Other Company in Johnston, Rhode Island - Scratched hardwoods

i had rent a center pick up a living room set and a television that i no longer was in need for. the gentle men that came was in a rush 3 hours late for pick up. they could not fit the furniture thru the doorway as they were trying they scratched up my brand new oak real hardwood floor, when i told them what they did and showed them one of the men told me it was a trap.told me why do they have to fix it.very rude i called the mananger right away, this needs fixing.

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Other Company in Kansas City, Missouri - My name is walter morrison,you have wreaked my credit by misstating me for someone else.

My name id wlater morrison,and I nver had a cellphone with sprint.in fact you have me listed with two accounts.I would like to see my information on the document that you have with my signitur on it.and how you received my ssi number for services,.I am going to file charges against you for fraud.

If you don't have my voice or my write signiture then please remove from my credit report.Thank you for you cooperation.I look forward to hearing from you.you may contact me

@678-945-4287 between the hours of 8am-5pm.

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Other Company in Greenville, South Carolina - I discontinued my service in december of 2009 and they are still deducting money from my bank accoun

i want my monies back, i wanted the $8.00 amonth. what do i get charged?

$14.?? . now thats real business! i cancelled my account in december,2009.

what do they do? they continue to take monies from my account.

i had received a letter to my e-mail account stating that i was cancelled

and thinking that all would be well, i receive my bank statement and i'm

still today april 5th being charged for service i'm not receiving.

it seems to me, this is the way of phone companies, dept. stores. they ignore your request so they can go charging what ever they want.i am owed

$14.?? for 3 months, and i want it back, and i want my account closed,period!! i find this whole situation pitiful, and a rip off.

this is where i want my money returned to.

deborah patterson

8426 n. hwy 81

easley s.c. 29642

another thing, why can't i get in touch with these people now?

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Other Company in Medford, Oregon - Mental insatiability of mail carrier?

Most of the people working our area are very polite and considerate. But,

all too often the current mail carrier for our route is texting and/or talking loud and aggressive on his cell phone. Mail gets miss-delivered.

Tried to give back a miss-delivered letter, this person became rude, loud and aggressive with their actions and voice.

While in our back yard doing some photography work, we heard the mail box lid getting slammed (and not the first time). Having the camera in hand and with past experience with this person, we let the "camera roll" while trying to talk with this guy.

He went off on a violent tyrant. He came at me yelling and arms swinging. The police and his supervisor came. He tried to calm we pulled a gun on him and so forth. Needless to say he is not allowed to enter this yard for any reason.

From talking with others in this area, quite a few people have moved their mail boxes out to the curb because of similar issues.

We now have noted that what mail we do get is bent and twisted. He stares in such a manner as to intimidate and harass. Have pictures just in case we have to take legal action.

With so many people out of work, why is someone like this, allowed to continue working as a public servant where they think they can bully and terrorise?

We never before felt the need to install surveillance cameras, but, now we do.

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Wow. just watched the infomercial 1st time, obvious *** product!

Sorry if you bought this product, lol, what an obvious scam. just saw infomercial, ridiculous.

Yeah some real life testimonials that were'nt amazing and all the before pic's were forward shoulder hunches & after pic's were shoulders back chin up & still not impressive shots....but the cherry was the 3-4 models they used to sell it that couldn't even fill it; it was like they were wearing slightly over-sized tanked tops. lmao.. I'd def be firing those marketers ;)....well, this is my first time doing this so I just found out 100 word minimum...lmao again!

long story short; you buy it or bought it you got suckered. (that should meet the 100 word minimum) lmao, again & again.




There you go sunshine.

Christmas Ape

Perhaps instead of padding out your complaint with tired phrases and meaningless tautologies, you might at some point use some of the 100 words to EXPLAIN WHAT IT IS YOU'RE F'ING TALKING ABOUT.

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Other Company in Salt Lake City, Utah - Money boxs that get you twice

you need a couple of bucks and the money machine(to paraphrase james) robs you and the bank says we dont know anything. but you still get the 35$ charge.

buisness is good for some thieves that arent accountable. plus i have to type in at least one hundred words to post this.

if any one else has run into this problem please e mail me at harveygalvez@yahoo.com im thinking of a class action, small funds can add up to a big greedy law puke to sue for us. this is not what i had planned for this time of my life, but there must be a bunch of other people that will team up to get some satisfaction

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Other Company in Stockton, California - You guys keep deleting my profile ?

I dont understand why you guys keep deleting my account when Im very respectfull on your sight?

There are other people that are using cuse words and they dont get deleted or are useing the f word or s word and you guys arent doing anything about it?

You guys need to observe the trafic that flows thru your website and notice the people that dont need to be there ,People are talking sexual profane words *** well as showing nude pics in the chat room ,You need to do something about that and not pick on us respectfull people?

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Other Company in San Francisco, California - This is a dangerous driver!

In Marin County in West Marin on April 2nd 2010 at 3:30pm A driver sped down my narrow dirt road at a dangerous speed. Here is the first part of that license plate.

8M637. He was not our usual driver. We have children and pets that play on that small road! He was in his early 40's maybe younger.

Dark, short hair. He was delivering a package next door to me. I wish I had time to run out and tell him to slow down but he was going so fast it wouldn't have been possible. Please look into this matter and hopefully it will save a child or pet from being run over and killed.

He is probably a new guy and doesn't realize that rushing down roads like ours is deadly. Thank you for your time, please help us.

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Other Company in Bushkill, Pennsylvania - Mgr signed in a client(not present)ahead of me.

The mgr. took an appointment over the phone, told Mike the client it would be 15 min.

The shop was full with only 2 stylists..I signed in and 15 min. later in walks Mike..The mgr. (Brenda) said I will be right with you.. I thought why is he ahead of me and the lady that signed in ahead of me?

So, I said is this the way you do business to the mgr.? She said he has an appointment, I said he just called you when we were standing in line to sign in..She said you don't understand appointments. I said don't hand me that BS, you were on the phone with him and told him to come in in 15 min.

She said well you are next, I said no, the ladies are..With that I said I will never come back here again, I have been coming here long before you came here..

She said I sorry you feel that way..With that Mike got off the chair and the lady went next, and I was taken by the other stylist..EITHER GO BY APPT. FOR EVERYONE OR WALK-INS AND TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME..

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Other Company in Birmingham, Michigan - 2 hour delivery window @ 9:40pm

At 9:40 pm I tried to place an order for delivery. I was told that there was a 2 hour delivery time when they close at 11pm.

Asked to speak to the manager. I was told "Mike" won't be here until tomorrow @ 11am. This occurred on Thursday, March 8,2010 at the 4548 East Princess Anne Road location in Norfolk, VA. Edward Austin was who I had the phone conversation with.

It appeared to me they were already closed by not taking orders.

I will not order from Pizza Hut again for my family. This is just wrong!

casey labouve
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