Other Company in Manila, Manila - CONSUMER SUCKS!!!

consumers are very dumb person. why?

after they have used the money for their own good now when their real creditor get back on them to collect what is for the creditor. they can't even pay or they just simply deny the fact that they did not use the item. americans are fools! pay your debts!!!

you are saying that you are being harassed? well, think about it twice! you are like a rat hiding from a cat.. consumers are not being harassed they just don't want to pay their own debt!

well, it's your choice if you want to have a very poor and bad credit report for the next 7-9 years!!! haha

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This company is a fraud. Tried to collect a false bill.

I received a collection notice for something I never received . I did not order anything.

The person I talked to was very rude and insisted that I purchased the item. I am a widow living on social security and I live on a tight budget and colon cleanse would not be a priority at 83.95.

These places try to fool the elderly. This is taking advantage of a senior citizen.

I pay my bills on time and this was very disturbing to me. Our government should close these crooked collection companys down.

My life is too short to deal with such shysters.


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Call the FTC and your state's commerce board. File a complaint.

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Other Company in Summit, Mississippi - Stop taking money from my bank account.

Stop taking money from my bank account my name Joe N. Luckett, P.O.

Box 873, Morton, Ms. 39117. I cannot paid my bills this way. Can you please stop taking money from my bank account.

11 dollar add up in a year time so please stop stop stop. I don't know why I have write 100 words to stop this payment but I am writing something so please stop taking money from my bank account. I work to hard to give you my money.

money is not free and I don't make that much. so stop taken.

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The biggest complaint in the wearing and use of hearing aids, over the past 25 years, or longer, has been that the User feels like their ear is plugged up, or occluded, resulting in the Wearer of hearing aids feeling like they are under water, or that their ears are otherwise plugged up.

This is especially true, when the User has normal hearing in the lower frequencies and only suffers from a high frequency hearing loss.

The easiest way to understand low frequency and high frequency is to relate those sounds to a piano keyboard/

There are 88 black and white keys on a piano keyboard.

Middle C is the 40Th key from the left hand side.

It vibrates at 261 cycles per second. It is a pure tone and can be replicated forever.

Every 12 keys on the keyboard is referred to as an octave (octo means 8 except their are 1/2 keys which result in there being 12 keys to an octave)and Octave means a doubling of vibrations.

Since there are a total of 88 keys on the keyboard, and middle C is the 40Th key, that means there are 48 keys to the right of middle C, or 4 octaves.

The first 2 octaves to the right o middle C, or 24 keys, are referred to as the low frequency area in Audiology.

For the most part, all the vowels are spoken, and heard in that range.

Those signals, or notes, are also spoken or projected from the throat, at 3 times the energy o the high frequency notes or sounds.

Generally speaking, the average Human Being, hears better in the low frequency range, the exception usually being because o ear disease,etc.

The last 24 keys on the right-hand side of the keyboard are referred to as the High Frequency area. and most the consonants, which form the words in the English Language, are spoken and heard in that range.

Most People, who can't distinguish the difference in words, suffer from a high frequency hearing loss.

The problem with using hearing aids in the past has been, at least for those with a high frequency hearing loss, while they don't need or want, any low frequency hearing amplification,is that when they inserted any type o hearing aid into their ear, regardless of the size of the vent provided, the User still felt plugged up.

Those with a flat loss, or a loss in the low frequencies, didn't get that feeling.

The Open fit designed hearing aid, and the receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid, because of design, don't get the feeling of being plugged up, and yet can receive the benefit of only high frequency hearing amplification to compensate for their high frequency hearing loss.

For more information please call: Eugenia @ (800)432-7114

Alsip Magistrate



Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #805172
hi am looking for some input from aid wearers. have 2 resound alera7s.

background sounds, eg dog bark, keys, dishes, wind etc too loud and unnatural, but the worst is tv and radio. I cant understand voice especially if more than one. (also same in a group} song lyrics very hard to hear, is almost worse with volume. also have vol fluctuation but not sure if thats my eustacheon tube...

Any thoughts, have had them for 2 years and still not happy. :( :cry
An RIC can fit both a high, low , and flat loss as well. If low frequency accentuation is preferred, it can be handled by 1.

The computer, or 2. By using different more occluding tips 3. By using a custom mold housing the receiver, using a pin vent or no vent at all.

In a severe to profound loss situation a standard behind the ear type is recommended. :)
3 Putt


So you work either for Starkey or Beltone in their Minneapolis offices. I would suspect Starkey as they will never answer your questions or request as compared with Beltone which I must admit will give an immediate response. Protecting your job????


