaint filed with the BBB, but will probably never see the money again

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Got my refund after all for a terrible denture

I would like to retract the part about my complaint of 3/21/10 regarding Hope Xenakis not refunding my money. I very firmly told her receptionist that I must have a refund so I can go elsewhere and get another denture and low and behold it was ready the next day.

Another thing I didn't appreciate about her is that she was rather condescending to me and treated me like I was ignorant to the situation as she stretched me out for 17 months.

Perhaps the next person who fits me with dentures will do an expeditious and accurate job of it. All one can do is hope.


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Just don't go to Aspen Dental!!

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Bank foreclosing, while loan modification is in reveiw

Trying to get a loan modification since june of last year, I've done every thing the bank has told me to do. They told me not to make a payment, the missed payments would be added to the end of the loan when the modification was completed.

Not only is my house in foreclosure, there's a sale date on my house. My credit is now ruined, and they still haven't made a decision. They keep dragging this out. Now I have to sign a forbearance agreement to prove I can make my payments on time for three months, I was never late on my payments before they told me not to pay.

After I prove I can make my payments again, then they said they might consider me for a loan modification, and every month I'm threatened with a sale date on my house.

How can they drag this out until they ruin peoples life's? I've been stressed out from the begining of this nightmare.




Usually the reason they wont do a modification is: they cant find your deed and note? do you have mers on your loan papers?

mers is under investigation for fraud. you can order your deed and note and all assignments through your title company. loans are sold all the time and the notes gets lost all the time... call your state attorney general and report any problems you have with your bank.

your bank is committing fraud.. they get more money if they foreclose and not help you.


They told me not to make a payment. sure they did.

I very mouch doubt that.

if you had that in yoru modifcation papers you woudl be able to sue.

Oh and by teh way, homes dont go into foreclose all of a sudden. I guess you did not see all the warning letters they sent you.

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Other Company in Albany, New York - RUDE,constant calling,threatining

this company 's people are very rude. they call every day they don't want to here any thing they demand money every time i talk to them they want me to pay them money every week and they are demanding this from me they say bottom line the *** with my other bills and pay them it all.they threatening to do this or that.

they gave us a extremely high %rate .

im about to lose it all because of them they thrive on making you as uncomfortable as they can calling 2 or 3 times a day 7 days a week .


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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Cancelled. charged with no product. want money back

I cancelled product and new product was allegedly sent out and I am being charged. Cancelled product because it didn't work.

Never received product and I am being charged for it. Better business bureau will be notified on your wrong doing. Product was cancelled and one of your employees failed to update records indicating this. The individual who I spoke with was very apologetic and kept on saying sales are final.

I cancelled this product and am very angry and will tell everyone that will listen about how incompitent this company is. This product didn't work for me.

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Poor people skills


i a not hte only customer that have notice this. they have been several comments made while she is in the store. from the stores i have been in your staff is very warm and professional. but i would not be suprised if a lot of them leave if just for the respect.

concerned customer i love your business the best salons out there everytime i get use to a stylist they leave because of this reason.

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Other Company in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal - Help needed urgently

Can you please help me, i am an South African mother looking for my X Husband staying in Tasmania Australia for Maintenance, South africa Maintenance court do not assit in finding his wereabouts, and I can not find any help from nowere, I managed to contact the Consulite for Tasmania Australia Pretoria branch, visas department, but they cant give me any details to his wereabouts. Surely there must be some way either thru homeaffairs, visas or his id nomber that I have, to trace him, but in South Africa and most surtelnly in ou own maintenance court durban they shoed help poeple like me, but they simply dont, and I do not know where to turn to at this stage. Can you please try to assist me or lead me in the direction were I can find help.

Thank you

My email:annalie.botha@ymail.com

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Other Company in Providence, Rhode Island - Overcharged my credit card account by 40 dollars.

I was told my charge would be 39.99 plus 9.99 shipping however when I check my credit card statement a charge of 89.97 was made. will contact the better business bureau and state attorny general office have also filed a complaint with my credit card company who needs this hastle

takes a lot ofpaper work glad this website is here wished i had seen it earlier before getting into this mess.

hopefully this will help others from falling victim to this rip off. good luck to all again my complaint is the overcharge i have not tried the product and from what i read good luck on that end

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Other Company in West Palm Beach, Florida - Bad service and didn't return our calls.

"This business provides atrocious service. They cleaned our house and we were not satisfied with the quality of their work.

We asked the owner to come to our house and see the poor job that was done. She never showed. After a few days of phone tag we asked for a refund. No response.

Several months later we called again, spoke with the owner and she said she would look into it and call us back that day. She never did. We called every day for the rest of the week and she avoided our calls and never called us back.

Avoid this business if you want your house cleaned well or want good customer service. This business provides neither."

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