After reading all these reviews, it seems very obvious to me what the problem is. If we know what all the normal frequencies are in the human voice (OK, you can allow a limited range if you want), then only allow the electronics in the aid to recognize them at 100% and the rest of the frequency ranges at 60%. Result: We can hear people better (with a little amplification maybe) but the other frequencies like keys clicking, plates rattling, etc, are subdued so they don't overpower the speech frequencies we are desperately trying to enhance. When you listen to someone on a cell phone, you don't hear much in the background because of this type of filtering. Why in the *** can't hearing aid manufacturers copy that technology.

I have had aids now for 2 months. They definitely increase my hearing ability. However the problem is the background noise and "white noise" is so alarming that I still can't hear people any better, just louder.

Bottomline to me is that hearing aid technology has simply not arrived yet. I think I'll wait another 10 years half-deaf for the awakening.

Seattle, Washington, United States #753552

You need to be aware of other factors involved in hearing. Hearing aids help your EARS collect the sounds to DELIVER to your brain.

Your BRAIN filters the 'noise' and speech and interprets the sounds so you can UNDERSTAND them. A hearing aid will never do what your brain is supposed to do. If you wear your hearing aids and "exercise" this area of the brain with the noise and speech you can sometimes learn how to process better in these noisy situations. But more often than not, when a person has a hearing loss 80% of the time the speech understanding they have in noise is poor, no matter how costly the equipment.

This is where assistive devices should be introduced. If you are wearing your hearing aids as much as you can and are struggling horribly in noise you need to talk to someone about more/additional kinds of assistance.


3 putt is an ***, cat and dena are on spot


AlsipMag: While trying to provide understanding...You confused many with Your 9th paragraph; "The first 2 octaves to the right o middle C, or 24 keys, are referred to as the low frequency area in Audiology."

THESE FREQ. ARE NOT "LOW frequencies."

Most lose 'Vowel' and 'Consonant' freq. which are within the 261 & higher freq's.

The "LOW' freq. are considered Mid "C" & lower...where few lose hearing. Huh?

3 Putt

How sad............you just proved my point.


I'm already there baby. I feel sorry for you.

3 Putt

Dear lady, defend all you like. In reality we both know that ethics play no part in a distributors business, although it should be a required course before a distributor is licensed.

It is my understanding though that audiologist do work under a code of ethics, although I can't give you chapter and verse.

Educated? Now there's an interesting subject. I have some college, but have a PHD from the School of Hard Knocks. My diploma is laced with sutures and the seal is crossed Band Aids.

So don't go there with me.......You in California may feel superior to the rest of the world and that may be requirement for your egos, and living on the west coast this would seem to be the norm.

With your attitude you will move up the ladder with Starkey, or maybe even further up the ladder with Audibel. Think about it, you really do have possibilities.


Then why aren't you warning people about the individual who you feel ripped you off instead of attacking an entire profession? You are wrong.

Find another hobby-or get educated. People who do like you are doing tend to be uneducated. And yes I am busy enough to screen my patients-only because I am experienced enough to not want to waste my time with people I can't help due to crappy attitudes. I am glad you are happy with your oticons.

I have fit many Oticons successfully-because I know how to fit hearing aids. It has nothing to do with being a dispenser or an audiologist. How do you think Audiologists make their living? Dispensing Audiologists make their living selling Hearing Aids.

There is no difference between the way hearing aid dispensers and dispensing audiologists fit the aids-we all take the same test to get a dispensing license. People with a degree in audiology have the same failure rate as everybody else.

Most audiologists learn the art of fitting hearing aids from experienced hearing aid dispensers. I have trained many audiologists.

3 Putt

Cat, Cat, Cat.........It's nice that you have so much business that you can screen those who answer your advertising. With the graying of America hearing aid sales should be booming, an endless supply of clients and arrogance by distributors will just have to be tolerated.

And of course I'm bitter and whiney and have no right to try and warn the HOH of the pitfalls of dealing with Audibel and Beltone. BTW, I'm extremely pleased with my Audiologist and the Oticons I now wear.

"Live long and prosper".


3 putt is a bitter, whiney know it all. He sent me a picture of a hearing aid he said was "tampered" with by and Audibel dispenser.

The prebent tubing was bowed out farther than he liked. I could see nothing from the picture that indicated tampering with the mold. Had he come into my office with his attitude, he would have found himself on the curb fast! I am starting to "screen' my potential customers.

If they come in with an attitude, I'm not wasting my time with them. I am tired of people that you try to help and they act like they are going to tell you how to do your job.

It no longer happens in this office since I don't deal with these troublemakers anymore. They can go down the steet with their know-it-all attitudes.

3 Putt

Same goes for "Professional"......., that is if you are one.

Dena~ I agree with you completely. 8)
3 Putt
Consider my comments a public service, and defend all your comrades that you want to.
Feel better now? :roll

To This "Putt" Guy, I have 1 question for you, Are you a professional in hearing instruments and or Audiology? I don't think you are.

I have seen your comments all over this sight, you are a very Pissed off person and need to just realize that somebody really screwed you, don't blame ALL Hearing instrument speacialist and or Audiologist for what happen to you. IT IS NOT SINUSES...First off you have to have a specialist in hearing aids that know what they are doing to reprogram the aid. Just remember one thing Audiologist are specialist in ear health period they are not specialist in Hearing aids.

Please get your story straight on your info. before letting your mouth over load your ***.


I've been there too and its not sinus. I've been to many ear specialists, had 2 sets of very expensive hearing aids and one set of lower priced ones.

I've taken allergy and sinus meds but the feeling of fullness that blocks my hearing still prevails.

I'm sure it is from having a hearing aid in my ear. I'm ready to try another set and feel behind the ear will work out better.

3 Putt

You ***, hijack everything you can on this site. The plugged up feeling people get are because of sinus problems, been there done that, give people the correct information and quit promoting yourself.

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Other Company in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania - Don't be even 1 day late!

Whatever you do do not rent from them. If you are even as much as 1 day late they will harass the heck out of you.

Our son and his wife rent from them, and my son's employment quickly ended. So with our help they've been paying them, but not on time. They are now 18 days late so they say, and they came for their frig. I told them they would get paid.

When they 1st rented from them they were making payments and they had an agreement that they would pay every 2 weeks, while they didn't honor that because 8 days later they'd get a call. They live with us and I work late night so I don't appreciate being harassed.

Honestly they are worse than bill collectors. So unless you can pay exactly on time DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!!!

Review #160424 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer160424.

Other Company in Lanham, Maryland - Never delivered or explained determination

I started this process for the first time in 2008. After months and months of waiting for a response. I was told to resubmit all paperwork because they had no record of it. My second attempt I was told to wait and it could take up to six months, I followed up for four months on the six month I was told to re-submit all documents because the data was out dated?

I've now submitted for a third time though I've included a letter of explanation for my request,and my pay stubs, now I am being asked to explain how much commission I will be earning in this brand new career opportunity. Never having worked on pure commissions before?

My motrgage rate had been over 11% for a year and now it is at 7.25%. I was never even late before two months ago.

Review #160420 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Tallahassee, Florida - I am Pissed

I ordered a trial from the internet and then another came in the mail and I was billed for it on my debit card. I emailed the company and followed the return instructions and was told I would receive a refund.

I checked with the bank after looking for the refund to appear and it was confirmed that no funds in the amount charged was deposited into my account. I call the company to tell them and they said the money was sent to the bank. No so. Do not try this product.

I am not pleased with the way the company handles complaints. No phone number was given to speak with someone who could help me.

I am very upset and want my money back. I now do not trust online samples from anyone.

Review #160385 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer160385.

Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Buy.com increased price $10 to $45 without warning

On buy.com I was purchasing an item at $10 shipped, it was in my cart and just as I was pushing the last button to confirm the order they changed the price to $45+ shipped. After I complained, they told me that their supply from one vendor at $10 had run out and another vendor offered it at a higher rate.

The problem with this story is that this a preorder for software and nobody has stock.

The item isn't even manufactured for another 10 days. Despite at least a dozen transactions of over $1000 in the last 10 years, I can't ever see myself trusting this site again.

Review #160215 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Kiev, Kyiv - All Pro Appliance Repair Complaint

Do not do business with these people. Complete rip off artists.

They will take your money, make excuses why they can't make it back to do the repair. So and so took the part, the part's not here, I'm in Ohio, yadda yadda yadda. Excuse after excuse after excuse. The truth is this Larry fellow will promise, take your money, shake your hand to make you feel good and then you'll never see him again.

Ripped us off for about $250.

should have looked here. Complaint filed with the BBB, but will probably never see the money again

Review #160198 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer160198.

Got my refund after all for a terrible denture

I would like to retract the part about my complaint of 3/21/10 regarding Hope Xenakis not refunding my money. I very firmly told her receptionist that I must have a refund so I can go elsewhere and get another denture and low and behold it was ready the next day.

Another thing I didn't appreciate about her is that she was rather condescending to me and treated me like I was ignorant to the situation as she stretched me out for 17 months.

Perhaps the next person who fits me with dentures will do an expeditious and accurate job of it. All one can do is hope.


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Just don't go to Aspen Dental!!

Review #160119 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer160119.